Ikarias . . .

Ikarias is just under 6' of average build, in her mid 20ies. She has faint jade scales on her entire left side. Her left eye is golden and elliptical, her right is cyan. She sees and hears better with her left eye/ear and she has an acute sense of smell. She's ambidextrous with most things. Her hair is a dark ash color, past her shoulders.

Ikarias wears dark linen or silk shirts, leather or linen pants, low boots. Her were-skin cloak is her most prized article. She's aware of how her odd appearance can be disconcerting, she usually keeps the hood up when in public.

Ikarias' mother Ardea, fled an evil sorcerer, Korax who wanted to breed monsters from his slaves. A fire-drake saved Ardea and assisted in the birth of her twins: Ikarias and Shazria. In doing so, a drop of his venom entered the umbilical cord. At pubert,y the girls developed scales on half their bodies.

Shortly thereafter, Korax found Ardea and left her for dead; he kidnapped Shazria. Ikarias learned to fight and has spent many years trying to find her sister and kill Korax.


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