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Moonlight Becomes You

by Alison, Killian, sarah, & Dory
September 17th~23rd, 2001
(Continuation of the Saturday Night Roleplay)


(Alison) --

As they all enjoyed the water and the evening a mischievous streak raced through alison. Killian looked soooo beautiful under the moonlight, it seemed as if it was made to shine upon her.

Alison enjoyed a leisurely swim and upon seeing killian's attention focused on talking to twi, alison once again grabbed her, hugged her tightly and took them both under the water. Killian went from being a delicious little morsel to being a whirling dervish and alison had to let her go for fear of being pummeled to death.

As they surfaced alison saw the look on killian's face, a combination of terror and anger. The look of terror went right through alison, she had not meant to cause killian harm. Alison followed killian out of the water, "Oh sweet lords, I never meant to cause you pain my friend. I am so sorry. Please what can I do to make it up to you? I swear I'll never do it again, you have my word of honor."


(killian) --

killian was shaken. Very shaken, and PISSED! The lass turned on alison, and ......and .....sputtered water. Her lungs were coughing it up in heaves at present.

dj ran over and began to pound on killian's back. then Dark Angel stepped up, and pulled killian into a bear hug, squeezing all of the water out of her constricted lungs.

Kirby ran up and wanted to join in, so she licked killian's naked wet toes, making the lass Yell, which in turn scared DA, who accidentally dropped killian back into the water.

Pandemonium struck, as Klancy7, alison, DA, and little sarah jumped into the water trying to save killian. Already in the water were savay, and Dory, and twilight. More dunking occurred inadvertently.

Althea's young sapphire got riled up, and roared in the direction of the pool, and burned the tip of Kirby's tail.

Yipping and screaming and Warrior shouting were heard by all, for miles around the usually tranquil Inn.

Xan, who was out on watch, rode up at a full gallop, and nearly fell in the hot springs herself as she jumped off of her mount, in an attempt to help.

alamedic hid with qublah and rach just behind the whipping bench, hoping to not get caught in the fracas.

alainis stood now at the side of the pool, and let out a blood curdling holler.


Miraculously, everyone shut up. Even Kirby and Sapphire.

Alethia, Xan, and alainis began to extricate people from the water, as qublah, rach, and alamedic joined in.

Dark Angel hauled killian out, and apologized profusely for dropping her.

"But," The Dark One whispered, so just killian could here. "If you ever shriek like that in my ear again, I will bare your young ass and give it a tanning you will never forget. Understand, little one?

"Um, yes Lord Angel. And thank you for saving my life. May I hug you?"

killian grabbed a hold of the soggy immortal, and hugged her as fiercely as killian is want to do. DA just stood there for a minute, blustering, then quickly regrouped, and let the young scared and grateful lass hug her.

Klancy, meanwhile had young alison by the collar.

"You, I think lass, are the cause of this little drama. What have you to say for yourself. Huh? Perhaps a good spanking is in order. Don't you agree? And by poor fair killian."

The Sinner's erupted in applause at that suggestion, and all awaited what alison would have to say for herself.

All that is, except poor Kirby, who had retreated inside to her favorite doggie bed, by the fire, to nurse her scorched though still stunning, tail.


(sarah) --

sarah bolted out of the water quickly grabbing up the towels she headed for the throng. she wrapped killian in a towel and began to rub the poor wench dry. Folding her in the towel "I'll be back in a sec kil". she approached DA and handing Her a towel, "can i get You anything Lord Angel, would you like a warm toddy?"

Looking down on the girl, a smile almost breaking loose, She took the towel. "thank you sarah a warm drink would be nice about now".

Certainly, Lord Angel, I'll be right back. Heading for a dripping Klancy, who was still holding a wriggling Alison, sarah handed Her a towel. "Excuse me Klancy, I am going to get Lord DA ad hot toddy would you care for one?"

Taking the towel, "thank you sarah, yes I would. Can you bring it to my table" turning a glaring eye and an evil smile towards alison, "I will have it after we deal with this little problem".

Smiling, sarah scampered back to killian and helped her to the fire, rubbing the girl to try to dry her. "Stay here by the fire and try to get warm. I'll go get you a drink that will help to heat you up before you tackle alison".

sarah headed off to the bar giggle to herself about the evenings events. this is going to be fun she thought to herself


(Alison) --

Struggling would do no good so alison didn't waste the energy. As killian sat by the fire Klancy let loose of alison. Turning to the Courtly Butch, "I really intended no harm but it seems I have caused it. Whatever she thinks should be done i accept."

Alison made her way over to killian who was sitting by the fire, her eyes still shining with anger, though thankfully some of it had seemed to have dissipated. Alison knelt before killian and bowed her head before speaking.

 "My friend i have caused you harm when none was meant. That doesn't change the fact that what i did upset you. I humbly ask your forgiveness and place myself in your hands for whatever punishment you think i deserve. You have my word it will never happen again."

Alison remained as she was, awaiting killian's decision. She had meant no harm, but was ready to accept the consequences of her actions, whatever they may be.


(killian) --

killian thanked sarah for the towel, and drink. the lass looked into the fire while she sipped her toddy.

killian did not make eye contact with alison.

killian was still working on the last edges of the fear and anger that had engulfed her when she was pulled under. She didn't want to look at alison until she could clear her heart of anger towards her dear friend.

This had been the second time in a matter of days that alison had grabbed her and dunked her so. killian had forgiven alison the first time, and informed the rambunctious warriorwench that being grabbed from behind and pulled under water, with no warning, was not only dangerous, but scared killian deeply. At present, killian was very deeply upset that her friend had not listened to her, and gone and done this to her again.

killian knew that it had to hurt alison to be kneeling before her like this, in public, naked, and still dripping wet. No one had offered her a towel, as everyone in the Inn was similarly upset with her. killian noticed her shaking as she dared a slight glance in alison's direction.

"sarah, love, will you please bring a towel to alison. Thank you."

killian looked back at the fire and sipped her toddy while alison took the offered towel and dried off as much as she could. killian's thoughts had turned to punishment. What should she do? she had never punished anyone before. Should she ask a Warrior to take care of alison's punishment? killian could tell that Lord Angel, and Klancy were seething at getting their fine leather and silk clothes wet.

No, everyone else was still too angry with alison to ask. Besides, alison had kneeled before her killian, a sub, to be punished. This in itself was an oddity around the Inn. killian was not sure it had ever happened before in the old place, and certainly, this would be a first for the SinTrade Inn.

killian sighed and scratched her head. She looked around at the disheveled and dripping Sinner's who waited for her word. The lass put her drink down, and stood up, wrapping the soft silk robe around her. She addressed the crowd, while still not looking at alison.

"K/kindred. I apologize to you for the discomfort this act of alison's has wrought upon us this night. I do not wish to tarry, because i know you will wanting to be getting out of your wet things as soon as possible."

"It is not customary for a sub to be in the position to be punishing a fellow sub, unless it is ordered by a Warrior. This has not been ordered, but asked by alison of me. If there is no objection from any of you. I will now convey what punishment i plan for this lass."

killian waited as a rustling went around the room. Lord Angel was not at all sure she liked the idea of a sub giving discipline, and Alethia was confused. Low talk and pointed words were exchanged among the Warriors with each other. killian was not at all sure they were going to allow her to exact this punishment as she waited, listening to snippets of conversation. Finally, Klancy7 spoke.

"While it is unusual lass, for one of our subs to meet out discipline in any form on another sub, this is an unusual circumstance. We Warriors believe you have been harmed killian, and we leave it up to you to bring about the consequences for young alison's behavior. We will allow you to punish her as you see fit."

killian nodded her head and thanked her Warriors for their consent. Now a new trepidation filled killian's body as the reality of what was about to happen.

killian took a breath, and ran a hand through her auburn locks. Finally, when she had gathered enough calm inside, she looked into the eyes of her dear friend.

"alison, i know you are sorry for what you have done to me, to us. But i must point out that this is not the first time you have taken this dangerous and foolish action. Not three days have passed since the last time you played in such a harmful way with me. I have to say my friend that it makes me wary of your judgment, and will make me wary until such time that you can prove to me that i can be safe with you at play."

killian watched as tears slid down alison's cheeks, and she knew, only too well, how much a punishment was needed in order to give alison some relief from her agony.

"Since i think what you have done warrants more than just a hand spanking, I will ask Dory to outfit me with an appropriate paddle for this sort of indiscretion. For my own comfort, i will have you laid across my lap for your punishment. I don't think i can handle punishing someone at the spanking bench, or i would surely shackle you there, and make you take what is coming to you from that position. Know that i put you across my knee not out of any deservingness of leniency on your part."

killian still stayed locked on alison's eyes, though scant warmth passed from them at present. killian still loved her friend, and wanted to be fair to her.

"Before your spanking is administered, you will set up the massage table here, in front of the fire, where you will give me a thorough and soothing massage. I wish to be at my most relaxed when i punish you, and I am not now in that frame of mind. I am sure twilight, sarah, rach, and savay, will help you set up the needed things for the massage."

"I would ask that the Warriors retire to there rooms, and change and freshen up while we get ready. My massage will be erotic, and for the pleasure of the Warriors and subs who had to be displaced, and burdened by alison's behavior."

"I ask you all to indulge me in this, and i will reward you with a fine erotic evening. I believe in atonement, and i believe in forgiveness. The punishment will be alison's atonement, to not only me, but all of us. And her forgiveness will be the pleasure i bring to her after her atonement in complete."

"Let us all retire to our duties, and meet back here in a candlemark in order to begin. killian gave one last look at alison, and could not help but warm her eyes at the beautiful voluptuous sub who she would be punishing and pleasuring this night."

As they all dispersed, killian pulled dj aside. "dj? Would you mind overseeing the subs in this? I would really appreciate it. I need to go to my room and gather my wits about me before i can pull this off. Thank you sis. I owe you."


(alison) --

Alison accepted the help of her subbie sisters setting up the table as killian had instructed. She also set some bowls of oil beside the fire to warm, the faint smell of almonds drifting from them. As time arrived, the inhabitants of the Inn began to gather, alison hardly noticed them, she was focused on what was to come.

Alison knew killian would be fair in her punishment, for alison trusted killian with her very life. Alison also knew she had wronged her friend and nothing could make up for that. As alison saw killian approaching, she again went to her knees before her friend, her sister...this night alison served her friend, this night alison's submission was to killian. Alison knew some would have problems with a sub in submission to another sub but this was something that alison needed to do.

Killian stopped in front of alison, looked down at her dear friend kneeling before her. Killian placed a finger under alison's chin raising first her head, their eyes meeting and holding for a moment. Alison could not keep tears from welling up in her eyes, she was truly sorry for what she had done. Gently, slowly killian raised alison to her feet until they stood one in front of the other, face to face and since they were almost the same height, eye to eye. 

"My friend the time has come. Are you prepared to accept the consequences of your actions?" Killian's eyes never leaving alison's.

"Yes my friend. I beg your forgiveness and place myself in your hands."

Killian placed a tender kiss on alison's lips, which just succeeded in making alison cry, removed her robe and lay down upon the table, feeling the warmth of the fire against her skin. Alison knew all were watching but as far as she was concerned it was just her and killian. Alison moved killian's auburn hair from off her shoulders, feeling the softness and silkiness of it as it slipped through her fingers. The light from the fire played upon killian's skin as she lay on her back looking up into the eyes of her friend.

Alison softly caressed killian's face, her thumb stroking killian's forehead and eyebrows, fingers lightly massaging that beautiful face before she retrieved a bowl of warmed almond oil. Alison trickled the warmed oil over killian's breasts and stomach, then began massaging the front of killian's shoulders and down her arms, kneading each muscle.

Killian's skin glistening with the oil, the scent of almonds filling her senses. Alison's hands gently tenderly massaged killian's breasts, her thumbs lightly, grazing over killian's nipples. Light touches, gentle kneading all along killian's sides and across her stomach. 

Alison's long hair fell across killian's skin as alison continued massaging her friend. Warm slippery hands worked knots out of thigh muscles, alison's hair falling down and over killian's sweet center and the insides of her thighs. Down killian's legs, alison rubbed and massaged, adding more warm oil as she went along.

Alison's hands rubbed killian's feet, thumbs pressing in gently rubbing circles on the bottoms of them. Back up killian's body alison ascended, her hair again falling across killian's thighs and brushing ever so softly across killian's mound. When alison reached killian's face again she whispered in her friend's ear, for only her to hear. "If it pleases you please turn over my friend." Killian turned and lay on her stomach, her perfect ass there for all to see.

Warm oil was drizzled from killian's shoulders, down her back, and ass and over her thighs. Alison's hands knew this back, knew where the knots hid out and set about kneading them away. She could feel killian relaxing, feel the tension leaving. 

Alison straddled killian, her curls brushing against killian's butt as alison's hands worked the muscles of killian's shoulders and upper back. Some touches light, others deeper, harder. Lower and lower alison massaged killian, fingers working the muscles, kneading them, drawing the tension from them. 

As alison rubbed lower her nipples grazed over killian's back lightly. Warm slippery hands fondled and caressed, massaged and kneaded killian's perfect ass. Alison's nails lightly playing over it as she made her way down killian's thighs. She could feel the heat coming from her sweet friend as she kept massaging lower and lower till she had kneaded each calf, each ankle, then began her journey upwards again. 

Alison let her hands trail up killian's legs her nails trailing up the insides of killian's thighs. One hand sliding under killian, effectively cupping her mound in alison's hand. She could feel the heat coming from her friend, could feel the wetness she knew would be there. 

Alison raised killian slightly as she slid her other hand under killian as well. One hand's fingers caressing and teasing killian's already swollen clit, the other, two fingers slipping easily inside her sweet friend. Slowly, deliberately alison circled killian's clit as she curled her fingers inside of killian to stroke over that sweet spot deep inside. Alison heard nothing but killian's moans, felt nothing except her hands touching, loving her friend. 

Over and over alison's fingers entered her friend, each stroke all the way in, then all the way out yet gently slowly done. As alison pleasured killian she whispered her remorse in her friend's ear for only her to hear. Time and again alison's fingers slid into killian, her fingers circling killian's clit gradually firmer and firmer. 

Killian's moans became louder and her body moved against alison's fingers, giving herself over to the pleasure she was receiving. Killian arched hard into alison's hand and screamed in release, gripping the edge of the massage table and pulling herself into a beautiful bow.  Al-is-son came out in bursts as killian went over for a second time.  Alison kept up the steady rhythm and pressure until her friend came once again, and dropped to the table, sated, and smiling. Alison knelt near killian's head and softly spoke, "I love you my friend and hope one day you can forgive me for what i have done." 


(Dory) --

Dory stood in front of the toy cabinet trying to decide on a paddle for killian. She sensed that the lass didn't really want to cause her friend real pain but did want to make an impression in her mind. With a smile she pulled a paddle off its hook and headed for the lass's room.

killian looked up at a knock on her door. "come In"

Dory smiled as she entered " Hey, little one, I've bought you something." She pulled from behind her back a wicked looking paddle. It was about six inches long and had square metal studs across its surface. killian gasped.

"Don't worry its not as bad as it looks. You see how the studs are not pointy. It's so that it leaves a lasting mark in the shape but doesn't break skin. I also brought you this one because the other side is flat. If you alternate blows with each side of the paddle it will still hurt enough to leave an impression but be well within alison's capacity."

killian nodded but still looked miserable. "what's wrong?"

"I don't know how to use it."

"Its easy enough. When she's across your lap you pull back and take careful aim. you want to hit her on the fleshiest part of her buttocks, then swing down while maintaining your aim. I would start out with some light blows to get a feel for how much pressure you want to exert. For a punishment you want to feel the impact and a slight resonation up your arm. The harder the blow the harder the resonation. I will give you fair warning to pace yourself because your arm will tire quickly from the unaccustomed movement. Does this help you, little one?"


(killian) --

"Thank you Dory."

killian took the paddle from the Toy Master, and tried hard not to turn green with worry that it might be too much for her friend alison.

killian knew alison was unlike herself in this matter. killian liked to feel some pain in her chastisement if she deserved it, but she knew that alison was very much NOT into pain at all. A little red was ok, but nothing that would leave marks.

killian worried the paddle around in her hand. She decided to only use the flat side on her friend, so as not to leave any mark, but a healthy red glow.


(killian) --

killian eased off of the table. Her body glistening, and her arousal sated, she positively glowed.

Her eyes, nearly black with passion, now looked upon young alison. warriorwench. Strong. Beautiful. Head bent in humble submission.

"alison, go to Dory and pick up the paddle from her."

alison gave killian a quick look of fear, but seeing nothing but warmth coming from her friends eyes, she knew she would be cared for without harm. The lass rose from her kneeling position, and walked proudly naked, her nipples pebbling from the slight chill away from the fire place. The ache the intoxicating lass had between her legs, glistened brightly from the fire light.

The Sinner's sat quietly, transfixed by the sheer naked beauty of two subs offering themselves up for their pleasure.

Even Kirby, Warrior diva, sat quietly by her new friend Sapphire, and agile dragon, who laid curled around Kirby, closeby the fire. Little bird sat in the rafters, giving audience, as her owner quietly sipped her drink, wondering what was going on.

Frost remembered killian from a different time. She noted how much the lass had grown in her ease with herself. She wondered if killian was now a Warrior, in that she was apparently punishing a sub. killian didn't look like a Warrior. Frost's gray eyes took in every remembered inch of her old friend, as she stood so regally over her charge. Interesting. Frost thought. I will have to have a talk with Klancy, and find out what has happened in my absence.

killian was now seated on the stage, on a low padded bench. She chose to remain naked, for this was to be a gift to the Sinner's for putting up with the soaking they all got while trying to rescue poor killian from drowning.

killian felt all eyes on her and alison as the lass handed her friend the paddle.

killian took in the energy of the moment, and paused to make eye contact with each and every single member of the Inn that was present. Dark Angel was there, in the shadows. killian nodded to the Lord, and The Warrior nodded back. The lass was curious who Lord Angel had with her, but the lass had felt the sharp slap of Lord Angels' hand when she had errantly asked to forward a question in the past. NO, killian thought. This time I will wait for Lord Angel to reveal her guest, in her own time. I have learned that lesson.

killian continued to acknowledge everyone in the room, wanting to make her and alison's gift to them very clear.

Finally, killian's eyes came to rest on her friend.

"Look at me alison."

The penetrating brown eyes of her friend pierced killian's heart. She felt no greater gift than what alison was giving her right now. How can Warriors even breathe when a sub looks at them like this. killian wondered.

"I forgive you for your ill fated attempt at fun my friend. You harmed me, but I know it was not out of any malice on your part. You did not mean for me to swallow half of the pool, I am sure." killian smiled at her friend, though alison's look of remorse, made killian want to cry.

"I forgive you, but their must be atonement for what you did, to me, and to your fellow Sinner's. You will lay across my lap for a spanking. Partly with this paddle, and partly with my hand." killian was mesmerized by the little tear slipping quietly from alison's eyes.

"After your punishment, I will show you my forgiveness by pleasuring you with all that I have, for I Love you my friend, and I need for you to know how deeply you touch my heart." killian smiled down at her friend, and caressed an exquisite cheek.

"Alright alison. Up. And over."

alison lifted her compact frame into a standing position, then with killian's help, lay herself across a soft naked lap.

killian picked up the paddle, and looked at its menacing side, I think not. For me maybe, but not for her. killian looked at the flat side.

"whack" the blow was not hard, but it got alison's attention

"whack" killian marveled at the rosy glow left by the paddle. Having never given a spanking before, killian was now beginning to understand the arousal felt by a Warrior in her position.

"whack" alison shifted uncomfortably across killian's lap

"whack" killian felt the sharp surge through her groin with each strike of the paddle.

"whack" alison moaned in dis-ease.

killian decided that that was enough of that for now, and set the paddle aside.

A soft murmuring went through the crowd as killian slipped her left hand under alison's stomach. alison's wetness was like a tonic for killian. soft, and supple. With each gentle pressure came an intoxicating moan from her charge. killian could now see why Domme's get that look on their face, and borders on goofy, when pleasuring their subs. The feeling is nearly overwhelming with emotion. tender, rough, languid. Hard to contain in one stern single facial expression.

killian formed new Respect for those who Would be Dommes, and Warriors. It took a strong person to handle a gift as enormous as the one being given her right this minute by her dear friend alison.

"swat" Her hand came down and soft and red tinged skin, as fingers slid in, pumping gently.

"swat. swat." gliding in and out over wet curls, penetrating and curling, in an erotic rhythm known only by all who dare go to this place.

"swat. swat" faster now, deeper. alison's breath came in short gasps, as her center flexed and searched for knowing touch. Pressing, wanting. Aching.

"swat. swat" She was close now, and panting, waiting for her temporary Mistress to give her a cue.

"come for me lass." The words opened a flood of emotion as juices flowed forth, and urgent needs were sated.

Again, and again killian brought alison over into primal ecstasy. Gentle gliding. erotic ecstasy. Joy.

killian marveled at how wonderful it felt to give in this way. To focus all of her on the specific needs of her friend. To know her wants, and to fill them with her soul. killian shook her head in wonder, at the magnitude of this gift.

Finally, when alison lay spent, and sated across killian's lap, the punisher became friend again. Calling for sarah to hand over their robes, first killian helped alison stand, then she herself stood, and added silk to her skin.

"Perhaps, a gentler time in the hot springs can be had now. A/alison? What say you."


The End - 'Moonlight Becomes You' - by killian, alison, sarah, & Dory

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