Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Studlys' Special Day

by Jayling

Oct 3rd, 2007


October roared in, in all its splendid glory with crisp air nipping the buds. The Lodgers loved this time of year. They'd either sit on the porch basking in the rich colors surrounding them, or stroll through the woods with their loved ones, oftentimes romping through the ankle-deep leaves strewn throughout the Kindred region. But there was no time to dally for the historian; she was on an important mission...

"Its gotta be here somewhere," she muttered. Puffing a dust-ball off her nose, Dj continued her hurried search. Buried beneath heaping mounds of scrolls, scraps and parchments, literally thousands of them, she knew there were some ancient tomes hidden among them. It had been many years since she last touched their cracked, aged leather which bound them, but she knew in her gut they'd still be hidden away up here. "Aha!" Her instincts were right on track.

"Now, if only these damn energy spikes will cooperate," she fussed "They're so frickin' finicky and random." Dj scrunched her nose and extended her fingers towards the center of the room waiting for that tingly prickly feeling to grow stronger. Slowly she turned; her hand outstretched, "hmm, this probably isn't the wisest thing ya've ever done, wenchy. Could be loads of trouble waitin' over yon--"




"Good gods, that stings..."


The Void's Lodge was a dark and foreboding place. It was filled with perilous dangers and quite a few painful memories. Nonetheless, her mission was clear -- helping a friend in need -- a pissed-off, horny warrior butch stuck in a throbbing unfulfilled state, Ghostly version of her friend, that is.

Quietly Jay stealthed out of the filth and mess of this Library; the huge oak door still entombed on the floorboards. Unsure of where she'd find the GhostlyJudge, the historian opted for the private chambers of the Dark Magistrate. Inside she slipped with the tomes pressed in the crook of her arm tucked tightly up against her chest.

The room was darkened except for several candles flickering on various ledges, making the objects around them appear shadowy and distorted. A shiver shot through the historian, 'fuck, this place is eerie!' Grasping onto logic so she wouldn't hightail it out of there, 'hmm, maybe Trisha still tends to the Warrior's quarters.'

She cleared her throat with a small cough, then barely above a squeak, "Ju-Judgey, you, uh, floatin' around in here?" Slowly she turned on heel, eyes wide in fearful anticipation. In a slightly louder whisper she called out again, "Yo, Judge, you here?" The only sounds she heard were the creaking of the old building and her own heart hammering in her eardrums. "hmm, maybe it'd be better if she didn't swoop in afterall. I can just leave these books on her bed, and hopefully she'll find them on her own," Jay mumbled to herself and to the empty room.

As she approached the Lord's bed, Jayling swore she saw movement out of the corner of her eye, coming from the hallway. This halted the girl dead in her tracks. Trying to adjust her eyes to the shadowy darkness, it looked like a form, a person, around her height, slightly taller... The hair on the back of Jay's neck stood on end.  "fuck!"

"HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT IN MY CHAMBERS!!" The disembodied voice bellowed with rage. Not from the hallway, but from behind the shocked wench. Swishing right through the tapestry that blocked off the rear of the suite, the pissed-off butch of a GhostlyJudge hovered there; red spikes shooting off her spectre.

"Well well well, if it isn't the brazen little strumpet!" The tall muscled apparition floated a few inches off the floor, making her already tall, muscled, misty form appear even more daunting. The historian couldn't help but shudder at the sight. "You have this knack for breaking into locked rooms and entering without permission, wenchy." The shimmering Wraith circled around the girl. She leaned in close, only mere inches separating them. "I'm tempted to hold court right now and have you stand trial for all your indiscretions, wee vixen."

Backing up in fearful retreat, Jayling's calves smacked into the bed frame, her butt hitting the bed as she fell backwards. "Whoa up there, Judge!  Court will have to wait. I'm here on an important --"

The Dark Justice halted her mid-speech, "Watch your demanding tone with Me, ya little trollop, unless ye have an aching possession-wish." The spectral brows raised, blue eyes piercing, pinning the historian in place.

Jay's heart was racing; her hazels wide-open. It took her a moment to calm down enough to finally speak again. " I --I apologize, Your Honor. I meant no disrespect." Seeing the truth in her eyes, the Judge allowed her to continue. "May I show you why I intruded... er, why I came to see you?"

"Yes yes, get on with it!" The exasperated Ghost's patience was waning.

Tapping the worn leather of the book, Jay's face warmed, showing a caring love, "Here, Judgey, this is how we're going to get you 'whole' again." She then snicked, "We can't have you stuck in a peaked-out, horny loop for eternity -- that would suck!!"

The Ghostly apparition swished into the solid bed, sparks of her Being crackling as she stood towering above the historian looking over her shoulder. She startled the poor girl yet again. "By the gods, Judge, that spooks me out!" Holding her heaving chest, "umm, no pun intended."

Opening the cover of one ancient tome, Jay carefully flipped to one of several pages she previously marked. "Now, I don't know if any of these work, how much danger, if any, is involved, or what the outcome will really be, but damn, Judgey, there has to be something in here that will help you."

Pointing to the yellowed page, "See this one, the Resurrection Chant? It looks promising. Though, uhh, has some drawbacks too. The person who does the chant needs to be really really healthy and has to stand extremely close to the deceased's spirit. She then casts the spell with these few words. Now, the ghostly one will be re-embodied in their original form, but only with the same amount of health as the caster, and only 30% of their energy. Might only be good for once-a-day kicking of legs apart. Stamina kinda weak there." They both nodded their heads no.

The spectral finger pointed to another, "What about this one, wenchy, it comes with full health and energy?"

"Unyielding Aura? uh, yeah, that's a possibility too. Looks like it has to be maintained by the spellcaster though. If they remove it then poof ya go until they decide to recast it. You'd have to hope this person didn't have a wicked sense of humor!"

Scanning the next several pages, "hmm, what's this one, Repentance? The caster would need an object precious to themselves and the deceased, and be the one who took the life or was present at the time of their death -- umm, nevermind," skimming several pages of instructions, "this one might be a bit complicated. Anyway, Judge, there's a slew of different methods written down in here that can get ya back, temporarily or even more permanent. You'd have to weigh each of the advantages with the bad. Some only take the wearing of a special signet by the caster, to others more elaborate and chant focused. If you're interested, you could study these books at your leisure."

The historian's head tilted slightly, looking at the GhostlyJudge with soft, loving eyes. "Happy Rebirth to you, Studly. It'd be a gift not only for you, but to all those lusty ladies who crave your physical touch."

Jay would have leaned up to kiss the tall Lord, but electrical pulses and matter tend to jolt instead of caress.

Standing, she began to back towards the door. "I have to be going now, Judge. Have a wonderful --"

"Have I dismissed you yet!" The tall Justice crackled towards her. "Maybe it's you I choose for all this mumble-jumbo yammering. You are quite proficient with that waggly tongue of yours, me wee harlot."

Shielding with her hands while still backing up, "Pl -- Please, m'Lord. I'm sure you'll find the perfect woman to assist you with this. There's probably a half dozen right here in the Lodge alone. Judge, under other circumstances I'd jump at this chance to help, but I really must get back to my own realm now. There's this certain handsome Magistrate back home, your alter-self, who's birthday is also today, and I'd like to go wish her/you a wonderful special day."

'hmpf!' Waving the girl off, "We'll meet again, witchy wenchy. Until then, be bad, very very bad!" The crinkle around the Ghostly's orbs signaled her approval.

Outstretching her arm, Jayling turned in place, praying she'd be able to find the opening that might lead to her proper 'verse. Fingers began tingling, she stepped forward and whoosh! the girl catapulted through the sparkly expanse, thudding home with a jarring bang.


Finding herself on the floor, Jay tried to get her bearings. Across the room a stately desk came into focus, 'oh shit, this is the Judge's chambers! I should've left from the Library. Ya dumb idgit you...'

"Getting to be a habit of crashing into other people's chambers, isn't it, wenchy?" The large booted foot of the Magistrate pinned the historian in place where she had landed. Looming over her like a majestic mountain, the handsome Judge arched a curious eyebrow at her captive.

Glancing towards the hallway then back at the colossus Warrior above her, Jayling stammered, "I -- I went to knock, but... uhh, kinda missed the door? Sorry 'bout that, Judgey."

Extending her hand upwards in a silent request, the Judge shook her head. "No no, I think I like you better down there. Now tell me, wee vixen, why did you barge into my private bedroom?" Her eyebrows upraised.

Nearly chuckling at the predicament she was in, Jayling just shook her head. She smiled up at the smirking Judge, "I just wanted to come by and wish my incredibly lusty friend a very happy birthday on her special day." The Lord reached down and grasped the tiny arm, pulling her up, right smack into the brick-wall flesh of her own self.

Normally she might have been hesitant to be this close to such a compelling WarriorButch, but the happiness she felt from the physical contact made her elated. 'This is what you deserve, my Ghostly friend...'

Lifting up on tiptoes, her fingers resting on muscled shoulders, Jay's lips parted. Her breath warm against the Judge's face, "Happy Birthday, dear Studly..."


A wonderful special day to you, Judgey!

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