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Comic Relief during --
Wandering in the Void

(possibly ongoing)

by the Kindred Lodgers
August 29th~31st, 2007


Can I Play?...
(Oisin) --

Meanwhile on another floor Oisin was nearing desperation for the sixth time that day.

Alone she sat in the damp murk inhaling the stale mustiness of decay all around her. Slumped against a solid oak wall she once more surrendered to her indulgent despair.

'Why me? Why??? I'm almost illiterate. I know nothing except how to shell peas and I'm lonely and hungry...again.'

Sniffling sadly to herself she reached for the nearest thing to hand, it was a book, a volume that felt weighty and important in her hand. Guilt combined with shame surged through her as she turned it time and again trying to make some stuttering sense of the embossed gold letters stamped onto bruised leather...

'K..K..ku...Queens of T..T..Tearstain,' her lips fumbled for the shapes and sounds, 'By Ca..tee...Ca..tee... Catty Clodhopper...' with a deep sigh she let it drop into her lap.

'Ah well...needs must when the Darkness drives.' she commiserated with herself and with a slight shrug of her shoulders and a loud growl from her empty belly she tore yet another page from the tome and began to eat it.

After several yummy chapters and a paragraph of Desert Hearts for pudding Oisin felt strong enough to stagger to her feet and pound again with all her dilapidated strength on the sturdy and immovable oak doors before her, screaming,

'Let me out, let me out...I've been locked in this friggin Library by accident. I hate books. Let me out of this dust laden hellhole...please free meeeee!' before crumbling in a heap of sobs and snot.

(Dj) --

Dj stopped dead in her tracks -- she didn't actually rip out a page from Queens? Would she? Did she? AARGH!!!! Runs back upstairs....

(Oisin) --

You got it get me some peanut butter for The Clinic and I'll make you a nice sandwich...or better yet get me out of this friggin tomb of a library...

(Shasa) --

O. DJ has the whole story on the website. check it out. ~Shasa

(Oisin) --

You mean the Library isn't locked up anymore and I'm in here eating books for no reason??

How sick are you ppl not to let me know!!

(Amethyst) --

Would you like Amethyst, who is hiding in the rafters to come to your aid??

(Oisin) --

well come on down....!!

(Jayling) --

Hands on shapely hips, head cocked and shaking, runs back up the stairs after her...

"OOOI-SIN!! Git that page out of your mouth, woman. That's right, spit it out for me -- good butch, good girl." Dj opened up the crumpled piece of saliva-riddled parchment, -- '_h_ Lost _al_s of ..~~~ her c_n_ thr_b_i_g, punis___d by th_ sav_g_ fis__ng ..~~~' mm mmm, must go find a copy of that...

"Oisin, dear one, we have much better things to fill your mouth up than with dry little scraps of paper. Wouldn't you like to taste something much sweeter?"

(Jayling) --

Sweet muncher of woodstuffs, since you seem to have eaten half the chapters, here's a little synopsis of the Void for ya:

After many long years, Dj is finally coming home to the Lodge. But when she approaches, she must've been thrown into some type of wormhole or portal, and ended up in another parallel type of universe/multiverse. The Lodge here isn't her KSL, it's a dark and forboding place, with the same Kindred but who had taken much different paths -- their darksides are very very...dark :)

(Oisin) --

Synopsis phut!

Oisin swaggers in her ever butchly fashion over to the Lodge blueprint pinned to the wall of the library (which now appears to be open despite what she was erroneously told!!!).

"So..." the pointed tip of her patented pokin' stick slaps against the chart, "This 'Jay' person opens the Library here...(the stick taps repeatedly on the mentioned room), without telling the people trapped inside they are free to go, thus condemning them to eat printed matter!! Have you any idea how upset Catty Clodhopper is gonna be when she finds teeth marks all over her opus majoris???"

Oisin angles herself slightly so her best assets left buttock can twitch at her audience. (A well practised manoeuvre).

"In doing so she manages to implicate an innocent bystander...well, a blood suckin' rafter hanger, and MY cousin Jasper the Chaste who is only a little spitfire cos of all that pent up sexual energy...hence all the tongue lashin and finger pokin...a subliminal message if ever I saw one."

A swift whirl and Oisin is on the other side of the chart, right buttock now presented.

"And then this 'Jay' person, as she calls herself, gets our resident surly drunk stomping off on another binge because she won't 'service ' her?? That's not very generous after all the mayhem your little visit has caused now is it?? And another thing...who is this DJ? What's she got to do with anything...and just who's the liquor Shasa uses as a crutch? You call this a synopsis!!! I'm more confused as ever! All I can see is everyone has a bone to pick with you, you rabble rouser!"

Oisin draws herself to her full height, arms akimbo, green eyes flashing like Walk Now signs... "I want answers and I want 'em now else I'll have to get all warrior like and butchly...and believe me it'll be hard on both of us!"

(Jayling) --

With tears streaming down her face from laughter, Dj could barely stand upright, "Okay okay, you win, Butchly Muncher!" her eyes still crinkled in mirth. "I give, I give. You bested me, Warrior."

Trying to compose herself, though failing miserably, she attempted to answer the questions. "Okies, Dj, that's me," poking herself in the chest. "I'm the long-lost Lodge Historian, Keeper of the Archives - ya know, the one who got thrown thru that squirrelly hole and ended up right here before ya, breaking into rooms, and uh, nevermind that last." Clearing her throat, "My name derives from DiversityJay, shortened to Jay, and eventually sing-songed out into Jayling. Sooo, I'm all of them - one for all and all for one!" spreading her arms open wide, still heaving with chuckles, as she tried to stare into those green depths hovering before her.

"But you, m'Butchly Warrior, are a tad mistaken about a few things," Jay circled around the Warrior, the one with the mesmerizing assets. "I'm not the instigator here! All of this was a huge misunderstanding. It wasn't me, DiversityJay/Dj/Jay/Jayling/Historian, who locked your butchly butt up in the Library. I was having my hair yanked out and marched down the stairs by that Domly over there," pointing towards Jerre. "Me thinks you best find that dastardly swine who would dare do such a thing to you! They should be shackled to the X-Frame and whipped for such insolence."

She was on a roll now, even seeing an escape route. "Now then, if ya just take that little ole pointy stick of yours and search there," Dj grabbed the Warrior's wrist, slapping the stick on the blueprint, "over there in the west wing, I'd bet ya find your culprit there." Nodding her head agreeing with herself.

Stepping a foot backwards, "Okay, now that's settled, you Warrior Butches best get after the intruder. I'll just see my way out and be out of your hair, toot-sweet." Nary another step was made as the Warrior O snatched her back into place."

'Nut-uh', her green orbs seemed to flash...


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