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Saturday Night

by Klancy, Killian, Ally, & Dj
September 15th~16th, 2001


(Klancy7) --

Eyes kept drifting to the Inn's beautiful front doors, hoping a step on the front porch might mean another Sinner, coming home for the night. They weren't all there, and that was a nagging worry for the Warriors and wenches gathered in the Inn's luxurious Chakram Bar.

The large screen digital television had seldom been turned off, since Tuesday. The terrible images had replayed there, all week. Some wenches, and Warriors, too, sat with their backs to the screen, now. Seeing it happen over and over again helped nothing. Young jhari had placed flickering candles of remembrance on each of the small round tables, and the Bar glowed with their mellow light.

It was quiet, for a Saturday night in this debauched, dark den. The lust was still there, lurking just beneath the surface; it was one of the Inn's life-forces, and it never subsided completely. Those who were able to give their voices, did so gladly, and their offerings were received both relief and pleasure.

Many of the wenches were dead on their feet, simply because they would not or could not sleep through the night. They moved restlessly through the Bar, like beautiful wraiths in a misty Scottish cemetery, with haunted eyes.

savay served a succession of platters of fragrant fresh bread from the Inn's kitchen, smothered in new-churned butter and clover honey. Her kindred downed every loaf in appreciative, but mindless gluttony. The body needed food, so you fed it.

Klancy7 and Dark Angel played endless hands of poker at Klancy's table, listening to the quiet conversation going on in the Bar. The good tidings of the safety of jhari's brother, and twilight's, had lightened the atmosphere somewhat. Now rach and sarah and qublah listened avidly to alamedic's quiet explanation of her reserve status.

dj sat alone, as was often her preference these days, pouring over the precious old manuscripts she planned to store in the SinTrade's large safe. She smiled warmly at Alethia, who brought her a chilled gabrieale, and reached down to pet the little lavender dragon who never strayed far from the Warrior's feet.

Dory and Xan had maps spread all over the large table they shared, charting the violence that had occurred that week, and projecting where it might hit next.

sarah and qublah lounged quietly, hand in hand, in the hottub, breathing in the aromatic, cleansing steam. alison brought them tall glasses of iced tea, laced with the Inn's finest bardbon, and then spied killian, looking yet again through the stained glass window in their outer door.

The lovely, lushly curved Warrior/wench sighed, and went to her distracted young sister. She put her hand on killian's shoulder, and the girl turned to her, and melted into her arms.

The high passion of last week's erotica would return to the Inn again, in many forms, but tonight, the Sinners seemed to crave a more quiet intimacy . . .


(Part 2 of 5 - by killian) --

Killian cried helplessly in alison's arms. The lass had not slept well since the attack, and all she wanted at the moment was to be held.

alison stroked killian's hair and held her close. alison was herself just getting over a hard bout with the flu, and was feeling weak, but seeing killian suffering always made the Beautiful Butch sub find her strength. It was that strength she was giving to killian now.

The kiss was a bit surprising to alison, but not at all unwelcome. The two subs fell into each other with pent up grief and need. This kiss lasted long, and lingered between them. A hush came over the Sinners as they witnessed this new turn of events. Everyone knew alison and killian had some fire between them, and no one was surprised now, to see it tapped.

alison broke the kiss first. She did so only to lead killian upstairs and to her private room. killian hadn't stopped shedding tears, but was easily led by her sweet friend up towards the rooms.


(Part 3 of 5 - by Alison) --

There had always been something about killian that brought out the protective warrior in had taken her a long time to realize warrior's came in all shapes and sizes and degrees, killian even had one, alison had seen it.

When they reached more private quarters, alison threw open the door, pulled killian inside, picked her up, shutting the door with a booted foot and carried her to the bed. Alison lay killian tenderly upon it, then lay down beside her, taking her into her arms, holding her so tightly yet oh so gently.

A tender kiss rapidly exploded into a kiss born of love and hungry passion. Clothes flew this way and that, the need to feel skin on skin overpowering them both.

Alison looked deeply into killian's eyes, "This night you receive my old friend." Alison proceeded to slowly, tenderly kiss each and every single inch of killian, pausing to nibble here and there, her hands roaming softly over young killian's body.

Alison kissed and touched everywhere...everywhere except killian's sweet center...teasing had always been one of Alison's favorite things to do.

Alison's nails played lightly up and down killian's legs and the insides of her thighs, each touch coming closer and closer to killian's sweet center, alison could feel the heat rising from her friend and it pleased her greatly.

Alison's hand grazed lightly over killian's curls, feeling the wetness there as killian squirmed beneath her. Slowly, gently, alison slipped two fingers inside of killian, feeling them engulfed in such heat, such wetness, such softness.

One arm held killian tight against alison, a kiss sealing there lips together as slowly alison entered killian over and over, her fingers curling massaging that spot deep inside, her thumb pressing  circling killian's swollen clit.

Higher and higher alison took killian, closer and closer to the edge, feeling the need in her friend. Harder and faster alison's fingers moved inside killian, the pressing, circling firmer and faster until killian's cries of release were screamed down alison's throat, swallowed in the kiss. Alison held killian closely, feeling her tremble and tears rolled down alison's face as she held her old friend to her. 

As killian's eyes closed in much needed sleep, alison whispered softly, "I love you my friend, I always have and I'll always be here for you." Alison watched killian sleep until Morpheus claimed her as well.


(Part 4 of 5 - by dj) --

Not being able to concentrate on her scribing and archiving tasks any longer, the young woman wearily shook her head. With shoulders slumped, head bowed, her fingers pinched nose and tear ducts.

...It had been such a long, horrific week for everyone. Nerves were frayed, hearts were saddened, and a true danger filled the air. The anxiety and tension emanating off each other was felt throughout all of Gaia. You could actually touch these waves, and also feel one another's grief, as your own was sent out.

The magnitude of these tragic catastrophes which erupted this last week were incalculable. Our world had been changed forever. This marks one of the most important events in our soon-to-be written History books. A jihad War had been launched on our soil, striking in a cowardly, evil way. Terrorists struck, hitting our hearts, killing thousands, nearly Five Thousand innocent people. Women, men, children, tourists, people from all walks of life, innocent every-day human beings, were brutally slaughtered by freedom-loathing terrorists.

Retaliation would come, then counter-attacks by the barbaric cowards, and more retaliations would reign down. A war had been waged on the Sleeping Giant. This was a very dangerous and shaky time on Gaia. War in the 21st Century had begun...

The woman shook her head again. All of this had been so overwhelming, she sorely needed a break. After pushing the scrolls into a huge pile on the table, the young historian stood up. With hands on hips, she stretched to crack her stiff neck and back muscles, groaning as they popped back into place. A smile reached her eyes as she looked around the room. Kindred were gathered, and this quickened her sad heart.

Glancing towards the stage, dj saw DarkAngel and Klancy playing their usual card game. Those two butches were such a trip. Watching, she saw a booted foot swing forward, striking the shin of the one across from her, then a swipe to the head flashes out, knocking the other woman's cap off. A feather floated to the floor, which Kirby snuffed up, trotting off and shaking her head as the black feather teetered on her little nose.

dj just snicked at their antics and walked over towards them. Two sets of eyes caught the young girl's movements. They smiled and gestured her on. The presence of kindred, talking and touching, was badly needed. They needed each others company for comfort and support - plus a few 'sinner-type' distractions.

Leaning over to give each woman a kiss, they touched with light hands, eyes connecting and understanding. Then a wenchly eyebrow raised. "Hey, butchies, any smut to be had around these Halls?"

Before dj barely got those words out of her mouth, a thump and a muffled groan were heard from above.

(Snork!). "Guess somebody has the right idea!"

Then in a more sobering voice, "These aren't just distractions, they're displays of love, be it the gentle lovemaking or the lustful smut - it's all definitely needed right now." Heads shook in agreement around their dimly lit table...


(Part 5 - by killian) --

Killian woke first, and marveled at the beautiful body of her friend. Strong, supple, and passionate. killian smiled.

Taking alison's arms quietly, killian attached them to the sheepskin cuffs at the top of her bed. killian had to laugh quietly to herself, as she lay a gentle kiss on alison. this was the first time these bonds had been used by killian on anyone. It had always been killian as the recipient.

killian soothed sweet alison's legs into the ankle shackles. Still the Warriorwench slept soundly.

killian got a feather from her bedside toy box. She slowly used the feather to trail behind the soft kisses she was delivering down first alison's head, neck, and shoulders.

When killian got to her friends ample breasts, the lass woke up. killian smiled into sleepy, but passionate eyes.

"Now, it is your turn to receive, my sweet sweet friend."

alison murmured, and moaned as killian lavished intense attention on her stunning breasts, with both feather, and lips.

As alison's moans grew louder, killian moved slowly down her stomach, circling kisses, and following with the soft and oh so tantalizing feather.

killian reached alison's sensuous mound, and could not help but bury her face there with eager enjoyment.

alison gasped as killian's tongue found its way onto her precious nub, flicking and licking with alternative strokes.

First two fingers, then three followed into alison's warm and intoxicating canal. thrusting, and curving with slow urgency, killian's tongue played a symphony on alison's pearl.

The warriorwench pulled at her bonds, and found herself in sweet sweet ecstasy.

killian licked, sucked, and danced with her talented fingers, until she heard a divine purr escape her protective friend. A loud, and satiated purr, that lasted for half the morning.

Finally, after alison was completely spent, killian came up her body to lay on top of alison, kissing her softly, so her friend could taste her luscious scent.

alison asked to be untied, cause she wanted to hold killian. the lass complied, undoing her friend's bonds.

The two lay entwined, for blissful for long hours.

At some point sarah, and twi knocked on the door, and brought in a tray of bread, olives, tomatoes, and meats, for the two weary lasses, that had been made up by savay.

Little Kirby snuck in and jumped on the bed, and in the middle of killian and alison, wanting petting, and attention, and some of that meat if she could get it. All the subs laughed and of course shared!

Later that night, the two subs led the whole Inn to the hot springs, where much sensuous carousing, and friendship played out.


The End - 'Saturday Night' - by Klancy, Killian, Alison,  & Dj

Continued in RP - Moonlight Becomes You

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