The eldest daughter of the prominent Clancey clan of northern Scotland, Klancy7 was born into a world of aristocracy and privilege.

For generations, her powerful family championed the rights of the county's villages and farms, earning the love of the common people. But seven local prominent families despised Clan Clancey, and conspired to destroy them. When Klancy was sixteen, her parents and siblings were murdered, in a single bloody night, by assassins hired by the seven clans. The sole survivor of the massacre, young Klancy was smuggled by grateful villagers to the Amazon tribe of Tristaine, where she grew to womanhood as a respected warrior and smutmonger.

The seven clans believed for years that they had wiped every Clancey from Scotland's soil, until one night, a mighty clipper ship emerged from the mists of Cape Wrath. A fierce and ruthless woman pirate waged war on the seven clans, until each of their corrupt castles fell, and their wealth was distributed to the poor of the county.

Her blood-debt paid in full, Klancy7 sailed the waters of the world as a notorious Warrior Pirate, vanquishing the wicked and defending the downtrodden.


Klancy7's reputation as a deadly fighter struck terror in the hearts of villains, while lusting wenches in every port fell prey to her roguish charms.

Now Klancy7 docks her mighty galleon, the Clitoris Clipper, in a secluded cove near the Kindred SpiritLodge. There, she has found a home well worth defending, and sistren who grow ever more dear to her courtly heart.

Pictured below, at a Lodge barbeque gone bad, Klancy7, with her faithful sidekick, Kirby Warrior Westie at her side, searches for friends to grow old with.

She hopes she has already found a few such sistren beneath the ribald roof of the Kindred SpiritLodge, and she thanks Gaia nightly for their friendship.

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