Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents


Wandering in the Void
Parts 51 thru (60)

by the Kindred Lodgers
Sept 6th~9th, 2007

(Warning -- Dungeon scenes scattered within)


(Oisin & Amethyst) --
~Meanwhile, down in the Lodge's Kitchen...

They burst through the kitchen door, Oisin pulling her reluctant dinner guest behind her.

"Look at this place! It's a bleedin' rat run!"

Amethyst glanced around, the kitchen seemed spotless to her...

"Look! Just look!" Oisin pointed agitatedly at a small blob of something sticky on the counter top, "That little slut Jasper has been after the ice cream again after I specifically told her not too!!"

The Warrior's tone rose along with her agitation..."She bathes in it you know...kinky little fruitloop...says it keeps her skin toned...hmmph!"

The pinched paleness of her companion's cheeks drew her attention back to the task in hand.

"Here," she ploughed through the contents of the refrigerator pulling a sealed bag out of the crisper, "nibble on these until I clean this hovel up and make you a nice risotto..." She handed a bag of carrot sticks to the perplexed and increasingly anxious young woman.

"Now, where's that lemon, I can slice it in half and get a nice shine on these taps..." she muttered angrily to herself.

Oisin turned back to the knife block picking up a particularly lethal blade to dissect the poor lemon with. Taking this opportunity Amethyst quickly stuffed the bag full of crunchy goodness and vitamin E into a rubber washing-up glove.

Hearing the rustle Oisin swung round and eyed her guest suspiciously, Amethyst gave a big terrified grin, "Yum..."

"Gods but you're a gannet. Where do you put it all? Ouch..." Her attention being on the young girl and not her task Oisin managed nick herself "...damn and blast!" she yelled angrily throwing the knife across the room where it imbedded in the Martha Stewart calendar.

She moved across to where Amethyst stood by the sink, raising her finger for inspection before holding it under the faucet. "Look! I cut stupid is that?"

A single crimson bead poised on her index finger before slowly plopping like a teardrop down onto the alabaster skin of Amethyst's forearm.

O scowled at the potential mess of the young girl's dress, the kitchen floor, the porcelain sink, life in general...until her eyes met the strangely sensual, yet rabid hunger in the purple gaze before her...her frown deepened..

"Are you okay? Don't tell me you're gonna faint..."

At that precise moment Amethyst pounced, slipping her soft, wet mouth around the outstretched finger and the delicious liquid ambrosia. She nursed at it as though she could pull every drop of blood out through that tiny cut.

'Gods this woman tastes magnificent, but this is bad..' she thought as she took the Oisin's hand and wrapped it in her own deceivingly strong grip. Seemingly shocked by the sudden attack by this small woman, Oisin watched the girl work her mouth over her finger as if she would bury it deep within that warm passage and...

Amethyst pressed her body hard into the woman, writhing in the joy of tasting this unexpected treat. 'Bad feels so good.' She moaned softly and pulled her mouth back as the cut ceased to produce this magical treat.

"More..." A whimper through an obviously deeper voice, raspy with hunger. Amethyst squeezed Oisin's finger trying to get more.


(Jasper/Jerre&Trisha) --
~Meanwhile Back In The Library~

She slid her hands over Jasper's body, touching and caressing, making her squirm. When she was sure the woman was wet and wanting, she stood. She pulled her to her feet, molding their bodies together... "We will continue this discussion, later Little one. I want to know what the hell is going on here. Trisha!"


Jasper was agitated in more ways than one, she could feel the slick stickiness of her arousal that coated her inner thighs and cursed her body's betrayal. As she was held firmly against the hard body of this pissed off Warrior, she tried to remain quiet as trisha haltingly explained the situation to her.

As trisha tripped and stumbled over her words Jasper could take it no more "JUST FUCKING SPIT IT OUT" Jasper screamed at her, "little ass kisser," she mumbled under her breath, knowing that Jerre would still hear her. But she didn't care, she was too excited and it was taking all she had not to follow her body's natural inclination to ride the hard thigh that was wedged between her legs pressing tightly to her swollen clit.

Trisha jumped in shock at Jasper's vile words, stopping mid stutter to stare at the woman. Seeing the desperate look on Jasper face she decided not to try the woman's patience any longer and hurried to finish her explanation.

Jerre's grip around her waist tightened with her outburst and she whispered into the ear that was so close "that's three little one" Jasper's body surged towards her as she bit down hard on the lobe. Jasper couldn't hold back the whimper and it took everything she had to keep from cumming, as her hips involuntarily thrust forward rubbing her soaked cunt against the muscled thigh.

Jerre knew what she was doing to the woman and could smell her arousal, and knew that her rough treatment of Jasper was slowly driving the woman insane with need. Grabbing her rounded ass she squeezed and pulled her closer until she could feel Jasper's excitement soaking through the material of her breeches.

Releasing the tight globes Jerre ran her hands up Jasper's back in an almost tender caress, keeping one hand on her back the other ventured higher allowing herself a moment of pleasure at the feel of the silky softness she found there. Jasper gasped as the hand gripped her hair hard yanking her back. Jerre then marched Jasper down the hall to their room.

Entering, Jerre flung Jasper across the room, Jasper groaned as she crashed into the wall. In three long strides Jerre was in front of her, before she could sink to the floor Jerre grabbed the front of her shirt and ripped it from her body. Jasper felt herself tremble as the barely contained anger rolled off of her Warrior.

Cuffing her arms to the wall, Jasper struggled to free herself. Grunting, she kicked out at the Warrior catching her in her midsection.

Jerre stood, and pinned Jasper’s torso, cuffing her legs quickly so she couldn’t kick out again. She felt Trisha press a whip in her hand and shook her head, picking up a flogger. "Later." She shook it out, and took a practice swing, just barely touching her back with tips of the leather, a feather light stroke that almost seemed a faint caress.

There was a soft thud with the next stroke as Jerre warmed, using the flogger to sensitize jasper’s skin while she got the worst edge of her anger under control. She didn’t want to scar jasper. When she marked the sub, it would not be out of anger but a desire to let all at the Lodge know exactly who the sub belonged to.

When Jasper's entire back was reddened, Jerre stroked it, hissing with pleasure at the heat she could feel. She let Trisha hand her the whip next.

"You will count, Jasper." The first stroke landed, an almost teasing stroke, followed by one that snapped against Jasper’s skin almost hard enough to draw blood.

"Two, My Lord."

Jerre took her time with the whipping varying the intervals between strokes until Jasper shakily counted off, "Fifteen, my lord." Jasper heard something hit the ground and sighed in relief thinking the punishment was over.

She felt a hard hand smack on her rear, hard enough to bruise. Jerre gave her four more strokes on that cheek, and five more on the other. Finally, she walked away, leaving Jasper hanging there.

Trisha left too, her eyes showing pity for Jasper. She knew it was Jerre’s practice to walk way from a sub after they had been punished, but it still stung. It was worse for the sub, left hanging in pain and utterly alone. She left quietly. Jerre quietly took out the rest of her rage on a punching bag.

Trisha dreamed sometimes of another Lodge where those two loved each other deeply, and where they were both happy. Where Shasa was desired by every woman there. Where the Judge had been alive. Where the women all had their problems but all were mostly happy.

It was a silly dream though, for Jay it seemed maybe she had seen that Lodge too. Frowning, the woman headed down, thinking to talk to her, hearing the door snick open as Jerre reentered the room with Jasper.

She heard the chains hit the floor, and heard Jasper cry out in mingled pain and pleasure. She knew Jerre was taking her then. She closed her ears to the rest, not wanting to hear Jasper’s hoarse begging for Jerre to let her come, Jerre’s grunts of pleasure, the roar of Jerre’s climaxing again and again…Or finally Jasper’s shriek, when Jerre finally attended to her needs.

She began to hunt for the new woman, DJ.


(Amethyst and Oisin) --
~Back down in the kitchen..

Oisin's eyes rounded as greedy lips once more cradled her bloodied fingertip. The intense suck that followed tingled right up her arm causing her heart to beat erratically in her chest.

She was speechless, words could not form either in her head or in her mouth bar a strange little grunt that managed to work its way out from deep in her throat.

Blinking rapidly she tried to pull her hand away from the surprisingly strong grasp. It was immediately forcibly drawn back again. She pulled back a second time, this time a growl emitted from the smaller woman and the finger was once again sucked into the warm wet mouth.

The suction was driving Oisin crazy; it seemed to tug all the way through her right down to her clit. What was going on here? With one last desperate tug Oisin only managed to unbalance them both and to pull them over in a heap on the floor.

"Oh my gods..." she bellowed in disbelief, "... This floor's filthy. We're bound to catch something. For gods sake Amethyst don't inhale...Amethyst? Amethyst, are you nuzzling my neck...this is not the time young lady. I've got to get the bleach...eep!!"

The warrior lay in shocked surprise as her 100% Egyptian cotton anti allergy shirt was shredded, random pieces floating through the air like so much confetti.

"I'd just ironed that...I had the creases just right..." It was then that she noticed her companion's fingers now sported talons...

Laying a taloned finger to the warrior's lips, Amethyst looked at the warrior. "Shush." She purred.

The warrior's eyes were wide, so wide, her lips half-parted. She was close enough to see the pulse in Oisin's throat beating against the skin of her neck like a trapped thing. Amethyst leaned in toward her, leaned just her face until she could smell the warm clean scent of her neck. Close enough to taste the pulse on her tongue like candy.

She knew this candy would be red and soft and hot. Amethyst had to close her eyes so that she didn’t lean her mouth down to that point, didn’t lick over the skin, didn’t bite down and free that quivering piece of the warrior.

Amethyst had to close her eyes so she wouldn’t keep staring at that pulsing, jumping . . . her own faint pulse was too fast, as if she could choke on it. She’d thought that feeding on the Lodgers was the worst she was capable of, but now the thoughts in her head weren’t just about feeding. There was more, there was musky scent of sex, burning through.

These dark twisted thoughts, thoughts she was not suppose to have, not about people, not about women...not now. Amethyst stayed perfectly still, trying to master her own pulse, her own thoughts, but even with eyes closed, she could still smell Oisin's skin. Sweet and warm and close.

Amethyst felt the warrior's breath on her face, before she opened her eyes. Oisin had moved in so close that her face filled the bacchae's vision. Her voice was strangled with the needs she was fighting, "I don't like veggies."

"The people or the plants?" Oisin squeaked, suddenly the answer was very important.


(Warning -- Dungeon scenes scattered within)

(Shasa & Jay) --
~Meanwhile back in the Pirate's lair...


“Beg me, slut.”

“G'dammit, fuck me Shasa. Please!”

“Not good enough, Jay.” Shasa husked. “Beg, don’t command.” Skilled fingers twirled at the edge of her desire. Hips bucked telling the truth of her need to be filled.

A groan of pleasure came from deep in her throat. “Gods, please, yes, please take me.”


She had to admit the sailor tied a good knot. With her wrists trussed in front of her, she moved quickly in order to avoid getting poked by a very sharp knife. Oddly, Shasa seemed to move better when in this lust haze. Between Jay’s ass reaming, her throbbing cunt and trying to avoid the painful poking – she knew she was walking funny. Several steps beyond the shadowy dark, was a dingy bed.

Shasa took the end of the rope, looped it around a hook in the wall, and pulled hard. Jayling was yanked off her feet and onto the soiled linen. She grimaced at the smell beneath her nose, and with effort, scooted over and rolled onto her back. The cuts and burns roared to life, and she thought in hindsight, maybe face down was the better idea. Damn this trussing!

Shasa tied the rope off quickly, and turned to watch the squirming fish in her net. When the blonde stopped fidgeting, the sailor stepped into a boot jack and pulled her ornately tooled boots off. Her hands moved to her waistband; the leather britches hit the floor with a thud, and she stepped carefully out of them. She tossed her cock aside, replacing it with a much larger one. She approached Jay with nothing but a huge dick and a big knife.

The knife kinda killed the romance.

The pirate climbed onto the bed, shoved Jay’s legs open, and knelt between them. Shasa raised the knife high in the air, watching hazel eyes widen in shock as the blade came plunging towards her. She shut her eyes and turned her head into her bicep. Hearing a thwap, she peeked to see the blade mere inches from her head; solidly imbedded in the mattress on the other side of her arm, with feathers floating down. A voice that gave her chills warned, “I got no problem killin’ you.”

And with that foreplay, Shasa stabbed the massive cock into her victim.


(Shasa & Jay) --

Initially, Jayling hated the invasion. She hated that she’d screamed. She hated that it was forced. And now she hated that she didn’t hate it any more.

She had bucked as her cunt was vigorously abused, and now she thrust her hips to pull the cock in further. She squirmed as her tits were assaulted, and now she begged for the sailor to suck harder. Legs that had tried to resist, now wrapped around the pumping ass. Her protesting mouth now tried to make the sailor blush with urgent cries for more.

She chose to pretend that this monster was her Shasa.

Jay thrashed harder and faster under the frenzied fucking. “OH, GODS, YES!” she screamed as she flailed. “Harder, Honey, HARDER!” Her cresting passion incited Shasa to thrust brutally into her cunt. “YES! Fuck Me, Sailor, FUCK ME!”

The pirate relentlessly pumped her over the edge. Jay came with a frightful scream, her hips snapping to milk the enormous cock of all it had. Shasa obliged by continuing a slower, pumping of her hips, while staring at the hated wench, with nothing short of amazement. Spasms gripped the blonde, and she came again.

Shasa grabbed the knife and easily slashed the rope that bound the woman, imbedding the blade in the bedpost. Jay looked into Shasa’s eyes. Lust stared at her, as did pain, and a marveling respect – but the hatred was gone – pushed back somewhere for this moment.

The historian loosed her hands and pulled the pirate into her arms. The cock remained inside, and both still undulated slightly against one another. They were both soaked, the bed was a bloody mess, but they were now lovers. “Thank you baby” Jay whispered into her ear.


(Shasa & Jay) --

“Shasa, please let me make love to you.” Jay whispered. “Let me love you the way I should have… since the Dark. Let me show you how it can feel from now on?”

The sailor was torn – so apparent in her eyes. Needing to trust this woman she had killed for, to take that one chance again and have it turn out right this time. The other half knowing that it was too late; a fate worse than death is knowing when your mind is gone, your spirit broken, your soul damned.

It seemed forever. Shasa couldn’t answer; her mouth opened, yet no words came forth. But her legs slid apart, just enough to imply permission.

Jay slid her body down, slowly; fearing sudden movements could snap Shasa’s dangling sanity. Hardened nipples traced across the sailor’s scars, the blonde’s wet pussy leaving a slick path for them to follow. Her small body was agile, the stripes of her punishment keeping her body on fire with the contact.

Her warm lips brushed Shasa's skin, kissing her neck, nipping lightly at the salty flesh. Licking and tasting. She ministered lower to the tight nubs straining for attention; Jay’s tongue snaking out to circle needy nipples, closing on them, flicking and teasing. Turning away, she carefully licked and kissed the deep scars upon the pirate’s torso. Shasa arched into the contact, whimpering with eyes pressed tightly shut, fighting her demons as they came.

Jay slowly moved further down the damaged form, sinking between open legs. She gently ran her fingertips over the ugly deformity that was Shasa’s hip and thigh, her heart wrenching at the sight. The deep breath the historian takes overwhelms her senses; her mouth waters at the tantalizing aroma of Shasa’s essence. Shasa’s fists bulge in a death grip on the sheets and her body tenses.

Hazel eyes fall closed as the moment is savored. Her face is a breath away from Shasa’s cunt; an unconscious lick of her lips in anticipation. Gliding her tongue across the glistening slit, slowly from bottom to top, Jayling groans in bliss – Shasa cries out, shuddering.

Her arms move underneath Shasa’s ass to pull her closer; careful to avoid hurting her hip. Jay drinks and licks and sucks; her face glistening from the pirate’s juices, her tongue wanting more. Shasa undulates as she groans; clit throbbing in need, growing and emerging, begging for attention.

The blonde head dove down, nearly burying her nose inside Shasa’s cunt. Around the lips, along her center, lapping and sucking; hoping to drive inside. Shaky hands grab her head, smashing the talented mouth upon her clit.

Lightly she teases Shasa’s aching clit, slowly round the outer edge. Grinding hips desperately try to force pressure and gain release. Clit so hard it throbs and pulses on Jay’s tongue. Shasa thrashing violently under the assault; tears flowing, groaning and crying out continuously.

Jay determined to ride the pirate until cum explodes in her face. Her tongue assaulting, harder and faster, demanding more. Shasa grinding and bucking, then thrusting hard against that beautiful face; rigidly arching, Shasa came with a mighty roar.

Jay hung on and milked the pirate of all she had. Shasa sobbed as the spasms wracked her body. Jay crawled up and held her tightly.

Both prisoners lay together – one trapped in an alternate world, one enslaved in a tortured mind. Entwined together naturally, giving the impression of lovers that frequently shared this type of intimacy. Surrounded by a mess of blood, sweat, and cum – both sated.

Shasa’s eyes were clear for the first time, but Jay could see the immense struggle she had to maintain this moment. “Thank you,” she murmured.

“I’ve always loved you Shasa. Please believe that.” Jay whispered. “I’m so sorry about what happened.”

Jayling stroked the trembling woman, feeling the rigidity beginning to return to the body below her. Anxiety entered her voice as she shook the pirate slightly to try to keep her present. “Stay with me, baby, please!”

Tears silently rolled from Shasa’s cheeks, as she stared at the wench. Clouds begin to drift over and dull the emerald orbs.

“I’ll do anything to fix it – to not see you in pain anymore!”

Shasa continued to fade, her face wet with tears.

“What can I do?!” Desperately, Jay pounded on her chest and pled with her. “Don’t go!”

Shasa felt the last bit of her slipping away into the Dark, her tears the only sign of her terror of returning to that Void. She managed one last lucid moment. “Kill me,” she whispered.


(Shasa & Jay) --

Her friend of many years, her lover of only moments, was gone.

Loathing wrath stared at her. Shasa took in the sight of the naked beauty on top of her, seemingly unconcerned with how she had gotten there, or why there were tears in her eyes. This tore at the wench more than the hatred she saw in the deadened orbs below her - knowing that Shasa was so accustomed to her mental lapses, that she no longer questioned them.

With a voice like gravel, she sneered, "You see little slut? You begged for my dick, and now the fight in you is gone! Yer my slave now, and I'll take your cunt, your ass, and yer mouth whenever it pleases me." The pirate grabbed Jay's hair in an iron grip with her left hand and pulled her face down to an inch above her own, ignoring the blonde's painful cry. "And when you bore me, I'll cut yer pretty face up and find another!"

Shasa reached down with her right hand to grab and insert her cock into the cunt perched above her. Jay saw her intentions and struggled against the insane woman to no avail; her emotions so raw, she couldn't land a decent punch. "No, Shasa!" she wailed, trying to see the loving sailor somewhere in the shell below her. But the slut of her world wasn't here any more. She was trapped in the Dark, lost in the Void.

"My cock," she mumbled in confusion. The look of surprise turned to absolute fury, when the pirate's hand didn't find the large implement in its usual place. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Shasa bellowed, jerking Jay's head back hard by her hair. Pulling her hand back, now covered in cum, she began to rage against her new toy.

Two punches landed before Jay acted. She grabbed the discarded knife, and in one swift motion plunged it deeply into the pirate's chest.

Her body slowly relaxed; her arms fell to her sides. Cocking her head, Shasa simply stared at her with confusion as her body began to convulse. Gradually, the clouded eyes became even more unfocused, and she gasped her last breath.

Her friend of many years, her lover of only moments, was gone.


(Jayling) --
The Pirate now Sleeps...

Kneeling beside Shasa's bloodied, lifeless body, Jay wretched with heaving sobs. Not out of anger or relief, but one of pure sorrow, and most definitely guilt. This may not have been the Shasa she knew and loved, but still she was a part of the slut. Their lives similar in many respects, yet different from the challenges they each had to face. The most bitter of those hardships solely because of her -- Jay's alter-self -- and now her own hands were forever stained with her lover's blood. Such emptiness & pain wracked through the historian, like a part of her own soul had been ripped from her being...

Leaning closer, tears streaming, fingers lightly sweeping hair covering the still face, she kissed the lifeless lips of her friend. "Rest well, my dear sailor. You're free now." Looking lovingly into her parting spirit, "It's time to go home, honey. You'll like it there, trust me." Pausing from the hitching sobs, she eventually continued. "Those demons -- me, who have haunted you all these years, will never hurt you again. She will face justice, I promise you this." A trembling fist moved from her own heart, placing palm upon the unmoving chest beneath her.

Stroking her battered face, tracing a line along the hideous scar, "We'll meet again, sailor, somehow, someplace. It'll be much different there, I promise." With knowing eyes brimming with tears, she spoke softly, "Just don't drink too deeply from the well, m'slut, you're adored and loved by many."

Warm lips brush cold, barely above a whisper, "Good night, my sweet love."

Resting her bruised cheek against the once beautiful breast, she closed her eyes and whispered, "You never should have suffered like this, dear one. The torment, the hate, the angst ruining such a beautiful spirit as yours. So wrong, unjust --"

Alone & lost, Jayling wept deeply for them both...


(Jayling & Shasa) --

Slaying the Pirate's demons
Wench vs. Harlot

After Oisin & Ame's intriguing breakfast feast, the Warrior had traversed out to the outlying countryside in search for some special greens & veggies. Entering the village a tavern beckoned to her, so in the Butch sauntered. Inside there was a rousing spectacle taking place at a nearby table. Sitting upon the lap of a stately stud, a blonde woman was riding the woman's cock like a wild banshee in wailing heat. Her tits flying, smacking the Warrior's chest with each grunting thrust. Cunt slamming, uplifting, then grinding down again; she rode as only a mustang could.

Circling around the tavern, the Butchly Warrior was finally able to see the buxom blonde's face -- it was DJ! Quicker than the eye could process, Oisin unceremoniously dismounted the harlot by a fist in her hair, yanking her up and off. The tramp kicked and shrieked, finally settling once she saw who glared back at her. The green piercing eyes of the Kindred Lodger penetrated right through the slut. A face from long ago...


Many footsteps tramped outside the hall, a bootkick to the pirate's door. Pushing the blonde forward, they all entered the foul-smelling and bloodstained quarters. The women stood there wide-eyed as they took in the surroundings. Instruments of torture not shocking, but a dead body did get their attention. The Lodgers had held great respect for Shasa; she was a good first-mate, a torrid lover, and a trusting confidant -- until the Dark, that is. Even the strong can become wary of the insane.

Oisin & Jerre's hands were already on the hilt of their swords as they cautiously stepped forward. Trisha appeared shaken but longing for something -- somewhere. Amethyst had let slip her Bacchae side, purple eyes glazed over, unconsciously she licked her lips. The spitfire blonde was smirking, enjoying the surprise they had in store for this cocky intruder. She wasn't about to miss a second of this. None of them were.

Kneeling beside the bed, Jay was gently holding the hand of her friend's still form. The young wench's body bearing the marks of a severe beating, bloodied, welted, and bruised. The only clothing she wore was found earlier in a heap over in the corner; a black dirty shirt of the pirate's. Shasa's body was partially covered by the cleanest thing Jay had been able to find; a stained linen.

"Sooo, that's the whore who's been impersonating me, eh?" The harlot cocked her head as she eyed Jayling up and down, "What's the mattah, cunt, Missus not givin' ya enough at home? hmm?" Breaking her contact with the wench, she nodded towards Shasa's lifeless body. Her face warmed, saddened perhaps, while her voice took on a softer tone, "She - lived? By the gods..." Shaking her head she then glared back at DJ, "Did you murder her or did she just keel over from your 'charm', little slut?"

Jay had never felt such fury and disgust for another human being as she did for this creature before her -- her alter-self. If it hadn't been for the fact she could barely walk, she would've charged the bitch head-on. Sending them to gods know where, she didn't care. That bitch had to die.

Grasping the stand next to her, the historian winced as her body protested every move. Shakily standing, hanging onto the bedpost, she tried to stand erect.

"You dare call me whore! Slut?! Just look at yourself in the mirror." Jay leaned on the mattress for support as she inched her way forward. The air was crackling around them.

"There lies a woman who loved you. The woman that YOU seduced. She'd do anything for you. By the gods, she EVEN KILLED HER BEST FRIEND FOR YOU!! And you left her on the battlefield to die. Sliced to pieces she laid there, to die a slow and agonizing death. For YOU! And you RAN! You left them both, lying there drenched in their blood. Blood that is on your hands. You didn't even give Klancy a decent burial! You FUCKING BITCH of a whore!! How dare you!" Jay was sobbing her anger.

Flabbergasted at this outburst, she could scarcely retort, "Are you insane! You have no idea!" But Jay didn't let her speak further. Barely composing herself, she continued to inch herself forward around the foot of the bed, then clung to the end post. The charge in the air was sparking stronger as they neared. Oisin & Jerre were wise enough to not fool with unnatural forces, they slowly backed towards the door, shielding the three Lodge wenches behind them.

"It was You who murdered Klancy. How. Dare. You. She was my friend," Jay's voice low in hateful contempt. "It was You who tortured Shasa. You twisted her into a bitter, spiteful half of herself because of your own conniving pussy. You're a murderer, tramp, and a harlot!" Shaking the bangs out of her eyes so she could see the full wrath of her own hazels, "You sullied my name and every Jayling that ever was and is."

The harlot had enough, "And you dare presume to know me?! You weren't there. You have no idea what happened."

Jay's wrath was too scalding, blinding her eyes and ears. "Well, you, bitch, don't deserve what's out there beyond here. But the gods must be merciful, because what you have destroyed here, goes beyond any redemption I'd give you. Justice shall be had -- by my own hands!!"

Hidden beneath Shasa's vest which lay crumpled on the bed, Jay flipped a knife towards her counterpart; a split second later lunging forward with every last ounce of strength she had. The room erupted with sharp spikes of energy charges, electricity popping and cracking the air, catapulting the women in opposite directions. One slamming against a chest, the other against a wall. Unconscious or dead, it was impossible to tell...


Home? or...


Footsteps from all directions rushed towards the sound of the thundering, crashing noise.

"Where'd it come from?"

"Sounded like in our Slut's quarters."

"Tree, ya think?"

"Nah, no wind."

"Could be Lady Aria. You know those moonlies of hers."


"Prolly just Shasa in heat."

"Mebbe so!"

"Why the hades is my hair standing on end? It's crackling in here!"


"Holy Mothers --"

Lying crumpled on the floor in a heap, unmoving, was the battered body of the historian. Her blonde hair disheveled, matted with dried blood. Bruised cheek and split lip from what could be seen. The black shirt covering her small frame was bloodstained, which had inched up over her buttocks, revealing welts and lacerations from cheeks on down to thighs.

"Is she... is she de --"

"Nope, her chest is movin'."

"Leave it to you to be watching a woman's tits!"

"Hey, nuthin' wrong with that!"

No broken bones apparent, she was lifted up in strong butchy arms and placed gently on Shasa's bed. A cool damp cloth lightly cleansed the remnants of dirt and blood from her face. She gave a low groaning stir with consciousness returning, which grew louder as she awoke. There was a grimace behind closed eyelids -- she was nearly back with them.

Grasping her throbbing head, the historian's eyelids slowly lifted then fluttered shut. Trying once again she partially succeeded. Recoiling back when her vision cleared, Jay grimaced at the painful motion. Many concerned faces were staring down at her, then she relaxed not seeing a threat.

"wh-who... where --"

"shhh, you're home, honey. Welcome back, sweet wenchy."

"heh, thanks, oowe, what a ride, but uh, damn," her nose sniffing the air, "sumbudy needs a bath..."


A Neverending Story! We can go back anytime we want, and explore events from the dark Void as we bring them over to our KSL. Yah!

You all were fantastic!! Thank you so much for joining in and playing and for following along with our alternate verse. smooches to each one of you!!

A big hand to Shasa, our tormented Pirate!
Jasper's Spitfire hussy!
Amethyst our rafter skulking Defender!
Oisin and her charming butchly buttocks!
Sweet Trisha with her knack for perfect arrivals!
Our Domly Jerre who excels at yanking hair!
Plus our lusty new GhostlyJudgey!
And a very special thanks to Klancy7 -- Your Courtliness in allowing the use of your character was so sweet of you!

*Cheers Cheers Cheers to the Kindred Lodgers!!!*

Jayling -- (for O - that's diversityjay, DJ, Jay, Jayling, historian, wenchy...all rolled into one!) *snicker

Wandering in the Void - Parts 51 thru (60) Conclusion?  Never! Dungeon within, RP by the Kindred Lodgers, Sept 6th~9th, 2007
Wandering in the Void - Parts 45 thru 50, Dungeon within, RP by the Kindred Lodgers, Sept 2~5th, 2007
Wandering in the Void - Parts 24 thru 44, Roleplay by the Kindred Lodgers, Aug 30th~Sep 2, 2007
Wandering in the Void - Comic Relief - some chuckles during the Void RP, by the Kindred Lodgers, Aug 29th~31st, 2007
Wandering in the Void - Parts 10 thru 23, Roleplay by the Kindred Lodgers, Aug 22nd~27th, 2007
Wandering in the Void - Parts 1 thru 9, Roleplay by the Kindred Lodgers, August 21st~22nd, 2007


Never Ending! -- Wandering in the Void

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