Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Troll Mountain
Part 3 - ongoing

by Oisin, Jasper, Astral, Jayling, Lady Danie, & Trisha
October 2007


(Jayling) --

"Quit yer bitchin' Slut and tell me how much your tits are lovin' this! Beg me to bite and slap'em, suck 'em blue. Remember whatever your tits get your clit gets be careful what you wish for..."

DJ was beside herself with lust, 'oh gods!' she screamed in her mind, 'how the fuck did this snarky bitch know which verbal buttons to push!'

"Damn you, Mystic!" The wench's voice was raw with need. "Fucking whip them, suck them, torture them, do whatever ya want - I don't care!" She rambled her pleas. "Just hurry your ass up and fuck me before I go insane!" Jay strained her hips upward but the spiteful wizard refused the pleasure of contact.

"You're a sassy demanding whore, aren't you, lit'l bitch?" Astral pinned the historian's wrists to the ground. Steely-grey eyes glared down into wanton hazels. "That uppity tone has chafed my ears since we first left your pissant shanty." Astral ground her own wet pussy onto Jayling's stomach coating it with the musky essence; her breasts bobbing above the blonde's face. "Didn't those bumpkin wanna-be Dommes ever teach you respect?"

The wench grimaced and groaned at the same time. She detested the thought of begging or submitting to this prissy Erinlander. That woman got under her skin. She found her irritating, though intriguing -- intoxicating. Caustic but yet refreshing. And she hated to admit it, but gods this woman enflamed her! She had lusted after her since the first moment their eyes met. aargh!

Trying to calm her uneven breathing, DJ's eyes closed. Slowly opening them, her hazels took on a softer look. "My apologies, Mystic." Exhaling long and slow. In a soft low voice she implored, "Please, oh please, batter my tits. Abuse them. Beat them. Suck them. Tongue them. Whatever you..." she could barely continue.

Her face flushed, body trembling, "ooh yes, I do love your Dommey side. My tits love it. My cunt does. I crave your ravaging touch!" The historian then whimpered, "Please..."


(Astral) --

Each word went straight to Astral's throbbing pussy like a heat seeking missile and exploded in a random pepper formation. Her clit became so engorged it hurt, even the simple brush of her own cunt hair was almost enough to pop her off, never mind grazing across the Historian's soft, subtle belly flesh.

Astral was dazed and in a full blown lust haze...I have a Dommey side?... The words drifted in an out of her head. Astral didn't know or care what side she had, all she knew was that since arriving at the gods forsaken Lodge she had been slowly corrupted beyond all measure...and gods did it feel good!

Looking down at the beautiful blond wench below her Astral began to grind her soaking folds as hard as she could knowing she would never really reach climax this way but delighting in watching the beautiful mouth below her pout and mewl just inches from her own tits.

Leaning in she casually grazed a frosty tip around the Historian's lips, snatching away before the greedy wench could claim it. Astral had no doubt that the bitch would bite twice as hard as she had given the chance.

Flushed and now self tortured Astral decided she'd had enough teasing of the wench. She reared but astride her, cool grey eyes regarded two heaving breasts bobbing below. Without warning she delivered a stinging slap to the side of one. The wench squealed and the tit wobbled beautifully on her chest. The nipple puckered up tight and angry, and everso tasty. Astral liked the look, she slapped the other, again DJ cussed as her tit bounced under the resounding smack.

For several minutes Astral was content to land flat palmed slaps across the wench's rack until both tits glowed pink and alluring. heaving with the effort and thoroughly excited the Wizard took a break.

Both hands either side of the Historian's head, her own tits dangling in the flushed face Astral gazed down into dazed, lust filled eyes.

"Beg me...beg me to fuck your streaming cunt...Play with my tits, make me want to fuck you 'til you scream..."


(Oisin) --

"She heard a rustle that scared off the deer she was tracking and whirled to find a scared Oisin.
Irritation got the better of her and she roared and pounced on the frightened bard."

Oisin had not been having fun. Ever since her stupid cousin had blended so perfectly into the background with that camouflage kit of a dress, abandoning her, the poor lonely Bard had been stumbling and slipping down the treacherous slopes of Troll Mountain on her way back to the Lodge for her inhaler.

After last night's heavy rainfall the ground was wet and dangerous, and Oisin had managed to liberally cover herself in mud. Her mood was even muddier...

Stupid cousin, stupid mountain, stupid rain, stupid panther, stupid bushes, and mud, and stones, and...panther??

It was the final icing on a very flat, badly baked cake to wander into a clearing and find a hungry panther snarling at her.

The cherry was when it pounced...

Now Oisin found pinned spread-eagled to the ground gazing up into the salivating jaws of a great black carnivore.

Oh, she mewled to herself, where's the mighty hero Zorroisin when you need her?...oh wait, that's me... Dammit!!

A rumbling growl from above made her blood run cold,

So this is it? This is how the Oisin, Lauded Bard of Erin meets her fate? I always knew I'd die with a face full of pussy...


(Trisha) --

Seeing the terrified look on Oisin's face, Trisha decided to reassure her of who she was. She gave her a long lick on the cheek, and purred. She brushed her cheeks against the woman's face.

Oisin squeaked. Trisha sighed, then shifted on top of her. "O, it's me. Trisha. Shapeshifter?"

Oisin nodded. Trisha looked at her then smiled. "Though I did like you pretending to be scared of me. That's sweet." She kissed her gently, then blinked remembering she was nude.

She blinked down at her friend then, "Oisin? I didn't knock you into a puddle did I?"


(Oisin) --

Oisin blinked back.

"Peeing yourself is the butchly thing to do. It puts a predator off your trail...if you hang yer knickers on a branch and run like hell in the opposite direction."

She blinked again, "I was just going to do that next bit but you changed."

Struggling to sit up, she gathered the naked little wench in her arms.

"There's a hot spring nearby. Wanna help me clean up? Then we can go get some food together, Jasper says there's some very nice berry bushes near here...Jasper knows these things cos she's totally dependant on me out here. I catch all the rabbits and she gets the fruit and veg...that's the deal we have.."

Still chattering away she headed off in the direction of the pool, Trisha cuddled in her arms, nodding and smiling at the Bard's endless talk.


(Trisha) --

Trisha listened to Oisin talking quietly, nuzzling into her. She liked the bard. She was butchly and all that but there was a soft streak that drew her as well. Case in point, her being carried to the hot springs.

She nuzzled in listening to Oisin's heartbeat, for a moment forgetting the torn strip of cloth lying on her bed, forgetting everything but the way Oisin felt against her. She murmured, "Berries sound good. I like berries. And I think some of the leaves are edible." She hesitated, remembering faintly a certain lack of cooking ability on Oisin's part, then offered softly, "I can cook later if you wish. To thank you for pretending to be scared."


(Jayling) --

"Beg me...beg me to fuck your streaming cunt...Play with my tits, make me want to fuck you 'til you scream..."

"Damn you, Astral!  I'll only beg so much to the likes of your bitchy ass," Jay snarled. Her breathing grew more uneven as those beautiful breasts bobbed above her. Grabbing one succulent tit, both hands cupping the round firmness; fingers digging in, thumbs running circles, drawing it down into her waiting mouth.

Scrubbing her rough tongue over Astral's erect nipple, both women groaned at the contact. Several tongue lashes across and around, sucking in the tip, it was smothered in her greedy mouth. Cupping the bottom flesh with one hand now, squeezing none too gently as she drew it in deeper, her other moved over to the one swaying and neglected.

Engulfing the breast in her palm, long fingers began compressing and manipulating the creamy smooth skin; clenching and crushing, pushing and pressing. A single finger and thumb seized the sensitive nipple, twisting clockwise, cruelly pulling it downward -- loving the cursing she heard above her.

Jay's mouth never stopped its assault on the other captured nub; teeth raking over, biting and nipping, tongue flickering at quickened speeds.  Continuing to pinch, pull, and twist on one, while savagely abusing the other. The magician barely able to arch from this captive position, soaked the historian's belly with each jerking movement...


(Lady Danie) --

"Jasper screamed out her release as her body shook with the force of her orgasm…"

Lady Danie was sitting in her camp on Troll Mountain, when she heard a scream from not too far, but it didn't have any panic or fear in it that she could discern, she figured it might be someone calling to someone else.

She returned to continue to prepare her meal that was roasting on a spit over the fire… The scented aromas of a rabbit with fresh spices on it were traveling the surrounding woods. She was reflecting that she should just about be arriving at the object of her search. She had been on the road for a week or so now. She had had a vision and it had sent her on this quest to find this "place" inhabited by women only and that she would be able to answer many a personal questions by going there.

It had been about half a candle mark since she had heard the earlier cries. Lady Danie heard some rustling in the woods nearby and figured something must be hungry and following the scents to her camp. So she got up and took position behind a nearby tree and drawing her retractable staff got it to open fully by just the press of a button.

The rustling got closer and just as the sound came past the tree where Lady Danie was hiding, she saw this blonde woman slowly walking towards the rabbit roasting over the fire. Lady Danie took 2 quick steps and in no time had disarmed the woman and was holding her in a chokehold.

"What have we got here? A little thief, hmmmm…"

Taking a sniff while giving the woman a quick once over, Lady Danie detected a specific scent. `The scent of sex, that might explain the cries I heard earlier.' With a huge grin that the woman couldn't see, Lady Danie went ahead and played with her as if she hadn't figured that part yet…

"So my little thief, coming to steal a Warrior's hard earned meal, or are you looking for 'something else'?"

"Don't worry little one, I will not harm you." `Too much' she thought to herself and smiled inwardly.

"What is yer name?" asked Lady Danie while loosening the chokehold some so that the woman wouldn't escape but still would feel safe enough not to feel a need to fight back.



(Jasper) --

Jasper spluttered out the Historian's name without a second thought as she wondered just what this Warrior was planning on doing to her. Whatever it was she wasn't going out without some type of fight.

"I wasn't planning on stealing anything from you." Jasper said in her most innocent voice. She willing to do most anything to get on the good side of this woman that had such a wonderful smelling rabbit cooking just mere feet from where she was standing.

Running her hand up the well muscled thigh of the Warrior giving it a little squeeze "now you know I am no threat to one as big and strong as you, so why don't you let me go?" 'plus the fact that I haven't done anything to you' she left that part unsaid.

The Warrior thought about the request for a moment, deciding the woman was right, the Warrior let her captive go. Jasper straightened out her disheveled clothes as She sucked in a deep breath. With her first real look at the woman Jasper wiped her hand across her mouth (checking for drool) 'gods she's beautiful and so muscular'.

With a mischievous glint in her eye Jasper boldly strolled over to the fire, sitting herself directly in front of the succulent smelling food "so what brings you up to Troll Mountain? Or are you just Troll hunting?"


(Lady Danie) --

"Are you hungry little one?" Lady Danie asked while standing just above the bold intruder, arms crossed over her ample chest and smirking slightly, already knowing that answer too.

In the meantime, Sitka, her cat companion also woke to those delicious aromas… As he crawled out of his pouch, towards the unknown person sitting by his snack… He slowly sniffed her and took a few steps back to go lie down on a boulder a few feet away. Then mentally he sent a series of images to his Mistress, just basically letting her know this stranger needed a bath soon and he also knew what that smell on her was… So he sat looking at her with half closed eyelids and his front paws on his nose.

"Well I could eat some I suppose," said the one that called herself Jayling (Jasper), trying to sound nonchalant.

"Well my lovely one, if you want to share some of this already meager meal, I will require you to smell much better that you do now… Even Sitka walked away from you… the stream is just there and I suggest you wash those… clothes you are wearing."

"But I got nothing else to wear!" Jasper said sounding all indignant.

Bending and retrieving a bar of soap and a huge towel almost as big as a blanket from her saddlebag, Lady Danie handed it to the blond woman.

"There you go, those should… help some."

As the woman was making her way to the stream grumbling to herself… "I will show her smelly... Aarghh."

Sitka and Lady Danie exchange a mental imagery of the lovely lady in an icy bath… Lady Danie couldn't wait to see what looked like a lovely body, naked and it's reaction to the cold stream.

"I just bet those plump breasts perk right up…hehe…"


Continued in Part 4 - Troll Mountain!

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