Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents


by Klancy, sarah, Nessa, & Dj

January 26th~Feb 2nd, 2002


(Klancy) --

The pleasant peace of the sleeping Lodge was shattered by a thunderous pounding at the front door.

"Lodgekeeper!" A woman's voice, screaming in apparent rage, brought several sistren streaming down the wide staircase leading to the lower level of the Lodge. "Anybody! Open up in there!"

Sirius drew her sword in one smooth, soundless motion, and nodded at Ikarias, who took her stance across from her, at the other side of the wide front entrance. Klancy waited until her sisters were in position, then stepped close to the oak door.

"Your name, friend," the Courtly Butch called. The rest of the Lodgers were spacing themselves around the large room, silent and tense.

"I'm called Xena," the ragged voice outside shouted. "If you've heard of me, you know I can KICK DOWN THIS BLOODY DOOR, now open it, I have a sick woman here!"

dj had heard enough. She helped Klancy lift the blocking bar off the doors, and unlatched the lock.

The heavy doors flew inward, powered by a kick from a long black boot. The tall woman was wrapped in a black cloak, framing the frightening pallor of her face. "I need water," she snapped. She was carrying a young blonde woman in her arms, who was either asleep or unconscious. She was moaning, softly.

Amber stepped closer and cupped the young blonde's flushed face in the palm of her hand. "Sweet Selene," she gasped, "the girl's burning up!"

"Water!" Xena barked again, and the swinging door was flapping behind killian before the echo faded.

"Lay her here!" Nessa spread a thick blanket over the curved surface of the Chakram Bar, and the tall Warrior settled Gabrielle on it, with great care.


(sarah) --

sarah bolted for the kitchen and returned carrying a pitcher of cool water and handed it to the Dark Stranger. she scooted off again, this time returning with clean cloths and a bowl of water. she placed it near the unconscious woman's head and taking the cloth, she doused it and placed the cool wet cloth on the burning brow. she stood back as the Warriors began to treat the ailing girl.


(Nessa) --

The look in the deep blue eyes was one of fear. This was obviously a Warrior who had seen many battles. Nessa thought this one must have understood and overcome fear at its deepest level. But this was not that kind of fear. It was a fear of losing something or someone and being helpless to stop it.

It was clear the lass was in fever. "Warrior, we have herbs and Sistren and a few Spiritual ways of healing. Breath easy now. You've managed to kick in the doors of the right place." Nessa watched the most expressive face relax.

"My horse needs tending. She stands on a lame foot from a sharp stone. But I can't leave Gabrielle." The raven head turned round as the Warrior looked over the room.

Freya jumped up and said as she strode to the door, "I'll look after your horse. And no one can do it as well as I. Rest assured Warrior."

killian ran in with a tray of water and soft towels. She dipped one of the towels in a bowl of water and tentatively asked the towering dark Warrior to move aside. The warrior moved and graced the blushing killian with a quick smile of gratitude. She watched while the wench placed the cold towel on the forehead of the fevered girl.

Nessa stepped back. She was thinking that the leathers and breastplate design of the dark woman looked Greek. Then when she heard the name Gabrielle, she remembered the scrolls of a certain Greek bard. She had the grand pleasure of translating these for her own Celtic sisters on the Isle of Shadow where she learned Battle skills.

By Mother Brigid's britches! This fevered beauty was Gabrielle... THE Gabrielle! This tall Warrior would be Xena! Nessa straightened and bowed low, sweeping an arm to her breast. "My Name is Nessa" she began. "Welcome to the Kindred Spirit Lodge, Warrior Princess. And welcome to your lovely bard. We shall care for her till she comes through the fever."


(dj) --

Skilled hands began their magic. Sister after sister tended to the sick girl. killian and sarah kneeled by the lass's head. One mopped her heated face with a cool cloth, while the other squeezed water droplets onto cracked, dry lips. Amber began studying the fevered girl. She carefully made assessments, her mind swirling with ancient teachings. Quietly and with such precision, the healing touch began its amazing journey.

Several Lodgers stood near the dark-haired Warrior. Xena's eyes locked with Kit's, seeing genuine warmth and caring in them. The young Lord's hands slowly reached up, motioning towards the traveler's sodden cloak. With a grateful head nod, Xena unclasped the lock, allowing Kit to remove the soaked wrap.

Upon observing their attire and then hearing the sick girl's name, Nessa's mind slipped back to the Isle o' Shadow. She had once read scrolls written by a bard named Gabrielle, having the pleasure to translate and recount them to her Celtic sisters. As she shook back to the present, Nessa warmly greeted the Warrior. She nodded towards a near table which Klancy stood next to. The Courtly One's booted foot snagged a chair leg, pulling it out for the woman to sit on.

Without crowding the dark traveler, Lodger after Lodger helped settle Xena in. Hunter placed a mug of cool mead on the table. MerryAngel was right behind the young Viking, placing a bowl of stew on the oak surface. More Kindred gathered around the nearby tables. There was a story to be told.

A young, blonde woman took the seat across from the dark Warrior. With great concern in her voice she spoke softly, "Your dear friend will receive the best of care from our sisters. They're skilled with many Gifts." Nodding to the woman's plate, dj continued, "Once you're fed and rested, please tell us what happened. How you both found your way to this distant land, and the events leading up to Gabrielle's illness."


(Conclusion - by Klancy) --

Gabrielle's green eyes opened in stages.

The almost forgotten luxury of a soft bed cushioned the bard's aching body. Her callused palms moved with wonder over the cool sheets covering her nakedness, as her fogged vision slowly cleared.

"Xena?" Gabrielle blinked as the warrior's loved features finally came clear. She felt cold fingers twine through her own warm ones. "Are we dead again?"

"We're still this side of the Styx." Xena was able to smile, but it took effort. "But one of us came too damn close to crossing over, again. How do you feel?"

"I'm wiped." Gabrielle yawned, then winced at the movement. "Also sore. And indecent!"

The word came out as a yell, because the blonde bard discovered both her nudity, and the fact that she was surrounded by at least fifteen women she didn't know, in the same moment. She hunched under the creamy sheets, bunching them around her throat.

"Hush, Bri." Xena put a settling hand on her young wife's bare shoulder. "These women call themselves the Kindred. They took us in."

"You're welcome here, lady." Klancy gave a slight bow that made sarah giggle. The tall butch glared at her little sister before going on. "You and your warrior will always find protection and aid, beneath this roof."

"Oh. Good!" Gabrielle swallowed, scooting up to a sitting position against the plump pillows. She combed down her spiky blond bangs with her fingers. "Um, Xena? Who did you tell them we were, exactly?"

"She didn't have to say a thing." Amber sat on the bed and patted Gabrielle's other hand. "We all recognized you, both of you. You're well known, in our clan."

"I'm really glad you're not saying that in a We Have This Big Bounty On Your Heads, kind of way," Gabrielle sighed, sinking back against the pillows.

"You were sick, Gabrielle." Xena still wasn't ready to relax on this point. "You ran a white-hot fever, for days. Do you remember anything? Like me carrying you here?"

"And you cursing like a banshee?" killian offered helpfully, and then paled when Xena arched an eyebrow at her.

"I did?" Gabrielle looked at the beautiful submissive, puzzled.

"Like a sailor," Klancy confirmed cheerfully.

"I took notes," Hunter added.

"You were dreaming, honey." dj helped Gabrielle swallow a mouthful of warm broth. "And fighting something in those dreams, so fiercely we thought we'd have to restrain you."

"I offered," Ikarias added.

"Oh," Gabrielle said softly. She touched Xena with her finger. "You were dead."

"You were delirious, Bri," Xena corrected, gently. "I'm right here."

"She's hardly budged for two days," Kit added.

The dark warrior was startled, and a little nonplused, when Gabrielle folded her in her arms, but none of the watching women seemed to mind.

"This chamber is yours, for as long as you'll have it." Lady Alison smiled at Xena. "Until your bard is feeling more lively, we'll have your meals brought up here. We hope you'll both join us downstairs, when you're ready."

"Is this a convent?" Gabrielle asked. Laughter snorted through the room, and she sighed in relief. "Oh, thank the gods. Xena and I couldn't have taken another cult, or another convent, or any mass gathering of virgins."

"Gabrielle," Xena said.

"I think it's time we let these ladies get some rest." Dory opened the door to the neat little chamber, and gestured to her sistren.

Small noises of regret went up among the Kindred, but they saw the wisdom in their Toy Master's words. They filed out quietly, merryangel nudging rach and twilight along when they couldn't stop staring, open mouthed, at Xena.

"Thank you," Gabrielle called after them. "I mean, really -- thank you! Hey . . . where are we, exactly."

"The Kindred SpiritLodge," a voice drifted back up the stairs.

Which is how our two newest members joined us.

Uh, let's say Nessa and Sirius said that togethah!


The End RP - 'Homecoming' - by Klancy7, sarah, Nessa, & Dj

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