Lady Alison's Tale

Alison spent her younger years in French orphanages before fleeing them at age 14. She was taken in by an older woman who taught her many wondrous things. She taught her how to fight, with sword and blow gun . . .

. . . and about truly giving to another. The woman trained Alison in the ways of a submissive and she was content for many years serving her Mistress. She did so until the older woman's death. She left Alison all that She had, and it set her up for life.

Alison sold everything that she could not carry with her and set out upon a quest of learning and seeing. After traveling to many far lands and seeing many magical things Alison began to look for a place to call home. The Gods graced Her with a band of women like Herself, and She knew She had found home.

One day while wandering around Alison spied a most beautiful creature and was moved to throw off her submissive mantle and let loose the Warrior within. Gentle Warrior, she has been called, and it does suit her.

Just be wary of ever confusing gentleness with weakness.

Many adventures lay ahead for Lady Alison and Her sweet pet, and She is looking forward to them all.

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