Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

The Blue Vixen!
(Part 2)

by the Kindred Lodgers
(DJ, Jasper, Ame, & Oisin)

Sept 25~27th, 2007


And so it begins -- the Revenge of the Wench!


(Ame, O, Jas, & DJ) --

With the grace of some strange bird, Amethyst descended from the rafters, her cape billowing and settling dramatically behind her. The grin was a permanent fixture upon her face.

"I did indeed witness... something..." She teased as she stepped around the spent bodies, feeling the sexually charged air about them.

Inhaling the musky scent of the sex, she grinned, "Perhaps if there was an offer that would be worthy....then I might remember what I did or did not see..."

She laughed softly as she squatted down beside everyone.

"Well....I got a flakey pastry in the fridge?" Oisin offered cautiously.

Laughing softly, "Oisin dear, I'm not referring to that sort of offering..." Ame wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "I'd rather have a bit of something something else of yours..."

Oisin's hand slowly and carefully reached back to pat her hip pocket, making sure her kitkat was safe and secure she sighed with relief.

"Hmmmm" Jasper spoke for the first time "well I offer up....her" as she pointed to the bound Jayling. The Historian glared at Jasper and started to splutter out a response "w..why you little" that was as far as she got when suddenly Jasper reached over and cruelly ripped the clamps from her overly abused nipples "AHHHHHHHHH" Jayling screamed. " I think that was a yes" Jasper calmly replied.

Suddenly Oisin's kitkat looked safer still....

Motioning her seductive Sister over, DJ whispered, "Release me from these binds and follow my lead, luv. And you can take whatever pleasure you desire -- 'ceptin a bite of wenchy's bode, that is!"

The bacchae leaned in closer, her full lips brushing over the historian's parched ones. Their tongues seeking entrance into the cavernous depths within. Gliding over, dipping and thrusting, tasting the sweetness each had to offer...

Pulling back a bit breathless Amethyst answered with her eyes. She wrapped her arms around the woman and rolled the woman on top of her.

Again she explored the woman's full mouth with the kiss while she freed her from her bonds.

She slid her tongue lips and tongue across DJ's jawline and in a whisper, "Mmmn...that'll do for now."

Amethyst winked up at Jasper.

Amethyst's taste was divine; her flesh - her smell, those luscious curves, only caused the wench's insatiable lust to be notched up yet another degree.

Even in this haze, the historian didn't miss that wink she gave to the hussy skank. "Oh no no, you all aren't setting me up again!" The wench roared, skittering backwards...

"You aren't getting a little paranoid now are you dear?" Jasper snickered.

"Nah, not paranoid. Okay okay, a little! But I came to my senses. Got all the bases covered I do believe. The tides will soon change!" The historian smirked back.

Amethyst crawled toward the woman using her body in near unnatural ways, "Would I do such a thing?" She pouted her lip a bit, but the grin consumed it...

"Whoa up there, Bacchae! We've got a deal, remember!" the wench hastily added, "er, not a deal but you know!"

Head nodding towards the smirking harlot, "You know she deserves this -- that she set the whole thing up. And she has to pay for this now!"

Pausing, "We've still got our understanding." Flipping above the woman, Amethyst lands on the wall, like a spider just above DJ, "Can't blame a girl for trying to get more..."

Dj let out the breath she had been holding. The diabolical plotters in the Lodge had her on pins and needles. Who could be trusted and who could be swayed? Only the gods above would know.

"Aye, luv, and we may just continue it more, later..." The wench winked at the tantalizing bacchae.

"Tis true DJ, they are diabolical plotters," O nodded sagely, "Why only a moment ago one tried to bribe me with her creamy dessert...but no cherry mind you!"

She looks over hopefully at said offender in case the proffered morsel is in her pants...Bards are famed for having a sweet tooth.

"You only have to ask for more, dear.." Ame again suggests with a wink.

"AH HA! Bribing witnesses now are we! You will do anything to get your way." Jasper tried to retake control. "OISIN!" she yelled, "you heard her didn't you, trying to bribe the poor bacchae into lying for her?"

Her cousin's yell brought Oisin crashing out of her day dream of creamy desserts with a start...

"Huh? What?"

Her hand strayed to her kitkat, giving it a reassuring pat...Ah, safe!

Looking up to Jasper, Amethyst slithered down from the wall to offer a hand to DJ, "Honestly, You'll do anything to keep out of trouble.." The bacchae acted as though she might be hurt..but not really.

Ame offered a smile and raised an eyebrow to Jasper, "You offering anything better..??"


(Oisin & Astral) --

The atmosphere in the Great Hall began to darken and crackle with static electricity causing the hairs on the back of everyone's neck to stand on end.

Swapping frowns and anxious glances they cast their eyes around, the air being such that lightening could strike at any moment...and it sort of did...with a sizzling flash and cloud of red smoke straight to the Bards boots.

Yelping Oisin leapt back in dismay and counted all her, two...good.

The scarlet plumed smoke billowed listlessly up to the ceiling revealing...nothing. All eyes swept the empty hall, it was unusual for such a grand entrance not to actually involve an arrival?

Then they heard it, a thumping from the mop cupboard halfway up on the right. Thump, thump, thump, and some muffled, indiscernible cries. Hand stealing towards her dagger Oisin cautiously approached and gingerly twisted the doorknob. It creaked open and she leapt back as a vast red cloud blew out into the room making her splutter and gag.

Out of the fogginess a small figure appeared wrapped in a long cloak that shimmered with moons and stars and other magick emblems. Her black hair curled at her shoulder under the firmly wedged on though slightly battered Wizards hat. Angry gray eyes raked over Oisin with sneering contempt. Oisin gagged some more.

"Is that a kitkat in your hand or are you just glad to see me?" the young wizard snapped.

Oisin glanced down in surprise to see she had indeed grabbed her choccy bar rather than her dagger. Before she could even blink it was snatched away and torn apart, one delicate chocolate covered biscuit popped into sweet cheery red lips, bit in two by white feral teeth.

"My kitkat!!" the Bard blurted in shock, "Astral you're a bitch!"

"Bite me...just like I'm biting this..." she took another snap at the chocolate bar. Oisin winced as if it was her own finger.

"Why were you in the cupboard you unnatural newt luvvin freak?" she hissed, eyes never leaving her fast disappearing tea time treat.

"Cos that's where my projection spell sent me. Gods know I can't get anywhere but I seem to land into the same space as you! It's a curse! And until you agree to go back to Erin with me I will be forever stuck here at this Cabin in the woods for errant rutters!"

"Why are you here buggin me?"

"It's not about you, pig brain. I'm hear because I can't find Carly."

Oisin rolled her eyes, "Not another imaginary girlfriend..."

"She is not imaginary...she's my dildo and I left locked in my room and now she's missing...who took her?" she glared at the Bard as if the answer was right in front of her.

"Umm..she did."

Astral Projector swirled to find the owner of the voice. A woman she had never seen before stood rubbing her wrists where yet another stranger...a follower of Bacchus from the look of her, had freed her from her bonds.

"And who are you and exactly what do you know?"

"I am DJ, the Historian and I know for a fact Jasper did it. She stole everyone's!"

Astral locked eyes with the suddenly very unhappy Jasper, they had never liked each other.

"RIGHT," roared Astral, "Oisin's wise crackin' smart assed little pipsqueak cousin. I might have known, the whole family has rabies on the brain. I'll teach you.."

She raised a hand and Jasper suddenly found herself airborne and pressed against the far wall by the Lodge guest shackles.

"See how much my powers have improved? That's what happens when you spend several months abandoned down a HOLE!!"


Jasper looked up in relief at the sign placed right above the shackles 'FOR GUEST USE ONLY' By Order The Capt'n.


(DJ) --

The unexpected arrival of this unknown Sorceress, spooked the historian beyond belief. She tried to remain hidden behind the Bard, but those butchly buttocks kept shifting faster than she could keep up. When the traitorous Celt ratted her out to this shimmering Wizardess, she nearly choked Oisin with her own blazing eyes.

Gathering her wits, DJ rightfully pinned the blame on the true culprit -- Jasper, the instigating harlot. As she witnessed the fury the Magician cast upon the ruttish whore, the historian's heart leapt, silently yelling 'YES!'. The wench may be in love...

"Quickly! Ame, grab the shackles, secure that little bitch there before she gets away." Jayling snatched the chained clamps that were now hanging out of Oisin's vest pocket nearly ripping the leather, spinning the Butch in a whirly circle.

"Astral is it?" The black haired Sorceress nodded. "Nice to meet you!"

The lightning speed at which the Bacchae flew was a blur to Jay's eyes. 'That woman is fast!' Within moments, Amethyst had Jasper's wrists securely locked to the far wall. Her super-human strength blocked the foot aimed at her calf, and before the blonde could register her indignation, Ame had her legs spread and ankles shackled to the floor.

"You aren't going anywhere, my sweet." She nipped at the pulsing vein on Jasper's neck, growling her bacchanalian desires. Tamping them down was difficult, but she was well versed in control. Throwing a rag over the 'Guests Only' sign, she winked at the bound woman. "Say something, dear?" she snickered.

DJ motioned to Astral, "My new, uh, friend, would you mind casting another spell lifting up this harlot on tiptoes, whilst I pin her tits to the wall?"

The gray eyes of the Sorceress flashed her approval. With a snap of her wrist, a fireball erupted, striking the ass of her nemesis. The searing flame gave DJ just enough time to flip the chain up and over the hook, clamping them onto Jasper's nipple rings.

"Stretch, little bitch, that's right!"

"Another favor, Astral? Could ya spellcast the evidence from up in my quarters and materialize them down here, towel-lined box and all? There should be 4 cocks left, since the Vix has already been claimed by Butchly O." Pinning her eyes on the stunned Bard.

"I think it's high time you answer for your indiscretions, brat, and come clean about who you pilfered them from." DJ arrogantly spat to the bound blonde. "The owners may want to have a little 'talk' with you, squirt!"

Now it was time for the smirks to change faces, from the blonde bomber to the vengeful historian...


(DJ) --


And here it is, the evidence in all it's cockiness & sparkling glory!

Curvy Carly which can find any G Spot -- owner Astral!
Red Smoothie, great for both asses and cunts, has an egg vibe in the bottom -- owner hasn't come forward yet
Purple double-banger cock with a big S on the base -- owner, Shasa the Lodge Slut!
Gorgeous Blue Vixen -- owned and reclaimed by the Bard of Erin
Light Purple cunt lover -- owner hasn't come forward yet


(Jasper & Jay) --

"It's a frame up I tell you!!!" Jasper bellowed.

The young blonde went scurrying through scraps of parchments, "Here's more Evidence!!"

DJ jayling@ wrote:

Allo?... allo... 'lo...

ahha! So there is someone still around. Hiya Studly! Too quiet in here, huh? Makes a lusty wench turn to other means (cramming cocks up her own cunt) to satisfy those aches. What's a Butch do when things are so fucking tomblike in here?

lusty wench here, trying one new cock out after another, burying the blue Vixen deep inside my dripping cunt, filling me so fully, almost painfully, harnessed in, as I wait to hear the familiar ravishing of my Kin...

DJ easily brushed all that aside, "Exactly what we already know from that point forward. Jay was horned-out, cramming one cock in after another -- from the Gift that you had previously brought me that morn! This wasn't stated earlier because the banter started AFTER you arrived with my prezzies. It's not 'I' who stole those cocks from other people's chambers. Not sweet innocent little Jayling. But we do know how devilish Jasper is and what an instigator she is. That is something that she would (and did!) do. I am a witness to it. You brought me those cocks to help with my throbbing itch, ya little twat."  DJ snicked at the young welp.


Jasper countered:

1. Jay's always horned out.
2. No cocks ever came up missing til YOU got here.
3. Jasper would no more steal cocks and then give them to YOU than she would mess with Aria's prized shoe collection.
4. Not only did Jay *snick she *swiped

So there!

P.S. Ignore the remark about Aria's shoes

"Ah," Oisin gets all dreamy eyed at the mention of Lady Arias shoe collection, "That was the day you snuck in after her cock collection and spied her shoes first...wonderful times..."

The wench waved off any additional sputterings from the bound woman, "Talking is over, squirt. The Judge ain't around to rule on this. Your tits are secured to the wall, along with your very vulnerable chained-up runt of a bode. Cocks have been presented and some of the Owners may just want a piece of ya, like this sizzlin' Astral here!"

"You were forewarned, banshee!"

*wenchly satisfied smirk


The Blue Vixen Continues in -- Revenge of the Wench! (Part 2)

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