Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

The Lioness

by WarriorJudge & Lady Aria
August 2007


A green intense glare hunted down the ex-assassin' mesmerizing eyes. In a dimly lit Great Hall they both sat, the Lady with a glass of her favorite wine in her hand, the Robed Dark Warrior with Absinthe in Hers, Her long chiseled limbs lazily scattered. Like two lionesses in their den, tongues of faint crimson flames danced around them.

"What say you Aria, should I take this fine young bacchae first or would you fancy we both take her together? She seems aching for it and I can use the exercise."

Aria spun her new bracelet around her wrist several times at different speeds, totally captivated by the colors dancing inside the stones as she listened to her woman talk of another.

"Darling, asking my opinion after soooo many women is almost, well, endearing... but since you have asked, I say you take the wench up on her assorted and often blatant come hithers. And my Dear, as your Lover, it is my job to present you in the best possible light, so I think before you bed the bold and often blatant fanged one, you owe the lovely Raven some attention first."

Looking hard at the Lover, Aria said, "Besides my Lord, your eyes are not the only ones that wander, when the time is right and someone catches my fancy, I too would appreciate some alone time."

The Dark Justice' attention to Her Lady was undivided. A brief silence fell between them. The Judge finished the green pungent liquid and laid down the drained goblet. Never breaking eye contact with the only woman who owned her heart, she considered her reply carefully.

“As for Raven, the situation in completely under my control, My Lady,” She said as she offered Aria a cigarette. She intently observed the blonde Lady as she placed it between her lips. The Dark Magistrate lit up a match and offered its burning tip to the Lady. Aria placed a tender hand on the Judge’s hand as she leaned towards it.

“As for my wandering eyes, allow me to make it perfectly clear to you, I am your Lord and yours alone. My bedding the entire world won’t change the fact that My heart belongs to non other than you.” The Judge said, her voice conveying its master’s convictions. “In regards to your wandering eyes, I say…” Another silence descended between the lovers. The Judge could see Aria’s anticipation.

“As long as you remember and remind that your heart and another one of your most prized assets are utterly mine then you may indulge your fancies,” the Judge at long last completed her sentence. Her exterior stoicism remained intact but she could hear the low growl of the green-eyed monster from within and she could feel its sharp claws being imbedded into her insides as the monster began its ascension.

Aria reached over and placed a soft kiss on her Judge's lips, pleased with the Warrior's tender words as she silently thanked God for her other orifices.


The End - 'The Lioness' - by WarriorJudge & Lady Aria

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