Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

The Blue Vixen!
(Part 4)

by the Kindred Lodgers
(DJ, WarriorJudge, Jasper, Ame, Oisin, Rider, Trisha & Jerre)

Sept 25~Oct 3rd, 2007


(Astral) --
Wenchy's Revenge - Jasper's Torture...

Astral was losing patience big time. This was all going nowhere! Didn't anyone realize the accused was shackled half nekkid to the wall and just awaiting torture...ahem, questioning...ah hell, torture it is!

She swiped Carly from the counter and stalked across to the sneaky little hobbit hybrid who was kin to the biggest bain in her life - that posturing git Oisin.

As she looked across the hall she could see Oisin in the act of posturing with Shasa's plaything...idiot! It made her even angrier, her grey eyes almost smoked with her temper flare. Someone was gonna pay for two months down a Hole with a manic depressive vampire...and that someone was right before her.

As she approached her prey for cross questioning...ah hell, torture...she ran her eyes joyfully over the scene the kind Historian had so judiciously set up for the poor, poor victims of this dastardly crime.

Jasper stood on tippytoes, her arms and legs spread-eagled by the iron wear set graciously aside for visitors to the Lodge. The perky little tits were even perkier pulled up tightly by nipple clamps and attached to a ring above her head. Astral's mouth watered, her nostrils flared, this little twat had TOUCHED her Carly. Had caressed it with her dirty diddly little fingers! Had maybe run its soft contours across her pouting mouth and stroked its length longingly across a flaccid nipple! And Gods only knows what else...but that didn't matter cos Astral was going to reclaim her Carly right here, right now!!

She reached round the quivering woman's waist and inserted her hands in the waistband of her cotton breeches. One fierce and swift rip and they parted at the seams tattering at her feet, revealing a rounded tight little ass. Nice. In fact very nice!

"But...but...I never even put you in the hole..." Jasper squeaked in protest.

"Darling," answered Astral, "I think you have..."

Astral parted her cloak with a flourish to reveal her favourite girl safely attached to Mamma thru a sturdy cock-ring and harness. She reached under Jasper's splayed arms and cupped a tit in each palm gently raising them a little, taking some of sting out of DJ's artful nipple tugging.

"Oh sweet Zeus," Jasper breathed in relief, "Thank you, oh thank you...aaaah"

No sooner had her titty ache eased than a burning assault on her puckered asshole began. Carly was knocking on the back door. Carly was pressin' on the bell. Carly was breaking and entering...

Slowly, slowly as Jasper squealed and struggled, much to the torture of her nips, Astral's dick stretched her open until she could rock right on in. Cupping the little wench's chained tits and jiggling them alternatively giving each a good stretch on its clamped leash, Astral gracefully rode the young one's asshole. As she pulled her rod out she gave the right tit a little holiday from its torment, as she pushed back in the left titty got a reprieve and the other took the weight. The nipples were caught up in constant delicious pain and they were tweaked and jiggled against their clamps.

No bamming or pounding on Jasper's sweet ass, just a full glide out until the bulbous head sat resting in the opening of her stretched orifice. Then another graceful slide right back into the reluctant musky sheath until it ached brimful with Astral's cock. Slow and steady she pumped Jasper until the wench's clit swelled to bursting point and her cunt flowed over her crispy little sprig of curls and laved the tops of her open thighs.

Astral smiled at the hot smell of ready cunt...someone was going to thank her for this careful preparation. Whoever came next was going to be one lucky fucker!

She cast a sly sideways glance at the young bacchae watching the ass fuck in gluttonous wonder...Be good and maybe I'll save some for you, my little suction cup, she thought idly her attention returning to jasper's desperate pleas.

"Oh gods...someone rub my clit...pleaseee, my clit, rub it good, someone...anyone..."

Content her work was done Astral pulled out with a rude plop. She smacked one quivering cheek as she turned away closing her cloak and hiding her precious...

"Next!" she purred.


(DJ) --

With one last unsuccessful leap at Shasa's dildo, DJ thwapped Oisin in the ribs, giving up this losing cock-juggling battle -- for now, that is. Her attention focused on the glorious torture being rendered upon Jasper's straining tits and puckered ass by the wrathful Magician. The slow methodical torment she was causing the blonde must have been excruciating for the young woman. 'Simply brilliant artwork,' the historian mused.

Once Astral had finished her 'prep-work' of the little instigator, DJ sauntered over to the chained captive. Leaning against the wall so she could see the face of the anguished one, the historian baited her even more. "Smoke, hun? It can be a nice treat after a good fuck up the ass."

Jasper growled some unintelligible words at the mocking wench. She then began mumbling something about needs, titties, clit aching and throbbings. "What was that, dear?" DJ slid her barefoot up the inner calf of the trembling girl. "You need something was it?" Cocking her head as she watched goosebumps appear on Jasper's creamy flesh, "Ooh, poor munchkin, you must be freezing by now. Here, let me warm you up a bit." Unscrewing the lid of the jar she had appropriated, Jayling dipped several fingers into the salve. Coating a generous amount of the vixen's own Instant Heat on her already throbbing clit caused the young woman's hips to buck forward, nearly crashing into the wall as she tried to rub it off, or get off. "Now now, be careful, hon, don't sprain a toe."

Jay's left hand pressed against the taut abdomen of the blonde pushing her back just a tad, gliding her fingers up the soft skin to rest in-between the two straining breasts. Her other fingers were still gooped with the salve which she generously applied to both distended nipples. "There now, those little nips of yours looked like they were chilled since they were sticking out so far! This should heat them up for ya, sweetie."

The grimace and strain on Jasper's face was a delight to the historian. She relished every moment of this. Kicking off the wall and circling behind the young girl, DJ pressed her body into Jasper's back, her own hard nipples rubbing against the fair, hypersensitive skin. Running her fingers slowly up curvy hips sent a shiver through the blonde. "Still cold, dear?" DJ purred into her back. "I'm sure someone will be along in a moment to help keep you warm."

Jay's fingers continued a light caress, reaching around to grasp the two straining breasts, lifting them up to relieve some pressure. "Such beautiful firm bosoms ya have, youngster. Delightful they are." Gently flicking both extended nipples with well-trained hands, the historian rapidly began raking her nails across the swollen nubs. Jasper's ass pushed back into DJ, as Jay's slick cunt rubbed circles on those tight cheeks, coating her own juices onto the quivering globes.

"mmm, as much as I enjoy your body, spitfire, I'm sure others would like to question you about your recent thieving activities." Pushing her cunt one last time into Jasper's asscheeks, Jayling broke contact, stepping away.

"See ya soon! Stay warm, squirtly!"


(Jasper) --

Jasper was in exquisite pain as the Historian further pushed her to a place she hadn't visited in a long while. Her eye's fervently darted around the room watching the others; she wondered who would be next and what torture they would inflict upon her.

As her mind then turned inward she couldn't help the small smile that crept upon her lips as she envisioned the things she would do to the unsuspecting Historian. She would get her for arraigning this little scene. Jasper would bide her time and strike when she least expected it.


(Ame) --

Entranced by the treatment, Amethyst sauntered off to Jasper with a fanged hungry smile. No words, no comments, she pressed her body into the back of the chained one. Her hands flowed over the tight body, nails digging in over every curve.

Those hands kneaded the tender flesh harshly as she turned to stand in front of the woman. Down further her hand slid between those drenched lips as Jasper seemed to writhe under the touch.

Tightly she gripped the hard bud, twisting, pulling until she could feel it pulse between her fingers. Then softly, gently, Amethyst loosened her grip, barely touching, barely parting the slick lips of the heated woman.

Her fingers danced in slick wetness, brushing back and forth with the lightest touch over the aroused clit. Small tight circles just over the very tip, gently. Amethyst leaned into Jasper, "I know you're innocent," she whispered as she stepped away.



(Ame) --

Astral cast a sly sideways glance at the young bacchae watching the ass fuck in gluttonous wonder...Be good and maybe I'll save some for you, my little suction cup, she thought idly...

Turning back toward the room, Amethyst couldn't hide the bloodlust creeping up into her eyes. It came with the territory, if she toyed with one, she had to toy with the other. A deep breath and she turned down her gaze that had landed on Astral. She grinned with fangs slipping just over her lip.


(Astral) --

Astral watched the cocky little vampina strut away from her deliciously tortured victim.

"Is she flashin' that big ass grin at me?" the apprentice wizard scowled. The young bacchae was by far too sure of herself and while that made Astral glare...a lot...she also was becoming intrigued. Compulsion, more than common sense made her want a little more of this strange beings attention.

She sauntered over to her target, "For someone so cocky I notice you haven't got one." Her grey stare dropped directly to the bacchae's leather covered groin. "Maybe you should have stood up stronger for your 'pink' smoothie?"

Lavender eyes blinked suspiciously at her.

"Nevermind," Astral continued, "if you ever find yourself in need I can always lend you Carly...of course I might still be attached....."


(Ame) --

Intrigued, yes the bacchae was now, as she looked at Astral. Finally someone her own size..She didn't have to crane her neck just to take a look in those clear grey eyes, nearly unnatural, but who was she to speak of natural.

Amethyst tucked a hand on her belt, as she tried to figure the woman out. The other hand rested comfortably to her side. She had an itch for her sword that was tucked away in its sheath. It was not a feeling of far, but it just seemed that so much, yet so little seemed to be dancing just behind the steely greys.

"Yes..hmmm, some are talented enough without one, but.."

The bacchae turned her head to check the room, noting where everyone was at that moment. She looked back to Astral, starting at the tip of her boots all the way up to the blue highlights of her hair. This woman was pretty, no not beautiful, because in Ame's mind only one woman had ever been beautiful, but that is another story for another time. Her brows furled and she dropped the thought and escaped to sarcasm.

"If you're lucky..." The bacchae kicked off the ground and let her feet meet the dark wood of her rafters. She beamed her cocksure smile down at Astral.


(Astral) --

It took all of three seconds before she was engulfed in a plume of acrid lime green smoke and her ears were filled with a gasping, hacking cough right beside her. The bilious color soon dispersed in the draughty breeze that always blew through the Lodge's rafters revealing a flushed, watery eyes wizard perching beside her.

"Sorry, can't control the exhaust emissions yet..." Astral wheezed slightly rubbing her tear streamed eyes with her sleeve. "It's not very eco friendly but I'm trying to fine tune it." she sniffled, still a little breathless and damp.

Finally catching her breath she mentally smoothed her ruffled feathers and continues with her seduction....Seduction? Good grief, I am...I'm trying to seduce her!

"Soooo, " she gave a raspy purr, a little tendril of lime smoke trailed from her lips and dissipated above them, "thought you could lurk in the rafters, did you? You forget I can astral project...hence the name...d'oh?" she snipped.

Then frowning suspiciously asked, "Hey, how come you're not choking? I seem to asphyxiate most people when I land anywhere near them?"

"I don't breathe." the bacchae's eyes twinkled.

Frowning Astrals eyes dropped to the young woman's chest and glared fixedly at it...for several long moments. This drew a rye smile from the chests owner...

"You like? They can swell slightly, but it takes more than air..." she teased wickedly.

Startled Astral glanced up, her cheeks reddening at being caught blatantly ogling. It wasn't her style, sly ogling was Astrals forte. Amethysts teasing smirk caused her to pull away suddenly unsure how to proceed...

"Oh godsssss..." Gray eyes flashed in alarm as she teetered then began to slide backwards off the rafter beam. In her fluster she had forgotten momentarily where she was....50 feet in the air...

"Feather spell, feather spell..." she squealed grappling to save herself and it worked....It worked? She began to float uncontrollably upwards towards the apex of the roof.

It worked? Down below Oisin watched in surprise, usually Astrals spell casting left a lot to be desired, Apprentice level 101 as she was. She needs to get in a lot more holes. Obviously it does her good...

Amethyst scrabbled to grab the young wizards hand before she drifted off totally out of control. Securing her with a surprisingly strong grip she began to draw the young sorcerer steadily towards her until they were almost nose to nose...Bacchae perched on rafter, wizard afloat but anchored by her hand.

Gray eyes gazed trustingly into lilac for one frozen moment, then hesitation over Amethyst gave a last little tug and meshed their lips together. Gently she nipped Astrals generous lower lip her razor sharp fangs barely bruising the flesh, and began a soft steady suckle. Another little tug and she had Astral straddling her lap, grabbing at her shoulders for anchorage. Taking advantage of the wizards pre-occupied grip Amethyst craftily undid the others shirt freeing full, creamy candy tipped tits that spilled into her hands like cool silk. Quickly she ripped opened her own top and mashed her own small round breasts into Astrals grinding and rubbing their pouting nipples together her hands greedily molding and squeezing, brimful with this succulent delicious feast. Her tongue thrust repeatedly into the wizards willing mouth as her hunger rose to boiling point spurred on by the lust filled moans surrounding her.


(Ame) --

Hands hurriedly pushed on the skirt bunched about and between the two women. There was no reason to fiddle with the damned cloth as it impeded the bacchae's quest for more sweets. The craving for flesh, for the tangy sweetness hidden just behind this cloth out weighed any other craving. Very odd, perhaps it was all the talk and torturous acts flitting about the lodge, but...

Amethyst growled into the kiss, "I'll replace it."

Pulling back from the kiss, a little confused Astral had only a moment to realize what was going on as the sound of cloth ripping echoed across the ceiling and hall. Amethyst's long nailed hands stilled and the woman's skirt, was in shreds, but those that tore lose did not fall to the ground. Instead they floated to the ceiling.

She pulled Astral into another adventuresome kiss, as she ground their bodies together. The laces of the bacchae's pants pressed against the dark curls revealed to her now. Tightly press, Astral squirmed against it, the laces parting her lips and brushing the deeply drenched silk between.

Ame could feel the woman's heart beating faster, the blood rushing through her veins and it distracted her for only a moment, but a moment was enough. Her grip on the woman loosened and Astral began to rise upward again, but the bacchae let it happen as she watched those sparkling curls come at eye level. She grasped Astrals thighs and pulled those curls to her mouth.

Astral's hairy pussy and thick lips were just inches away from her face. She was enthralled by the thick black hair that extended past the feminine triangle and the earthy musk scent. Being down in a hole had not affected this woman in any sour ways.

It all seemed to have put a spell on her. Ame tried to think . Then, unexpectedly, she darted out her tongue and began licking Astral's thick pussy lips. She moved her tongue up through the lips, around her clit, down the lips again, and into her hole.

The bacchae was hit with a very salty flavor. She licked up and down the ravishing tight hole, darting her tongue in and out, and then sucking her new friend's big clit into her mouth very gently. Ame nursed on it like a kitten.

All the while, Astral's smell intoxicated her, driving her into a state of altered consciousness. What was it with this woman, she felt nearly drunk. She shook her head and nearly lost her grip on the woman. A better grip was in order....Two fingers quickly penetrated that slick hole and curved to keep her close.



Conclusion -- A Mighty Hero

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