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The Lodge's Historian, dj, now sits alone in these great Halls. Her spiritual knowings and techie prowess keeps watch over the eminent Sisters who live within this pristine forest in the Kindred Mountain range.

The young wench found her way to these hills after trekking through many prickly woods and battle scarred lands. It was a long journey, not without peril and great heartache.

There were times when the young lass had to don battle gear, to fight the evil forces that threatened her, and those she loved. Her body, soul, and heart still carry the scars from those darkened days.

The Historian unlocks the tome that records her own past . . .

Many seasons ago, in a land far to the east, dj grew enamored with a handsome butch Soldier. This woman held a strange power over the young girl -- a power that eventually became distorted, and nearly proved fatal.

The beautiful wench was imprisoned by this dark, angry Warrior, and suffered incredible abuses for many years. She was constantly deceived, threatened, belittled, and beaten. She was forced into servitude and stripped of all dignity, especially during the Soldier's drunken states, which were constant. The worst punishments weren't the whips, belts, or forced fuckings though - her greater torment lay in the lies, cruelty, and twisting of the young girl's mind. 

Flight was hard. She tried many times to escape the Demon Bitch's grasp, but was dragged back each time.  dj's imprisonment lasted almost ten solar cycles. But the day came when her desperate dreams of escape finally bore fruit. 

The Warrior was drunk again, prepared to pillage another village, where the eventual slaughter of those who got in her way was inevitable. Before the Soldier left, she threw the blonde down into a filthy, mud-packed pit, and covered the top with a wooden, slotted grate. As darkness fell, the young woman crawled up the slimy walls, and by the grace of the Goddess herself, got a good foothold, hefting the grate off the pit.

She ran!  dj ran fast and hard throughout the night.  Freedom was in sight.

As days turned to weeks, she remained fearful and wary. There were villages the girl trekked through where the vestiges of the Bitch's anger were strewn throughout the streets. dj feared for her life, knowing the evil of the woman's darkness. She hid and dodged the demented Warrior, and eventually fled far enough away to the land she now calls home -- The Kindred Mountain Range.

Fantasy Art Pictures by Larry Elmore

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