Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents


The Challenge

by Klancy7 & a slew of Kindred Lodgers!
December 29th~31st 2001


(Klancy7) --

Lord Nessa speaks her heart, "Please know that my inspiration comes from sisters who accept who and what I am... all that I am."

The Courtly Butch smiled broadly. "I am glad the literate young Nessa brought up this point! Respectfully, sister, for all your studly virtues, you still stand accused of one onerous sin. You have yet to bow down on one knee, and proclaim the Courtly Butch, Klancy7, the greatest of all Warriors who ever drew breath!"

"Hmm. Come to think of it, Dark Angel has failed to do this, also! So has Alethia. And Sirius. And Alamedic and Xan and Kit and Xena and . . . why, NONE of the so-called Dommes of the Inn have knelt before Klancy7, and proclaimed her the greatest of all Warriors who ever drew breath!!!" (pausing for gasps of outrage)

"To remedy this grave lapse, Klancy7 issues a challenge to all the Warriors of the SinTrade Inn. Meet me in the jousting field west of our stables, and bring your favored targeting weapon -- a spear, chakram, dagger, bow and arrows, darts, sling, bullwhip -- whatever you wish. I call for a tournament, to determine the keenest eye among us".

"Any takers?"


(Alison, twi, Hunter, dj, kil, & rach) --

Alison hears the challenge and even though the Courtly One is friend and protector, maybe the time has come. Alison picks up Her trusty blow gun, nails a fly across the room between the eyes and heads off to the challenge.

"Woo Hoo!! You Go Ally!", twilight hooted. "No offense O' Courtly One but you're going down."

"With all due apologies to George Lucas, here is one possible scenario."

ALISON:  I've been waiting for you, Obi-Klancy. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete.

Alison moves with elegant ease into a classical offensive position. The fearsome Courtly Butch takes a defensive stance.

ALISON: When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master.

KLANCY: Only a master of wench's, Alison.

ALISON: Your powers are weak, Courtly One.

The two Butchly Warriors stand perfectly still for a few moments, sizing each other up and waiting for the right moment. Klancy seems to be under increasing pressure and strain, as if an invisible weight were being placed upon her. She shakes her head and, blinking, tries to clear her eyes.

Klancy makes a sudden lunge at the purple warrior but is checked by a lightning movement of The Lady. A masterful slash stroke by Alison is blocked by the Courtly Butch. Another of the Butch's blows is blocked, then countered. Klancy moves around the femButch and starts backing into the massive starship hangar. The two powerful warriors stand motionless for a few moments with light sabers locked in mid-air, creating a low buzzing sound.

KLANCY: You can't win, Alison. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Their lightsabers continue to meet in combat.

Alison brings her light saber down, cutting the Courtly Butch in half. Klancy's cloak falls to the floor in two parts, but Klancy is not in it. Alison is puzzled at Klancy's disappearance and pokes at the empty cloak...

"heh...once again, no disrespect was intended O' Courtly One. O Woman of La Mancha. so um, please don't hurt me."

"Fear not fair maiden I shall protect you." The gallant Lady Alison encircled twilight's waist, pulling her in for a tender hug.


Upon hearing the Challenge issued by Klancy7, the handsome Viking came forth. Hallvor, after nearly drowning in the tub, finds that she's up for a challenge, out of bed as well as in it.

A spear is the favorite weapon of her patron deity and He has lent his keen eye, strength of arm, and true aim.


Over by the stable fence, a blonde woman was tugging and pulling at a hay bale, trying to put the makeshift bench in the right viewing place.

"sure is gonna be a (sneeze) Hoot watching this Butchly Tournament!"

(sniff--aachoo), "Hope someone brings some blankets down, along with the popcorn..."

dj plopped down on the hay, anxiously awaiting the challenging trials.

rach walks to the Challenge area and finds dj sitting on a hay bale and sits next to her. "Here," handing her a bowl, "Lady Savay made us some popcorn."

dj smiled at her sis. "Thanks, rach!" The blonde woman tried to stifle another round of hacks, then nodded towards the gate.

"Hey, look over there, rach, here comes a spear-wielding Vike, and a dart smacking Butch! We're gonna have a grand bang of a new year this weekend!"

rach and dj sat pensively awaiting the next entrant to stride forth, also keeping an eye out for straggling, half-naked wenches.

killian comes running breathlessly out of the Inn, towards the throng gathered by the stables, pulling her top up hastily.

"Hey, twi, Lady Alison, it was NOT funny to take my clothes. NOT funny. I had to wear your rug back to my room."

killian pulls up a haybale, throws a blanket over it to protect her sweet and precious behind, and sits, in a huff.

"All i can say to you twi, my dear dear sister, is sarah is gonna hear about this. You mark my words, your fanny will pay. Now, hand over the popcorn."


(Klancy7) --

"heh...once again no disrespect was intended O' Courtly One. O Woman of La Mancha. so um, please don't hurt me."

Klancy dips Alison a wink as she steps silently up behind twilight ,and swirls her velvet cloak over the submissive's lovely shoulders. twilight squeaks, then stands trembling as the courtly alto whisper tickles her earlobe.

"No offense taken, sweet lass. Your loyalty to your Warrior speaks well for you both." Klancy plants a platonic smooch on the beautiful wench's cheek, then strides into the field.

"Welcome to Lady Alison and her deadly blowgun, and to the stately Viking Hunter, spear in hand."

Klancy bowed gallantly to diversityjay, rach, killian, and twilight in the viewing gallery. "We'll give time for any others who wish to join us to assemble, before opening the first SinTrade Tournament of Many Skills."


(Klancy7) --

A breathless silence fell over the watching gallery of beautiful submissives, as the first studly contestant, Klancy7, stepped up on the platform.

The worshipful wenches greedily drank in the powerful set of Klancy's broad shoulders, the almost mystical allure of her exquisite cerulean eyes, the raw sexuality embodied by her dazzling breasts --

"Pardon, friend," Hunter called politely, "But does Klancy7 ever just step up on a platform?"

"Never," Alison murmured fondly.

Klancy7 stepped up on the platform. She unslung her bow from her broad and powerful shoulder, strung an arrow, and threw a rakish (and ineffably sexy) grin back at dj.

"Tell us, fair historian! Did the post bring you any exciting new scrolls today, from far-flung sistren?"

"The post?" Coughing delicately, dj craned her neck and squinted across the field, around the Inn, down the gently sloping hill, to the carved wooden chest that served as the Sinners' mail box. At this distance, it was roughly the size of a miniature chiclet. "Butchly, I can hardly see the dang SEA from here, much less that chest! I don't even know if its little door is open, much less -- "

"It's not," Klancy7 informed them, with confidence. "It soon will be."

In one fluid movement, the Courtly Butch raised and drew her bow, sighted, and released. The hot whickering of the arrow sizzled over the field, around the Inn, and down the gently sloped hill to the wee mailbox, and struck the precise center of its latch. The small black door fell neatly open.

After a moment of awe-struck silence, doubtless inspired by lusting adoration, the watching submissives burst into admiring cheers.

Klancy7 shouldered her bow (over her broad and powerful shoulder), and winked at Hunter and Alison.


(Alison, twilight, & killian) --

Alison gives killian a wink, turns to fair maiden, grabs her, dips her and kisses her deeply. "For luck you know?" Fair maiden's smile sent shivers down Alison's spine.

" Hey, Klancy. See that fly on the Me, it's there." Alison loads the blowgun, a constant companion, takes careful aim, taking into account wind speed, arc and velocity of blow needed and prepares to launch.

Closing Her great big brown puppy dog eyes, She sees the shot, takes a deep breath and sets it towards its mark. The slender sharp projectile raced, "...over the field, around the Inn, and down the gently sloped hill to the wee mailbox...", striking the fly setting on top of it.

The Sinners all held their breath as dj made her way to the box to see if the shot had flown true. Alison of course knew She hit what She aimed at.

Alison watched as dj approached, Her spike in her little hand, the fly impaled upon it, it's little legs still kicking. She not only hit it but nailed it between it's little fly eyes.

Alison removes the fly, gives twilight a wink and a low sweeping bow to Klancy and Hunter.

"What a tourney!! What fun so far.", killian jubilantly shouted.

killian and the subs get a tiny box, for the tiny darted fly, and have a burial by the side of the fence.

"poor thing, didn't see it coming." killian said through munching popcorn.

"yef, poor fing." twi added.


After shedding a tear for the dear, departed fly, twilight rush's over to her Lady and leaps into Her arms. The little wench squeals with delight as her Lady twirls her about then hugs her close.

"You were magnificent my Lady! O' tallest of the tall, bravest of the brave, and butchest of the femmes!"

Alison laughed at the words of Her fair maiden. "You inspire Me dear." She kissed her deeply then set her down next to killian. She took a chin in each hand and looked at them for a moment, "Just remember My little loves you still have a task to finish."

She gave then both a tender kiss and walked over to watch Hunter take her turn.


(Hunter) --

Hallvor grinned at the show of skill and the playfulness of the throw. The Viking's grin widened as Kit came trotting across the yard, several throwing daggers in her hand.

The Viking selected a throwing distance double that of those using daggers, spikes, and other hand objects. Fair is fair, she thought and balanced the faithful spear in her hand.

Hallvor took a deep breath and felt herself alter slightly. With a low growl, the spear flew across the distance and buried deep in the haybale.


(Conclusion of The Challenge - by Klancy7) --

It was actually quite a courteous debate, considering Warriors were involved.

Klancy7 was patiently explaining to her sisters Alison and Hunter exactly why her bow shot constituted the greatest possible skill demonstrated in the Tournament. Alison was charmingly persuasive as to the relative impossibility of striking the optical nerve of a tiny fly, at equal distance. Hunter was tactfully pointing out the amount of power and accuracy necessary to hurl a spear even further, to the hay bale.

The watching submissives were cheering their favorites, then switching and cheering for the others, pelting each other with Lady Savay's vintage popcorn . . . until a tall shadow fell across the platform.

"Hello, girls." Xena's pleasant drawl drew every eye in the pasture. "Seems to me there's one more contestant."

The dark Warrior's arm moved faster than light, and her chakram blazed over the field. It arced around the Inn and sailed down the small hill, and glanced off the Sinner's black mailbox, closing the small swinging door. Then it darted to the haybale and sawed neatly through it, cleaving it in half, leaving Hunter's spear balanced neatly on one side.

The watching Sinners' heads moved in tandem, following the singing chakram as it flew toward the viewing stand. Before any of them could move, the whirling disc flashed delicately across the bodice of each of the beautiful submissives. It sheared the thin silk covering each set of breasts, baring the lovely cleavage of rach, dj, killian, and twilight, before returning with a smart snap to Xena's hand.

Seven mouths dropped open, and fourteen nipples, eight of them exposed to the cold morning air, swelled into tight buds.

"We are a coven of many skills." Xena returned her weapon to her belt, the corner of her mouth lifting. "Time to get back to the ones that involve all manner of fucking. Shall we?"

And So They Did.


The End RP - 'The Challenge' - by Klancy7 & a whole slew of Lodgers!

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