Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

The Blue Vixen!

by the Kindred Lodgers
(DJ, WarriorJudge, Jasper, Ame, Oisin, Rider, Trisha & Jerre)

Sept 25~Oct 3rd, 2007


(Rider) --
Back to - Battle of the Smoothie Conceded to PMS

"Uh-huh," Rider grunted at in typical PMS grumpy fashion. She was really glad the Bacchae backed off. She really wasn't in the mood for a contest. She hung her whip back on her belt and pulled the matching egg vibrator from her pocket, proof that this Red Smoothy is hers.

She tossed the vibrator in her left hand before she quickly slipped it into the base of her Red Smoothy. She flicked on the vibrator and rubbed her hand up and down the dildo, watching the cute little historian's eyes hungrily follow the stroking of her fingers.

Rider nodded toward Jasper, her ass cheeks still trembling from Astral's assault. "I'd gladly punish the wench," she said, leering at DJ, "but I can't say that this up her ass with me behind it would be much of a punishment."

"But if anyone were to need me later," she purred, reaching down to adjust her leather breeches that were suddenly too tight in certain places since Astral's assault on Jasper gave her a stiffy, "I'll be in my quarters."


(Oisin) --

Oisin wisely moved out of the way, she'd been caught before between the wenches and Riders quarters. It was 6 weeks before the plaster cast was removed!


(Jayling) --

Grasping the stable master's forearm before she could leave, DJ stepped in close to the agitated Butch. "Aww, Rider, must you go? You could sit with me over on the couch and watch the tantalizing scenes play out. And while those smutmongers go at each other, Jay's fingers could massage those tense neck muscles and these broad shoulders of yours."

The wench sighed and continued, "But I do understand frustration, m'dear. If you must go, ya must." Stroking Rider's hand that gripped her red smoothie tightly, "Oh, and Butch? Your cock is an absolutely fucking glorious ride. Forgive me, but I'm quite happy it did get stolen from your stash." Jayling winked at the handsome stable master.

"Looking forward to seeing more of you, Butch!"


(Astral) --
Back up in the rafters...

Astral squirmed with pleasure mounted on the bacchae's mouth. Her current state of weightlessness giving her hips the freedom to truly express themselves in moves that would have done a belly-dancer proud.

She knew her sex flow was saturating Amethysts fingers and palm as the young woman was fucking her. At first Astral had poised frozen as a fanged mouth had latched onto her distended clit and cruelly taloned fingertips had pushed thru her folds.

God knew what other pointy bits the woman had...but as long as she knew how to use them carefully Astral found she didn't really care. Her lust ran riot and she found herself thrusting onto the talented tongue and not giving a damn about fingers as long as they were packing her tight little hole.

So, literally free as a bird she savoured the tongue that flickered over her swollen clit, running tight teasing circles around it until she wanted to fuck that mouth hard with what little she had down there. Grunting she strained, pushing against its muscled flat surface, crying out with rage as it danced away to bury itself in her folds and lick the base of the fingers pumping in and out of her cunt.

And gods how she loved that, two fingers just thick enough to stretch as they entered and stroke every inch her inner walls, then slide easily out only to pound back up and fill her all over again. Her muscles clenched onto them and she undulated and rode them with her rolling hips.

Oooh yess, I want more of this. Gotta get me a bigger cunt...the incoherent thought flitted through her head.

Hands buried deep in Amethysts hair tried to control from above but the bacchae has other ideas and extended the delicious torture by slowing down all her activities to show who was boss of this fuck. Astral growled in frustration and continued to hump the tongue and fingers franticly, she was close and they both knew it.

As if the push her that last little inch into release a well coated thumb slid up her ass crease and nudged gently on her puckered ass hole. Astral had never been taken up the ass and this calculated but promising pressure was enough to make her cunt explode.

"Fuck yesss.." she screamed and came crashing down on the bacchae's face. This was partially 'cause her clit wanted to be sucked out by its roots and partially because the feather spell had broken and gravity had returned with a vengeance.

The unexpected tumult of cumming and finding gravity all in the same split second proved too much even for an apprentice wizard. She spilled sideways off the bacchae's extremely slippy face and fell from the beam.

Finding herself in freefall Astrals befuddled mind could only recall one last spell she had not abused that day...

"Parachute, parachute..."

and her robe and dress accordingly billowed out to ease her fall...except they'd been shredded by bacchae fingers (another talent it seemed they had!).

The billowing rags were enough to soften her fall...that and the fact she fell on Oisin whom she had always thought to be soft anyway.

Both lay sprawled on the floor aghast, the Bard spread eagled under an extremely rumpled wizard. Oisin struggled upright spilling Astral onto her lap where the wizard lay squirming, trying to right her clothing...

"By the gods, Astral..." Oisin blurted eyes popping," your twats as hairy as a bears..."



(Jasper) --

The waiting to find out what would happen next was torture enough Jasper wasn't sure how much more of the waiting she could take. She looked around the room and wondered if they had drew numbers and had forgotten who was to be next.

She was in excruciating pain/pleasure. Her nipples ached feeling as though they would simply pop off at any second and her clit throbbed unmercifully. Watching the scene with Astral and the little Bacchae was all she could take "EXCUSE ME OISIN BUT IF YOUR DONE PURSUING HER HAIRY CUNT I COULD USE SOME HELP HERE?"


(WarriorJudge & Trisha) --
Probing the Venal wench

The Dark Magistrate covered the distance between herself and her young nubile wench. Not wishing to invoke any notions of impropriety or other moral indignation amongst the other wenches, such as they are, she realized she couldn't spare her loyal obedient wench at least the appearance of an interrogation regarding the matter of the absent butt-plug. Earnestly trusting her unassuming yet alluring lass, she was sure without a doubt that the girl was beyond reproach, and had absolutely no hand in the thieving epidemic that was running rampant in the Lodge. Yet, subjecting her to a frisk and seizure was only fair to the others.

"Turn around and lean down against the table, my pet" She ordered her wench with a reassuring nod of her head.

The smaller woman silently complied, yet she had done so a tad slowly than the Magistrate has come to expect of her. Yet keeping in mind her unblemished faith in her wench, the Judge ignored that uncharacteristically less than exuberant acquiescence.

"Now spread your legs, lift up your skirt and show me what you've got, little one," Her voice was firm and commanding yet unimposing, almost kind. The sharp edges of an undesired compassion almost stung the Judge's wilted heart. She was aware of her lass' shyness, but as a Magistrate she was obligated to have Justice not merely done but shown as well, even at the cost of subjecting her inculpable girl to public exposure.

Trisha did so, hesitantly, knowing that the Judge had to do this, but hating to show any part of her in public. She arranged herself, taking a deep breath to tell the Judge where her plug was then stopped, not sure how to tell her that she had stolen it.

The Judge's long fingers, shy of reluctance, undid the buttons of her leather trousers. Her gigantic cock loomed out of her breeches like an ominous predatory reptile. The Judge saw the petite woman peeking over her shoulder, along with the shudder that coursed through her, nearly rattling her vertebrae. Her arrogance suggested to her that the shivers she had witnessed could be attributed to Trisha's sexual excitement in face of the impending penetration. After all, it has been awhile since they've last mated.

As the Judge's member was at the soaking opening, lightly brushing the damp swollen fleshy lips, Trisha felt the Judge's seething breath caressing her ear, then along came the Judge's low enticing voice "I know you're sinless, sweetness, you needn't fret. This is mainly for show and our mutual gratification" Trisha could hear the grin forming on the Judge's desirable mouth, but her focus was quickly averted to that throbbing spot between her legs, as she sensed the Judge's large hand encompassing her hips. The touch of her Lord was oozing with delightful familiar possessiveness, which the shape-shifter has craved constantly. That particular grasp has always heralded the intrusion into her cunt, now burning with lust.

The Robe appareled Judge led the tip of her cock into the opening, which was eagerly anticipating her deep mastering reaming. Her impressive erection drilled itself slowly into Trisha's aching moist depth, serving as a pleasure spindle between their licentious bodies.

Trisha's gluttonous pussy pulled in the Judge's hard-on, as the latter was harshly slamming into her snatch, searching for the missing butt-plug, deeper and deeper with each thrust. Trisha's inhibitions were melting away with each stroke. She no longer minded who was watching her Lord taking her. At that point she knew she would give anything to keep that mind-blowing, breathtaking fucking, anything for her Lord's hard pounding dick buried so entirely within her squirting slit.

However, just before her climax claimed her release-craving body, the Judge halted her thrusts, putting a brutal maltreating stop to Trisha's catlike purrs of pleasure. True to her nature, the sexually appetizing woman smothered her protest, which was standing on the tip of her tongue.

No butt-plug up your pussy, pussy." The Magistrate concluded determinedly. Her voice was utterly intoxicating to Trisha. The shape-shifter could listen to that voice for hours, even if the Judge spoke about boring legal matters.

"I know, my Lord, Lord" she skittishly giggled.

"Now let's pop up the hood and examine your rear, shall we?!"


Trisha did her very best not to crumble down and winced inwardly. Her Lord, she thought, was a magnificently skillful interrogator. The earlier assault that had yielded no orgasm, had left her crazed with addling desire and deprived of rational thought, making it all the more difficult to conceal anything from her Lord, that an otherwise rational human being would have been capable of.

“Lift up your voluptuous ass for me, wee one” The Judge commanded, and Trisha did her Lord’s bidding, secretly proud of herself for earning the Judge’s compliment.

The Judge pressed her cock against the puckered entrance of her lass’ anus, but it was met with a hindering resistance. The Judge stilled her muscles, and Trisha felt like every ounce of energy was fleeing her body at once, along with the ability to breathe. She could even feel her heart shriveling in her chest. Cowering, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect in the way of punishment, for she has never disobeyed her Lord before.

“Bend lower and splay your ass cheeks, wench”

Releasing her sweaty grip from the table, Trisha bend further downwards, resting her full breasts on the wooden surface, hesitantly cupping each taut globe and splayed her asset for the Magistrate’s intimate inspection.

The Judge peeked into her wench’s anus "I say, what do I spy with my little eye? A plugged arse is what" Ignoring Trisha’s timid gasp, she launched her long fingers into the sinner's hole in less than gentle manner and callously yanked the butt-plug out of the trembling woman’s ass. "Lookee, lookee what I found" the Judge mocked as she swiftly motioned her wench to face her.

"Why didn't you tell me about this?” The Judge flaunted the butt-plug before the embarrassed culprit. “Slipped your mind, did it?!" The Judge was vexed, that much was clear to Trisha as she listened to the Judge’s snide, sarcastic tone of voice.

“I…I’m s…so sorry, my Lord” Trisha tried but she knew her attempt to appease the Judge had come too late. Truthfully, she wasn’t sure she wanted to appease her. She deserved the punishment for stealing her plug. She gulped her eyes on her, revealing her every feeling to her Lord.

“Have I ever authorized personal use of my tools, you ruttish little skank?” The Judge's voice was louder than before and unmercifully rang in Trisha’s ears. However, after all this time serving her, Trisha rationally realized that it’s times when the Judge’s wrath was strained and quiet that she should really fear, because it meant the Judge was struggling to maintain her control over her furor. But rationally knowing it was a far cry from feeling it, for summoning the Judge's anger was a fairly daunting prospect. Still, seeing the Judge in this state made the wee wench nearly explode with searing lust and horny beyond measure.

“No, you haven’t, my Lord” she downcast her gaze. “It was an a…accident, My Lo…”

The murky Justice cut her off "An accident, was it?! Now, how exactly does this sort of accident occur, one might wonder?" Thoughtfully, she placed her index finger on her chin "Did you accidentally seat your bare ass on the nightstand where I had left it and the butt-plug got stuck up there? Or…let me see… Did a draft storm through your bedroom's window; lift up the butt-plug and just as you were bending over to tie up your shoelaces it accidentally shove the butt-plug up your ass? Is that how it happened? What could you have possibly been thinking, you lusty sex-toys dispenser"

“I…wasn't, my Lord. I played with it without your permission…I…I…Lo…Lost m…my hold on its base…and I just couldn’t t…take it out…It was unfeasible” she blushed a bright red.

"Unfeasible…I see…" The Judge pondered for a few short moments, "Now I know you weren't stupid enough to contemplate having someone other than me dip into what's exclusively mine in order to retrieve the foreign object that has been nestling up your anus all nice and comfy...So I guess you must have considered plan B, waiting for a call from nature, you butt-plug pilfering hussy?!"

"My Lord, three nights ago, I felt this…insane desire for you to…fill me, but you were otherwise engaged. I know what I did was wrong…b…but it was done out of longing for you" Trisha managed with the smallest of voices.

The Judge's face softened as a gentle hand reached and stroked Trisha's face with a feathery touch. "Such disarming admission" She muttered and the smaller woman melted thinking the Judge would pardon her indiscretion, for all she should have known better.


(Oisin) --

As Astral whacked and thwapped Oisin from the hall, the Bard couldn't help but be upset. After all she had only spoken the truth about the wizards abundance of clitty nest material.

That's the trouble, the Bard sat glumly on the bottom step of the Lodges main stairwell playing with a scrap of Astrals torn dress, No-one wants to hear the truth these days! Look at my poor cousin all trussed up in there denying her guilt...and does anybody hear her. No! They're all too busy lookin' at her titties. Not surprising really as fine racks run in our family...Why I have often been complimented on mine...No, wait! What was I thinking about...Oh yea a that was the other rescue I forgot about...Damn, there's so many, how am I ever meant to keep track...

And so she sat and ruminated on the unjustness of it all and how the little people didn't have a defender. (By little people she meant herself...oh, and Jasper on this occasion...But mostly herself.). What this Lodge needed was a hero!


The Mighty Zorroisin!!

"AH HA!" came the shout from the gallery. All Lodgers raised their eyes to the masked figure standing aloft with a cruel rapier in her hand. Several thoughts ran through the minds of many...

"Who is that tosser?"

"Oh no! I don't want rescuing you twat!"

"I recognise that mask! Where have I seen that fabric before?"

"We have a gallery?"

With a mighty leap the stranger dressed all in black...except for her mask which was a pretty flowery material...landed on the stout dining table and with another bound onto the floor beside the shackled woman!

"Do not worry fair damsel for I am a Hero come to rescue you from those who would punish you for your guilty misdeeds! I am ZORROISIN!"

"Go away!"

Undaunted by words she chose to ignore the mighty Hero pulled out some handy bolt cutters she had nicked from Lady Ally's kitchen drawer. And with one mighty snip, snip, snip, snip Jaspers wrists and ankles were freed.

Another mighty snip, snip and her nipple rings were also severed from their binds.

"Hey! They were gold and cost a fortune..." Jasper objected.

"That mask's made out of my torn dress!" Astral observed.

"Zorroisin??" DJ raised a sarcastic eyebrow.

"I know fair wench," the swashbuckler flashed her a toothy grin and a gleaming eye, "it almost sounds like a religion...and soon you will be a Believer!!"

And with one mighty flourish she carved an 'X' on the wall of the Great Hall before turning to her rescued companion,

"Run Jas!, " she yelled heading fro the door well ahead of her rescuee, "Run for the Troll Mountains! They'll never think to look for us there!"

"But you've just told them... "


"...and why put an 'X' on the wall if you're Zorroisin? Why not a Zee?"

"D'oh!...mmm..,ah feck, let 'em blame Xena. Now come on...Run!!"

And with that both fled from the room for the luxury of Troll Mountain...famed for it's magnificent scenery...and trolls.


(Jasper) --

Jasper got her wits together realizing that she was free at last, unmindful of the pain or her decidedly shaky legs, all she could think of was making it out the door. As her rescuer turned and ran back into the room Jasper was busy flinging open the heavy wooden door that led to the outside and her freedom.

Jasper was invigorated as the chill Autumn air rushed over her skin, it hit her that she was naked. As soon as the thought came she threw it away.

"Woo-Hoo" she shouted with glee as her feet flew over the downed slightly crunchy leaves that covered the ground. Jasper ran like the banshee's of hell were on her tail.

"Free at last, Free at last...Free from the wench and all her plans" the wind ripped the words from her mouth as she flew across the ground. It was turning out to be a glorious day after all.

As she skidded to a stop just inside the tree line she turned to see her rescuer not far behind. Taking a closer look at the woman she thought there was something very familiar about her.

And then it hit her like a brick Zorroisin "Oisin" she whispered into the wind. Jasper couldn't wipe the goofy smile off her face as her cousin breathlessly made her way to where she was hiding.


Pretty much the end of this segment -- Watch for a spin-off...

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