Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

The Blue Vixen!
(Part 3)

by the Kindred Lodgers
(DJ, WarriorJudge, Jasper, Ame, Oisin, Rider, Trisha & Jerre)

Sept 25~29th, 2007



(Ame) --

Earlier that Evening:

Amethyst paced the rafters quietly waiting on everyone to slide into bed or rather quit fucking around and go to sleep. How long can these people go?

Her mind wandered off as she thought hard on not having a go at someone since she got here. Well, not a complete go at someone... Arg!! The sexual frustrations and blood lust is compounding into..into...hmmm.

Mischievous thoughts reentered her brain as before she pounded the wall with her fists. If she couldn't play, perhaps...hmmm...

She remember the secret passages she had found with the help of some story called The Void. "Eureka!! I'll do it tonight!"

Present Times:

With the towel lined box open and entered as evidence. The bacchae stepped forward. "That red one there, that's mine Jaspitball. Care to explain??" Amethyst dawned her signature grin.



(Rider) --

Rider saunters in the lodge and heads for the large staircase that leads to her quarters. She ignores the group of sisters arguing among themselves because she's not in the mood for company. Her back is killing her, and her PMS is dull roar in her head that keeps even The Beast laying low.

But before her booted foot settles on the first step, she freezes. Her eyes narrow as she studies the array of dildos lined up on the bar.

"That's my Red Smoothie!" She strides quickly over to the bar and snatches up the dildo in question, and then turns to the group of suddenly quiet sisters. Her right hand rests on the hilt of the short, stiff riding whip hanging from her belt, the knuckles of her left hand white as they gripped the treasured appendage. Her low, dangerous growl made her sisters winch. "I don't recall loaning this out. Somebody has been in my toy box."


(Astral) --

"Somebody was in my box too...and it weren't Carly!" Astral indicates her favourite G-girl.

Turning her attention fully onto the testy but still magnificent Stable Master Astral points with a flourish to the minxy little madam currently tethered to the wall shackles by her nipple rings.

"It seems THIS little trollop is the Toy Covetor...the Historian can confirm it!"


Battle of the Smoothies!

The historian had a hard time containing her amusement as she watched one claim after another go out for the stolen dildos -- the same ones in fact!

Looking from the sultry Bacchae to the whip-gripping pissed off Warrior, both claiming the 6" red smoothie as their own toy, Jayling decided a little test should be in order to find out who the real owner is...

Placing her hand on Rider's whitened knuckles that had a death grip on the tantalizing smooth cock, DJ began stroking the Warrior's hand, her fingers lightly gliding over Rider's, down onto the long shaft, then back up, gently swirling over both flesh and silicone. "Relax, Butch, if this is yours, I'm sure you can prove it. Expertise comes from lots of practice -- every millimeter of it," the historian purred.

Pulling the salacious Bacchae by the elbow, "Sooo, you say this red smoothie is actually yours too, eh?" Smirking at the dark-haired girl, "Do you really want to test the prowess of this pms'ed Butch, young'n? Winking at the lass, "If this dildo is yours, I'm sure we'll find out soon enough."

"As our fiery Elementalist said, we do have the perfect test-subject all ready and strung-up." Nodding towards the topless blonde on tiptoes, tits pinned to the wall, arms and legs shackled. "Oh yes, she is more than primed for this exhibit!" DJ evilly chuckled...


(Astral) --

Astral steps forward and clears her throat...ahem..

"Before you all get underway proving ownership of said Red Smoothie on our volunteer over there lets not forget the blub on the box...'Red Smoothie, great for both asses and cunts, has an egg vibe in the bottom' we expect to see the implement in question used to full capacity...which I understand Jasper is prepared to give you..."


(Jerre) --

Jerre looked around with a frown. Jasper was supposed to have joined her for lunch. It wasn't like her mischievous sub to forget stuff like that and she wouldn't blow her off....

Sighing she put down her scroll and headed out to look for her wayward lover.


(Trisha) --

Trisha examined the ruins of her quarters with eyes yellowed by combined lust and frustration. She had had such a wonderful dream during her nap and woken up right before orgasm. So she had figured to take matters into her own hands with the purple toy she had recently brought. Only when she had reached for her toy it hadn't been there anymore....hence she had torn apart her chambers looking for it. And had conclusively proven that it wasn't there.

Frustration beginning to spark in her eyes she exited her rooms and headed downstairs. She would figure out who had stolen her toy, get it back and tear a few strips of hide off to boot.

She shouldered past rider, and then saw it on the bar. She picked it up and raked eyes over the whole group. Carefully she inhaled over the dildo, smelling Jay and...Amethyst?

Snarling she intensified her glare on both and stalked closer.


(Ame) --

Cursing in her head Amethyst kept her poker grin. She should have known better, but oh hell, perhaps she could fake colorblindness, yeah thats it.

"Oh did you say red, I think mine is pink. Bacchae are color-blind." Amethyst wiggled her way free of that one, perhaps, maybe. "I think it just looks like mine. Good taste Rider." The bacchae smiled...never mess with the PMS.

She looks up at Trisha, "You rang dear?"


(DJ) --

Backing away from her infuriated Sister, "Whoa now, Trish! I didn't know it was yours! That hussy strung over... huh, Amethyst?!" The historian's eyes grew wide at this newest revelation. "Why you blood-sucking varmint, you! Just how in the hell did your juices get slathered over Trisha's gorgeously tantalizing new purple dilly, huh!"

Musing aloud, "Me thinks there's more to this than meets the... cunts."

Not trusting the wrath of the fiery Cat, DJ continued her backwards momentum, her elbow hitting the Dildos standing tall and proud on the bar. The double-banger cock of Shasa's went teetering over hitting the floor with a bumpity thump, then bounced up into the surprised hands of the stunned Celt.

"Git your grubby mitts off that precious commodity, pig breath," Astral snarled.

"Yeah! What she said! I'll just go take Shasa's cock and clean it off for her. Be back soon." The historian had fallen in love with the Slut's dildo. She wasn't about to turn that over any time soon. And damn if that ache didn't begin yet again between her legs...


(Oisin) --

Oisin held firm to the slutty sailors pride and joy. It had already been purloined once that day, she was damned if she'd let it fall back into the clammy grasp of this...this addict!!

Yes that the Bard stood back and took note she could see the sweating brow and madly darting eye of a hardcore cockaholic!!

"Oh no you don't wenchy. I'LL give it to Shasa when the slattern returns from trawling the docks!" O growled.

"Give it up Bard! You don't know how to wash behind yer ears never mind gently bathe a fine piece of rutting rubber like this!" DJ hissed back struggling to free her deepest wish....quite literally the deepest.

"Stop it," howled Oisin, "look yer bending it just like you did my Vixen! Haaaa...." Suddenly her eyes flashed with understanding, "That's how it happened...that's how the blue Vixen got bent...they're were TWO of you fighting over it!!!"

"OMG! Just how many snatching snatches are there in this place?" Astral demanded hands on hips.


(Ame) --

Nearly rolling onto the floor with laughter with the tongue twister. "OMG! Just how many snatching snatches are there in this place?" Astral demanded hands on hips."  LMAO!!!


(Astral) --

Astral, famous for having no sense of humour whatsoever, glared through dark lashed slit eyes at the mirth loving bat...girl...thingy.

'If I find Nibbler over there has been anywhere near my Carly. she'll be suckin' on more than hemoglobin!" the apprentice wizard scowled at the bacchae.


(Ame) --

*gulp* Amethyst's grin fades a bit, but she holds tight to it. Maybe she should have thought today through first.


(WarriorJudge) ---
Dildos, Dildos -- Who's Got the Dildos...

Greetings from my vacation, S/sisters,

I’ve yet to catch up with everything that has been going on around here, however, from what I’ve gathered so far, there’s an unconscionable dildo-snatcher roaming our Lodge.

As soon as I’m available and with your permission, of course, it’ll be my pleasure to get to the bottom of this.

I’m good at getting into bottoms.


(Ame) -- Yikes!! She's back!! Is this where I run and hide??


(WarriorJudge) -- You know, Amethyst, running away from the law, to us Judges construed as conscience of guilt.


(Ame) -- Who me?!?! Guilty?!?!? Nah!! *worried grin*


(Jayling) --

Uh Oh! The Judge Be Back!

"Oh Mighty Magistrate, After hearing the newest revelation from Cat, I do believe there are at least 2 co-conspirators here. Keep your eyes peeled on that banshee pinned to the wall and this rafter skulker too. And ya know what, Judge? The way things are looking, you may want to investigate this not-so-innocent little Trisha too. I've got this funny feeling they were all in on the set-up!"

wenchy nodded her head in agreement with herself. 'heh!'


(Ame) --

"Rafter Skulker?!?!?!?! Grrr.... Don't they say that the smeller is the feller?... Oops, did I just call out Cat..." lol


(WarriorJudge) --

I see what you mean, sultry wenchy –As I was reading My shifting wench’s words regarding her use of a Dildo which wasn’t attached to Me, I got a tad pissy.

But reading her careless remark regarding whiffing your cunt scent and Amethyst’s cunt scent, recognizing your specific aromas, an all consuming rage began burning my insides.

Someone needs to be punished…


(Oisin) --

"Right you lot of retrobates..form a queue..." Oisin barked.

Aside she whispered to the Judge, "A right shifty lot you got there M'Lud. Don't turn yer back unless yer cocks tight in yer harness. I take it you have checked yer tool box and all are present and accounted for??"


(WarriorJudge) --

The Judge turns to Oisin:

“Your concern is much appreciated, Oisin. You can be sure that my humongous cock is tightly secured to my leather harness. As for the rest of my instruments of dubious pleasure, they are all hidden away under lock and key. I don’t trust any of the horny wenches around here, and neither should you”

Any legal actions as they pertain to defamation and/or slander taken against me would be thrown out of court forthwith.


(Astral) --

Astral turns to the Judge, "What does nervous giggling signify WarriorJudge? Guilt, nervousness, or just someone who needs their itch scratched?" she asks coolly with a sly smile.

Astral raises a dark brow at the learned Judges observation, indeed batgirl did look shifty...mmm, just how many instigators were there?? Could it be a cock conspiracy?


(WarriorJudge) --

Might be a careless oversexed wench, who forgot her dildo vibrating in her gluttonous cunt.

Either that or showing off her fangs.

If that is not a cock conspiracy we’re having here, then I venture to say this ordeal in its entirety might be a wench-hunt on our part, dear friend.

In any event, it seems to me like you’re all doing a tremendously good job at nailing whoever is at blame.

There’s no need to appoint myself an inquisitor Judge in this ghastly business.


(Ame) -- Ame unable to help it, snickers again. 'cock conspiracy,' what a hoot.


(Jasper) --

Jasper was slightly amused at the bickering going on in front of her, hoping she could use it to get out of her current situation. As the sweat from her forehead rolled into her eye's Jasper took a deep calming breath.

"Excuse Me," she waited a moment as her words flowed over the group, as all eyes turned to her, Jasper bravely continued, "as you all are discovering that there maybe multiple parties involved in this fiasco, I would like to know what evidence you all have aside from the words of that lying harlot there." nodding her head in the direction of said wench, "Of my actual involvement?"

Jasper met the eye's of each and everyone of the women present, seeing rage, indignation, frustration and even guilt.


(Ame) --

Amethyst took this chance to pull away from the crowd and walk over to Jasper. She exaggerated her walk just to show off a bit as she closed in, very, very close.

The bacchae leaned in hard against Jaspers body, pressed her face against the chained one's jaw and spoke with a soft whisper in her ear, "None, actually...but I know who really did it."



The Blue Vixen Continues in -- Wenchy's Revenge & Jasper's Torture!

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