Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents


Parts 1 thru 7
(of 16)

by the Kindred Lodgers
March 2nd~~2002


(Part 1 - Standing Together) --

The women of the Kindred SpiritLodge wake one frosty morning to find the blade of a dagger buried deep in their front gate. It pins a scroll in place, which bears these words:

"Your clan's presence is unwanted in this valley, and your arrogance will be answered in blood. My warrior women are capable of hanging the dripping scalps of each and every one of you across this threshold by sunset. Leave the lodge by dusk, and be across the mountain pass by dawn."

The scroll bore the seal of Tantalas, a local woman warlord.

Surrounded by the women of the Lodge, Klancy scowled, and held the scroll to the rising sun, to check its seal.

Then she took her pipe from the breast pocket of her velvet robe, and inserted it between her sensual lips. She held the edge of the scroll to the single burning torch that always stood near the Lodge's front gate, where it served as a beacon, to welcome lost sisters home. The parchment began to crackle with flame, and Klancy lit her pipe with it, scorn in every line of her irresistibly butch body.

Tense, soft laughter rustled through the twenty women gathered at the Lodge's front entrance.

"Welp, it seems the warlike Miss Tantalas is looking for new digs." Klancy puffed on her pipe, ignoring killian, who waved her smoke away discreetly. "Word of our somewhat luxurious accommodations have reached the criminal element in this valley, at last. Little Miss Tantalas wants to see her mercenaries camped in our Chakram Bar, while she takes over the grand guest suite we reserve for Xena and her bard."

A growl of anger emerged from the Kindred -- the anger of righteous women sounds feline, so it was a sensual purr of sound, and it rose the nape of their collective necks.

"So?" Klancy smiled at her sistren, her ringing tone contrasting with the calm resolve in her eyes. "Do we pack up, and surrender the home we built from the blood of a painful past to a band of thieves? Or do we defend the lodge? What say you all."

"I am in." growled the little, mighty squirt.

Alison, the gentlest warrior amongst them, walked up to Klancy and looked the Dashing Butchly One right in the eyes, "Fuck a bunch of running. This is our home! If I have to fight to keep it then so be it."

Nessa stepped up to the firelit space where Klancy stood. "I'll not be callin' myself a Warrior and runnin' at the same time. This here is not just any home. It is the one that houses Kindred Spirits. Losin' it would be the same as dying. I will fight!" She moved back and looked expectantly at the faces of the Kindred.

Klancy grinned at Lady Alison and Lord Nessa, expecting no less of these particular sisters.

"If need be, the three of us can mount at least a partial defense. We'll give the Kindred time to commit, and to tell us in what capacity they wish to serve."

A blonde woman strode over to stand beside the courageous Kindred of the Lodge. Her green eyes flashed with contempt and anger. "This ridiculous demand from prissy Tantapuss is absurd!" dj shook her head, "She made a huge mistake in thinking us soft or cowardly. Her arrogance will end up being her downfall...down into the pits of Tarterus if need be!"

The young woman spit out a few more expletives while trying to shake off the anger that was boiling within. "Should we mount an offensive, Kindred, or take a defensive position? Or, how about if we do both??"

With contempt in her voice she sputtered, "If those bitches come near our Library, step one foot inside the archive room, they'll wish they were going through childbirth instead!"

Klancy respectfully picked up dj bodily from behind, and wrapped one long arm around her to keep her fists from flailing out. She wrapped the other hand firmly around the beautiful historian's mouth, muffling her sputtering invectives, which continued, nonetheless.

"I believe we can count deejay in favor of defending the SpiritLodge," she said politely. "Hokay. Nessa, Alison, ride out to the west glen and scout for them, their camp can't be far. Find out how many we face, and how well armed. Try to be back in two hours, to plan our defense."

Klancy patted dj's arm, and broke through her string of expletives. "Honey? Would you go up and secure the Archives, please? Triple bars on the shudders."

The blonde woman landed gracefully, and immediately launched into practicalities. "We need food prepared, weapons inventoried, sharpened and loaded, posts guarded . . . "

"There's much to be done," Klancy agreed, and called to the group. "Who else will volunteer?"

Lord Kit raised her fist in the air. "I will do what is necessary to defend the Lodge. What do you want me to do, Klancy?"

"Thanks, Kit." Klancy7 winked at her sister with affection. "Please see to our horses. Make sure they're fed, armed, and saddled for fast travel. We might not need to sit passively, and await attack."

"Aye, Aye Captain." Kit said as she winked back at Klancy and walked towards the stables.

Unconsciously rubbing her sore backside, twilight chimed in, "i-i'm here to stand with my Lady Alison and with my Sisters, Klancy. We'll teach those bitch's not to mess with us!"

Walking over to Klancy, placing several flasks of potions in front of the Courtly Butch, Amber stated, "Klancy, here is the beginning of my services, for whoever needs to dip their blades, arrows, darts etc, it will have all the same effect."

"I personally am willing to go to battle for the Lodge as well. I have a few things up my sleeve, not yet revealed. I am ready willing and able to help fight off some smart assed Warrior Lords. And Luna is waiting up there for my word, she is my eyes from above. What say you, Klancy, what assistance may I be?"

The lovely rach also stepped forward, "Klancy, yes...I'm willing to fight. Bow and arrow. Good in the trees. Just point me the way."

"Klancy7, Oh Courtly ONE. Field Marshall. General. Wise Counsel. Snappy Dresser. Count me in. killian is a bonafide Amazon. I am wicked with a staff, a short bow, a little soft shoe, um forgive me, i am giddy when someone thinks they can mess with this crew! Put me in front of them, and i will talk circles around them. Let me at em'!!"

"Ok, In all seriousness, where do you need me, Klancy. I want to run off on my own and get caught ravished, and then rescued, so how can i help?" The squirt snickered. " No, really, put me to use. Our home is worth all our efforts."

Lord Freya stepped up to Klancy. My bow and sword is at your service. The forest is my friend. Rogue is an excellent scout. Mercury can run like the wind. She can outrun an arrow in full flight. Where I am best suited is as a sniper/scout but will fight in hand to hand when required. I would like to see if I can capture one of the leaders, if that be part of your plan?

Klancy7 put her hand on Freya's shoulder. "Amiga, thanks for your service. We'll know more when Nessa and Ally return with their scouting report. I think we can use you best, for now, at the Lodge's highest point. Ready your weapons, and serve as our main watch. We'll count on your keen eye and steady hand as a sniper, should Tantalas and her women attack. Signal if you sight her."

"On my way Klancy. Rogue will stay by you so she can relay any messages you wish to convey to me or others in high places. I knew Amber would prove to be more than a quiet healer. It is good that the tough get going when the going gets tough."

With that, Freya, in a wink of an eye, vanished to her position on the high point of the Lodge. Rogue looked at Klancy and chose a spot out of the way to convey any news to her mistress.


(Part 2 - Readying for Battle) --

Klancy tied her green velvet cloak around her broad shoulders, and smiled as she felt dj's hands automatically adjust it, behind her. "Thanks, mom."

"Sure, brat." The blond woman tousled her tall friend's thick hair affectionately. "All right, the Archives are triple-bolted. Do you know what you're doing?"

"I have no idea," Klancy admitted cheerfully. "I've never led a battle on land. My strategy with every enemy is to sink it. So, you and Ally and killian should please feel free to kick in any advice, or guidance, si?"

"Be happy to." dj's tone was light, but her fingers were freezing.

"Rogue?" Klancy addressed Lady Freya's ocelot, who waited coiled at the base of the Lodge's main staircase. "Seek out your mistress in the belfry, where she keeps watch. Ask if she's spied Nessa and Alison returning, yet. Those cretins have probably stopped at the nearest Starbucks for a latte, they're long overdue."

Klancy's hands were cold too.

"Klancy, dj?" Kit came in from the kitchen, towing a very pale twilight. Amber was right behind her, escorting rach, who looked equally spooked.

"I have good news and bad news," Kit purred, "which would you prefer?"

"Good," Klancy sighed.

"Our weapons are honed and packed, our horses are armed and saddled," Kit began.

"We have provisions for hard travel or siege prepared," Amber continued. "We've established a perimeter guard, I've packed our battle dressings, and my period finally started." The beautiful healer smiled, crookedly, and the tension in the room eased back a notch.

"twilight, would you please inform our sisters of the bad news?" Kit invited the young submissive sternly.

twilight swallowed visibly. "All right, look. killian said to tell you guys, that whatever happens, it's not her fault."

Klancy moaned softly, and dj patted her back in stoic support.

"She took out after Lord Nessa and Lady Alison," rach said, disbelief warring with worry in her tone. "She was muttering something about 'no one can tell me to hide, blah blah blah,' I couldn't really hear her, Klancy."

"And the horizon's empty, there's no sign of any of them," Freya confirmed quietly, as she joined the group of sisters.

"Hokay." The Courtly Butch straightened. "We're working on the assumption that all three of them have been taken. I want that level of caution, understood?"

She waited for their murmurs of agreement, which came readily.

"Dj, leave a scroll telling the rest of our kindred where we've gone. When they return to the Lodge, some of them will join us, others will stay to defend our home. We ride to the west glen, to find our sisters."

Ikarias drew out a great grey ornery Percheron from the stables. She puffed on a long slim, slow burning cheroot as she mounted up.

"Come on Asher... Tantalus may find this an interesting diversion..."

She undid a sword big enough to split said horse and waved it about. "One half-dragon berserker to sow terror... And--"

Ikarias hefted a sack that clinked softly... "Greek fire, enough to piss her off. Or at least make housecleaning a bitch. Anyone care to ride along?"


(Part 3 - Kindred Scouts) --

Nessa and Alison made for the stables. The west glen would be the perfect place since it was filled with forested area and could easily hide the Bad Girls of Tantalas.

Alison kept her blow pipe and darts tied at her waist. She rode silently through the night beside her friend and Warrior companion. They were both glad to have each other.

Nessa rode Tuttle as if they were one body. Her sword and her battle axe were sheathed but ready. Battle was a far away dream to the Lord now that she found the peace of this valley. Odd how great need and love of what one fights for can bring up the old skills.

Alison pulled up. "Nessa" She spotted a flicker in the distance. "Look" She pointed to a clump of trees. Just into the thicket was a campfire. The Warriors dismounted in silence and left their mounts to graze. Nessa knew the battle horses would be on the alert if needed.

Side by side the two figures slithered through the open field on their bellies. Finally, they reached the edge of the trees. They heard loud laughter. Women's voices. They peered through the bushes and saw the enemy camp.

Eight or ten warriors milled around the fire. There were tents set up toward the back edge of the camp. Nessa judged that there must be fifteen or twenty in this motley band of outlaws. That judgment was based on the number of horses she counted in the corral. The warriors were not drinking or playing with wenches, which was a sign that a plan of attack was in the offing. Probably at first light.

Alison shifted in her position. Nessa looked at her just in time to see her shoot a dart from her pipe through the silence of the night and sink deep into the neck of a sentry who was sneaking up on the two Warriors. Nessa marveled at the Gentle Warrior's skill. But more at her coolness in the face of things.

"I guess we better get back. They will be searching for that sentry and we need to be gone first." Nessa squeezed the muscled arm of her friend. They slithered back the way they came and headed back to the Lodge to report.

The two Amazons almost made it to their horses, when they were stunned by the sight of Gabrielle, running flat out through the tangled brush, her blonde hair streaming wildly behind her. Alison and Nessa heard the battlecries of Tantalas's women, as they realized their prisoner had escaped, and they moved with quicksilver speed, like a team that had worked in tandem for years.

They intercepted Gabrielle, just as one of the women warriors let loose a bolt from her crossbow. It would have punched through the bard's spine, if Alison had not thrown herself in its path. Instead, the wicked quarrel buried itself deeply in the back of Alison's shoulder, and she fell.


(Part 4 - Wounded Lodger)

They had just pulled Gabrielle to safety when Alison felt a red hot pain slam into her shoulder and knock her to the ground. They could hear the enemy close at hand. Nessa scooped Alison up and threw her over one powerful shoulder, Gabrielle and Nessa flying onto the horses and racing back towards the Lodge just as fast as the horses could carry them. Each hoofbeat sending pain thru Alison's shoulder and down her arm and several unladylike words flowing from her lips as they drew closer and closer to home.

They hit the Lodge door at a flat out run, Alison still over Nessa's shoulder, "Open the damn door, they're right behind us and Alison's been hurt."

Nessa heard the bolt on the big door to the Lodge slide. tris was on the other side. Nessa heard her cry out. "I can't get it all the way, Nessa!"

"Stand back lass!" Nessa bellowed. Gabrielle saw what the big Celt was doing and stepped away from the door. Nessa pulled up one powerful leg and threw a kick to the door that would have shattered a lesser bit of craftwomanship.

Once inside, Gabrielle and tris pushed the door back in place. Gab brought the huge bar down into place. Nessa laid the now unconscious Alison down on the divan in the main hall, careful to avoid the hurt shoulder.

Ikarias saw Alison with feathers in her shoulder? No, an arrow. $#@$@#$@##$$@#&*$#%$!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Come on, Ash, let's fry these bitches!"

With a bloodcurdling, eye-watering, knee-weakening, chalk-board screeching warcry, Ikarias drove the great grey charger into the closest mass of marauders.

"Ahhhhh crikey!" Klancy yelled, drawing her sword as she raced out on the Lodge's long wrap-around front porch. "Hold them, Snick, we're on our way!"

She wheeled and cried into the Lodge. "twilight, Amber, front and center, Alison's down! Help Nessa and Gabrielle get her inside. rach, secure the Lodge -- bolt the outer doors and windows! Freya, Kit, defend the main yard. dj, everyone else, you're with me!"

Klancy wheeled to race for Ikarias, and the battle was on.


(Part 5 - The Battle Rages) --

Suddenly the air was split open with an explosion not far from the lodge. "What the blazin' britches o' Brigit?" Nessa stood tall.

Alison stirred. "Ikarias... it was Ikarias" she whispered and lost consciousness again. Just then a pounding started at the door that didn't stop until Gabrielle and tris opened it. There stood a grinning Half Dragon. "That'll stop em for a minute."

Looking at Nessa waving away the fumes and smoke, Ikarias explained, "That wasn't from the 5-alarm chili. In case you were wondering."

She looked at her dear friend, blood seeping about the shaft. "How's Alicat? From what I saw the nocks are twisted. You won't be able to draw it out. Get a poker in the fire, find all the hard liquor that's left and do it fast... "

She glanced out the window and nodded, "I'll resume thwacking and smacking. Klancy's having way too much fun by herself."


Steel on steel clashed, and blood-curdling sounds screeched throughout the courtyard as each band attacked the other. It was an organized assault. Squads of Warriors rushed in from opposite sides to flank the defenders, trying to overwhelm the Lodgers. Many got through the first line of defense.

Outside the front gate, Klancy's blade met steel as a warlord tried to skewer the young historian from behind. With an anger not seen very often, she quickly disarmed the warrior, then belted her in the mouth with the hilt of the sword. Klancy's foot shot out kicking the toothless woman in the abdomen, sending her reeling backwards over another disposed body.

"Thanks, butchly, I owe ya one!", the blonde shouted.

Armed with a staff, dj ducked another attacker, pivoted around, then thwapped the marauder in the back. Her staff came down hard a second time, butt-end right into the kidneys.

Explosions were booming all around them. Fires erupting from the blasts. Wave after wave of fighters emerged from the surrounding woodlands.

Kit and Freya stood in front of the lodge ready to defend their home when Tantalas's women had bounded out of the forest. Kit saw and heard the explosion and then Ikarias ride out of the smoke which was made of the explosion. Kit thought she is really brave, 'I am going to have to get to know this woman better'. As Kit thought this, she could feel her center become wet, and then she heard battlecries coming out of the smoke which broke her reverie.

Four warriors came charging at Kit and Freya. Two went to dispose of Freya, with little luck, and the other two turned to Kit. Then they stopped as if they had seen a ghost and both said in unison "How did you escape, get here so fast, and change your clothes?"

Kit took in the question and first thing came to mind, 'They have my sister, kitty, those bitches. How? Why?' But then Kit thought she did not care, she was going to use their surprise against them and took the dagger she was holding and slashed ones throat, and the other she buried the knife to the hilt into her heart. Kit took the knife out, cleaned it on the warrior's tunic, and looked around for more. When she saw that the women had retreated, she went looking for Klancy. She had to tell them that her sister was a prisoner, and that she had be rescued.


The sistren of the Kindred SpiritLodge fought savagely to protect their home.

Tantalas had only sent one patrol to chase down the escaping prisoner, Gabrielle. The female warlord hadn't anticipated that the blond bard would be assisted by two harpies from the very tribe she intended to slaughter at dusk.

So it was only twenty or so mercenaries who descended upon the lakeside haven, and they thought they had arrived in Hades itself. Never had they confronted such furious resistance, from a small clan. The meager scattering of Amazons in the outer courtyard -- no more than six or seven -- fought skillfully enough to keep all of Tantalas's warriors off balance.

Soon, the patrol would call an enraged retreat, and race back across the fields, to bay their tale of woe to their warlord. The women of the Lodge would close their doors to regroup, nurse their wounded, and plan their next move. But for now, the battle raged, unabated ...


(Part 6 - Out at the Decoy Camp) --

Slaid hated Tantalas. She wanted to be part of the raiders that went for that stupid mountain lodge and it's wimpy warriors. Instead the bitch warlord ordered her to remain here at the decoy camp. They set this one up to mask the real size of Tantalas' following.

The fire was getting low on fuel. Slaid would have to go out after some. Damn she hated gathering firewood and damn she hated Tantalas! She started her walk around the camp parameters to gather wood and do the sentry thing.

Slaid got just outside the camp clearing when she heard some kind of explosion in the distance. It sounded like it came from the direction of that richy lodge. Oh well, maybe Tantalas got her bitch ass blown up. Then more than one of the warriors would get a chance at fucking that blonde captive, Gab somthingorother.

The disgruntled soldier proceeded to walk and search absently for wood. Suddenly all senses shot to alertness. There was a stirring in the brush and it wasn't a bird. Slaid was more than a little pissed about the dead sentry found a couple of hours ago. That was a good warrior and a mean-ass killer. Now, Slaid would find her way to fixing the one who done her in.

Slowly the trained warrior eased up to the mass of brush that grew at the edge of the clearing. Slaid caught sight of a small foot sticking out from under a prickly ground branch. "Ow" She heard it as plain as day. Some little wench was caught in the brush, probably here to spy.

Slaid drew her sword and walked to the brush. She began to hack away at it. "Here bitch, let me help you outta there." Slashing the brush would have been one thing but Slaid was out for blood. She never meant to be chivalrous and wouldn't know how if she did. She was murderous instead and liked herself immensely. This bitch would die in a tangle of ground brush as Slaid's blade slashed.

Slaid got a look at a pretty set of wide brown eyes. She stopped thrusting her sword and took in the rest of the wench. Oooh. A cutie! Slaid decided she would have a little piece of this wench and make it worth her while to have to be nursemaid to a campfire.

Slaid reached one well muscled arm in and grabbed the wench's arm. She pulled up and freed the sweet looker from the tangle of viney branches. Nothing could have allowed her to believe that this little one would be hard to handle until she felt the stabbing pain from a knee in her gut.

killian used the time that it took the thug to pitch forward with the blow to her stomach. She drew her leg back and up again to smash clean in the face of the surprised creep. She watched with satisfaction as the woman's body did a full arch backward and landed hard.

She turned and broke into her best sprint but found that her right foot was not cooperating. It was in fact, undergoing some serious pain. The ankle was twisted. It gave under her weight and she went down.

"Oh, sweet Artemis' left tit!" killian screamed at her foot as she lay on the ground. The fiery lass knew she was in for it bad. Now she wished she hadn't been in such a need to help that she went out on her own. Dammit, Lord Nessa and Lady Ally were out there, and killian was gonna have their back, if it was the last thing she did.

killian didn't believe anyone in the Lodge really knew just how skilled she was as a tracker, and staff wielder. But, this time she was impetuous, that was for sure, and now this blond bitch is waking up, and getting ready to pounce.

killian rolled quickly and lifted her staff just in time to catch the beautiful brown eyed bitch in the stomach. She dropped to the ground with a loud squeal.

Hades, thought killian, now the rest of the Banshees will soon know this cretin is down. Ok, lass, think. Horses, get to a horse.

killian, using her staff as a crutch moved as fast as she could to the horse. She heard the Bitch stir behind her. Dammit, lass, move your rump or i will whip it so hard you won't sit for a month! killian heard Caitlin's voice distinctly in her head, and smiled. Goddess she missed Caitlin, and damned if she was gonna let some Banshee Bitch lay a finger on her.

Up, into the saddle killian managed with her good leg. Grabbing the reins, killian was off.

She never saw the body coming as it dove down from the trees, taking her to the ground, and knocking her senseless in the process.


(Part 7 - Back at the Battle Scene -- Tending to the Injured) --

Alison drifted in and out, She could hear the battle waging and knew She should be out there. She started to rise off the couch when twi's hand caught one of Hers. "And just what do you think you are doing, my warrior? You can't go out there in your condition."

"Have...have to help somehow. Help Me to the window and bring Me My blowgun and darts and that potion Amber made. Do it, My pet, or I will have your hide when I am able."

Twi helped Alison to a chair in front of a window, She could see the battle raging outside. Her sisters fought like Warrior Goddesses. Twi returned with the items Alison had sent her for. "Brace the damn thing on the sill and load her up, My pet. You will have to help Me steady it."

Twi loaded a dart and helped Alison aim. She took a deep breath to calm Herself and launched the dart, both of them watching as it embedded itself in the forehead of a nasty looking bitch who was just about to strike Klancy from behind. Thanks to the potion the healer had crafted, the bitch dropped like a rock.

Dart after dart flew, some missing, some hitting their mark, but at least She felt like She was helping and not being a warrior wus. She continued until twi put a stop to it. "Do not argue, my warrior, you are going back to the divan before you fall out right here. You have done all you could. Our sisters are strong and should have this little band under control soon. You WILL stay right there." Alison managed a weak smile, "So butch, My pet, but I shall not argue." Twi smiled, shaking her head, "And they say wenches are the stubborn ones."


Ikarias, Nessa, Klancy and Freya formed a back to back circle. From this stand they took on some of the heaviest onslaught. Nessa was tiring and she knew her sisters were as well. She caught a glance at Onyx leaping and tearing the throat from a charging raider. She put on a Warrior's smirk and told herself to sing praises to the little cat and her owner who was there fighting.

Again Nessa saw an astonished enemy fall as a dart hit square in her forehead. It stuck out hideously as the corpse hit the ground. BLOODY WONDERFUL ALISON! The Celtic fighter took strength. She brought forth every memory of skill and emotion from every battle she ever had. The sound of swords clashing was near to nothing as a wild Celtic Warrior bleated out the eerie Battle cry of her people.

The tactic was meant to stun and paralyze the enemy for just long enough. Indeed it did. Klancy drove her sword through. Ikarias landed a swipe that took her attackers arm off at the shoulder. Freya slashed down with a mighty effort cleaving the skull of the raider before her. Nessa brought her battle axe about with a mighty swing, dividing her enemy in two.

The four slain raiders dropped in unison. The next group was slow to approach the fierceness of these four. They looked at each other and turned, yelling out retreat as they ran.

The Warriors stood poised in readiness for a moment. They watched as the few of Tantalas's raiders who made it through this battle ran for their lives. This was the part the Celt always had to deny in her brain... her heart. The abundance of blood, and hacked death after battle. She did the masking of disgust well.

Nessa needed to see to Alison. She ran to the healer, Amber. "Can ye help inside, healer?" The skilled Warrior took motion as she realized what Nessa was asking. They ran into the Lodge.

Nessa and Amber both ran into the Lodge and straight to the divan where Alison was lying, drifting in and out of consciousness. Near the divan was a table already prepared with potions and implements, bandages etc, "I figured better be pre- prepared than waste time. Twilight, put a poker in the fire now. I will let you know when it's needed."

Grabbing a bottle of a clear potion, Nessa lifted Alison's head as Amber poured a little of the potion into her mouth. She swallowed it and within seconds was out cold. This stunned both Nessa and Twilight looking at Amber. "Don't ask, it works wonders, she will be fine. She will wake in a couple of hours, but for now lets get this out of her."

"You're right Nessa, the nocks are twisted. I can remove it and seal the wound. With that, Amber grabbed another potion and poured it directly into the open wound, a sound of sizzling and a stench of rotten flesh came from the wound. Once all settled and silent, Amber continued, "Nessa, you hold Alison tight. Twilight on the count of three, I need that poker as soon as I remove the shaft, ok?"

"No problem, just let me know when."

"Amber, I hate to say this, if you're planning to just pull the shaft out, you won't be able to, it's twisted."

"Nessa, my friend, trust me, I promise nothing will go wrong. You have my word, okay?"

A reluctant nod came from a worried Nessa.

"Okay, twilight, here we go. 1 - 2- 3." On three, Amber ever so slightly turned the shaft and quickly pulled it out, leaving a gaping hole. "Okay, twilight, the poker." Twilight ran over, handed the poker to Amber who directly placed it in the hole to seal it, holding it there for a few seconds. "That's enough. The bleeding has stopped. It's now cleaned and sealed. One more thing to do, just dress it."

Amber grabbed a swab and the bottle of purple potion, soaked the swab and placed it over the wound. Amber handing a strong bandage to Twilight, "Can you put this bandage firmly over the swab, holding it firmly in place? You must see to it that it's not removed for the next two days. When it's removed' there will be no sign of a wound at all. The only thing she will have as a reminder is this twisted shaft, if you want to keep it for her that is."

twilight stood there shaking with both fear and rage at what had been done to her Lady. The little wench's fist clenched so tightly around that hateful arrow that her knuckles turned white and the arrow snapped in a half.

"Thank you, Amber....thank you for taking care of my Warrior" twilight whispered to her friend.

Gently stroking her Lady's silken locks, twilight felt herself filled with a terrible resolve.

"They'll pay for this, Ally, they'll pay for doing this to You, my Lady" the little wench vowed.

And not only that, but killian was out there somewhere too, and twi just knew that she was in trouble.

"i have to go find her, and if i can put a monkey wrench in Tantalas's plans at the same time, well so much the better." she thought to herself.

After making sure that her Lady was resting comfortably and was well guarded by the Warriors, twilight picked up a war staff and made her way stealthily out of the Lodge.

"i'll find you killy, and i'll make that bitch Tantalas sorry she ever heard of the Kindred Spirits.


Continued in Parts 8 thru 11 (of 16)

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