Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents


Wandering in the Void
Parts 1 thru 9

by the Kindred Lodgers
August 21st~22nd 2007


(Dj) --

Homeward bound she was.

It had been such a long time...too damn long, since the historian had set foot in the warmth of her home -- the Kindred Spirit Lodge. She relished the thought of stepping through that grand threshold once again, into the arms of her Sisters; those incredible, tantalizing, sensual women whom she adored.

A spasm shot through her as memories of old surfaced - an impish grin couldn't help but spread across her face. "Those fucking HOT Studs & wenches!" she snorted out. "I can't wait to meet the new and greet the old." Her smile grew wider. "hmm, I wonder if the new folks even know who I am..."

The last several years had been hard on the blonde. Whitish streaks now adorned her long mane, giving proof of that; the aching bones within her small frame gave reminder of age. She winced at the thought, and the creaky feelings. The wars of 3 years that ravaged the lands of Tyria, then a year later, Cantha, and last year in Elona, had taken it's toll, not just on her, but all who fought those bloody battles. Witnessing so much death and destruction can scar a person; participating in them stains the hands, and the heart, forever. She had done both.

It was time to go home. She craved the warmth and security of her Kindred. She needed to hear their laughter, feel their touch, soak in the smoky, heady smells of the sensual Lodge, and relish in the adventures her Sisters would share. Yes, it was time to go home, though probably for only a short spell. Yet another black war was about to erupt within the next fortnight, right back in Tyria. "Gods be damned," she muttered.  "I need a fucking break."

Repositioning the Rebel bow over her weary shoulder, she winced when glancing back at it. "A bloody fucking crack. Dammit. Klancy is gonna throttle me for that!" It had been a gift from the Courtly One, from what now seems like eons ago. "But hey, she did teach me to do whatever it takes to stay alive, and that's just what I did -- thwapped the ugly bastard when he charged.  Heh!"

But then her cocky bravado turned to a grimace as a low-alto voice resonated in her head, "Ya should've ducked, wenchy!"  Shaking her head, mutters of "yeah yeah yeah," grumbled forth.

A staff in one hand and the bow slung across drooping shoulder, she trudged up the hill towards the Lodge. A smile pulled across her face as that majestic structure came into view. "Home at last!" she exclaimed, her green eyes bright and sparkling.

But her demeanor abruptly shifted from joyful relief to one of caution. Something wasn't right. "Why the hell is the Lodge darkened on such a beautiful night?" she fussed. "The windows are shuttered, there's no torches lit, no smoke from a gazillion chimneys pouring out. No sounds of chatter, nor laughter, and no thunderous cries of ravishing?! What the hell..."

Cautiously she approached the front entryway. As she pushed her way in, the large doors squealed loudly; the eerie sound resonating throughout the building. Shivers shot through her from head to toe. "Damn Warriors," she quietly muttered, "don't they know where the bloody grease is!" She couldn't help but roll her eyes.

In a trembling voice she squeaked out, "H-hello?" into the barren room. Nothing. No response. Trying to gather a bit more courage, she cleared her throat and tried again -- "Hellooo. Anyone home? Klance?...Ally?" She nervously looked around, "O'Saucy One?   Supreme Slut Extraordinaire?...Anyone?"  Nothing but the sound of silence.

"Fuck fuck fuck, ain't this my luck. They're probably off on some goddess-like retreat, ravaging each other into oblivion, whilst I stand here all spooked-out. G'dammit." Though this is what she hoped, that thought quickly shifted away. It wasn't plausible. The Lodge IS a ravaging haven as is.

"Okay okay, wenchy, get a grip. You've been in more battles than ya'd ever want to admit. You can hold your own," she admonished herself. "Yeah, but never by myself," she quietly muttered back. Rolling her eyes once again, "gezus, now I'm even answering myself!"

Shrugging off the broken bow from her shoulder, she propped it up against the wall near the entranceway of the great hall. Her senses were on high alert. No sounds but the creaking of an old building. Her heart was racing, the sound pummeling in her eardrums. Up the stairway she proceeded, staff gripped tightly in small, battered hands. Her palms so sweaty she almost lost her grip, dropping the wooden stave, but a quick swipe across her britches and she regained her hold.

Slowly and cautiously light footsteps tread down the darkened hallway. It loomed ominously ahead and seemed to stretch a damn league. She would always remember the way to that precious Library, even in the darkest of nights. It held her heart.

Approaching each door, she stopped, pressed an ear against the wooden barrier, then continued on. No sounds of life within. Dread rippled through her.

Around the corner, the historian's quest came into view - The KSL Library. A low sigh of relief croaked from her parched lips. Life was surely within that great room as her Sisters were there...well, their Spirits were. The complete archives of all their adventures, the lows and the highs, rested upon shelf after shelf. Dusty they would be, she knew. Hopefully some recent writings could be found to give her a clue of where her Kindred were and what had happened.

"What the hell?" she barked out. The door was barred shut. "Somebody damn bloody well have a good explanation for this!" The heated words eerily echoed off the walls causing yet another shiver.

Resting her staff against the door, Dj dug deep into her pack for a match and also some tools. Lighting the lantern which hung by the entrance, an orange glow illuminated the immediate area. Her green eyes squinted, trying to adjust to the welcome light. A sense of fear again rushed through her body. She whipped her head around to look behind, down the darkened hallway, but nothing was there, just blackness. She could've swore a presence was watching her.

"Christ, you're such a wuss, Jay," the blonde muttered to herself.

"Yeah, but ya know how much I hate being alone & creeped out!" she retorted right back.

Breaking into locked rooms wasn't her specialty, but the lady was resourceful. Many expletives later, and several head-snaps to glance behind, she finally got the bar removed and broke open the knob's latch. "Hah!" she mentally patted herself on the back.

Stepping into the musty room made her nose wriggle in distaste. "This isn't a good sign. Can't be losing the precious documents that adorn this here sanctuary," she wisely surmised.

"Okey doke now. There has to be some mention of what's going on around here on one of these parchments." She couldn't help but smile, "gods, we have so frickin' many! Where to start where to start where to..." she mumbled to herself.

Quickly scanning one scroll after another, creating a mess of what was already a mess, she couldn't find anything to enlighten her. Grumbling aloud, "If this is another one of those damn alternate dimensions or universes, then well hell..."


(Amethyst) --

Stepping from the doorway Amethyst cleared her throat as she looked over to the lady looking through the parchment. "Excuse me, Miss...may I help you?" She curtsied and bowed her head. It was not lady-like to look someone in the eye, upon first meeting them. Too bold and brash.

Amethyst knew it was only proper etiquette, plus there was no reason to startle the woman with her fiery purple eyes. Many fear her because of what she is, so she hides her bacchae side as much as possible. Still too wide a smile will show those teeth and not too many humans have eyes that color.

Her sudden appearance in the room seemed to startle the woman, who readied herself quickly for what Amethyst assumed was to fight. It was not in her nature to do something so violent. She hit her knees and kept her head down, "I mean you no harm." Her hands went up to show she had no weapons.

She worried that she had frightened the woman. It was unintentional, but her curiosity got the best of her at times. Amethyst had watched the woman come through the hall and then to the locked library from the rafters. The rafters of the Lodge kept her from the sun during the day and available to those who requested her presence at night.

Keeping her head down she waited...


(Dj) --

"Sweet Mothers Above Us!" Dj exclaimed with a start. Her instincts spiked into gear. She frantically searched for the discarded staff, but it was across the room near the doorway. "yoi!"

Upon coming down from her fright and actually looking at the kneeling girl before her, braids swaying from her quick movement, the historian's loud thumping heart eased a notch.  Slightly embarrassed at her reaction she rolled her eyes at herself.

Grabbing the stool beside her, Dj slowly creaked up from her cramped position on the floor, trying to avoid the mess she left there. With that vintage Dj smile, and a warmth in her tone she gently said, "Hi there!" Snickering a bit she went on, "umm, please, there's no need to kneel or bow before me, young one. Up with ye!"

Grasping the young girl's hand, she helped ease her up from the floor. A petite thing she was, though very nicely toned. Trying to tilt her still-bowed head which didn't want to budge, "Really, hon, there's no need for such actions around me."

The historian's voice took on a more serious tone. "I'm in search of some answers. Things are out of...whack or something. They aren't 'right' per se. You see, I've just come home after many years from a long journey - here, to my Sisters at the Kindred Spirit Lodge. But uh, this isn't my KSL. My Kindred aren't here. At least I can't find them."

As the girl still appeared puzzled, Dj attempted to clarify. "You see, this place doesn't 'feel' right. Sorta like when we fell into that well many years ago and wound up in a different dimension. My gods, that was a terrifying epic in our lives. It was uh..."

Realizing she sounded like a complete lunatic she tried to explain further. "Okay, see, this place is all shuttered up, dank, musty, and dark, it's gloomy & even scary -- and hell, my Library was even barred shut! We'll get to that later..."


"Holy crap!"

The eerie atmosphere was right on cue. A loud crash sounded out in that blackened hallway, heavy bootsteps pounded on creaky floorboards. They were headed towards the Library...


(Jasper) --

Jasper had heard the voices coming from somewhere near the locked room at the end of the hall she recognized Amethyst's low tones, but who was she speaking to. Rushing from her room she crashed into a table across the darkened hallway knocking it and it's contents to the floor. "Now who in the hell put that there," she groused, knowing the table had not been there the day before "Prolly that damn Amethyst always sneaking around in the middle of the night.

Rubbing her hip she looked up and blinked several times not believing what her eye's were seeing. The door to the library was open and there in the middle of the room stood Amethyst and a another women. Wisps of something familiar about the women tickled at her memory, letting it go for now as her anger returned. Jasper stomped down the hallway stopping at the threshold to the room.

"Amethyst, you know you shouldn't be in here." She scolded the young woman.

Turning to the new comer Jasper stated with an excited gleam in her eye, her body fairly hummed thinking of the punishment the woman would receive. "And you," she pointed to the woman "are gonna be in sooo much trouble when one of them finds out that you broke in here."


(Dj) --

"Broke in here?! Why you uppity little..." Dj stopped herself trying to gain better control. "No no, I wasn't really breaking in here."

The petite blonde glared at the intruder, her hazel eyes emblazoned. Glancing backwards across her shoulder then forward again, she sarcastically spat, "Yeah, right!"

Dj rolled her eyes and couldn't help but snicker at what appeared to be a huge misunderstanding. "Well, yes, I did uh, gain access to this room, but not in an attempt to vandalize." Glancing around the unorganized, chaotic mess the Library was in, she couldn't help but let out a low growl. "There shouldn't have been a bar across the door in the first damn place though!"

The short spitfire grew angry at this incredibly brazen stranger. Her eyes were blazing with ire.  Dj protectively backed herself and the young bacchae further into the library, back where her study was...or should've been that is.


(Trisha) --

Trisha walked beside Jerre quietly. The green eyes were hard. "Why did you want that scroll again?"

"I told you, I am planning a surprise for the Judge." Not liking her tone, Jerre reached over, and yanked the shapeshifters head around to face her.

Trisha gulped, her eyes glaring at Jerre. The Dom kept her gaze hard, and her eyes narrowed. "Trisha. You may not be My sub, but I can and will punish you if you continue to push me. Clear?"


"Yes, what?" Jerre's voice cracked like a whip, containing enough authority to make the shifter's eyes widen with fear. Jerre was the most approachable Domme at the Lodge but Her temper was uncertain at the best of times. Her bad leg acting up today made that doubly so. she decided not to push before Jerre took it into her head to switch her for disobedience, again.

"Yes, My Lord."

Jerre nodded, continuing on. She shook out keys to open the library door, and frowned. people were inside. She slammed open the doors, raking everyone over with a hard look. She found her own sub, and growled softly, "Jasper, what's going on here, and who's going to be in trouble?"


(Dj) --

The young spitfire almost fell right on her ass as the low, growling voice of her Domme startled her witless.  Now she had some explaining to do on her own. Hah!


(Jasper) --

Jasper spun around so fast at the sound of Jerre's voice that she had to grab the door frame to keep from falling. "J..Jerre," quickly regaining her composure Jasper glared at trisha for bringing Jerre up here. 'Oh well it could've been worse, it could have been one of the others,' she thought.

Turning back to Jerre, Jasper batted her eye's, "Jerre," she purred "I'm so glad you're here, this...this woman, this stranger," she emphasized, waving her hand toward the two women "broke into the library and I think Amethyst may be helping her." As Jasper pointed out the protective stance the woman took with the young bacchae.

Jasper slithered behind Jerre so she would be unable to see the smug look on Jasper's face.

DJ was incredulous as she watched the smug little brat worm her way out of trouble, and put the spotlight back on her to explain to this angry Warrior exactly what she was doing and why. Jasper had to bite her bottom lip to keep from laughing out loud at the surprised expression on the woman's face.

Seeing Jerre's attention focused on the two woman, Jasper chanced a glance behind her wondering where the others were.


(Dj) --

You little imp!'  Dj's eyes burned her thoughts into the squirt's mind, 'Paybacks are a bitch, darlin!'

Turning her attention back to the seething Warrior, she sucked in a deep, trembling breath. 'think, wench, think!'

"Um, good day to it, Lord?" Barely a nod, but Dj understood. "I, uh, there's been a misunderstanding here."  'glaring at the brat.'  "Nobody 'broke' in here, per se, it was just, I just, needed to..." The steely eyes of the Warrior penetrated the historian, pinning her in place, causing her to lose coherent thought.

Shaking herself out of that stupor, she tried once again. "Hi, I'm Dj! You know, the Lodge's historian?" A dark scowl crossed all their faces. "I, um, you may not know me as I've been gone for quite a few years, but uh. Well, I've journeyed a long way to get back home and found the Lodge (creepy!) dark and empty, or so I thought. *cough* Anyway, I came up --"

"Enough!" barked the angry Warrior. "You contemptuous little bitch. How dare you break into our lodging!" She strode toward the now cringing woman, and arm-pushed her backwards, pinning her to the wall. *oomph & ouch!*

Her hardened face mere inches away, scent of fear and one of rush, "You not only break-in and try to deny it, but you steal another's identity? Bitch!!" *SLAP!*

The stinging on Dj's face caused tears to well up. "But, m'Lord, you don't underst --"

Grabbing a fistful of the historian's blonde mane, she yanked her towards the door. *sweet gods, that hurts!*

"Downstairs. All of you. NOW!"

A little satisfied grin passed over Dj's face as she saw the Dom push her own wench forward. She turned to show it to the brat. *bet you're still gonna be in for it, toots!* A grimace soon followed. *sure hope the little bacchae gets cleared...*

Barely above a whispered growl, she heard the Warrior's words --

"No historian lives here anymore."

*oh bloody great!*


(Dj) --

Musing this during the march downstairs:

*hmm, the 'no historian lives here anymore' could mean multiple things. Maybe she actually is referring to me since I've been gone so long and didn't know I was returning. Which can easily be cleared up once Klance or my other smutty sisters who know me show up.  Orrr, it could mean I'm Not in 'Kansas' anymore. Hard tellin' what kind of trouble this Dj got herself into. Orrr, crap! It could mean just about anything...*

Not trusting the brat who still held a smirk on her face, Dj leaned in towards the graceful one, the wench with the wild black mane. "What'd she mean, 'no historian lives here any longer'? Just that she's gone only temporarily, right?"

Trisha's brows furrowed, a cloud of anger washed over her face. "No." she hissed, then looked back at the Domly one who raised a stern eyebrow. A shiver went through the girl, right to her core. She'd better watch her step too it seems.

The Warrior was incensed at this interaction. She reached down to grab the blonde's hair once again, but Dj saw it coming and tried to duck. The feline one shoved into her shoulder on one side so she couldn't, then as the wily Jay twisted, the spitfire followed suit on the other. A snicker erupted from the young cohorts, even the demure Bacchae one.

Grumbling, Dj hissed so all 3 wenches could hear, "Well, if I'm going down, you're all coming with me!"

Another yank along with an 'oouch!'

Onward they marched...


Continued in - Parts 10 thru...

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