Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Building the Kindred Lodge

by Klancy7, Dory, & Dj
January 5th, 2002


(Klancy7) --

Night finally fell, cloaking the rustic Kindred SpiritLodge, and the exhausted clan it sheltered, in a healing quiet.

It had been a horrific week.

They missed their former home, and the sisters they left behind there. The sad reality had hit again, with jarring speed -- no community is ever guaranteed survival, regardless of the good will of its members.

"At least the Inn still lives." Alison swirled brandy in a small snifter. She sat with several other Spirits in one of the high-backed cushioned rocking chairs that circled the immense hearth. The fire in the big grate crackled high, in spite of the lateness of the hour. "To the SinTrade, and all her daughters."

"The Inn and her daughters," Nessa echoed, lifting her cup of Earl Grey.

"Salud, hon." dj walked up behind Klancy. The blonde historian looked weary beyond measure, after working long hours opening their new library. "Look at you guys, you're ready to topple into the hearth! You can't fix any more shutters, or paint any more rooms, or dig any more wells until morning, my butch kindred. Go to bed."

"Bossy wench," Klancy growled around the long stem of her pipe, relaxing a bit under dj's friendly skirtch on her shoulders. "You submissive types worked just as hard as us, to get this place open. How come you get to stay up?"

"I'll be carrying young tris upstairs in a few minutes." Lord Nessa glanced at the floor, where her beautiful foundling slept deeply, curled on a plush rug at her Master's feet. "And look, Sirius, you and your lady had best follow us."

The handsome Warrior named for the dogstar grinned at sarah, who lay on her back beside tris, her lovely lips parted, snoring softly and happily. "We might need to ease up on our girls, friend Nessa, at least until we get everyone settled. It seems they have no energy for more lewd -- "

"I'm ready," sarah announced, sitting up abruptly, and the circle around the fireplace laughed softly.

The stately grandmother clock in the corner struck three times. The idyllic peace was broken only by the steady stream of muttered cursing from the upper floor, where Dory was trying to set up an extensive shelve unit of sextoys, within ready reach of the Lodger's private chambers. The second floor was illuminated by an odd combination of torches and kerosene lamps, and the Toy Master couldn't see clearly enough to avoid hammering her thumb. Repeatedly.

"Can I ask where we are, exactly?" twilight handed killian a steaming mug of cocoa, then sat down gracefully on the rug in front of Alison's chair, "What's it look like, out there?"

"We haven't really decided yet." killian reclined on a special bed-seat the Warriors had rigged, to make her as comfortable as possible on the first floor, where she could be warmed by the fire. "We should probably form our setting soon."

"You mean we can just decide?" Kit sat at one end of the deep leather couch, and Hunter sat in front of her, resting back against her breasts. MerryAngel, in turn, sat between the Viking's spread knees, and rested against the full swells of her cleavage. "This is sort of a Lodge-R-Us, we can build it from scratch?"

"We sure can." Alison smiled at the three sirens. "We want this place to be our refuge from the world, right? So we get to design it, both the Lodge itself, and the land she rests on. Let's see. Nessa, you said you're strengthened by forestland. And dear Klancy loves anything wet -- oops, I mean dear Klancy loves water, in any form."

"We've already established the utter necessity of hotsprings," Sirius's stern eyes glittered at sarah.

"So we could be in any climate?" rach looked intrigued. "In any time period? And any setting, like a desert, a mountain, a beach, outside a village?"

"Perhaps somewhere further north?" Hunter looked nostalgic for her homeland.

"Yep, to all seven of your questions, sweet rach," dj snicked. "Uh, as for further north, and s-n-o-w, Hunter, do you think we could negotiate?"

"Always, honored historian."

"And all of us get our own personal chamber in this Lodge, right?" MerryAngel snuggled back against Hunter. "Or we can share? It looks like there's enough room for Kit to have her own writing studio!"

"This lodge is huge," sarah pointed out. "We've got dj's big library, and Dory's Toyroom. There's a massive Dungeon here. All of us can have more than one chamber, if we want a den, or any other kind of room of our own."

"Sounds like a project to me," killian yawned deeply, then squeaked in pain at the pull in her back.

"One we can face tomorrow." dj sounded stern now. "To the arms of Morpheus, spirits!"

So the weary women of the Kindred SpiritLodge made their way to their beds, to awake in a new world, yet to be envisioned.


(Dory) --

Finally irritated, Dory looked around to make sure no one else was near before holding out her hand and muttering a short phrase causing a bright blue ball of light to form, which she then launched up so it hovered over her shoulder.

She smiled remembering the delightful sorceress she had learned from and played with in her absence from the Inn. She quickly finished putting up the shelving and toys and walked outside to look at the formlessness that was their current setting.

"Trees would be nice.  A forest with glades and tall trees. Creeks, ponds, and hot springs for frolicking wetly."

She smiled to herself remembering a women's festival in the woods where she learned how much bondage fun mother nature truly lends herself to.

"I should see what the others think." She turns to go join her fellow Lodgers.


(dj) --

Cracking her neck and stretching wearily, the Lodge's historian ran a hand through her tangled mass of hair. Glancing up into the mirror above her desk, the woman just shook her head at the sight. Dirt streaks were evident on the wench's nose and forehead, her green eyes bloodshot. It had been a long week, with little sleep and much tedious work needing done, by all the Kindred at their new Lodge.

Blowing dust off the shelf in front of her, the girl rubbed aching hands together, then slapped them down onto her thighs. She creaked up off the chair to head downstairs, down to the Lodge's main hall.

On the staircase she met up with the handsome dyke, Dory. There was a bluish glow emanating off of her which dj couldn't help but notice. Clasping the taller woman's hand, the blonde woman smiled up at the sensuous ToyMaster.

"Didn't I hear your voice earlier, Dory, speaking about our new home being surrounded by a lush forest, with rivers, ponds, and lakes, plus those relaxing hotsprings we all crave, snaking through this mountainous valley? The view of the mountain ridge from my window, is absolutely stupendous. Words really can't do it justice. I'm really looking forward to dipping in the blue waters of that lake which overlooks my study."

Dory smiled at the young wench, slipped something into her pocket, then patted the girl's arm.

"Yes, dear dj, the goddess of nature has looked kindly upon us here. We can honor her with festivals out in the woods, and enjoy everything that encompasses."

Bending down, Dory placed her lips upon dj's forehead, then nodded and took her leave of the lovely wench.


The End - 'Building the Lodge' - by Klancy7, Dory, & dj

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