Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents


The Sorceress

by Klancy7, Killian, Alison, Dj, & sarah
November 3rd~18th, 2001


(Background by Klancy7) --

Evening, kindred!

I thought it was time we tried a good old action roleplay. If you've never done one before, it's pretty simple. I'd like to propose a general plot. You read it, and see if you're interested in joining in.

Background: The SinTrade Inn wenches are bored, and resentful of the Warriors' neglect. They decide to sneak out, take one of the Inn's boats, and explore a small island out on the ocean's horizon.

They know the Warriors will be furious, because dark legends have reached them about this island. Supposedly, it is inhabited by a banished sorceress, a woman famed for her beauty and seductiveness -- but with a sinister past. The wenches think they're going on a fun and defiant lark -- they're actually sailing into grave danger.

The roleplay begins here, as our submissives land on the island. There can be two wenches -- or every submissive in the Inn, depending on how many want to participate.

wenches -- if you would like to join in, please write an entry about landing on the island, complaining about Warriors, gossiping about the sorcerer, etc. If you'll get things started, I'll write the role of the sorcerer.

Warriors -- if you'd like to join in, please write about discovering our wenches gone, and the missing boat. The Dommes set out after the submissives in the Inn's other vessel, the Clitoris Clipper. They've heard a little more about the sexual cruelty of this sorceress, and they are worried indeed.


(killian) --

The Island was as lush as we'd imagined. Rolling black sand beach, as far as the eye could sea. Lawns surrounded by Magnolia trees in full bloom, Jasmine vines hanging from white lattice work. Orchids growing everywhere. The smell was overwhelming. Intoxicating.

Since we were all in a mood for mischief anyway, it didn't take much to get us all to disembark, and begin exploring. I personally didn't have a Warrior to be ticked at, but I am a team playing wench, so here i was, feeling lusty and looking for trouble. Mild trouble mind you. The kind, that makes my blood boil, and your temperature rise.

This place felt at first blush just like what i imagined paradise would be. Boy was i in for an awakening.


(sarah) --

"gods, kil, I wish you had said how far it was, my arms are killing me from all the rowing."

Looking around, I noticed the tranquility of the cove that we had landed in.

"Gee, it's pretty here, isn't it."

I had been just lolling around the Inn, watching Alison and twi. My they are so cute together. DA had her hands full with young jhari, and Dory was pretty busy herself with stacia. Not really sure what Klancy was up to.

I just knew by the glint in killian's eyes when we heard about the island, that some fun was about to be had. And the stories about the sorceress was enough to get me interested. Besides, I am always up for a little fun and games. The bloody Warriors had ignored us long enough, and I was sure they wouldn't miss us anyway. Well, at least not until they got hungry or thirsty.

"So, what's next do you think?", I asked.


(dj) --

Walking inland from the shoreline, dj glanced backwards at her sisters. The beautiful, and oh so sexy women, were joking and laughing, kicking sand as they ran down the beach. A smirk appeared on her face as she watched a mischievous sarah assail a squiggling squirt with a deluge of tickling fingers.

"What a crew!", she thought. But before dj could comment further, the pair tumbled to the ground. Woman upon woman, black granules flying everywhere, a battle of Hands and Sands commenced.

Snorting out her laughter, dj shook her head in amusement. They were such a hoot to watch. Turning her attention back inland, she walked towards the plush fauna, searching for an opening. Reaching the edge where trees meshed with flora, she spotted what looked like a path.

Curiosity and excitement lit up her eyes as they keyed in on the adventure ahead. dj was about to turn and announce her discovery, when a strange feeling overtook her. It was a prickling sensation, nerves and senses went on alert, feeling something like another presence was close by, almost standing in her private space.

The blonde woman stood stock still. Her ears listened intently to the surroundings, eyes swiftly moving back and forth. She listened and tried to feel, attempting to locate the source of her prickling.

Nothing...then everywhere it seemed to come from...then nothing again. 'What was going on', the girl thought. Muttering under her breath, "geez, is this just jittery nerves, or is something really out here?" Shaking her head, she tried to bring herself down.

Not being able to sense anything else, dj stepped forward, footprints leaving sand for hardened earth. She peered down the twisting, faint path, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Snorting, the girl scoffed at herself, "yup, just a case of de ole paranoia, jayling! yoi, we've had too many late night scares fests lately..."


(Klancy) --

(Very good job, wenches, thanks!)

(Anyone can still join in, if they wish. The next chapter will take place in the Inn.)


The sorceress ticked long, fingernails against the freckled white wood of the beech tree, as she studied the beautiful blond historian. She looked past her, to the two lovely young wenches on the beach. Three. She had hoped for more.

No matter. These three would suffice for the next hour. And they would lead her to more of their kind.

Violet eyes, outlined in black kohl, looked past the beach, across the waves, and zeroed in quite clearly on the stately SinTrade Inn. These first three would free her from this accursed dungheap of an island at last.


sarah was proud of herself. This had to be a new record for the amount of sand poured down a wench's cleavage! Chortling, she watched killian curse and stomp across the beach, scrubbing sand off the creamy swells of her breasts.

"Best get between them, too, killian!" sarah called cheerfully. "You can take off that tight bodice, if it's troubling you!"

"When I get through with you, sister sarah," killian yelled, "You're going to have half this beach in your British bootie -- "

"killian. sarah."

sarah turned quickly at the compelling voice. dj stood yards away, in the dense foliage that marked the beginning of the island's forest. "Hey, deej! What's up?"

dj's smile was a chilling sight. "Would you both come with me, please?"

"Are you -- " sarah's voice trailed off as she studied her tall sister. She turned, and called down the beach. "killian?"

killian was muttering her way over, slapping the last of the sand off her throat. Her mind was already teeming with fun ways to avenge herself. She joined sarah, and all playfulness left her when she saw dj's face. "Hey! dj, what's wrong?"

"Not a thing in this world. I've met a wonderful new friend." dj smiled again, and killian took sarah's hand, nervously. "Would the two of you come with me, please? I think you're going to love her as much as I do!"

The blond wench turned, and walked into the trees.


As the November sun set over the sea, the small cruiser left the island, and made its way back to the mainland, and the SinTrade Inn. No one within had yet noticed its absence.

It contained sarah, killian, and dj -- and a fourth woman, cloaked in a purple robe.


(Alison) --

Alison had sent twilight looking for killian, there was something Alison needed her to do for fair maiden. Twilight came back through the doors to the Inn, looking perplexed.

"Well, where is she My love?"

Twi knelt by Alison's chair, "i don't know. i couldn't find her or sarah or dj anywhere. Perhaps one of the other Warriors sent them on an errand, My Lady."

Pulling twi into Her lap, "Perhaps but knowing them there is mischief about somewhere. Wait here for Me."

Alison deposited Her fair maiden in Her chair and searched out Klancy. Alison explained what happened.

"So I was wondering if You knew where they might be my friend. You know killian, she seems to find trouble."


(killian) --

dj - (snork!), who, killian de innocent, getting blamed for instigating trouble, sweet sarah? Nah! (more snorks turn into roars of laughter)...

sarah - lol, well we are just innocent bystanders dragged along for the ride aren't we?? (worth a try anyway <g>) Hey kil, just kidding sis, you know we wouldn't just leave you out there alone on that limb. hehehe...


(killian here)

well well well now. So that's how it's going to be is it.

NOT poor innocent, sleeping mind you, killian, who, if i recall correctly, was pulled out of bed by one riled up sarah, followed by one steamed betty of a dj. "Warriors this, Warriors, that, we, show em. Get up killian, we need you."

"sure sure, i am up, anywhere you go, i will be there by your side. But i am innocent, and we all have to agree to that now!! ok. innocent and sweet, and well behaved too"

" Oh come on kil, nobody's gonna believe that anyway," jay piped in. "Might as well go with us, and have some fun"

"But i am innocent, i am i am i am."

"sure ya are," sarah put her arm around killian, and winked at dj. mouthing the words.. {so-u-c-k-e-r}


And so it was that the three lasses left the sweet dark tranquility of the SinTrade Inn in search of what, they didn't know.

They found her, in a Sorcerers, so gorgeous, she captured these three seasoned subs, without so much as a shackle to the wrist.

What was to become of them once the Sorceress got them back to the Inn. Their minds where captivated with her now, and not thinking of their own safety, or the safety of the others

Would the Warriors be able to save them, or have to fend off the intoxicating violet eyed one themselves.

Would all they had worked for be lost?

Would sweet killian be blamed?

stay tuned....


(Klancy) --

(Alison deposited Her fair maiden in Her chair and searched out Klancy. Alison explained what happened. "So I was wondering if You knew where they might be my friend. You know killian, she seems to find trouble.)

Klancy and Alison turned as the double doors of the SinTrade Inn opened.

"There you are!" Relief was evident in Alison's tone as dj, killian and sarah entered, their lovely faces fixed with pleasant smiles. "We were about to send out a search party for -- "

Alison trailed off as a cloaked woman followed the three submissives into the Inn's main chamber, her features obscured by a dark cowl. The body beneath it was voluptuously feminine, and Klancy and Alison exchanged intrigued glances.

"You've brought us a new friend, sisters." Klancy approached the stranger with a smile, and offered her a courtly bow. "You're welcome in our home, madam. My name is -- "

"I believe it's my home now, warrior." The sorceress's voice was dark as malt. "And whether you remain welcome in it, depends on how well you serve me."

She gestured, and Klancy flew across the hall as if hit by a rocket blast, to crash into a far wall.

twilight gasped and raced to the fallen warrior, and Alison drew her sword on the sorceress.

"killian!" Alison barked. "dj, sarah! Behind me!"

But the three submissives gathered around the sedate sorceress, smiling peacefully, and enfolded her in their arms.

"Skewer me if you will, violent one," the sorceress chuckled, "but you'll have to take out one or two of your precious little sisters to do it."


(Alison) --

Alison stood there sword in hand, looking at the three gathered round this new visitor. They were protecting her, why? ~Damn sure picked a fine time to become a Warrior.~

Alison knew She could not harm Her sisters. "Twilight come here."

She saw Klancy was shaken but would be fine. As soon as twilight reached Her Alison whispered in her ear,

"Go find Lord Angel and any of the other Warriors you can and be quick My love."

Alison turned Her attention back to the new one. "What do you want and what have you done to them?"

Alison just looked from one sister to the other, searching their faces for any clue, yet She saw nothing except an unholy devotion upon their faces. "What have you done to them?"


(killian) --

"Now, now," Soothed the melodic voice. "I haven't asked you how you managed to get that sweet young thing to follow you did I?"

Alison took her eyes of the Sorceress just long enough to make sure twilight had gotten upstairs ok. It was just enough time for her sword to be knocked out of her hand with a bolt of fire from the Tall being. A second fire bolt flew at Alison, but the small agile Warrior managed to dive behind a table and save herself.

The sorceress removed her hood. There stood a raven haired beauty, with sculpted cheeks, and penetrating violet eyes. She stretched her long fingers out in front of her.

"Oh, dear." She sighed, looking intensely at her nails.

"What is it, Mistress?" The three now very worried subs asked in unison.

"Not to worry, my pretties, those fireballs are just hard on Mistresses manicure. Hopefully, your friends will not make me resort to them again, and instead decide to make my stay here much, more hospitable."

With that she pulled out a whip that was hidden beneath her folds, snapped it hard, and wrapped it neatly around rach's wrist, which had been the only part of her exposed from behind the post. She yanked hard, and pulled rach to her bosom. In seconds, the sorceress had sprinkled some glitter into the fighting subs eyes, and this turned her immediately into a doting wench, with a mask of genialness as worn exactly by the other subs.

"There there my sweet. You will make a nice addition to my harem." rach giggled, and hugged the sorceress tightly. "It is my pleasure to serve you, Mistress."

"Oh, and i wouldn't think of doing anything fancy with that whip of yours Warrior." the Violet eyed one uncoiled her whip again, whispering something into the ear of the subs in front of her, as she eyed Klancy7 advancing from the back of the room. A fireball sent the Warrior leaping for cover behind the bar.

"You don't want to make me cross, people. I am in a good mood now. You really do want to keep me that way."

"Good, my pretties, now the three of you, come back to me, and we will give our sweet sarah here a treat."

dj, rach, and killian all returned to stand next their new Mistress who had cocked back the whip, while sarah stood naked, spread eagle on the X-frame.


(sarah) --

It seemed to sarah that it had happened in the blink of an eye. One minute she watched as Klancy was flung through the air to crash on the other side of the Inn, now she was naked and secured to the X-frame.

Her evil Mistress, surrounded by her sisters, stood behind her flipping the long tail of Her whip. The sultry voice called to her, "sarah, is this what you want?"

"Yes Mistress, if it is your will."

"You want to feel the sting of the lash?"

"Yes Mistress, if it is your will."

"Good. Let us begin." With that the evil Sorceress swung the lash bringing it to bear on sarah's back. Again and again She brought the leather to the girls skin, listening to the changes in sarah's breathing, seeing her skin begin to glisten with sweat.

Hearing sarah begin to moan, the Sorceress snapped the whip harder cutting into sarah's flesh. Each new lash drawing blood. Listening to the girls screams and seeing the moisture trickling down her legs drove the evil Sorceress to keep up Her attack.

sarah finally passed out from the pain and the pleasure of it. The Sorceress turned from her victim.

"girls, see to your sister."

killian, dj and rach moved to sarah and released her from the frame. They carried the unconscious woman to her room and set about to treat her bloodied back.

To the other inhabitants of the Inn the Evil One announced, 'from now on you will do only as I instruct. Failure to comply will bring quick and severe punishments'.

Alison and twilight had helped Klancy to Her feet. They watched as the Inn's subs carried sarah away. Stunned they listened to the Evil Woman and realised they were in deep trouble. They would need to bide their time to come up with a plan of attack to rescue the inhabitants from this evil.


(Klancy) --

"Biding their time" put Klancy7's teeth on edge, and Alison knew it. She watched the tall warrior worriedly as they fastened the last heavy lock on the SinTrade's front entrance.

"Thank you, servants." The Sorceress was lounged on the large cushioned throne ordinarily reserved for Xena alone. "We wouldn't want any more of your violent little roommates to crash the party. Four of these lovely submissives can sate my appetites, for the immediate future. We'll lure the rest of your sordid kindred back in due time."

Alison blew out a breath of relief. It seems twilight would escape the Sorceress's enchantment, and her depraved hungers, at least for now. Her fair maiden threw her a frightened look across the chamber, where she stood beside the throne, holding a flagon of wine to refresh the evil woman's cup. Then she moved among the SinTrade's submissives, who lounged in detached comfort on silk pillows on the floor around the Sorceress, filling their goblets as well.

"I'm going to stomp that heinous hag into a slut-pattie and feed her to the horses," Klancy muttered. She had been muttering similar dark imprecations ever since she regained consciousness, and Alison actually took comfort from this litany. Klancy glanced over her shoulder, to be sure they couldn't be overheard. "All right, lass. We might have more backup than Sulfur Breath, over there, realizes -- she didn't check our dungeon. But for now, you and twi and I need to assume we're on our own, si?"

"Oh boy," Alison sighed. "I guess all we can do is hope the potion we slipped into that wine works, right?"

"Right. And it's going to take time to have any effect." Klancy grimaced, and raked her dark hair out of her eyes. "I don't know how many scenes like that last one, with sarah, I can watch."

"As many as you have to, Klancy." Alison's voice grew firm, and she touched her tall sister's shoulder. "You're not going to help anyone by getting yourself flash-fried by that banshee again."

"Now that we've rested from our perilous journey," the Sorceress called, "and we've had the refreshment of watching that nubile young woman twisting beneath my lash, I find that I'm ready for further entertainment."


(killian) --

killian felt a pull from inside of her, but strangely not. She felt far away from herself, as in a fog, lost, but not terribly concerned about it.

Music started from nowhere. Flute, and drumming. Hypnotic. It pulled at killian, drawing her up and in front of her new Mistress.

"May i dance for you my Mistress?"

"You may, my pet. Atop the stage."

"As you wish." killian bowed, and glided to the Inn's mainstage.

Klancy thought this might be just the distraction she and Alison needed to make a move. She quietly put her head close to Alison's, and gave instructions.

twi stood near the Sorceress as ordered, and the other affected subs lay moving with the music on their pillows. They knew their turn with the Mistress would be soon, and they were wet with anticipation.

killian heard nothing but the undulating rhythm of the music, and saw nothing but the violet eyes of her Mistress. She had no memory of her life before this moment, and cared about nothing but the service she could provide the violet eyed one.

killian wore a skirt of flowing scarves, and a top of sheer fabric, which she slid off first thing. Her breasts pebbled in the cool air of the Inn. killian's hands were like that of a lover, as they came up to touch herself.

The Sorceress controlled killian, and was enjoying the caress of killian's smooth and supple globes. She moved killian's hands to circle and pinch her nipples until they glowed from the attention. killian purred, and petted herself as she was swept away by the touch.

Her hands slid down and under the skirt of scarves, and slowly circled her mound. Wet and aching, the subs fingers found nectar. killian fell to her knees, and arched back until her head nearly touched the floor. She slid her fingers around and around her nub until she screamed with release. Sweat glistened in the torchlight, as killian rocked into orgasm after orgasm. She felt the hands of her Mistress on her, and she was in a fog of bliss.

After the last orgasm took her over, killian stood, and locked eyes with her Mistress. the lass was compelled forward, and she went where she was led. dancing, slowly, with erotic swaying of her hips, she got closer and closer to those eyes.

When she reached her Mistress, she stood in place, and circled her hips, her hands again taking up an erotic massage of her swollen breasts.

The Sorceress was enjoying herself. She was fully taken in by killian's dance. She didn't notice the door open slightly from the dungeon, and missed the signaling between those behind the door, and The warriors in the room.

killian methodically removed one scarf after the other as she urged her sex closer and closer to her Mistress's hands. She wanted the violet eyes to go deep inside her, and she knew those hands could bring her ecstasy.

Soon, the sub was fully naked, and standing before the Sorceress, breathless, her thighs dripping with her essence.

As the Sorceress slipped her hand between ready folds, a loud CRASH sounded across the room....


(Klancy) --

"Sheeeee ---- yaaaaah!"

Xena flipped through the falling shards of stained glass from the shattered window above, and landed neatly in the SinTrade's main chamber. Her cerulean eyes glittered with anger. "Sorry to crash your orgy, witch-chick . . . but those are my friends you're bewitching."

The air of the dark Inn grew thick with tension, mixing with the heady, toxic eroticism of the Sorceress's spell. dj and rach, draped around the base of the enchantress's throne, looked at Xena, dazed. sarah, still groggy from the brutal flogging she had endured, lifted herself on trembling arms to peer at the tall Warrior. killian stared at her with glazed green eyes, her lips parted, trembling with desire.

"I could have flipped through a bloody window," Klancy growled to Alison. "You don't see anyone giving me a series. Quick, lass, unbolt the door."

The Sorceress rose to her feet, her high, pale cheeks flushed with rage. Alison swallowed hard, then darted to the Inn's shackled front entrance.

"One misfortune of my island exile, was missing all the palace gossip about the latest, ten-second, warrior wonder-dyke." The Sorceress's rich voice purred with menace. "I take it that's you?"

"That's me," Xena agreed. "Now, are you going to take your hex off these girls, or do I have to stomp a little smelly banshee butt?"

"Sweet Gaia, I've missed cheesy dialogue," Klancy sighed, and Xena threw her a baleful glare. 

Alison swung the door open, and Gabrielle slipped in. She saw that Alison was all right, and went quickly to Xena. Then she stopped short, staring at the naked killian in open-mouthed wonder. "We can't turn our backs on you guys for one minute!"


(Conclusion - by Klancy) --

Something was stirring, deep in the ensorcelled minds of the SinTrade's submissives. 

Their rapt eyes had been pinned on the Sorceress, and little else, for hours -- but now their focus began to shift. dj blinked first, looking from Xena's flashing blue eyes, to Gabrielle's worried green ones -- and then to the steady, loving gaze of Klancy7. sarah reacted next, shuddering suddenly with the pain of her flayed back. killian turned subtly away from the Sorceress, exposing her nakedness fully to Xena.

"Gabrielle." Xena kept her melodic voice low. "Take these two, and circle around."

"Right," Gabrielle nodded. "While you what?"

The dark Warrior glanced down at her young partner, puzzled. "What do you mean, 'while I what?'"

"I'm just asking," Gabrielle whispered, keeping one eye on the glowering Sorceress, "if what you have in mind has anything to do with you and me having physical relations with killian and sarah again. See, I really hope so, because they're so -- "

"Gabri-elle," Xena hissed. "Just circle around!"

"Right!" Gabrielle signaled to Klancy7 and Alison.

"Is glaring me to death the best you can do, Warrior?" The Sorceress's kohl-circled eyes gleamed. "Why don't you try cleaving me in half, with your little sword?"

Suddenly she reached out and snatched twilight's wrist, dragging the struggling girl in front of her. Alison almost lunged out of the cover of the shadows and bolted for her, but Klancy and Gabrielle caught her in time.

The Sorceress chuckled, darkly. "Go on, Xena, have at me!"

"I've got better weapons against the likes of frigid freaks like you, Sorceress." Xena straightened, and the long lines of her body relaxed. She closed her eyes, and a low, sweet melody issued from her full lips.

The Sorceress's exquisite face blanched in unpleasant surprise, and there was a definite, disorienting wave in the erotic energy in the chamber.

Xena sang a rich, trilling series of notes that lifted the hair on the necks of every human woman in the Inn. Slowly, the four enchanted submissives rose, and began moving away from the Sorceress's throne, toward the tall Warrior.

"Come back here, you traitorous young bitches!" the Sorceress screamed. Holding twilight with one arm, she lifted the other and summoned a whirling fireball. She hurled it toward Xena, who deflected it with a deft snap of her chakram, and sang on.

As killian and sarah and dj and rach moved further from the throne, the look of glazed enchantment began to vanish from their eyes. They filled instead with the image of Xena, the leathered butch Warrior each dreamed of, in different forms, calling to them through the dark sensuality of her music.

"If you won't be my slaves, Sinners," the Sorceress hissed, "then join my victims!"

The four young women had reached Xena, when the Sorceress suddenly ripped open the front of her robes, exposing her breasts. Two bright lassoers shot from the distended tips of the full globes, and filled the Inn with a destructive, shattering light.

Xena yelled warning, and swept the four women into her arms, shielding them from the punishing glow, as the foundation of the building began to shake beneath them.

The Sorceress smiled at Xena, a harrowing sight. She was enjoying her victory over the Warrior so much, she neglected to see the three shadows moving up behind her. "You do not interfere with my destiny, harlots!"

"Welp, sugartits, you don't fuck with my sisters, either," a courtly voice said.

The Sorceress released twilight and whirled, and Klancy7 decked her with a roundhouse right.

Alison thunked the enchantress solidly on the head with a frying pan as she fell, and lay still at their feet.

Abruptly, the clamoring light in the Inn faded, and peace was restored.

"Sheesh," Klancy7 said, summarizing her impressions succinctly, as always.

twilight collapsed in Alison's arms, and Gabrielle ran to the naked submissives, to help Xena check them over for injuries.

Klancy7 heard a flapping sound above them, and squinted up at the skylight.

Dark Angel landed on the lip of the open window, Klancy's scroll in her hands, her enormous sneakered feet dangling into the Inn. She read its contents while Klancy made her way up to the skylight, and lifted herself over its ledge to sit beside her.

"The Sorceress shot lasers out of her nipples?" Dark Angel lifted a skeptical eyebrow at her friend.

"Hey, it's Sunday afternoon, I had to end it somehow." Klancy leaned back on her elbows, enjoying the crisp fall air. "Website's looking good, DA."

"Yep," DA agreed, rolling the scrolled roleplay neatly for the SinTrade's archives.

"Got any members' bio pages yet?"


"They'll come. Any requests for memberships yet?"


"They'll come." Klancy7 yawned.

"You're awfully relaxed about things these days," Dark Angel observed, tapping the Courtly Butch's head with the scroll.

"Yep," Klancy agreed. "My country might be sailing into sewage, but the Inn is intact. People are posting. Everyone's in touch. As long as I can hang out here weekends, and recoup from the world, all is cool with Klancy."

Dark Angel nodded, then lifted an eyebrow. "You're not going to try to kiss me now, right?"

"Ptooie, ptooie."

(You can stop reading, the roleplay ended a long time ago . . . . )

  The End!


Conclusion RP - 'The Sorceress' - by Klancy7, Killian, Alison, Dj, & sarah

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