Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents


Wandering in the Void
Parts 24 thru (44) ...

by the Kindred Lodgers
August 30th~31st, 2007


(Oisin) --

'Let me out, let me out...I've been locked in this friggin Library by accident. I hate books. Let me out of this dust laden hellhole...please free meeeee!' before crumbling in a heap of sobs and snot.


(Amethyst) --

Amethyst quietly held her place in the shadows, keeping far enough away from the voices so that it did not upset her. It seemed impossible with the acoustics of the hall. She fled further into the Lodge, landing softly on the floor, near the Library.

She took a deep breath and began to pace just in front of the door, the place where it had all started. What had Jay meant by her odd questions? Amethyst tried to think things through, but the sounds of soft thudding, crept through her brain. 'A heartbeat', she thought, 'how odd, since everyone is..' Her steps had brought her closer to the door.

"Hello?!?," the bacchae called softly toward the door. Amethyst fiddled with the door handle, noticing that something had been jammed in the keyhole. The door was stuck, almost locked like before, but not with a shackle, with some strange foreign object. Tightening her grip about the lodged piece of what seemed to be metal, now that she held it, she jerked it out of the lock. The door swayed and without barely a second to flee, Amethyst was diving for cover as the it fell from its hinges. It slammed harshly on the floor, the sound echoing through the hall. She knew everyone had to have heard it.

Considering fleeing again, Amethyst noticed as the dust settled the heartbeat was still there. A woman sat in the door's frame. "Hello?"


(Oisin) --

Slowly Oisin righted herself, rising up through the clouds of echoing dust and debris that accompanied the toppling of the mighty oak panel.

"Did you throw that door at me?"

Carefully she stepped out into the corridor to face the solitary woman lurking in the shadows, her hand drifted to her sword helm.

"It was jammed and just fell over." the other answered cautiously.

"Oh," Oisin nodded absently looking up and down the corridor before pinning the stranger with a green blaze of zealous fervor.

"Let me introduce myself, I am Oisin Warrior-Vegetarian of Erin. I roam the land living of nature's bounty...and magic mushrooms." She moved in closer until her face was mere inches away from the younger woman's. As if she was smelling her very breath,

"You don't eat meat do you? Cos Meat is Murder...and if you did well...then I'd have to murder you, wouldn't I?"


(Amethyst) --

"I, I-I don't eat." Amethyst stuttered trying not to break down again. Her instincts as a bacchae always flared under such situations, but now she could fight them, sorta. Her eyes blazed deeply purple and she looked down quickly from those wild eyed warrior.

The thoughts that entered her mind made her body ache as she picked up unintentionally the steady beat of Oisin's heart. It thudded in her head, setting her body cold with the hunger. Amethyst cursed herself for not getting feeding sooner, but how had she known the night would go so crazy.

Trying to hide the apparent fangs, she looked anywhere but at directly at the warrior. The open door frame, that was a great place, she focused there. "Please, I am not that sort. I mean no harm, Oisin, I uh...Warrior Oisin. Sir, Ma'am..." She stuttered and resigned herself to quiet down, as to not say anything else dumb.


(Jasper) --

The muted crashing sound that came from the upper floor was the distraction that Jasper had been looking for. Glancing back up at Jerre she saw that the Warrior had also heard the noise and was now staring at the stairs.

Using the distraction Jasper made a break for the stairs running full tilt she made her way up and careened down the dark hall. Making her way towards the only source of light, the library.

She quickly ran towards the light that was spilling into the hall Jasper noticed the door on the floor and surmised that it must have been what they all had heard.

She had made it into the room just as Jay was trying to make her escape and she silently applauded her cousin for her quick thinking 'for once she uses her head' Jasper thought, in grabbing the wench before she was able to make it out of the room.

Standing atop of the broken door, hands on hips Jasper let herself be known. "And where in the hell do you think you're going Missy? Seeing as how you just got here and all, you wouldn't want to miss all the fun you have created now would you?" Jasper leered at Jay, whose breasts had been forgotten, as she boldly pranced around in her torn and tattered shirt.

In the silence that erupted from her outburst Jasper knew she didn't have much time as she could plainly hear the heavy bootsteps of her angry lover coming down the hall.


(Jayling) --

The parchments she had clutched in her hands, fluttered to the floor when Jasper stormed in. She also dropped her satchel that had been pushed aside upon her arrival. "Why you brazen hussy! When are you gonna get it thru that thick skull of yours that all of this is a misunderstanding!" Dj's hazels flashed. She raised her finger and began poking the blonde in her chest, making sure to hit fleshy tits, mimicking how Jasper angered her Dom. "Ya know what this is gonna get ya, don't ya, squirt? She's gonna lay into you good and hard! And ya know, I would really enjoy watching it, hon, but have something important to do. Now get out of my way!"

Heavy bootsteps thudded down the hallway, startling both wenches. Those steps sounded angry and determined...


(WarriorJudge) --

At that point the Judge sprung out of the wall and was wafting, hovering just above the ground.

"Heavens!" the wenchy historian capered and recoiled. "Your Honor?? What in the name of all your inner demons happened to you??"

The floating Magistrate downcast her gaze to the sexy historian, "Well, Aria and I played a little sex game…The Judge and the defendant…I sentenced her to 17 consecutive hours of probe-ation…To make a long story short, a grotesque dildo-related mishap occurred…."

"And now you're…." Jay's voice gradually faded, her mesmerizing eyes still wide with surprise.

"Judge – the unfriendly pissed-off butch ghost, is what I am! One moment I'm kicking Aria's legs open, next thing I'm kicking the bucket. I didn't even get a chance to get off…Now where the fuck is my little sluty, over-generous with her graces Trisha!?"


(Jayling) --

Jay's mouth hung open as the Judge relayed this horrific news. "But but but, you can't be dead, Judge! This is just an illusion, right? A joke, huh. Yeah, that'd be it." Then her brain wrapped around the fact, that this wasn't her normal KSL, but a more dark and dangerous one. Many things, many people, were much different here. She shivered at the thought.

The ghostly presence landed before the stunned girl. Anger was roiling off her essence, creating a red aura around her large frame. "By the gods --" was all she could stammer, causing Dj to step backwards in fright.

"Did you not hear me, wench! Where the fuck is my little slut, Trisha!" she roared.

Jayling's mouth was still gaping open. All she could muster was a trembling arm pointing to the last place she had seen Trish.


(WarriorJudge) --

The Judicious wraith fixated her gleaming glare onto the wenchy historian's creamy breasts and got a little sidetracked. Her pent up appetence for release was scorching her soul. Seeing Jay's puzzled and perplexed look, she went on to say "I've already checked there, you audacious little strumpet, she's not there…Hell!! What's the use…In this impalpable state, I can no longer make merry sport with the little Lodge-follower. Rather than get into her, I would undoubtedly get through her!!"

The Dark Robed one raged.


(Jayling) --

Dj's heart couldn't help but sadden for the horrible predicament the ghostlyJudge was in. She unconsciously reached towards her, but stopped short knowing the danger it could be.

Her logical mind began spinning, "Solutions solutions solutions, we need to find a way to get you back... whole once again." Snapping her fingers, "I know! I bet there's some ritual or formula, written down somewhere in one of those ancient spellcaster books, which just might have a way to get the physical form back. I'm sure I saw those tomes in the Archives once, long ago," she exclaimed.

"Wouldn't hurt to try, Judge, unless ya want to stay all shimmery and... stuff."


(Jasper) --

Jasper stood smirking at the Ghostly One "Oh just chill out WarriorJuice" She really wasn't afraid of the Judge any longer I mean really what could she do. She had been so caught up in her need for release, that she hadn't done much aside from but sulk around and bellow. So no one in the Lodge knew what ghostly things she could be capable of.

Jasper turned back toward Jay grasping a plump nipple and giving it a twist, immediately getting the woman's attention, "So you never answered me, where do you think your going?"


(WarriorJudge) --

"You little tart!" The specter Judge growled at Jasper "After all the orgasms I've given you…How DARE you agonize me by pinching that rosy hard nipple in front of me…And how ill-advised!"

"Let me go get Aria to comfort you while I look up... while I...g…go... Skimming through the volumes" The witchy wenchy suggested, stifling a delicious moan of pleasure.

"Lady Aria!" The apparition scoffed "comforting Me?! Being that necrophilia and para-fucking don't rank amongst Aria's extremely long list of tastes, I wager, as soon as I bought a farm, she kicked my carcass out of bed and went about to find someone else to ride her…I'm going to sue the miserable bastard who manufactured that defective dildo, better yet, I'm going to haunt his sorry ass for the rest of his natural life."

The phantom Justice went on ranting "Am I to spend the rest of eternity horny? Come to think of it…That's how I've spent most of my life"

The fuming Lord turned her attention back to Jasper "As for you, have you ever heard of possession? One of the benefits of being a fucking ghost is the ability to possess the living…If you don't want me possessing you and masturbating your wee clit till it falls off, shut your gob and let the wench get to it."


(Jayling) --

Dj slapped the fingers of the blonde who had been torturing her nipple. Jasper didn't release the nub until she gave it one last cruel twist, that sent the historian on tip-toes. "Damn you, runt," she seethed through clenched teeth. "You'll pay for that one day." Hazel eyes vs. equally hazels, they glared holes through each other.

Breaking off the stare, Dj turned quickly nearly stepping right into the reddish misty form of the seething Warrior. "Holy mothers above us!" she gasped. Quickly doing a side-step, she leaned over and whispered in the Judge's direction. "Torture the young trollop until she's insane, Judge. Make her cry out for release, but never allow her to achieve it. Never!" The Historian's eyes flashed in anger.

Realizing it not wise to be so close to this pissed-off & lust-craved apparition, she made a hasty retreat towards the back of the room, "I'll, uh, just be over there searching through the tomes, m'Lord. We'll find something to help you, I'm sure of it." Mumbling an, 'I hope,' as she skittered back to the darkened alcove.

The Judge was still radiating reddish spikes from the mist that was now her being. The crackle in the air was nearly palpable, sending shivers from head-to-toe through both girls.


(WarriorJudge) --

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?!" the wrathful spirit snarled behind the floozy librarian. "Have I dismissed you?!"

Dj stopped dead in her tracks. Every nerve-ending, every muscle in her body tensed. She didn't know what the Poltergeist was capable of. Hearing the Judge's voice resonating in her head, she knew the Judge wasn't well-tempered when She was alive, no telling what She's like dead and lust-reeking.

"I have a better idea how to make this here skank suffer" the Judge muscled intangible arm pointed to Jasper. "She's been rubbing Me the wrong way, pardon my pun, for far too long lately. Rubbing her wanton clit isn't going to cut it! It's high time the little ho got what's coming to her."

The ghostly Magistrate paused and left both wenches to dreadfully anticipate her following words.

"It's only just that her penalty would involve relentlessly filling her voids. You'll fuck her for Me. I'll instruct you through it while I'll hold her down for you! You're going to make her little cunt squirt for Me."


(Oisin) --

"OR...", Oisin tried to be helpful here, "I could kill someone for you Judge, and you'd have a little Casper all of your own to play with?"

She seemed pleased with the idea drawing a dagger, flinging her other arm around her new found little Veggie buddy she turned to Amethyst, "Now who looks like a sausage sucker outta this lot?"


(Amethyst) --

If the warrior only knew, Amethyst could hear the pulse of every woman in the room. She prayed hard to any god that would listen that she could control the hunger if fresh blood were thrown on the scene. "No, no I do not."

Moving her gaze, Amethyst stepped away from the warrior turning to the ghostly form of the Judge with a bloody tear slipping down her cheek. "Judge, oh dear Judge, I cannot believe what has happened to you."

She took a step closer and reached out the Magistrate. Her hand fell straight through the silvery appearance, sending a chill straight to very bones of her body, then turned into something more, something warm, a deep tingle. Amethyst moaned softly, "Judge.." she stated in a soft, deep whisper. The sensation had brought about such naughty thoughts, as if she could picture what the warrior demanded of everyone. She shivered and a small grin slipped to her lips as she felt a familiar moisture gathering just between her thighs.


(WarriorJudge) --

"How very resourceful of you, my butchly friend…However, making another ghost for me to play with, as Frankenstienishly insane as it may sound, might prove to be erroneous. It'll be like fucking air, and I can do that already without anyone forfeiting their lives for the highly worthy cause of My sexual gratification. Besides, I want to see Jay fucking the little one till she bleeds" The ghostly Lord replied.


(Oisin) --

"Oh, I can help with that too...just a little knick here..." but she hesitated as she felt her new companion stiffen beside her, "Don't tell me you faint at the sight of blood Amethyst?"


(Jerre) --

Jasper lifted into the air, and gulped. Jerre had plainly found her. She dangled a moment before getting dropped, Jerre placing a booted foot on her chest. "You were thinking what, precisely?"  Jasper started speak, but felt Jerre kneel, and pin her. "The ghostly one has some interesting ideas. I can torture you little one, make you scream for me before I take you. I could whip you, or paddle that sexy ass of yours...I might do all three...You will be sorry you ran from me." 

She slid her hands over Jasper's body, touching and caressing, making her squirm. When she was sure the woman was wet and wanting, she stood. She pulled her to her feet, molding their bodies together...  "We will continue this discussion, later little one. I want to know what the hell is going on here. Trisha!"

The woman came running and saw the Judge. Her eyes flashed with grief for the woman.  "Your Honor.  I am here."  She gently reached out to touch her...


(Jayling) --

The hair on the back of Dj's neck stood on end, both out of fear and of anger. Something snapped inside her, and that normally sweet spirit turned to fire. "Are you out of your pompous fucking ghostly mind!" Her voice rising higher with each word. "How Dare You!!"

Standing on her tiptoes though not looking very intimidating, she was livid, "I'm not about to rape this... this whore of a hussy for you or any other ruttish maniac of a Warrior." Jerre stiffened from the venom being directed at her sub and possibly herself.

Staring at the short, blonde bombshell pinned on the floor, "Though, a good fisting would definitely be appealing," she snarled. Their glares piercing through one another.

Turning her attention back to the seething Judge who was literally crackling, "Listen, Stud, if you think you were tortured before with your orgasm near peak but never allowed to crest, then just imagine what it'd be like if I took your cock and began ramming it up inside her sopping pussy. You'd have cum exploding from your ears instead of where you really need it!"

The Historian calmed down somewhat. "That's why we need to find a way to get you whole again. See?"

Dj's outburst caused the Judge to explode, "You fucking little slut!!" Her electrified Being ignited with rage, shooting out a charge smacking the girl in the back, throwing the historian down onto the floor. The raging Justice motioned Trisha forward, who shakily handed the wench an item - the Judge's very own cock.

Kneeling over Jasper, the Judge's huge cock bulging from her small hand, Dj no longer felt cocky.


(Shasa) --

Shasa leaned heavily against the doorway, an ominous cloud surrounding her. Slowly she lifted bloodshot eyes to the ghost of Warrior Judge, "She is mine alone; release my property." Staring down at the historian, she snarled, "And you will take me to your chambers."

Jayling dropped her hands. Shasa reminded her of a rabid wolf - wild and crazed. Obviously drunk, but somehow managing to utter her words distinctly. Her Shasa couldn't handle her liquor - she remembered a few times how mean the slut got when drunk. Could this Shasa just have gotten stuck there? Stuck in that anger - always drunk?

And why would any of these strong warriors listen to the demands of such a lush? Surely the Judge will laugh in her face! DJ looked wide eyed at the Apparition, awaiting the awful moment, knowing that when it came, Shasa's pitiful status would be evident... and her heart would break for her.

The Warrior Ghost rubbed her cock; DJ felt a jolt and she slumped to the floor. The hold on her was gone. What the fuck? Jayling looked in shock from the pathetic excuse for a warrior that Shasa was, to the larger than after-life form of WG... and for once, she was speechless.

Oisin grabbed the Historian by the hair and pulled her to her feet. "You heard her! Get yer ass moving!"

Stunned, Jayling stumbled to Shasa's side, scrunching her nose when she got close enough to smell the sailor. A heavy arm draped over her neck, and Shasa used her as a crutch. Oh for a bath!

As they limped to the rear of the Archives, to where DJ's private chambers were, her mind raced. If she was stuck here, she had to try to sort things out! Why would any warrior listen to this drunk? This broken woman?

"Yer gonna service me, Jay! Running off years ago didn't change yer fate, bitch. You'll learn to love me, or ya won't. Don't matter to me. Like it or hate it, yer gonna get fucked." Shasa laughed as they reached the door, and she muttered, "Captain Klancy can't save ya this time, bitch."


(Shasa & Jay) --

"Whatya mean, Klancy can't save me this time?"

Shasa looked at the wench with incredulous eyes. She snarled and shoved the blonde bitch inside her chambers.

Anger framing her face, "Now what the fuck did you mean about Klancy!?"

"Have you gone fucking nuts?" Shasa bellowed. "She's DEAD, you cunt! DEAD!"

Disbelief in her eyes, her heart stopped at the words. "What happened to her? When? Who? H-how?"

"You really have lost it! You were there! You watched me kill her, Jay! You may have run away that night, but you can't claim you don't know!"

Jayling stared in horror at the sailor.

Shasa got right into Jay's face, the stench of her breath nearly knocking the Historian over. "Come on, my sweet whore. You know I wanted you to be mine. I couldn't stand that you were with my friend, my Captain. And you came on to me with your big fucking tits, and yer wagging ass... telling me that if only I had the guts, you'd be mine!"

Ire filled Jay's soul. She lunged at the Pirate, shoving her into the wall. "You LIAR!"

Shasa grabbed her by the throat, "LIAR?! You've got the gall to call ME a liar?" She screamed. "YOU lied! You told me you'd be mine! And you RAN!"

Jay reached back and smacked the sailor as hard as she could. The sound bounced off the walls, but was no match for the screams to follow. "You fucking bitch!" Jayling screamed. "I don't believe it! You couldn't beat Klancy! Look at you!"

Shasa stared wide-eyed at the blonde. An utter stillness washed over her, and she released her captive. She shook her head, and her voice quieted. "You left me laying there on the field of honor, cut to shreds by my best friend. Desire for you made me bury that knife in her back when she turned to walk away." Shasa looked at her with loathing. "And you fucking ran."

Jay stammered, "I wha– " Finally the reality of where she was – this alternate world – began sinking back in from the rage that blocked her senses. "You're despicable," she pushed the pirate away from her.

Shasa's jaw clenched and she raised her chin. "It doesn't matter what you think of me, Jay. You owe me. And yer gonna pay."


(Oisin) --

Oisin's head was hurting with all the screaming and hollering. These women obviously needed evening primrose to settle these oestrogen surges.

She looked across at her rescuer to see the strange young woman's nerves were as frayed as her own. Decision made she approached and gripped the young ones arm leading her firmly away.

"You're coming with me to the kitchens. You're barely hanging together...look at you, you're all weak and famished. Here," Oisin reached into her pocket and withdrew her zucchini, "munch on this."

She glared at the astounded look in Amethyst's eyes...

"What?" she barked, " did you think I was glad to see you?"


(Amethyst) --

Stuttering all over herself as she took the offered zucchini and tried for a sentence or at least a few words, "I-I-I, I don't, I mean.." Amethyst's stuttering stopped as she found herself tripping over the hem of her long gown. She cursed softly, but kept her balance just because the odd warrior had her arm so tightly.

The trip had brought her closer to the warrior, than she needed to be with the hunger riding her this way. There the soft pulse at the warrior's neck was in perfect view, as she was a bit taller. This was bad, very bad.

Amethyst licked her suddenly dry lips. She had to look away and focus on something, the zucchini, yeah, no...she quickly hid the item in a nearby plant as she continued to be drug to the kitchens. This was a new place for her, as she had no prior reason to enter them.

"Oisin, please, I...I can't, I mean, there is no way I...shit." She muttered.


Continued in -- Parts 45 thru ... Warning, Dungeon within

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