Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

The Picnic

by WarriorJudge & Lady Alison
May 2007


The Judge looked at her pocket watch. She gave one last look in the mirror. She picked up the basket She had arranged beforehand and exited Her chambers. She strode down the corridor till She reached Lady Alison's chamber. She adjusted her sword in its sheath, quietly cleared her throat and knocked on the door in front of her.

The door opened.

"Good evening, Judge" Lady Alison greeted.

The Judge was in awe at the sight of Lady Alison. She was simply breathtaking.

"Good evening, My Lady. I must say you look amazing"

"How kind of you to say so," the Lady smiled "You look handsome Yourself"

"Thank you," the Judge bowed Her head in gratitude. "I hope you won't mind, but since it's such a beautiful, warm evening, I took the liberty and decided on a picnic. I know a lovely spot with a lake nearby."

"May I?" She asked.

"You may, Your Honor" Lady Alison answered and leaned back against the Judge's chest to show Her approval. The Judge snaked one strong arm around Lady Alison's narrow waist, and commenced a slow riding.

The ride was leisurely and comfortable, the horse responding to the slightest nudge from its owner to go this way or that. It became obvious, soon after they left, that WJ was a skilled horsewoman, in addition to being the lodge's Juggernaut of Justice and Jurisprudence. Leaning back against the Judge's chest, Alison, could also see part of why Her dear friend Aria, was so attracted to the mysterious Magistrate.

"I must thank you again for your kind invitation, especially since I have not exactly been Myself the past several months," Alison said softly.

Truth be told, She had not been the same since Her last wench had left to find and fulfill her own destiny. While the Gentle Warrior could not fault the wench for doing so (we must all make that journey sometime) it had, nonetheless, taken a good deal out of the warrior.

The Judge and her delicate Companion enjoyed a quiet ride, appreciating the warm breeze that caressed their faces and played with their hair. A pale full moon shone above them. It's been a while since the Judge last had a woman riding with her like this. The Judge valued the serenity that was Lady Alison.

As they reached the clearing by the lake the Judge dismounted her mare and offered her arm to Lady Alison.

"Thank you, Judge" Lady Alison said as her legs touched the ground, her body inches away from the Judge's.

"My pleasure, Dear Lady"

The Judge and Lady Alison quickly surveyed the perimeter for any ghouls and goblins that might be lurking about. The Judge unbuckled her belt and placed her sword on the grass beneath her feet.

"A warrior discarding her weapon?"

"I assure you, the sword is hardly the only weapon I carry" the Judge said, then took off her large black robe and spread it on the ground. "Please, sit" She offered.

The Lady sat Herself down and the Judge joined Her. "A beautiful lake isn't it?"

"Indeed, Your Honor"

"Would you care for some white wine?"

"Don't mind if I do"

The Judge took out two wineglasses out of the basket and a well-chilled bottle of fine white wine. She handed one glass to the Lady beside her and poured the clear liquid into it. Then she poured some for herself.

"To you, My Lady" She said raising her glass. She gazed into Lady Alison's bright deep eyes. The Lady couldn't break that contact even if she wanted to. She almost felt lightheaded.

"It still amazes me how gentle and attentive you are," The Lady said and sipped from her wine.

"I suspect that amazement you feel has something to do with the clamors coming out of my bedchamber"

The Lady confirmed the Judge's assumption with silence. The Judge nodded and smiled. "I figured as much"

"I'm sorry"

"You needn't be. You simply don't know me very well, which is why we're here." the Judge placed a gentle hand on the Lady's arm to put her mind at ease. "I am many things. I have many masks. I can be many things to different people. 'As you sow so shall you reap'". Different people extract different things from me." the Judge said. She began thinking about Aria and about the things she brought out of her. "I pay kindness with kindness, cruelty with cruelty, tenderness with tenderness, wickedness with wickedness, indifference with indifference, crimes with punishments, "

For a few moments of silence, they gazed at the ripples in the lake made by the warm light wind.

The Judge took out the light dinner she had prepared and offered it to the Lady. After enjoying the light meal with a light conversation about this and that. The Judge carefully placed the remains back into the basket.

"More wine, My Lady?"

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" the Lady teased.

"Hardly. I've never needed to resort to delinquent behavior to get what I wanted."

"And what is it you want, your honor?"

"Right now? To kiss those beautiful lips of yours," the Judge replied.


Alison did not reply, but turned so that She was facing her dashing date, studied the woman's face for a moment then leaned in and kissed the Judge, softly and deeply. ~Damn that lucky ass Aria~

"I must say, you definitely know how to kiss. I consider it an artform," Alison said with a smile, when the kiss finally broke.

“Thank you, My Lady. I always do my best to master the arts that are of interest to me.” The Judge smiled. “And I couldn’t have kissed you so perfectly if it hadn’t been for You. I’m only as good as my partner.”

Lady Alison examined the Judge’s chiseled face. “A smooth talker such as Yourself is perfect for Lady Aria.”

The Judge exhaled, leaned back and rested her torso on both Her elbows. “Lady Aria…” She muttered.

Lady Alison couldn’t quite read the Judge’s expression.

It seemed for a few seconds that the Judge was in deep thought but then she turned to look at Lady Alison and said: “Didn’t you promise me some juicy bits of gossip about her?”

Alison was surprised, at first, at how easily She found Herself talking to the Judge. Story after story, about the sexy Lady Aria, was imparted to Alison's companion. There were so many tales to choose from, some that showed Aria in all her devastating sexiness, some that left no doubt that the lady was as dangerous and deadly as she was desirable, others highlighted the lady's heart and her caring of those she considered family and friend. The Gentle Warrior also knew there were some stories that would result in Her slow death should they ever be told, those She would take to Her grave and She had no desire to rush the trip.

Alison even found Herself telling the Judge about one night, one very special night, when the two Lady A's found themselves exploring each other's assets. Alison would forever hold that night dear, for there had been no warrior/wench, no mistress/sub, just two women who shared a love for each other and those around them. One thing that came thru quite clearly, from the stories She told, was that Alison considered Aria family, loved her, respected her and would not tolerate anyone bringing harm to do so was to risk bringing a sure and swift end to one's time on the mortal plane.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ramble on so. The woman is definitely one with many sides," Alison said softly.

Alison had to admit, WJ was not who She thought she was, well, she was but, it was becoming clearer all the time that there was more to the robed warrior than She had realized. Reaching up, Alison traced the line of the Judge's strong jaw softly. "I, for one, think it is time to leave talk about the sexy Aria for another day..." Alison said as She pulled WJ in for another kiss, one that left them both breathless when it came to an oxygen needing end.

"I see what you mean and I couldn't agree more" The Judge said as she pulled back. She took Her robes and white shirt off exposing Her powerful torso, a bulging collarbone above muscled chest and firm breasts. She could see Lady Alison eyeing Her and She relished it. She could barely wait to see the Gentle Warrior's nakedness as well.

"May I help You with this?" She asked placing a gentle hand over the Lady's blouse. Her green eyes shimmering with desire barely contained.


"I assure you, dear, I require no help," Alison said with a smile as She slipped out of her boots then rose gracefully.

Walking behind the Judge, Alison allowed her fingertips to momentarily play over the Judge's strong shoulders before moving in front of her. Slowly and seductively, the Gentle Warrior, preformed an enticing and erotic strip tease for her dashing and attentive date. Like kissing, Alison considered an erotic strip tease an artform and one she had, without a doubt, mastered.

Finally standing naked, Alison did a slow turn before smiling down at the Judge, "Of course, if you still wish to help, I could always put my clothes back on."

"Well, I've considered your kind suggestion, but I've decided to forgo my previous offer of help and entering a new one - helping you with other more urgent things," the Judge's voice was thick and husky with need. She couldn't get enough of the beauty that presented itself before her. Lady Alison's naked body was exquisite, perfection in the flesh. A heat wave washed over the Dark one and nestled in her groin. She relished the anticipation of feeling that gorgeous, most tender of Warriors against her own flesh. From her sitting position she reached and took Lady Alison's hand in hers.


Alison gracefully lowered herself down until she was straddling the Judge's thighs. Deep brown eyes locked with intense green ones before their lips once more met in a fiery kiss. The feel of the Judge's strong arms around her, pulling her in tight, was one Alison most assuredly liked, though it had been some time since she had felt a warrior's arms around her. In no rush, the two warrior's explored each other's lips, hands roamed over naked flesh, bodies pressed tight together and the sound of muted moans began to be heard.

"I want you," the Judge breathed into Lady Alison's ear. The feeling of Lady Alison's wetness rubbing against her muscled abdomen was almost too much for her to bear. The sensation of feeling the Gentle one's hands roaming over her craving flesh made the Judge oblivious to all around her. How wonderful it was, the Judge thought, to make love in such manner where there were no battles of egos, no campaigns for dominance, no burdens from the past. Simply two woman giving and taking pleasure from one another.

Warrior Judge's words in her ear sent a shiver down Alison's spine which she repaid by slowly and lightly raking her perfectly manicured, passionately purple nails down the Robed One's back.

"And I, you," the Gentle Warrior replied. Like the Judge, Alison's voice clearly conveyed her growing need. There was something freeing about being with an equal, no worries about rules or protocol, no having to maintain control and discipline... no anything, except the give and take of two women celebrating being women.

The Judge's need became more urgent, she could hardly maintain her slow pace. She needed to feel the Gentle Warrior's womanhood tightly gripping her. As her tongue bathing her partner's, She moved one hand from Lady Alison's breast down her tight abdomen till she's reached a soft patch of soaked hair. Gently she circled her fingers on the Lady's hard swollen nub, eliciting deep moans from her.

"I need to be inside you," She passionately admitted.

Lady Alison was taking great pleasure in expertly teasing the Judge's erect nipples, returning to the Robed One what she was giving and giving quite well as far as the lady was concerned. The Judge's need-filled words went right thru the Gentle Warrior, further fueling the passion blazing between the two warriors.

Lady Alison wrapped one hand in the Judge's hair and pulled her in once more, kissing her deeply and passionately, making it abundantly clear that inside her was exactly where Lady Alison wanted the Judge. Delicately sucking on Lady Alison's ever so talented tongue, the Judge entered the Warrior with three long fingers, sending her partner even deeper into the abyss of her passion.

The hotness and wetness that were the Lady's depths made the Judge's heart shudder almost painfully in her heaving chest. The Judge felt the Lady's inner muscles tighten around her fingers, the sensation sublime. At that moment the Judge didn't want anything other than to give the Warrior all the pleasure she could give. As she sensed the slow ride, the erotic movements of Lady Alison's hips on her fingers, as she felt the Warrior's hard erection pressing again and again against her thumb, the Judge feared it might be her undoing.

"I need you inside me, too" Her voice so sultry she could barely utter the words. Both warriors moaned deeply as Lady Alison slid three fingers fully inside the Judge's slick, hot inner chamber. Together they moved inside each other, filling and being filled, taking and being taken, giving freely and fully to the other.

Over and over they drove into each other, thumbs pressing and circling against throbbing, swollen clits, lips locking in searing kisses, tongues dancing together, free hands roaming over trembling bodies, teasing turgid nipples and nothing else existed or mattered. Higher and higher they took each other, fingers driving ever harder and faster, moans coming from deep inside them both as the two warriors skillfully and passionately gave to each other.

Lady Alison had to hand it to her dashing date, the woman was very talented and once more Alison thought how lucky Aria was to have this exquisite woman as her lover...then she thought how lucky she was that Aria had learned to share. Alison knew how close she was to release and also knew the Judge was right there with her.

With a wicked gleam in her deep brown eyes, Alison pulled from the Judge and looking directly in her intense green eyes, the Gentle Warrior slowly licked the Judge's juices from two of her fingers. She used the third finger and softly painted the Judge's lips with her own essence before slowly slipping back inside the heated core of her companion until she was buried deep inside, then held still.

The look that came over the Judge's handsome face was enough to make Lady Alison tremble, not in fear but in lustful excitement. It did not surprise her when the Judge followed suit, coating Alison's lips with her own juices then sliding easily back inside. Neither warrior moved for a minute, both enjoying the feeling of being buried in the other. By mutual, unspoken command they began once more moving inside each other, clearly intent on driving the other to glorious release. Harder and faster they plunged into each other, thumbs working expertly upon swollen, straining clits, fingers pinching and rolling rock hard nipples, their joint moans of pleasure coming louder and more intense by the moment.

When at last release came, it came for them together, their cries of release swallowed in a fierce kiss that melded their tastes into something beyond exquisite. Neither warrior stopped until both were bathed in sweat and trembling all over. The kissing continued as they moved to lay beside each other, arms wrapped around each other, legs intertwined, both able to feel the heat radiating from the other and both sated, for the time being anyway.

Lady Alison could see the Judge's green eyes all bloodshot.

"I haven't had it easy in life. I was denied so many thing, all those things that make other people human. Never an ounce of compassion for me in this world." She said with a tremor in her voice.

"I can see it in those sad eyes of yours Judge." The Lady moved a strand of red hair from the Judge's eyes and gently caressed Her features.

The Judge whispered something in the Lady's ear.

"Your parents gave you a beautiful name"

"Please never mention it when we're back at the Lodge."

"Your secret is safe with me, Your Honor." The Lady beamed with kindness.

"I appreciate it." the Judge smiled with her lips but not with her eyes.

"Rest your head, Warrior." Lady Alison offered. She took the Judge's tired troubled head and rested it on her naked breasts, pressing it tightly to her body. The Judge hated those moments when she felt sorry for herself but in Lady Alison's nonjudgmental arms she didn't care. She could hear Lady Alison's heartbeats. At that moment she understood why the Lady was called the Gentle Warrior. It was the Judge's ounce of compassion.


The End - 'The Picnic' - by WarriorJudge & Lady Alison

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