Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Troll Mountain
Part 2 - ongoing

by Oisin, Jasper, Astral, Jayling & Trisha
October 2007


(Jasper) --

"Mmm, if we went back and I traded you to the Capt'n for pancakes...we could share???"

"Pancakes, pancakes!! I am naked with no boots once again and all you can think about is your belly?" Jasper was exasperated with her cousin once again.

"This is going to be just like that fishing trip isn't it? You with all the big plans and me doing all the work, making sure you have a dry place to lay your head and food in your belly."

Grabbing the snicked staff, that she had leaned against the side of the cave wall, Jasper paced restlessly around the small space they had claimed as their own.

She started to scratch as the thorns made themselves known as they lightly pricked her skin.

Frustrated cold and hungry "I'll be right back" she fiercely pointed the staff at her cousin "keep that fire going."

Making her way out of the cave Jasper noticed that the rain had all but stopped. She stealthily made her way around a rock interface coming face to whiskers with a rather large rabbit.

Instinct took over and she bopped the unsuspecting meal over the head. Proud of her kill she sung a lively tune as she made her way back to the cave.

Smirking at her dazed kin she threw the rabbit at Oisin "I killed it so you get to cook it, oh and try not to charcoal it would ya?" mumbling under her breath "like ya did that fish I caught."

Pulling out her dagger Oisin expertly skinned the plump rabbit wondering how she was going to keep from burning it.

"What are you thinking, ya trying ta figure how to make gloves of the skins?" Jasper snickered.


(Oisin) --

Oisin and Jasper both burst out of the fume filled mouth of the cave coughing and spluttering.

"Assling," wheezed Jasper through a soot covered face and tearing eyes, "I should never have let you cook!" She was fuming even more than the charcoaled rabbit, and danced from foot to foot in anger looking like a bush rattlin' in a storm.

"Ack..." Oisin couldn't even breathe her lungs were so tight. "Ack..."

"Don't you ack at me! I have to go out and find us another dinner. And this time it'll just be berries. I'm damned if I'm gonna find another rabbit for you to sacrifice!"

And with that she stomped off into the trees to begin her foraging.

"Ack...ack...actually I need to go back to the Lodge, I forgot my inhaler. I'll come right back..." O snuffled and sniffled in self pity.

Looking up she stilled...Jasper had completely disappeared! Oisin looked to the right of her...there were bushes. She looked to the left...more bushes. Straight ahead....all greenery. Her stupid cousin's ensemble of leaves blended right in. Oisin couldn't make her out at all.

"Jas?" she called tentatively, no need to draw them Trolls attention on a body, "Jas? Where are ya? Jas?" O was gettin' narked now.

Stoopid cousin! Dammit! Feckin' treehugger! Hidin' on me! Well I got no time for games...I'm off to get my inhaler, she can stuff her berries up her juicier!


(Astral) --

Astral luxuriated in the hot spring she had been so lucky to re-materialize beside. The soft mineral waters felt wonderful as they caressed her skin. Her generous breasts floating ever so slightly on the buoyant waters.

" civilized. So blissfully quiet..."

The blissful quiet was just that moment shattered by the stomping of what could only be described as huffy feet coming down the track to the little overhang where the pool nestled. Astral frowned, she felt relatively safe as she knew trolls were afraid of water...and usually they didn't slap their feet like bad-tempered, hissy fit, vile mannered wenches!!

No sooner had she guessed at her approaching company than DJ came storming around the outcrop coming to a skidding halt.

" little scumbag. Running off and abandoning me with that...that..."

"Don't ping yer panties!" Astral stood, water running in rivulets over the swell of her rounded full breasts. Dripping in succulent raindrops off her pouting nipples.

"I meant to take you with me but the spell failed...seems your mass was just too heavy." she smirked.

DJ rolled her sleeves up, "Right! I'll show you mass!!!"

About to plow into the welcoming waters after her quarry DJ realized sodden clothes in the cold night air on Troll Mountain was not a clever idea. Abandoning hers in a heap near Astral's she waded in waist deep, her eyes gleaming like demons.

From her stance in the middle of the pool Astral swallowed fearfully watching wenchy approach. Her powers were spent, she was not going to poof her way out of this confrontation. Oh crap!


(Jayling) --

Jay's naked torso parted the water as she waded in after Astral. "That's right, ya vanishing twerp, you better be wary of the wench's wrath." Gliding further in; the hapless magician swished back. "Weren't you ever taught never to abandon a fellow sister in a dangerous situation?" The aggravated wench fumed.

Astral's demeanor turned from one of fear to her usual arrogant, flippant air. "Get off your prissy horse, barmcake. You sorry lot of barnyard ruffians are more than capable of handling a minor nuisance like a measly troll dolt." Flicking dark strands of wet hair off her cheek. "Though I expected you back much sooner. Losing your intellectual prowess are you, dear?"

The historian's eyes flashed darts of disgust at this haughty self-serving creature. "Ruffian, eh? hmm, okay, sass-squid!" Lunging forward, the wench ungracefully dunked under the water, sprays shooting up and outwards. In 2 short strokes her arm wrapped around the leg of the vermin sorceress, pulling her down and under.

'glub glub'


Struggling beneath the waters prison, the women twisted, poked, and prodded each other, then began fighting their own need for oxygen. One not letting the other surface until survival kicked in. They both whished to the surface, breaking free, gulping in the crisp mountain air.

Wading back in towards shore:



"Fuck yourself."

"I have much better things to fuck, thank you, twunt."



(Jasper) --

Jasper fumed as she stomped around the nearby woods looking for anything that didn't have to be cooked that she could stuff her belly with. Wandering deeper into the wooded mountain, as luck would have it, she heard the faint sounds of water being splashed and girly voices.

Making her way towards the noise she could hear the two harlots splashing and playing in the warm water. Hiding behind some bushes she could have kissed the fates for giving her this golden opportunity.

She spied the womens discarded clothing thrown carelessly on the mountain floor close to small clump of trees. Stealthily she crept closer keeping one eye on the bathing duo.

Snatching Jayling's clothes off the limb she reached down and plucked her boots up off the mountain floor. Gleefully running back to the cave.

Entering the cave she saw that she was alone 'well I guess Oisin got tired of waiting,' she thought. Hoping her cuz would at least have some food when she found her. Ripping of the offending leaves, she put on Jayling's stolen clothes. As she put her feet into the boots she was happy to see that they were just about a perfect fit.

Stomping a few times to settle the boots and clothing, she was whistling a happy tune as she made her way out of the cave going in the opposite direction of the bathing wench in search of her missing cousin.


(Astral) --

Astral swished angrily to the shore, 'common cunt' splashed out after her.

She quickly dragged her robes over her flushed, naked body and ran her fingers through her soaking coal black hair trying to re-arrange the tresses so they fell straight. More than a little flustered at the water fight.

"Gods you're annoying," she hissed as her companion made it ashore too. "I was trying to keep my hair dry." She snapped over as Jay poked about under bushes and behind rocks and generally farted about instead of getting dressed.

"Hurry up you vacuous strumpet and throw on your whoring rags. We've got to keep moving. Gods know how far ahead those gormless idiots have managed to stumble."

Jay looked over with dismayed eyes.

"What is it," snapped Astral. "What's wrong now?"


(Jasper) --

Jasper's mood was lifting she had found some fat sweet berries to tide her over, She had on nice warm clothes a sturdy pair of boots.

Yes coming across those two bathing totally unaware of anything but themselves. "Hoo, ya wonder how long it will be before the techy wench wraps her mind around the fact that she is soaking wet and clothesless?" Jasper was so happy that she allowed herself to dance a little jig.

Looking down she admired her new clothes yes they indeed were nice, the boots were well worn but comfortable. As a chilled breeze blew through the mountain, Jasper was glad that Jay had opted for long sleeves.

Using the stolen staff as a walking stick as she rounded some large boulders, she wondered where her cousin had gotten off too.

Searching the dense wooded area for her wayward kin...


(Oisin) --

From distant bushes Dudley watched his Lady Love dance in her purdy long sleeved clothes...she was so dainty, so sweet, standing there scratching her butt with that big stick...


(Jayling) --

Glancing once more along the shoreline, over the bushes, and back up into steely grays, "My clothes are gone - that's what the fuck is wrong." Jay narrowed her eyes, "I'd blame your snarky ass, but this theft has the mark of Jasper written all over it."

The wizard cockily retorted, "And how did little Miss Sherlock deduce that?"

Astral's condescending tone grated Jayling's nerves. "Are all magicians as dense as you?" Jay's arm swept the area, "For fucks sake, woman, think - look around - the signs are all around us. Who was it that left the Lodge totally naked? Who have we been tracking up this miserable mountain?" Grabbing Astral's wrist, pulling her towards the brush where the discarded clothing had been hung, "And who's barefoot tracks do you think those are?" Pointing at the sandy dirt. "Sure as hell ain't a trollite."

Yanking her arm away from the wench, "Okay, so you're not as dumb as you look. What now, sleuth girl?"

Taking a step closer to the dark-haired woman, "You, my dear, are going to share your cloak with me. We're going to rip it in half so I'm not freezing my tits off. And then, we can track that little banshee to the hole she, and that wacky cousin of hers are hiding in."

Astral spat, "Bite me. You aren't touching my sacred robes."

"Oh, but you shall divvy up the garment, o'crotchety one." Jayling's fist clenched the fabric near Astral's shoulder...


(Astral) --

O'Crotchety took a roundhouse swing at the Historian but missed by a mile. The momentum however did throw them both off balance and onto the ground.

"Don't you dare touch my ro...get your filthy hands off rancid gusset, leave me alo..." Screams and shrieks were punctuated by the ripping of cloth.

Rolling on the sandy bank Astral screamed and cussed, and being totally out of magical energy did what any rational person would do when having their sacred robes torn asunder...she bit Jayling on the tit as hard as she could.


(Jayling) --

With Astral's pearly whites nearly piercing Jayling's tender breast, the wench shrieked at the top of her lungs. The sudden jolt of pain caused her chest to arch and cunt to slam into the body pressed tightly against her own. Both fists entangled in the dark tresses of the magician, at first trying to hurt the bitch, but Astral just bit down harder. Jay's fingers loosened their hold. Her vulnerable position, tit versus thick skull, put her at a slight disadvantage.

As the historian's grip slackened, she hissed through clenched teeth, "Okay okay, I give."

Astral's own teeth eased the pressure on the girl's sensitive flesh. Slowly and deliberately she began nipping then sucking. Her body pressing tighter against the naked blonde.


(Jasper) --

Jasper was tired of walking she had been searching for her muddled headed cousin for hours now and the dawn sun was finally breaking through the clouds that had covered the sky for most of the night.

Rounding another curve in the trail she had been following, Jasper came across a large flat rock and decided to take a rest.

Closing her eye's she let the memories of the slow ass fucking that Astral had given her flood her mind. She felt her blood turn to a slow boil as her body heated up.

As the nectar flowed from between her legs, her body became flushed from the memory of how good it had felt. Suddenly the ache of not reaching the release that she had so craved became almost unbearable.

Frantically she ripped open the front of her breeches and shoved her hand down the front of her pants. Reaching, seeking the sweet wetness she knew she would find there.

Plunging two fingers into the source of her desire her other hand wandered lazily up to pinch and squeeze the harden buds of her now aching tits.

It wasn't long before she found herself quickly at the precipice of the bliss she had been denied earlier. Screaming out her release as her body shook with the force of her orgasm.

After she had calmed a bit Jasper scooped up the evidence of her excitement. Grabbing Jayling's prized staff with her free hand she rubbed the offering into the sacred wood as if it were an oil.

"There, now she will always remember me," Jasper said with a small laugh before falling into a light slumber.


(Astral) --

Astral felt the Historian arch under her, the wet fuzz of her cunt slid along the wizard's damp thigh creating a tingling friction that dazzled both their wits.

Easing off on biting, her soft tongue began to stroke along the little indented circle of teeth marks close to the Historian's pink and puckered areola. It stood to attention directly inside Astral's open mouth and she began to suck on it roughly drawing raw moans from the wanton wench.

When she was content she wasn't going to get much more erection out of the little pink sucker, Astral blew on it delicately...then began to chew. She smirked as she heard moans mixed with curses float from the woman pinned under her.

The cunt now running liberally up and down her thigh oiled it with musky sex juice aiding the friction. Astral leaned in harder to give the Historian a little purchase...then eased back, denying her that simple moment of pleasure.

More cussin' reached her ears and she turned her attention to the other succulent tit. Gorging on the mound of full creamy flesh, torturing the nipple until it ached and pulsed and tweaked on the wench's clit as if it pulled by a string.

Astral knew the tramp was ready for it, but she wanted to hear her beg...after all she had just dunked the wizard and soaked her hair...Astral demanded revenge, and was famed for her spite.

"Quit yer bitchin' Slut and tell me how much your tits are lovin' this! Beg me to bite and slap'em, suck 'em blue. Remember whatever your tits get your clit gets be careful what you wish for..."


(Trisha) --

Trisha made the coughing grunt that was her sound of complaint at Jerre's continuous grumbling as they ascended Troll Mountain. She didn't understand why the woman was so cranky. It wasn't like she was the one running through the undergrowth trying desperately to find Jasper. No, she was riding Dancer and scanning the woods.

She heard Jerre call her and suppressed a snarl. She was tired, her butt hurt and she was hungry to boot. She came and sat. Jerre looked up at the rapidly lightening skies. worry flashed in her eyes, and trisha lost some of her irritation. She headed over, placing large paws on Dancer's shoulders, and butting Jerre.

The woman smiled. "Go hunt, Trisha. I will keep searching for her. But you haven't eaten yet." Trisha nodded, and sprinted off. She ran a ways before beginning to hunt. She heard a rustle that scared off the deer she was tracking and whirled to find a scared Oisin. Irritation got the better of her and she roared and pounced on the frightened bard.


Continued in Part 3 - Troll Mountain!

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