Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Troll Mountain
Part 5 - ongoing

by Oisin, Jasper, Astral, Jayling, Lady Danie, Trisha & Amethyst
October 2007


(Jasper) --

In that moment she tries to calm, she senses that the Lady has stepped into the woods, but she can still hear her pulse. "Naked one, we're being watched, lets put on a good show, eh?"

"A good show?" Jasper was just about at her wits end with this one, other than to worry about where her next meal was going to come from what was the bacchae good for? Jasper let these musings run through her mind for just a moment.

"I was hoping to get a good meal and then maybe have a little fun" Jasper hissed at the woman who had literally made herself a thorn in Jasper's backside. "So you never answered my question, what is it exactly you want from me?"

Jasper was trying very hard to keep her cool around the little blood sucker. It wouldn't do for the Warrior to come back and sense her anger towards the one who was supposed to be her cousin. Clasping her hands behind her back, to keep from snatching the grin off the woman's face. Jasper waited for her answer.


(Trisha) --
Back at the hot springs...

Trisha sighed, getting out of the water at the hot springs and shaking herself off like a rather large dog. She approached Oisin, and laid her head on the back of her shoulder. "Easy Oisin. I think you look better without."

She smiled at the warrior, and laid a hand on her face. She gulped, then looked over the warrior. Oisin looked at her and smiled. Trisha gathered her courage, then stepped close to give the Bard a soft kiss.

She deepened it, then let it break. "Oisin. May I...May i touch you?"

The bard nodded and Trisha began to gently explore her, taking her time leading her to the hotsprings. She caressed softly every where, her touches growing more sure as she felt the woman begin to respond.


(Oisin) --

Oisin allowed herself to be mollified over the unexpected loss of her newly washed clothes by the caress of warm eyes and the press of warm breasts against her upper arm.

What could a little delay in thrashing through the under brush looking of the perpetrator cost her?

She relaxed and let all the stress and nastiness of her day simply fade away as Trisha led her back into the warm delights of the pool. Reaching down she allowed her lips to be caught in a soft magical kiss, cautiously she let it deepen until their tongues rolled and the air was filled with delicious moans.

Effortlessly lifting the smaller woman up to straddle her waist, she allowed her lips to trail down to beautiful breasts and pulled a pert nipple into her mouth nuzzling with small nips and licks. Torturing it until it pouted even more in her mouth. Moving to the other the rock hard tip pressing onto her tongue, she suckled until small gasps and cries from above together with the undulating wetness across her belly told her Trisha wanted more.


(Trisha) --

Trisha slid soft hands into Oisin's hair holding her close for a moment before stroking her back, then sliding a hand around to caress the soft breasts, wanting to give too. She dipped to kiss them sucking the nipples softly then nibbling lightly.

She felt Oisin steal further down her body and pressed close feeling her stroking lower, making Trisha want her more with her every touch. Trisha made those constant mewling sounds that signaled her need to touch and be touched, to be wanted to a lover.

She felt Oisin finally slip between her legs and shuddered with her need. "Oisin. Please....Empty skies, don't stop."

Oisin smiled at her, and then shuddered as trisha got bold, ducking her head to take a nipple into her mouth again and sliding hand between Oisin's legs to give her need a long stroke.


(Astral) --
Back to the skulkers...

Astral was getting bored lying in the brush watching the stupid cousins play some mind numbing game on the strange new Warrior. If it were not for the forceful presence of this new visitor to Kindred country she would have zapped this pair into mince long ago.

Now here she was crouching in the scratchy brush, horny, half naked...half because the little trollop beside her was wearing part of Astral's ripped up robe. She scowled and watched the Historian's delightful profile as she avidly watched all that went on in the Warrior's camp. Astral sighed,

"Well, Hawkeye, what can you see? Any idea who our guest is?"

"No, never seen her before, but I think her saddle bags may be monogrammed, I think it reads...," she squinted, "Ladie something, yes, definitely Ladie..."

Another heavy sigh from the wizard, this was all useless boring information. Her clit was twitching, her tits were swollen, her belly hurt...she looked over at Jayling, still glued to the camp circle...and it was all this tarts fault.

Reaching out, she snaked her hand into the rag of a cloak that barely covered the Historian, and cruelly twisted a puckered, rubbery nipple.

Jayling whelped and grabbed her aching tit tip, turning hurt and tear-filled eyes that shone with growing anger at the wizard. Astral grinned ferally and leapt, sinking her teeth into the others shoulder, both hands moving to grab the smooth creamy ass and dig her nails in tight.


(Jayling) --

The surprise pounce caught the historian off-guard; momentum carrying both to the ground as they landed with a dull thud. Jay yelped yet again from the stinging of her shoulder to that of her ass.

"What the fuck are you doing! Are you insane! There's a stra--"

"Shut the fuck up," Astral growled into her ear. "It's your whorish fault for getting me into this state in the first place." Her nails dug in tighter into the soft flesh of the prone girl.

With Astral's aching clit throbbing with need, she ground her cunt onto Jay's thigh. Groaning at the contact, she scrubbed up and down, coating the leg with a gusher of sex-juices. Abruptly she rolled the historian over.

The stunned girl sputtered an incensed tirade at the lunatic on top of her. "Use your bloody head! We can't do --"

Stabbing two fingers into the historian's center; her mouth immediately descended upon parted lips silencing any further outburst. Palming the captured cunt, her thumb pressed hard against Jay's clit as her long digits pushed in deeper; a third finger stretched further down where it now rested at the wench's puckered portal.

"I said hush." Jerking her hand sternly, she quickly got her point across.




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