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Night Rage

by Klancy, Dj, Ally, Twi, & sarah
Sept 22nd~Oct 6th, 2001


(Klancy7) --

The SinTrade Inn's antique jukebox crooned The Band's version of "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," a fitting anthem for a troubled week.

"The sun would rise, soon," Klancy7 read solemnly. "And the Sinners longed for the daylight, with as much yearning as their carnality craved the darkness ..."

Dory had her face buried in her arms, which were crossed on her table, but the entire Inn still heard her desperately muffled snort of laughter.

"What?" Klancy7 snapped in annoyance, glaring at Dory from her own table, which she stood upon.

"I'm sorry, Klance," Dory stammered, her eerie eyes brimming with tears of ill-suppressed mirth. "It's just that, come on, you gotta admit, your writing can get rather . . . er . . . fruity, sometimes."

"Froo-tie?" The indignant but still Courtly Butch repeated. "Dorian, in this epistle, I'll have you know, Klancy7 captures the inexpressible longing of -- "

Frost grinned, as the debate began. It was good to hear voices again. And the gentle kidding, and real affection, between the two women. The silver Warrior saw a few smiles surface around her, as the carping continued, on faces that had been drawn and pale for days, and knew that Klancy and Dory were on the right track. It was important to return to normality, as soon as humanly possible.

A few Sinners joined in the good-natured exchange between the two friends, and the air in the Inn began to stir with movement. Dark Angel was seated at her table, with the lovely jhari kneeling at her side, collar in place. The Winged Warrior snapped her fingers, and sarah made her way toward her hastily, bearing two frosty tankards of gabrieale.

killian rolled her eyes at Klancy and Dory, then placed her hands on Xan's broad shoulders again, and peered intently into the Domme's monitor. Frost hoped they were able to work out Xan's problems with receiving mail, she'd like to get to know the Stunning Spaniard better. Young twilight was soundly trouncing qublah in a game of darts.  

The jukebox kicked into a sweet Annie Lenox number, and Alethia stepped down, stiffly, from a stool at the Chakram Bar. She grinned at a large table of wenches, and made a rather gallant, sweeping bow toward the hardwood dance floor, in spite of the pain in her back. alison, dj, savay, rach, janna, and alamedic all looked at each other. Then they got up, as one, snickering and hooting softly, relieved to be doing something, anything, after this lousy week.

"Never let 'em see you bleed."

Frost turned, to see Xena seated on the stool beside her. The dark Warrior lounged back against the bar, her elbows propped on its smooth surface. "Yes? Is that your philosophy?"

"One of them." The cobalt eyes flicked over Frost. "I prefer kill 'em all. But I admire these people, for carrying on with their lives. You're new here."

"So are you." Frost smiled. "So are we all. I've read the Inn's archives, Xena."

"You look like you can fight."

Frost's smile faded. "You see well. Am I going to have to?"

Xena's grim features finally softened. "Not with me. But yes, there might be a fight coming, for all of us."

"Hey." dj's voice distracted Frost. "That's odd."

Both Warriors looked over to see the lovely blond historian, opening the shutters over the large bay window. janna walked over to join her, and they both peered out at the inky night.

"I know winter's coming to these parts," janna said. "But isn't it still a little dark, for this time of morning?"

There was a flittering of wings, and tiny Charles flew up to the shuttered skylight. His wee pudgy fingers wrapped around the small lever, and the slatted covering opened -- to a starry, midnight sky.

"Uh, yeah, it's more than odd." alamedic frowned, and turned off the jukebox, as the Sinners began gathering in the center of the huge bar. "It's well after dawn, judging by our candles, kindred."

Frost gave Xena a sharp look. "Do you know something about this?"

"Not enough." The Warrior stood, in a single fluid movement, and the young bard, Gabrielle, came to her immediately. They looked at each other with foreboding, before Xena called to the assembled lodgers. "Close ranks, people. We need to call council."

"Sinners assemble," Dark Angel ordered calmly, looking around to be sure all the Inn's lodgers were present. She nodded at Xena. "Go on, mate."

"I've felt this coming for hours." Xena's expression was bleak. "This lasting darkness is something Gabrielle and I have seen before. It means the gods have been angered."

"Could you narrow it down a little?" savay meant no disrespect. "Sorry, you guys go ahead and explain."

"I wish we could, savay," Gabrielle answered her friend, her green eyes were troubled. "But there's no way of knowing which god, or gods, have been offended. Or even what's ticked them off, for that matter."

"Not yet," Xena amended. "Stopping the sun in its tracks is usually only the first act."

"Gee, there's going to be a whole play?" Klancy was starting to look less than distressed, at these developments. "An action drama, I take it?"

"Let's just focus on making sure it's not a tragedy, butchly." dj wound her arm through Klancy's.

"How will we know which god we pissed off, then, and how soon?" sarah asked, flipping a dishtowel unconsciously into a lethal weapon.

"We can expect some kind of attack, Sinners." Xena straightened, and they could see the commanding warlord in her now. "It might be a human army. It might be an army of skeletons. Or bees. It might be an onslaught of nightmares so terrible, we all stop sleeping. It could be any plague, or many of them."

"Any idea how we get ready, for something like that?" killian's voice was shrill at first, but she had it well under control by the time she reached the end of her question.

"We're ready now," Dark Angel interjected. "As ready as we can be. Our weapons are clean, sharpened, and in easy reach."

"Some more easy than others," Klancy observed, glancing at DA's trousers. "But Bigfoot is right, compadres. Our stable is stocked with seasoned warhorses, if we need them. The Clitoris Clipper is seaworthy, and anchored in our harbor. We're yours to command, Xena."

Xena nodded acknowledgment. "We might not even have to leave these walls -- the Inn itself might be what angered the gods. All we can do is be ready, and wait."


(dj) --

(Darkness still envelops the light. Night has become day.)

Xena nodded acknowledgment. "We might not even have to leave these walls -- the Inn itself might be what angered the gods. All we can do is be ready, and wait."

...yes, something was definitely wrong. The whole of Gaia had been threatened, endangered. Times were not good. Much uncertainty and danger filled the air. Tensions were high, senses alert, like electrical charges prickling inside.


"Okay, okay." dj snapped her fingers. "Xena, you said we can expect some type of attack. It might be human, animal, or otherly. This threat could come in many forms, like Sinners turning into something else, or one against another, or battling an..."

killian now snapped her fingers. "...or, breathtakingly stunning Warriors turning into wenches!" She couldn't help but smirk, eyes twinkled in mirth.

Klancy snorted at her. "Any god, worth his salt, would curse all our wenches with constant, pre-orgasmic arousal . . . yeah, constant . . . unfulfilled . . . pulsing . . . surging . . . but never -- oomph!" A hand slapped her stomach.

"Or." The blonde woman looked up into sparkling depths. Her own eyes shimmered a smile, but then the girl sobered. She looked around the room at friendly kindred, "Or, it could be like Xena said, a plague of nightmares haunting our sleep. Some could be scary, others could be throbbingly hot. With the gods pissed off, we may end up dreaming a whole slew of stuff."

A crumpled paper on the table caught her eye. She picked it up and recited.

"The sun would rise, soon. And the Sinners longed for the daylight, with as much yearning as their carnality craved the darkness ..."

"Sounds kinda prophetic, butchly. Our kindred longing for the daylight, but night won't release us. These dreams sure are gonna be something else."


(alison) --

Alison couldn't sleep, didn't matter what she tried, she just couldn't relax enough to sleep. Finally she gave up and got out of bed, and dressed in her purple robe. She quietly made her way down the hall and descended the stairs into the main room.

The quietness was almost deafening, pressing in on her from all sides. There was dis-ease in her soul and she didn't know where it was coming from. Alison knew it was from outside herself, but couldn't zero in on who or what was causing it. Normally, if she just focused her mind she could find the source but not this night.

As she wandered the room she felt the feeling growing in her. She was not alone...every fiber in her being told her she was not alone, yet there was no one there.

As she neared the stage, unseen hands grabbed her roughly, jerking her up and holding her inches off the ground, her feet kicking and finding nothing but air. She went to scream and found herself mute, no sound escaped her lips, no sound existed. 

Her robe was torn from her body and thrown to the floor as hands grabbed her legs, holding them so far apart she thought they would be torn from her body. Hands roughly pinched and squeezed her breasts, her mouth opening to cry out but it did no good. No one could hear her, no one could help her.

She felt herself being entered, front and back, savagely, she was being ripped apart, ripped apart by something or someone she couldn't even see.

As the assault continued she heard menacing, maniacal laughter in her head, so loud she feared her head would explode from the sheer volume. Over and over she felt herself being driven into, she could do nothing for unseen hands held her tightly up off the floor.

As she felt each vicious thrust, the laughter continued in her head, threatening to split it apart. She willed herself to die, better that than this, but no comfort of death was to be found.

She had no concept of time, for it had ceased to exist. How long the attack went on she could not say, for to her it seemed an eternity. As suddenly as it had began, it stopped and she fell to the floor with a resounding thud. The laughter took on a tone that almost made her heart stop beating in her chest, she had never been so terrified in all her life as she was right at that moment. She couldn't move, every part of her screaming out in pain.

As she lay as she had landed, the laughter began to fade, for which she was grateful, if it had gone on much longer she would have surely gone insane from it. As she felt blackness claiming her she heard, "Tell that bitch Xena she'll never get away." Alison surrendered to the blackness and passed out where she lay.


(twilight) --

twilight awoke with a start from a troubled sleep ...something was wrong she thought as a stab of pain cut through her sleep hazed consciousness...looking down she noticed that her hand was tightly clenched around her white rose, the thorns had pierced her flesh and a scarlet stream flowed down her alabaster arm and pooled on the silken sheets. She watched in horrified fascination as the blood seemed to form a pattern, some arcane hieroglyphics that she could not decipher but which filled her with dread none the less.

Dropping the rose, she sensed a presence and looked wildly around the room but saw nothing but the darkness. And yet this darkness was more then just an absence of light. It had a tangible presence that oppressed the soul. At that moment a violent tremor shook her slender form and she felt a constricting pain in her chest. Somehow she sensed one of her sisters at the Inn was in great danger.

twilight leaped from the bed, the blood runes and oppressive darkness forgotten for the moment, and dashed from her room without pausing to dress. She had but one thought in mind to come to the aid of her endangered sister. "downstairs, whatever is going on is happening downstairs" she sensed.

In a state of near panic twilight raced down the stairs, her long black hair billowing behind her like a cape of raven feathers. twilight's heart hammered against her ribs as she tried to fight against the terror that threatened to consume her. Even the familiar, comforting features of the Inn had been transformed this night into something strange and sinister. And twilight felt herself on the brink of outright hysteria..

"can't give in" "a sister needs me" twi repeated to herself over and over as a mantra against the suffocating darkness.

As she entered the main room, twilight felt drawn towards the stage as if by some unseen force. Her eyes darted to and fro like a trapped animal, then she spotted her, a small figure huddled on the floor. twilight rushed over to find Alison's bruised and battered body. She pulled Alison into her arms and began to rock her still form back and forth.

 "Oh Goddess, Alison! Oh Goddess, what happened? who did this?" twilight was nearly incoherent with fear for her friend. In near hysterics she screamed for help.

With tears rolling down her cheeks twilight held her friend in a fiercely protective grip and a violent rage started to build within her slight form, displacing her earlier fear. "Who did this Alison? Who?! I swear by Gaea I'll kill whoever did this,

I'll Kill 'em All!" she snarled. The normally peaceful wench was beside herself with fury and vowed to take vengeance on Alison's behalf. However, looking around the room she could find no clue as to who Alison's attacker could have been, all she could see was the mocking darkness.

"Please Alison, wake up and be ok" twilight whispered as she stroked her friends hair and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. Alison stirred slightly and cried out in her sleep. "shhhh, i've got you sweetie, it's ok....i-i won't let them hurt you again, i promise" "i'll die first..i swear".

twilight knew she should alert the others of this attack but she couldn't bear the idea of leaving Alison alone, even for a moment, after what had happened. But why had no one responded to her earlier cries for help? It was as though this malevolent darkness that saturated the Inn was isolating the SinTraders from one another. twilight shivered and held on even tighter to her friend and prayed that a dawn would arrive soon to end this unnatural night.

(from alison) --

Alison stirred slightly, the mere act of trying to move causing her pain. She felt arms holding her, opening her eyes a little she saw twilight holding her, knew she was safe and allowed her eyes to close again, this time in sleep.


(Another Story, by sarah) --

Sarah delivered the ales to Lord Angel's table. she placed the Lords drink in front of Her and then waited patiently for permission to give the girl her drink. Lord Angel took a gulp of ale and gave sarah a nod. sarah bowed her head in acknowledgment and turned to the girl at DA's feet. Handing her the ale sarah introduced herself.

'Hello, my name is sarah. If you need anything please feel free to ask'. Realizing what she had said sarah quickly added with a bow of her head to Lord Angel, 'with your Lords permission of course'.

Leaning down to whisper in the girls ear sarah adds 'I am so jealous, you are indeed lucky to be with Tall Dark and Dangerous'. Standing back up 'I hope you enjoy your time here with us in the Inn'. Not realizing that DA had heard what she had whispered sarah asked, 'Will there be anything else my Lord?'

'Yes keep the ale coming', and as sarah turned towards the bar DA swat her behind, 'and keep your comments to yourself'.

'Of course my Lord.' (damn her hearing) 'Forgive me for my inappropriate remark'.

sarah returned to the bar and noticed that the ale was running low. Making her way down to the cellar, sarah looked at the door to the Playroom. she had not been in there yet and wondered just what there was to see. Looking back up the stairs to make sure noone was watching, sarah opened the door and slowly entered.

There was not much light as she made her way inside, her eyes wide in wonder. Suddenly she felt hands grab her and force her to the floor. A blindfold was tied tightly around her head and a gag forced into her mouth. her clothes were torn from her body and she felt restraints strapped to her wrists and ankles. her legs were pulled wide and secured to the floor and chains from the ceiling began pulling and stretching her upwards. her limbs were pulled taut, she could not move. she heard the words around her but could not make out voices. Their laughter as they poked and prodded her body. 'Look she is unmarked, this is going to be fun'.

sarah heard the whistle and then the crack close behind her. she guessed what was coming but nothing had prepared her for the burning pain she felt as the whip struck. As the blows rained down she realised the burning was not only where the whip struck. she could feel the heat in her centre and the juices as they flowed from her, mixing with the blood which had begun to trickle down her back. Suddenly there was a sharp sting on her breast. she screamed but nothing came out past the gag.

The pain was incredible but the throbbing in her clit was almost more than she could bear. Just as she felt herself about to tip over the edge the blows ceased.

'No, please. Don't stop. Not now. I need to cum,' she thought.

Almost before she could comprehend it, she felt the hand at her entrance. She was swollen and very wet making it easy for her assailant to thrust the fist into her. It thrust deeper, faster. she almost bit through the gag. The fist kept its pace even as her orgasm gripped her. her body shook, or shook as much as possible in its restraints. Just as she was coming down, the fist was pulled violently from her, sending another wave through her.

As consciousness left her she was still suspended from the ceiling. Blood mingled with her juices dripped down her body. her last thought, 'Oh Gods, was this real or a nightmare'.


The End - 'Night Rage' - by Klancy, Dj, Ally, Twi, & sarah

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