The Sistren of the Kindred Spirit Lodge

Our Salacious Submissives

and Witchy Wenches:

 Merryangel, award-winning video artist and singer of sensual stories

Raven, a demure and submissive young lass of recently departed virtue. A striking blonde female of short stature, and greatly fond of transparent or semi-transparent clothing. Usually in white, pink, blue, or yellow

Kristen, spirited damsel of great loyalty and shyness

Lodgers who explore the roles of both

Warrior and wench :

DiversityJay, Lodge Historian, Archivist, and Technical Wench

Lady Aria, Sister to all, luscious and lascivious lover to a highly select few, yet uniquely one of a kind

Shasa: salacious sailor whose title as Lodge Slut goes unchallenged. Quick-tempered, playful, seductive, sultry,
selective in her choice of playmates... but those she plays with are well-sated

Dagger, spirited damsel of great loyalty and charm

Jasper, loyal, luscious. A practicing wordsmith. Kin to Oisin, Jerre owns her heart

Lady Elsbeth, warm-hearted lover to those she desires and cares for. Keen
protector to those in danger. A darkness lurks inside her from events unknown to
all but her

Shenoka is a warrior and a wench who's innocent appearance belies a very dark
past. She has surrounded herself with walls that as of yet, only one has been
able to breach. She is loyal to the extreme and would fight, to the death,
for the women at the Lodge who she now claims as family.

Mercy - A lovely lady with many hidden skills who has come to the Lodge to
escape her past. Sweet and submissive... Except when she's not.

Amethyst -- A remanent general of a Bacchus's disbanded army, the bantam
Amethyst seeks the truth of her existence through friendship, lust, loyalty, and

Astral Projector -- apprentice wizard and sarky cow. She has traipsed across continents
in order to deliver a message to Oisin to go home and do some work.
Ignored she has now decided to take a holiday at the Lodge.

Bayne -- an assassin on the run from a dark haunted past, full of pain and a mistake she wants to forget.
She has the skills and attitude of a Warrior, but the heart and emotions she keeps carefully guarded are
most definitely that of a wench. If her height of 6'3 and intense gold eyes aren't enough to keep most at bay,
then her ability with any weapon usually is. She's intensely loyal to the few people she lets close,
but even they don't get to see what's behind the Warrior's mask.
A lover of the female form, she appreciates all women, but she just hasn't found someone she'd get on her knees for.

Dashing Dommes and Wicked Warriors:

Lady Alison, Butchest femme in the Lodge, talented wordsmith

Klancy7, the Courtly Butch.  Deeply desired by every woman who draws breath

Rider, a master trainer of horses. There is a Beast that lurks beneath Rider's charm

Oisin, a wandering Bard and exiled Warrior

Ravyn, a succubus bound to the mortal being of Raven. Not demure in the least, she seeks to enjoy the physical pleasures of everyone and anyone (or anything) that crosses her path. Prefers darker clothing. Such as Blood Red, dark red, or Black.

WarriorJudge, swift & definitive Judgement -- instruments of law always prepared. Constantly battling to achieve the illusive balance between the scales within -- A tall, hard, redheaded, red-blooded Stud.

Companion Animals of the Spirit Lodge:

Kirby Warrior Westie, Klancy7's sidekick

Bracken, Klancy7's scruffy mustang

Wind Walker, a white Arabian stallion that is Rider's main steed

equine mentor and companion to Oisin the Bard; an agonising payment for some huge karmic debt. Real name being ‘Prudence the Erudite.’

Jasper's faithful but sometimes ornery steed

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