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Troll Mountain
Part 4 - ongoing

by Oisin, Jasper, Astral, Jayling, Lady Danie, Trisha & Amethyst
October 2007


(Jasper) --

Walking over Jasper scooped up her staff before stomping off towards the slow flowing river just beyond the tree line. She stopped dead in her tracks as the Warrior's words echoed in her mind.

An evil smile crawled onto her lips as she realized that it wasn't the fact that she smelled, or better yet it was more what she smelled liked, that put the smirk on her face.

Setting the large towel on a rock that was situated directly in the suns light she propped the staff against the same boulder. Jasper quickly stripped off Jayling's clothes. Looking around to make sure she was alone Jasper wrapped the bar soap into the shirt so as not to lose it grabbing her breeches she made her way into the icy water.

Bracing herself she clamped her mouth tightly shut cutting off the scream that tried forcing it's way past her lips as her body first came in contact with cold chill she was expected to bath in. "Son of a bacchae that's cold" she hissed all the while she wondered why she had allowed the Warrior to make her bath in the first place.

Cursing and cussing all Warriors Jasper made quick work of bathing; her skin pebbled and her poor nubs were so hard that she was sure if they were rubbed to hard they would simply snap off.

By the time she was finished with herself and the clothes she was so cold that her entire body shivered making her unable to even wring out her soggy clothes. Picking up the large towel she laid out her wet clothes on top of the rock willing them to dry.

Rubbing herself briskly removing the icy drops from her chilled skin she was convinced that the blood in her body would never thaw, hell even her bones were cold. Thanking every goddess that she could name she was eternally grateful that her hair was short as it soon started drying in the glow of the sun.

Hanging the towel over a low tree branch so it could also dry Jasper sat on a small rock and pulled on her boots. Trying to keep the evil smirk off her face she made her way back to the Warrior's camp and a well earned meal.

Stepping onto the circle of the stranger's camp in nothing but her boots Jasper had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing out loud at the look on the Warrior's face.

"Ok I'm clean so what's for dinner? Cause I have to tell ya I'm starved.


(Amethyst) --

The bacchae had followed these crazy women, just in case one of them were to get into serious trouble. She lurked through the shadows keeping a watchful eye and couldn't help but notice a naked Oisin and Trisha heading toward the hot springs. Their clothes laid out over the sturdy branch of a tree.

Amethyst walked up to the clothes and smiled as devilish thoughts filled her head. She looked at her own clothes and looked up to them. Her corset and skin tight leather pants would look just delicious on dear Oisin. With that she took the butches clothes, leaving her own.

She cackled maniacally as she flew off toward Lady Danie's camp. The laugh echoed over the springs and caught Oisin's and Trisha's attention.

Softly Amethyst landed outside the ring of Lady Danie's camp. She took the tip of her sword and made a few scrapes and scratches over her arms and middle. Then adding a little dirt to top it all off, she stumbled into the campsite, groaning as though she were in pain.

She would have to pull off this quickly or else she would heal. "Help, please." Her eyes met lady danie's. "I am Oisin Bard of Erin and I need help."

Amethyst collapsed on the ground.


(Lady Danie) --

Now, Lady Danie was looking from a freshly washed up Jayling (Jasper) with her nipples all perked up … `I knew those nipples would salute with that icy bath, but good gracious she looks nicer than I thought…' and the bleeding new woman who'd just wandered in and dropped…

`Gee, ain't I popular today?' She thought to herself as she took in the scene.

"Ok, well since you seem eager to display your assets… would you mind helping me with her? Take this water skin here and go fill it in the stream, we will need to clean her up and tend her wounds." Lady Danie said to Jayling (Jasper) without even stopping in her effort to lift the wounded woman in her arms and carry her to her bedroll.

`Ok, this is one too many coincidences if there was, I must be real close to my goal and unless I am mistaken these ladies must be from the "place" I am looking for…ummm… I smell a fish here but lets play and see what happens?' So Lady Danie went and made sure the meal was secure high above the fire so it wouldn't burn and returned to tend to the lady on her bedroll covered with blood.

Jasper was not a happy camper; once again her chance at that good meal and maybe some "action" had been interrupted…


(Jasper) --

Jasper was flabbergasted, she could not believe the nerve of that blood sucking night stalker to horn in on her good find. She stomped up to the wounded woman and hissed "what are you doing here?" Jasper fumed as she heard a low giggle coming from the cloaked figure that now occupied the Warrior's furs.

Not wanting the resident bacchae to give her away Jasper made her way back towards the fire and the waiting Warrior. "Will my cousin be alright?" The Warrior shuffled around a bit unsure as she really hadn't had a chance to examine the woman.

Seeing the worry in the Warrior's eyes Jasper tried to reassure her "don't worry she is capable of taking care of herself and she has amazing recuperating skills." The Warrior simply grunted a reply.

Thanking the gods the day was long and hoping Jerre would find her soon, Jasper launched into a getting to know you type of conversation "so what brings you to troll mountain? and were you planning to stay long?"

Jasper had no problems being nude but it seemed to throw the mighty Warrior off and that was just what she had hoped. Now confronted with a wounded Oisin she almost couldn't contain her glee at the Warrior's predicament.


(Astral) --

Astral rolled her fingertip around the slick nub, circling it, stroking it's base, but never actually directly touching DJ's pulsing clit.

Her tongue was doing similar things in the Historian's mouth. Rolling and tasting, sucking and moaning.

Their naked bodies rubbed along each other, frictionless with the sweat of their skin and the musk of their thighs.

Faster and faster they labored , frantic to fell each other's....

"Ssssh.." Astral suddenly broke the kiss, "Do you hear something?" she whispered in DJ's ear. Sure enough the Historian could...voices coming through the undergrowth heading towards them.

"Don't worry Trisha, I recognize that sound. It's probably mating hyenas...they grunt a lot, you know. Look, I'll cut off a big stick and go and scare them away, then we can swim...okay?"

"It's Oisin!" Astral was delighted that her quarry had found her. Typical of the Bard. Go hunt her down and she runs in circles 'til she's right behind you. Idiot!

Then she realized the predicament the Historian and herself were in, naked, horny, rolling in mud!! This would never do. If Oisin saw her like this she would never hear the end of it. There'd be a bawdy Limerick about it in half the towns taverns by supper time.

"Quick, nip behind these rocks and we'll spy on her. See where that other nitwit of a cousin went."

It was hard to persuade the disgruntled, ant-climaxed, well horned up DJ to comply, but eventually they were watching out for the Bard from the bushes.

"Where'd she go?" huffed DJ, pulling part of the Wizard's torn robe on "I can't see her. I can hear splashing in the water though."

Just then they saw the Bard pass by a few feet from their hiding place, sniggering to herself she proceeded alone, back up Troll Mountain.

"Right, let's follow her. I think she's headed for that wisp of smoke. Probably Jasper's camp fire."

Bent low, both wizard and Historian followed the Bard through the brush on her ascent. Not hearing the bereft cry from the waterhole they had just vacated...

"My clothes? My beautiful chinchilla breeches and Peacock sequined shirt! Someone's nicked them!! They'll rue the day they crossed Oisin Warrior Bard of Erin, they will!"


(Jayling) --

It wasn't long before the two flustered women set out after the bard. They headed in the direction of the smoke over in the distance. Talking in hushed tones:




"What? I don't hear anything."

"Exactly. Since when did you ever know Oisin to be so light in her steps and have no wretched off-key whistling piercing through those lips? And how'd she get so far ahead of us? I can't even see her..."

Not having an answer, both women shrugged their shoulders. Proceeding on cautiously they neared the camp.

Sniffing the air, "gods, it smells like someone pissed their britches."

"shhh! Look."

Standing in the darkened shadows right outside the encampment was the Bard of Erin. The two trackers watched in amazement as the woman drew her sword and began slicing her arms and stomach.

"What the fuck!" DJ hissed.

Astral's grey orbs widened. "I knew the bugger was batty but this takes the bloody cake."

Turning left through the trees next to her, the Warrior stumbled forward into the clearing. Inching closer, the magician and historian knelt behind some scraggly bushes to spy on the group. Astral had her dagger unsheathed and gripped tightly in her hands. DJ snatched a dead large branch from the dewy ground.

As much as the Sorceress detested the Bard, appearances would lead one to think she was actually a friend, ready to protect and rescue at the first cue.

Breathlessly they peered through the thin cover of foliage. In the clearing next to the fire, a broad-shouldered muscular stranger was kneeling over the prone Oisin, with a very naked Jasper standing beside them. The short blonde's arms were in animation seemingly trying to keep up with some fast moving lips.

"What the hades kind of trouble did that squirt get into now," DJ shook her head, but her fingers tightened around the stick. "Friend or foe ya think?"

Astral glared at the historian at the mention of 'friend', then slightly softened as her eyes quickly roved over the scarcely-clad woman next to her. Visions of 'what to come' flashed through her mind before returning her gaze towards the campfire.

"shush, just watch and be prepared to run in at my signal."


(Lady Danie) --

Jasper had no problems being nude but it seemed to throw the mighty Warrior off and that was just what she had hoped…

Lady Danie was getting a bit exasperated at the situation. `Ok, so I am only human, goddess this woman is gorgeous… and it is getting hot around here but then there is this new mystery, she says she is her cousin… ummm… unless they are very far cousins I see no family traits and this "Oisin" is just barely hurt… from what I see there is lies in their hearts and those marks seem superfluous or self-inflicted. Aargghhh, this is making me uncomfortable… a game seem afoot here but at the same time, I could have spent a meal with a decidedly eye candy lady… but now this is getting out of hand' Lady Danie's mind was working at warp speed to process all this but still…

"OK, Jayling (Jasper) ye may take care of your "cousin" but I can't feed you all unless…"

"Oh… where are my manners, with all this… My name is Lady Danie, Knight of the kingdom of King Eldras of Britannia but ye may call me Lady Danie." She was gonna offer her arm to Jayling (Jasper) but then realized that the move may be seen as something else since said lady was naked but for her boots… `If I look at that pussy and those scintillating breasts too long I will do something I will regret… control Danie… control, you are not a beast so tell that body of yours to stand down, Now!' Now that she had talked herself into doing the honorable thing…

She took a step toward the woman on her bedroll "Lets remove her cape and clothing and clean her up… I will see what I can add to this meager meal to feed us all, while ye wash her up. There are bandages in that saddlebag by the head of the bedroll…"

Stepping away to go hunt some berries or another rabbit, she stopped in her tracks and said, "Where is the clothing ye had on and the towel I lent you??? She may like to be covered after ye clean her up. Ummm… unless she is like you and likes to display her… assets."

Then she walked away to go in search of more food while shaking her head at the situation and looking back at her camp were Sitka was still on that boulder, Patches was just munching on some herbs and 2 women by her bedroll… `I'd rather be in it… give it up Warrior ye are an honorable woman, just calm that libido for now, and concentrate at the task at hand…'


(Amethyst) --

As soon as the woman stepped away, Amethyst (Oisin) became conveniently awake for Jasper (Jayling). In a very low whisper, while laying back on the bedroll with a cheshire cat grin.

"Yes, naked...who were you again, oh yeah, Jayling." She snickered softly at Jasper.

"Would you really think I'd let you get by with that and not have some fun with it first?....Oh and by the way, do you like the clothes? I think that once Oisin finds me I'm going to have to convince her you somehow managed this too."

She heard a rustle and threw herself back into being sickly, but when the new lady did not come she looked back to a very pissed Jasper. Who had gathered the things to tend her wounds.

"Go on with it, lets cover these up before I heal, so I don't give us both away." The grin was permanent on her face now, but it turned a bit naughty as she looked over the naked warrior.

The bacchae licked her lips, "You are quite a woman, Jasp -Jayling. Don't worry I won't get too much in your way with the new one."


(Lady Danie) --

Meanwhile, Sitka was looking at what the ladies in the camp where doing. Who would be bothered, by what a white cat, just lying on a boulder, could possibly do after all? Their mistake...

When he saw the one, which his Mistress had put in her bedroll, move some, and speak and smile to the other lady devoid of covering he sent a mental image to Lady Danie.

Lady Danie was not buying this too convenient cousin and the fact that Jayling (Jasper) had been way too relaxed to see her "cousin" hurt… And now, Sitka just showed her that the one that called herself Oisin was in fact awake and smiling….ummm… `Lets see what those two are trying to do?'

Lady Danie circled around and found a nice huge tree to conceal herself and observe the going-ons in her camp. `Now, I can find out what they want and still get… look at the eye candy… goddess tell me I will get to this "place" soon or I will not be so honorable for too long….aarrgghhh.'


(Jasper) --

The bacchae licked her lips, "You are quite a woman, Jasp -Jayling. Don't worry I won't get too much in your way with the new one."

Jasper was furious with the little fanged she devil, growling low in her throat as she went about the job of bandaging the now healing wounds. This damn bacchae always seemed to wedge herself into Jasper's plans.

'Why was she always trying to blackmail her? What did the fanged one want from her?' Jasper let this fleeting thought drift from her mind as another took over.

Here she was once again trying to foul up her perfect plan to trick this gorgeous Warrior. Glaring at her tormentor, Jasper pictured the robed being ripped from Amethyst's body turning her into dust that could be ground beneath Jasper's feet.

Smiling now from the mental picture Jasper cleared her throat, "Do you honestly think that Oisin would actually believe I would steal her clothes and give them to you?"

She glanced around making sure the Warrior wasn't on her way back. Turning once more to Amethyst, Jasper smirked, "And where are your own clothes by the way?"


(Ame) --

"Perhaps not, but...we'll she what I can come up with." She watched Jasper gnash her teeth, knowing that Jasper would rather hurt her than help her at this moment.

"As far as the clothes goes, well, mine.....the corset and tight leathers, I left them for Oisin. Don't you think that the stud will look just lovely in my duds?" Amethyst nearly cackles with laughter, but covers it with a cough.

In that moment she tries to calm, she senses that the Lady has stepped into the woods, but she can still hear her pulse. "Naked one, we're being watched, lets put on a good show, eh?"


(Sitka) --

`Ok, so I might just be the cat here but does anyone care that I am STARVING…' Sitka thinks while lifting his head and looking around.

"Meowww…" He says, but of course these ladies won't care and his Mistress is otherwise engaged at the moment.

`Now there is a nice smelling rabbit all ready to eat… but SHE was to be busy to give me some and now she spies on them… they are weird these humans… lets see… getting to my goal would mean… getting my fur dirty or singed… omphh… and Mistress would be mad at me… last time she collared me for a week… ummmm…. nah… I'll just wait, too much trouble for a few quick bites.' And so Sitka put his head back on his paws and continues to observe those `weird humans'.


Continued in Part 5 - Troll Mountain!

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