Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents


Wandering in the Void
Parts 45 thru (50)...

by the Kindred Lodgers
Sept 2nd~5th, 2007

(Warning -- Dungeon scenes within. Written with the full consent of both parties, of course)


(Shasa & Jay) --

Shasa's jaw clenched and she raised her chin. "It doesn't matter what you think of me, Jay. You owe me. And yer gonna pay."

Jay’s chest heaved as she tried to calm her swirling emotions. She couldn’t believe how insane this world was; the actions of her counterpart in this realm had actually gotten Klancy killed! If the Jay of this reality was that evil, what had this Klancy been like?

"I don't owe you squat, Shasa." Turning her back, Jay headed towards the dust-strewn table. She needed time to think, to reach into the harlot Dj's mind enough to escape, but time was not on her side. She’d have to make her best guess.

"You... you KNEW the horrible way the Captain treated me! For years you let it go on, and never did a fucking thing about it. Is it no wonder I lost respect for you and ran?" Jay closed her eyes, sending a silent prayer of 'sorry' to her Courtly friend.

Grasping for straws, hoping she guessed right, the historian continued, "I--I loved you, Shasa! For years my heart ached for you -- wanting you, needing you -- but did you ever stand up to her and stop the whippings and fuckings? No! I couldn’t bear it! I had to run."

Jay's mind was spinning, her fingers swirling designs in the dust. "But running didn't help. You were constantly with me in my thoughts, Shasa. I hated you but loved you. I had to sort out my feelings – and I finally did. That's why I came back home.” She made sure her tone was soft and warm as she turned around. “Don't you understand?"

When her eyes met Shasa’s, she knew her guess had been wrong.

(Shasa & Jay) --

"You have lost your mind, haven't you?" Shasa asked. It wasn't an accusation, but more of an intrigue… like she was examining a bug that had lost its wings. A smile crept over her face, and she cocked her head. "You've changed everything around in that little ole head of yours."

Shasa pulled off her vest, and let it drop to the floor. "Is it `cuz you just couldn't face the fact that you had me kill a good woman like the Captain, cuz you needed a good whipping?" Shasa smirked as Jay's brows furrowed. "You watched all the women that left my chambers, and you wanted what they got from me. You wanted the fury, the rage – the wild things your beloved Klancy couldn't give you – you needed your ass reamed, your back striped, and the blood to flow!"

DJ unknowingly shook her head `no' and Shasa took another step forward. "My captain was my best friend. I loved Klancy. She was a good leader, a great fighter, and a damn fine woman. The most honorable friend anyone could ever have. But she was a teddy bear as a lover, and you needed darkness. You wanted my darkness."

Jay's eyebrows rose and her eyes widened at the concept that any Klancy could be described as a 'teddy bear lover'.

Another step forward and an unconscious one back. "You begged me to give you what she couldn't; to free you from your lover, and become my slave. To take the Captain out of the picture, and claim you." Shasa smirked as she watched the horror crossing the blonde's face. "And for some insane reason, I listened. I challenged the best warrior in the region to combat, for the right to claim you."

Shasa's shirt fell open, and Jayling couldn't help but look. Her eyes widened at the gruesome scars that ran across her torso. Shasa began to unbutton her breeches, as she continued her slow and careful speech.

"Klancy fought fairly and bested me after barely breaking a sweat. Then she carved me up for dinner – she had no choice. It's the Pirate Code, after all. She left me alive, though…" Shasa eyes became distant and her voice softened slightly. "She couldn't kill me, Jay – though I've seen her kill many a foe. And as she turned to walk away, I did what she couldn't. I buried a knife in her back."

Tears ran down Jay's face, and she closed her eyes to block out the vision of Klancy's death. Shasa's pants fell to the floor. "Open your eyes, bitch, and look at what you cost me." Jay looked and winced at the deep gash running across Shasa's once shapely hip and down her thigh. No healer could have saved the muscle that once was there.

Shasa limped the final step remaining between them, and waited until she had Jay's eyes meeting her own. She let the cold hatred for the bitch settle again into her soul, and made sure Jay saw it. "You ran, my slut, cuz I lay broken in the dirt. You ran cuz you thought I was no good to you anymore – those dreams you had of me fuckin you and beating you seemed impossible then." Shasa sneered, "Love was the last thing you felt for me, you little cunt."

"But guess what, Jay? It's yer lucky day. Cuz I don't want yer love, and I don't want your pity. All I need," Shasa nearly spit with venom, "is to make you scream."

(Shasa & Jay) --

Jay opened her eyes and was hit with a blinding pain in her head. It took a moment to focus, and then she knew she'd been abducted. She was no longer in her private quarters, but in a darker place. It smelled of sweat and booze… and the metallic tang of blood. She looked around, saw the implements of pain hung on the wall, and then, she finally noticed that she was the centerpiece of the room.

Her arms were shackled and chained above her head, her legs spread and similarly chained to the floor. Her clothing had disappeared entirely. And Shasa sat in the only chair in the room.

In the shadows, the scar along the pirate's cheek made it look as if she was smiling. But there was no smile; a cold and devious bastard studied her. Jay could feel the icy fingers of fear running up her spine, and she tamped it down by focusing on the only tool she trusted to save her – her intelligence.

Shasa stood silently, limped to the wall, and removed something, then turned and approached. She was eerily silent as she returned to the perimeter of light; remaining just within the dark, she circled her victim.

Cunning, logic, reasoning, calculation… these would save her – they must! And she had a very small window of opportunity to try. "Shasa, the woman you remember, that vile bitch who fills your soul with such bitterness and hate -- it's not me."

Shasa stepped out of the shadows and began a slow approach. She carried a wicked looking cat, easily two feet of tail, and a predatory smile.

Jayling continued with slightly more emphasis. "I'm not that woman – and never have been! Don't you see by now with all my mistakes? It's not that I've gone daft and forgot – it's just not my past!"

Shasa moved behind her, and Jay failed to keep her in sight. Her fear and adrenaline spiked as she insisted, "I'm not her!"

(Shasa & Jay) --

(Warning -- Dungeon piece begins. Please leave now if whipping & forced sex are not your cup of tea. Written with the full consent of both parties)

Shasa laughed. Not the light melodious sound that Jay remembered, but a purely evil sound. Shasa remained out of her field of vision, and began to touch her prize. Surprisingly strong hands ran across the historian’s back, and the blonde strained against her chains to pull away.

“You can pretend whatever you need to get through this, my slave; we know the truth.” The pirate lowered her hands to a round ass, pausing to knead the flesh, to feel the perfection of the globes. “If you need to believe you are not responsible for the horrors of this land, believe what you must.”

“I’m not her!” the bitch urgently maintained.

Shasa’s topless body pressed up against hers; leather breeches pushing hard to let her feel the cock that was safely tucked inside. Long fingers snaked around to pinch nipples, while hot breath assaulted a long neck.

“I’m not her!” Jay groaned, her voice betraying her desire.

Shasa chuckled, “You brought the Day of the Dark, little Jay. And my hatred for you has made me what I am now. It’s almost gonna be like fucking my creator.”

“Quit touching me, you bastard!” she shrieked.

“Very well,” Shasa murmured, “but when you’ve had enough of the pain – and I can’t wait to hear you scream my slut – you’ll beg me to stop and fuck you.” The pirate stepped away.

"I'll not scream for you, Shasa, and I’ll never beg you for anything! Fuck off! Just whip me and get it over with, you drunken sot!"

Five braided tails of two foot long goatskin, whistled through the air, and snapped like a cannon. Each produced a sharp bite – some marking the skin, others slicing it. Jay’s eyes closed tight as her mouth hung open, gasping through the painful explosion, determined not to scream. But again and again the blows mercilessly reigned down on her, and she began to lose the fight.

(Shasa & Jay) --

(Warning -- Dungeon scene within. Written with the full consent of both parties)

The blows stopped; both women heaved from exertion, liberally coated with sweat. Fast and accurate strikes made for a colorful backside; dark red stripes mixed with raised welts, but the thin strips of blood drew the eye immediately. Jay had clenched her teeth and managed to keep her cries behind closed lips, but her sweat now stung the open flesh.

Shasa took a swig from a bottle, and shook the hair from her eyes. She limped in front of her squirming victim, and lifted Jay’s chin. “Look at me.” Hazel eyes opened, and Shasa still saw obstinacy. “You will scream for me, and then beg me to fuck you.” Shasa nodded with certainty. “There is no other way out of this, my slave. Accept your fate and minimize your pain.”

“Go fuck yourself, Shasa.” Jayling spat through gritted teeth.

The pirate lifted her drinking arm and settled her forearm casually on the blonde’s shoulder. “Wrong answer.” She sneered and turned her wrist, dumping half the bottle of whisky onto the fresh wounds.

An involuntary scream accompanied the violent lurching of her naked body as alcohol turned Jayling’s posterior to flame. Writhing in agony, she sobbed uncontrollably. Shasa simply waited her out. As her sobs abated, the wench shrieked, “GO FUCK YOURSELF!”

Stepping up behind her bitch, the pirate bent slightly and ran her fingers through very wet vaginal lips; she stroked her slut again and again, until she felt the unwilling snap of hips. The pirate moved in front of her immobile plaything, and dangled the evidence of her arousal before licking each of her soaked fingers clean. Shasa smirked, “You will beg me to fuck you.”

Not waiting for the defiance she was sure was forthcoming; Shasa stepped back and began to whip Jay’s breasts, her belly, and her cream-coated thighs with renewed vigor. After 20 lashes on the swaying body, Shasa briefly stopped again; it was becoming increasingly difficult to control her lust.

“BEG ME!” she demanded, but the insolent bitch refused, and instead, spat upon her captor. Shasa lost what little control she had, and punched Jay in the face. “YOU BITCH! You Will Beg Me!” Shasa commanded. But she didn’t wait to see if it would actually happen.

The irate pirate punched the smaller woman in the gut, and as she struggled to recover, Shasa released the ceiling chains. They fell to the floor, and were quickly secured to the ankle chain. Jayling was nicely bent over and spread.

“If you won’t beg me, you cunt, we’ll start in the less desirable location.” Shasa growled and pulled out her dick. “And unless you want it forced up your ass dry, you’d best put some spit on it.” Shasa grabbed a handful of hair and shoved eight inches of cock down an already gasping throat.

(Shasa & Jay) --

(Warning -- Dungeon scene within. Written with the full consent of both parties)

Shasa held tightly onto her slave’s head, forcing her to work through the gagging, and reveling in the fight for freedom. Finally relenting, she pulled back to enjoy the desperate intake of breath. Jay coughed and sputtered, struggling hard to breathe normally again, but before she could do so, she found herself once again unable to breathe around the thick shaft. Three times her throat was taken, and by the end, her spittle was nearly dripping off the cock.

“Good girl,” Shasa praised as she flung the bitch’s head aside and moved to her destination. The pirate roughly spread the beautifully rounded ass cheeks, making sure to dig into her cuts and rub the welts.

”You fucking bitch!” Jayling gasped – a weak protest from a sore throat. But she was silenced by the threat that now pressed lightly on her tight hole.

Shasa took hold of shapely hips, and with one hard pull and thrust, she rammed herself fully inside the wench and gloried in the scream that followed. The drunken sailor didn’t allow her time to adjust, but began fucking her hard. Pulling all the way out, then slamming home again; mercilessly stuffing her ass, praying she’d rip her, wanting to hurt her as badly as possible. The girl trying to stifle her pain, each time she’s impaled.

“Stop it Shasa!” Jay finally cried. “Please god, no more!”

Shasa’s low laughter tickled her back. The cock stilled. “Do you have something to say now?” The historian felt probing fingers return to her wet slit, slide across her folds, and still at the entrance to her throbbing cunt.

“Damn you,” Jay whispered as her body trembled with need. Shasa slid again across her heated center, and barely pressed into the seeking pussy.

“Beg me, slut.”

“G'dammit, fuck me Shasa. Please!”

“Not good enough, Jay.” Shasa husked. “Beg, don’t command.” Skilled fingers twirled at the edge of her desire. Hips bucked telling the truth of her need to be filled.

A groan of pleasure came from deep in her throat. “Gods, please, yes, please take me.”


Continued in -- Parts 51 thru ... Warning, Dungeon scenes scattered within

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