Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

The Blue Vixen!

by the Kindred Lodgers
(DJ, WarriorJudge, Jasper, Ame, & Oisin)

Sept 25~27th, 2007


It all started with a little innocent banter, from a very horny wench...

(DJ) --

Allo?... allo... 'lo...


Is everyone still recovering from Oisin's birthday or what! It's too fucking quiet in these Halls. I should be hearing sounds of erotica; Butches commanding voices, wenches pleading, heavy bootsteps, chains hitting the floor, begging, whips cracking, screams of releases echoing through these halls. But all I hear is wenchy's own smoky voice! aargh!

A call of check-in to ye, Kindred!

Lusty wench here, trying one new cock out after another, burying the blue Vixen deep inside my dripping cunt, filling me so fully, almost painfully, harnessed in, as I wait to hear the familiar ravishing of my Kin...


(WarriorJudge) --

You smut-peddler…Leave it to you to stir yummy salaciousness.

I'm ecstatic to see that you're doing exactly the same as I do whenever I find myself alone in here…

Keep it going, wenchy…You're under this Domme's watchful eye.


(DJ) --

ahha! So there is someone still around. Hiya Studly! Too quiet in here, huh? Makes a lusty wench turn to other means (cramming cocks up her own cunt) to satisfy those aches. What's a Butch do when things are so fucking tomblike in here?


(WarriorJudge) --

I don't know about other butches around here, but I unbutton my leather pants, take out my gigantic black cock, wrap my long strong fingers around the shaft, and commence a slow stroking up and down its length, pressing the base against my excruciating need, meanwhile fantasizing about smacking the face of a wench with it, till I come with a load groan.

You are exceedingly good at soliciting smut, tasty wench.


(DJ) --

ooh, excellent visual, WJ! I want to hear more!!

After you stroked your shaft, smacking the wench in her face with it's hard stiffness, would you force it down her throat then?

Gotta admit, you outgun me in the smut mongering, Judgey.


(WarriorJudge) --

Oh most definitely…I grip her by the nape, then skewering her mouth with my prick, shoving it deeply into her as far as it can go and then wearing off her jaw on it.

As for the smut-mongering, sweet wenchy, I seriously doubt I can outsmut you.


(DJ) --

ooh, sounds like you enjoy seeing a wench gag on your cock as you force it down her throat. Her eyes watering, barely able to breathe around it's thick shaft as your hips thrust it deeper with each buck forward.

Lovely fantasy, Judge!

Oh, trust me, the smutmeisters around here have jayling by the tits in that department.


(WarriorJudge) --

A lovely fantasy it is, wenchy, only I'm not entirely sure whose is it, yours or mine. <butchly wink>


(DJ) --

Maybe the fantasy is one that all of our smutmongers here have. Though I will openly admit, the thought of a cock being forced down my throat as I'm kneeling there, eyes watering, silently cursing the intrusion, nearly retching while it's forced down my throat, ignites a gush of liquids to flow from my puss.

Why? I don't know, but god it makes me fucking hot!


(Jasper) --

Jasper walks over and taps the the device hanging on the wall in the great hall, "hey Jayling that little bit o lusty talk registered a 8 and a 1/2 on the Smut O Meter." Jasper laughed.


(DJ) --

An 8 1/2, eh? Yeah, wenchy is losing her touch. Very out of practice ya know. Me thinks Jay needs more practice. Don't ya think, squirt?

Oh gods, asking your advice might not be the wisest thing I've ever done!!


(Jasper) --

Jasper allows herself a slow perusal of the lovely historian's lush body "it may not be the wisest thing you ever did wenchy, but it is definitely one of the smartest. 'Wicked grin'


(DJ) --

The wisdom of the wench is renowned! Though yes, I have made a few errors in these decades -- but only a couple mind you!

Dare I trust the one who I know as a Spitfire tit-twister? She who never allowed even one wenchly deflection to get past her. hmm, a challenge it would be!


(Jasper) --

Jasper quickly makes her way across the great hall stopping just inches in front of the renowned Historian, with her hands behind her back she leans ever so close to her tempting neck.

Decision made she gives the pulse a slight nip then lavishing the area making her way to a tantalizing lobe lightly sucking, she could hear the wench's breath catch. Pulling back slightly she whispered in said ear, "would I ever lead you astray?" tongue in cheek Jasper waits.


(Ame) --

Mmmmm, neck bites....yummy?? Can I play??

Amethyst circled the women, smiling. She could taste the blood pulsing beneath their skin, could feel the rhythm of their bodies. The bacchae trailed her finger slowly over DJ's and then Jasper's shoulder.

"Let me help..." She bared her teeth slightly, in a deeper, devious grin. Amethyst stood just behind the two wanting to accentuate the pleasure being received, "Who first?"


(DJ) --

Arching up from Jasper's contact on her sensitive lobe, and then the subsequent release, caused the wench's body to relax downwards, pushing the cock even further inside her straining cunt. Dj groaned as the Seductress whispered in her ear. Most coherent thought was quickly slipping away.

"You, Jas? You lead me astray?" The historian closed her eyes, sighing contentedly. "No, luv, not you."

The smell of pulsing veins caught the attention of the Bacchae. Nearly silently, Ame dropped down from the rafters above. "mmmm!"

Shaking herself out of this lust-filled stupor, Dj's one hand went to her throat, shaking her head 'no no', then grabbed the shirttail of the short blonde like it'd be some kind of protection if she could rip it off her back. The motion jerked Jasper backwards who promptly landed on the wench's lap, embedding the cock even deeper within her pussy.

"oh gods!" Dj shrieked.


(Oisin) --

Meanwhile in another part of the Lodge, Oisin is pulling her bedroom apart in a turmoil of distressed activity...

"Where is it...where is it?" she mutters and curses to no one in particular as bed linen and feather-pillows go flying. Boots are shook upside down. Drawers are wrenched clean out of the dresser, contents dumped, then ransacked, then kicked asunder in complete petulance.

Finally in a full on temper tantrum she hurls a water pitcher against the wall...scarlet faced she thunders to the heavens above and any other fecker that might be listening...

"Where the fuck is it!! I got a date with four Amazons in three minutes and I can't find my fucking blue Vixen!"


(Jasper) --

Sitting on the vixen's lap her shirt torn to tatters Jasper shrugged it from her toned body. 'What the hell was all the commotion that was coming from the upper floor' she wondered. Standing, she grabbed the historian by her extended nipples and gave a slight pull.

"Oh yes!" DJ screamed. Jasper gave another sharp pull, loving the shrieking coming from the excited woman. "Come on," she gave a hard pull to the overexcited nipples, "we need to see what's going on up there."

Jasper gave a hard yank taking pleasure as DJ let out another loud screech. She sighed, as she finally got the woman moving in the direction of the stairs.


(DJ) --

Swatting at Jasper's hands as she yanked and twisted Dj's hardened nubs. "You little Banshee! Git your mitts off my nips!" Swatting again but not succeeding, "Criminy, what'd ya do, take lessons from your alter-self or what!" Jasper only twisted harder, pulling the wench and her aching tits towards the stairwell.

Stumbling forward, Dj almost lost the blue Vixen, nearly squirting it out of her sopping slick cunt. "Hey, hold up dammit! At least let me take out this cock before it winds up on the damn floor." Reaching down, "Nice present ya gave me, Jas -- even from a harlot such as you!"

Before Jayling could grasp the rim, a red-faced infuriated Celtic Bard came thundering down the steps...


(Oisin) --

Oisin heard the words as she bounced down the stairs two at a time.

"Jasper! Were you in my room again you little cowpat?" she bellowed. "Where is it? Where have you hid my...oew..."

The Bard drew up short at the non-nativity scene before her...Jasper her cousin was topless and had the Lodge Historian firmly gripped by both nipples. Meanwhile DJ was frozen in mid grope at something between her thighs. Her very wet and slippery thighs Oisin noted. Oisin was good on details...certain details.

"What's going on here?" she asked suspiciously approaching the pair slowly. Jasper let go of the rubbery nubs and stood up with the face of an angel leaving both distended tips straining against the Historian's shirt... Nice work.... again O picked up on the details.

"I caught this one stealing your Vixen sweetest cus and was struggling to bring her to you. I suppose it's a sort of Citizens Arrest!"

Jasper looked every inch the upright Lodger, moralistic upholder of law and order...not like DJ who currently looked like an upholder of a large stolen dildo up her snatch <snork, snick, hee>

"My Vixen! Where is it you thievin' meddlesome cock snatchin..." Oisin demanded, "I got a, no I got dates plural. Now where'd ya hide it?" she practically screeched.

Jasper merely raised her eyebrows and pointed downwards.

"Eh? What?" Oisin followed the gesture with disbelieving eyes.

Oh no, she wouldn't...she couldn't...not with my brand new virgin Vixen mail order cock...she wouldn't...bitch! Slutty little winkle...she has, she's stuffed herself with my new pride and joy...aaaargh!!!

Oisin went apoplectic, "It's not meant to bend that way! Right, you've had it wenchy cock stealin' stuffer! You did that to get back at me cos I WON in court the other day. RIGHT you've done it now...caught in the act you are. RIGHT!"

The Bard whipped her brass embossed nipple clamps from her jerkin pocket and quickly fastened the Historian to the Lodges main banister by passing the chain from one prominent tit point through the rail to its twin. Both seemed to almost burst through the cloth to greet the harsh metal teeth. Jasper aided in the fight against crime by producing her very own handcuffs and locking DJ's arms behind her.

DJ's howls of protest were foreshortened by Jasper's hand across her bottom. "Hush now. You'll get a chance to make a confession later."

"Pout at me would you, you little tarts," Oisin yelled at each nipple respectively, "Think this is funny. We'll see how funny it is in an hours time when I release you! We'll see whose laughin' then Pointy!" and she stomped off towards the rear of her current problem.

Jasper, forever vigilant followed. Together they leaned over the the Historian's bent posture to examine the stolen goods.

"Gods, she's it in deep!" Jasper crowed happily. "Caught red...well, not handed but something's pretty flushed down there. Swollen too. It's a real tight squeeze. Might never come out!"

"Damn it, I'll need a harness to pop it out!" Oisin huffed. "Keep an eye on her. I'll be back in a moment." and she bounded upstairs in a hell of a hurry.

"Ho hum," Jasper sat on the stair level with DJ's flushed face, "Crime never pays DJ. There's a lesson in all this for ye. I wonder what the odds are my cousin will do something really stupid like call on the Judge to punish you after she's extracted her big fat well lubricated goods from your sopping tight pussy??"


(Jasper) --

Jasper was ecstatic at the turn of events she just knew that somehow that little wenchy was going to try and turn the situation around and somehow get her into trouble.

Thanking all that be that it was her own cousin that had come down the stairs as the Historian was making her incriminating remarks.

Leaning ever closer to the bound woman Jasper cast a look around making sure the two were still alone, she whispered close to a delectable ear "and just think, if there were any evidence to incriminate me it is, ah well, how shall I say," Jasper diddled the Historian's swollen clit watching in fascination as even more of her blessed fluids gushed from her sopping center, "washed away now."

Her hips surged forward as she struggled with her binds, the wicked clamps on her tortured nubs pulled harshly. She was hard pressed to stop a loud moan from escaping her lips.

The last thing she wanted was to give this little harlot the satisfaction of knowing she was extremely excited, though she was having a difficult time controlling her traitorous body.

Wiping the smug look off her face, Jasper sat back as she heard her cuz come clomping back down the stairs muttering something about 'there being enough room and whether or not she could ever get it straight again' as she lovingly stroked a well oiled harness.

Jasper knew the bound wench would try and talk her way out but....with her being in possession of the ill gotten gains and then concealing them, it wouldn't be easy for her.


(DJ) --

"You are so going down!" Jayling hissed towards the smirking blonde. Her bare foot smacked the thigh of the instigator then landed right between the girl's crotch in a threatening pose. Jasper reacted quickly; she grabbed DJ's ankle holding it aloft, causing the already unbalanced wench to jerk sideways, the metal jaws of the clamps raking wickedly along her aching, extended nipples.

"aagh!" DJ shrieked once again.

Trying to scan the rafters in this bent over position was practically impossible. But Jayling knew if there would be any witnesses to this morning's gift giving, it'd be her stealthy Bacchae sister, Ame. Better yet would be two witnesses. 'Maybe Trisha saw that little hussy ransacking rooms too! They had to have seen something! 5 delectable cocks all proudly adorning that towel-lined box. Oh gods, those swirling, sparkling colors, 2 blues, 2 purples and a red one, their length and thickness nearly driving me insane with need. Cramming each one in my cunt, orgasms galore all day long... Wait. 5! Oh no!!'

Mumbling incoherently about Amazons and Vixens, the deranged Butch bounded down the steps, attempting to untangle the harness along the way with curses and agile fingers.

"O! Butchly, please, you must listen to reason. It was your skank of a cousin who set me up! You of all people know what an instigator that runt of a whore is!"

But DJ's pleas seemed to fall on deaf, quad-Amazonian lusting ears. Motioning her cousin towards the rear of the wench, Jasper eagerly positioned Jayling's hips at an appropriate angle for easy Butch access while the Celt harnessed herself up. Taking the o-ring, she began to edge the slippery rim of her Blue Vixen cock into the metal, smacking Jasper's fingers as she attempted to aid her.


and yes in all reality, all 5 cocks are still lined up on the shelf from yesterday's cramming! Tis all true!

hormonal slut jayling...


(Oisin) --

"Git yer tampering stubby little fingers outta my way Jas. I'm in a hurry here. If I don't get to the Amazon village soon that randy bugger Rider will claim my presents...and I mean bugger most literally!"

Oisin finally squeezed the rim thru the cock ring. She stood still as the harness and its load settled on her hips...

"Aaaah," a satisfied sigh drifted over her lips as she ran a practiced eye along the toned back bent before her, her gaze slowly drawn down past the stretched butt cheeks to the blue thick shaft peeping out of a succulently soaked pussy. And best of all that big blue cock was now attached to her!

Oisin shook her head...this was business not pleasure...Yeah fersure...a voice sniggered in her head. No,! Gotta get my cock outta this harlot's hot honey pot...oooooh yeah...

Thoughts focused, the Bard tried to slide back out only to find she couldn't move.

"Gods be damned woman, yer as tight as a feckin pin hole!"

She tried again, still no luck except a few angry little squeaks from the Historian.

"Stop clenching on it you greedy grip-hole. Jasper git under there and diddle her good and hard til her pussy muscles relax and I can get this damn rod moving. I'm totally stuck!"

Jasper willingly fell to her knees and slid in under the Historian with a wide grin and a wink for her eyes alone.

"It's for the best DJ," she soothed taking up diddling position, "You can't suck it up forever. Even the Blue Vixen has to come out for air sometimes. Heehee!"

"You in position there Jas?" Oisin called down, "Cos I'm gonna push it in further in the hopes of loosening it. You diddle her clit when I give the word...okay!"

This clever plan finally decided upon by Oisin, rather than try and pull the thick dick out of the frothy hole, simply slammed it in harder all the way. Bam, bam, bam she pounded the shaft up to its hilt into the tight creamy orifice. Pushing up onto her toes until she knew the bulbous head was crammed brimful into DJ's sheath so that she howled her outrage and delight around the hall.

The Bard's britches shone with the lusty Historian's sex juices that oozed out all over her. She pushed in deep again in case there was an extra millimeter to gain, then she began to twist her hips in a slow grind hoping to loosen the death grip DJ's cunt had on her favorite tool. Feeling the shaft slip ever so slightly she yelled,

"Now Jas, now, diddle her like a fury. Git that clitty's attention while I fuck her hole free....!"


(Jasper) --

Jasper rubbed the Historian's clit for all she was worth when her cuz gave the word. With a wicked smile on her face that was solely for the bound woman.

Realizing that the cock wasn't just going to slip free, Jasper wondered if her cuz wasn't going to need more help. Chuckling, she reached up and grasped the chain that bound Jay's tits and gave a hard yank, she decided she liked the loud howls that erupted from the Historian's raw throat, as the sound echoed off the walls in the empty hall.

She felt Oisin trying a new technique. every time she felt her cuz ram that cock further into the bound DJ's sopping hole, Jasper pinched the woman's clit hard eliciting another round of squeaks and yelps of indignation at this sudden removal of her prize.

"Hey cuz this doesn't seem to be working." Jasper said as she pulled out a crude looking clit clamp from her pocket, 'she had waited a long time to be able to use this little gem.' as she swiftly clamped it to Jay's swollen abused clit. Delighting in the new sounds it provoked.

"Wh...what" Oisin had almost broken her stride from the sudden howls from the Historian. " I have this new salve that we might try. Jerre said it was for relaxing ones muscles. With an evil gleam in her eye, Jasper pulled the jar from inside her tunic.

"This won't hurt... much" she whispered for the Historian's ears only. Jasper uncapped the jar and liberally applied the salve "it's called instant heat," Jasper said loud enough for her cousin to hear her.

'snick' hehe


(Jayling) --

'By the gods, these two are wickedly insane!' Dj screamed in her mind.

Trying to get her breathing under control was fruitless. The lust that enveloped her was heightened tenfold by the ramming from the Butch behind her, and the relentless assault on her clit by the evil blonde. The full moon wasn't helping matters either!

DJ's indignant struggles didn't last long; her hips soon began to rock backwards to match the thrusts of the crazed Celt, and she began to push down hard upon the fingers that held her throbbing nub captive. Such exquisite sensations surged within her burning needs, she nearly took command of the pounding and pinching.

Hips bucking faster backwards, the Blue Vix sliding down though instantly crammed fully; her groans of pleasure echoed through the room. Jay began grinding her aching clit downwards onto Jasper's nimble fingers, then a split second later forcing her ass back towards Oisin and her cock ramming. Faster and harder the 3 Lodgers went at it, an unbelievable pace they kept up.

When the diminutive, diabolical blonde clamped DJ's clit, she nearly hit the roof with a deafening scream. It was a shriek that could wake the dead. The tears stinging the historian's eyes lessened the glare she tried to give the harlot, causing the young squirt to smirk even wider.

The smacking of the Butch's thighs against the exposed ass of the wench came faster, growing louder with each thrust. A sheen of sweat began to cover the women as the Vixen unveiling continued.

Jasper's whisper of, 'this won't hurt... much!' barely registered in DJ's mind until the blonde lathered the salve of instant heat on her abused clit.

"You cunt!!" she hoarsely screamed. Her nipples nearly torn off from jerking too far away from their clamped prison...


(Oisin) --

It began to occur to Oisin that she was in a rhythm here and the blue Vixen had freed itself nicely quite awhile ago. In fact the relentless thrusting was more to do with the exquisite pressure she received on her own groin than freeing her toy. A particularly generous backward push from the Historian confirmed that they had both moved beyond 'free the cock' in to a new game called Hide the Vixen.

With relish the Bard took up the Historian's subtle invitation and together they began to ride like fury towards the same goal. The hall filled with grunts and the damp slap of solid fucking.

DJ arrived first in a roaring cum, her steely inner muscles gripped then pushed the coveted tool out suddenly freeing the groaning Bard already caught in her own orgasmic bliss.

Totally spent Oisin sank to the floor in a happy daze...she had solved her problem - and had a nice warm up before wobbling off to the Amazon village.

Lying on her back happily contemplating how nice it was to have your stolen goods returned to you she spied the little bacchae lurking in the rafters. She flashed down a sharp glint of a mischievous smile...

"Hey Bardypants...betya can't guess where the other four are?"

Oisin's eyes flew open in alarm...


(DJ) --

DJ's own body was spent after the ravishing release of Oisin's Blue Vixen. Her legs could no longer hold her up. She was kneeling on the steps with her head against the banister while one aftershock after another rippled through her small frame.

"By the gods, that was intense," she croaked in a raspy tone.

Hearing the sultry voice from above snapped the historian out of her blissful state.

"Ame! My Sister Skulker! If anyone would have witnessed this whorish runt in the dildo-swiping act," glaring over at the smug blonde, "it would've been you! Please say you did -- tell O what this hussy was doing. That skank set me up!"

Jayling's wink wasn't lost on the young bacchae's sharp eyes...

And so it begins -- the Revenge of the Wench!


The Blue Vixen Continues in -- Revenge of the Wench!

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