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by Trisha & WarriorJudge
August 21st, 2007


Jerre felt a large shape curl around her as a head dropped into her lap. She scratched it, smiling as a disgruntled, deep bellied hiss came from her shoulders. Hiss glared balefully at Trisha until she decided that the giant cat sitting sprawled across Jerre's lap was not any threat to her.

Jerre continued to read, feeling the cat shudder then her hand stroking through long black hair. "Trisha?"

"That time of the fuckin' month. Makes it difficult to hold a shape. Any shape." Jerre frowned as Trisha shifted again, then another time. "I had to be near someone. And with Serdae gone…That left you or the Judge. Not being able to hold a shape is embarrassing. ..I considered Oisin but my temper's been short the last few days. Someone quiet would be best."

Jerre nodded. She looked over Trisha, noting that she was nude. It said a lot about her need to be around people that she was willing to run a risk of being seen by someone who wasn't a bed partner without clothes. Jerre stroked her hair, reading on a bit further as trisha occasionally shuddered through another change. Finally she said, "I have been meaning to ask. Most of your scars look like claw marks or light nips. What's with the one right above your navel."

"When I last went with Serdae the council chucked me into a cage. Judg…." She shifted, this time painfully. Jerre watched the tail lash, then Trisha became her human self. "Judgmental bastards. I panicked. I suspect it was self inflicted and Serdae couldn't heal it all the way so it scarred. It's a pity. I wanted to get a tattoo there. Serdae was able to make it so the scar was minimal, but…"

"You can tattoo over a scar after a year. Or after it's had a year's worth of healing. I have a diagnostic powder I sell for the avian courts that tells whether an area is able to be tattooed. I suspect the area is healed enough for it though."

Trisha thought it over, remaining silent for along time, her only movement being the shudder that had come to warn Jerre that she was changing form again. Finally, after a shift that had put her in limbo state for almost five minutes, she asked, softly, "Serdae said you used to do tattoos."

"It's been awhile. But the Judge knows how to do it. And I hate to admit it but she does good work." Jerre stood heading over to the bar. She found a strong wine, and mixed in catnip, a liberal dose of pain killers and a dose of a mixture designed to keep a shifter stuck in one form or another for a time.

She gave the cup to Trisha. "Drink. All of it mind you, and while you are in human form. And go talk to the Judge. If she says no, I will do it."

Trisha nodded. Jerre frowned, raising her head. "Trisha. What were you thinking."

"A phoenix. Or a pawrint."

"Wait." She reached for Hiss. The creature swiped, displeased at being woken up, then settled back against Jerre. "Sketchbook?"

She felt Hiss grumble, jump down and saw her take flight, coming back with the leather folder that Jerre kept her sketch book in. Jerre flipped it open, and found a blank page near the back.

Working quickly she outlined a cat's paw on the paper, then outlined a phoenix in the pad of the paw. "How about this?"

Trisha nodded, taking a gulp of the mixture. She pulled an impressive face, making Jerre laugh. "Taste bad?"

"I grow more and more convinced that you have to have killed off all your taste buds. No way you inflict this stuff on them otherwise." She took a longer look at the design and smiled. "I like it."

"You can use it. I will even be nice and not sign it."

"Why not?"

"I doubt the Judge will want to tattoo another woman's name on your body. Especially mine."

"You could try being nice to her." Trisha said it cautiously. "She really is a sweet natured woman."

Jerre merely gave her a look of deepest shock. "Ummmm…Yeah. Here's your sketch. And if she says no I will cheerfully do it."

Trisha nodded, then headed up to ask the Judge.

Trisha drained the last of the cup Jerre had given her, trying to cover a face at the taste. She waited a moment, then gulped down a glass of water to kill the taste. Jerre watched her go up the stairs. She had been tempted to do the tattoo herself, but in the end had felt that maybe the Judge would prefer to be the one to do it. Shrugging it off, she let Hiss return the sketchbook, and went back to her scroll.

Trisha stood at the top of the stairs in front of the Judge's door. It was odd but she had never asked Her for anything before. What if She got angry? Asking one of the Dominants for a was pretty presumptuous. And....

"Trisha? you can enter. Or even knock then enter."

Trisha knocked then slipped in. "Sorry, Your Honor. I...was going to...But..."

The Judge let her stammer a bit, she had to admit she had a little vice, which was seeing her precious girl's demeanors when in her presence. She then stood, and came over to tip Trisha's chin up to meet her eyes. Noticing the paper in Trisha's hand, she gently pried it loose. Looking it over, she asked, "Trisha? Explain this. Coherently if you can manage it."

The shape-shifter gulped, then muttered. "Tattoos came up in a conversation, and I mentioned wanting one. Jerre sent me up here with that. I was going to ask you to do it. Please, don't think I've forgotten my place, your honor."

"Tattoo's came up in a conversation, hmm?! Who have you been talking to I wonder." Not waiting for Trisha's reply she went on to say, "As for you forgetting your place…Far from it. I've been thinking to myself just the other day that a tattoo would accentuate your beautiful tight body. However, I would do it on one condition."

The Judge's words earned her a surprised look from Trisha. "That you'll owe me a favor in return."

Trisha downcast her gaze, and with a shadow of a smile on her lips, a glee in her eyes and a touch of innocence on her features, she placed both her hands on the apex of her blouse, her diligent delicate fingers began undoing the buttons.

The Judge affectionately covered both Trisha's hands with Her big ones halting her movements as she chuckled.

"That's not what I meant, little one. I said favor, not graces."

Trisha gave the Judge a puzzled look which soon followed by a disappointed one.

"Don't you find me attractive anymore?" Trisha finally mastered with the smallest of voices.

"Of course I do. However, I will not have the practice of carnal pleasures procured by exchanging of things between us. I would prefer it if you'd come to my bed because you desired me, not for anything else." The Judge's voice was low and Trisha quickly succumbed to the warm soothing sensation of the Judge's fingers tenderly caressing her cheek.

"Anything you wish, your honor, is yours," the shape-shifter said. "May I ask what kind of favor do you have in mind?"

"I'll let you know soon enough, little one, but you must promise me not to mention a word of it to anyone. No one needs to know our business."

"I promise."

The Magistrate knew she could trust Trisha.

Trisha kissed the Judge quietly. She wondered what it was that the Judge felt she couldn't ask flat out, but trusted her. It wouldn't endanger her life or harm her in any way. That was all that really mattered to her.

She looked at the Judge. Though she was curious, she had enough sense not to probe. At least not yet. Maybe if she did it playfully... No. Best to go with it. Trisha hugged her, pressing close, and closing her eyes to breathe in the scent of the Judge.

They stood like that for a moment before the Judge gently untangled them. Trisha nuzzled her chest before stepping away to watch her with soft green eyes. "Where were you thinking of getting this tattoo?"

Trisha hesitated, then pointed at a spot about three inches above her navel. The Judge touched it, feeling Trisha's breath hitch. "I like it. It is a good spot." Trisha nodded. The Judge looked around then guided Trisha to her bed.

At her request, Trisha laid down. She felt her shirt being lifted up to be folded neatly just at her ribcage, for a moment wishing the Judge had fondled her breasts a little cause she missed her touch. She relished that sensation of those big strong possessive hands on her sensitive mounds. She let her eyes flutter shut, relaxing, knowing it would make this easier as she waited for the Judge to start.

Trisha felt a weight being lifted from the bed. Realizing the Judge had left the bed she opened her eyes. The shape-shifter saw the Judge preparing for the task at hand.

The Magistrate drew the curtains allowing the sunlight into her bedchamber. This type of craft demanded accuracy, which can not be perfectly achieved without light.

The Judge then took out a kit she kept in her cabinet. She opened the wooden box and with feather-like touch moved the tips of her fingers over the needles tucked into blue velvet bedding, checking their intactness. She then picked one up between two fingers and closely examined its tip, making sure it was pointed enough and suited her scheme.

Trisha watched the Judge's beautiful features focusing her attention on the tip of the needle, with fascination and admiration. A rush of anticipation almost made her lightheaded as she saw the Judge's red smooth hair glitter in the sun like a bright flame.

Next the Justice took out a platter, which held various colors in small glass bottles on it. She began to dilute and mix them till She was satisfied with the texture and shades that had resulted. Next she lit up a lamp, the fire barley seen for the daylight.

"Are you nervous, little one?" The Judge inquired as she rested the tool of puncture over the fire.

"A little, your honor, but excited as well," The smaller woman replied.

"I'll do My best to make it as little painful as possible for you. You'll be well advised to grasp the metal bar over the headboard. It'll keep your body still."

Trisha did as told.

The Judge poured some Absinthe over the shape-shifter' s belly and massaged the substance into her skin. She did so to sanitize the area and to anaesthetize it a little. Trisha felt the alcohol's effect, lulling and warming her flesh.

The greenish liquid pooled in her navel. The Judge leaned downwards toward Trisha's navel and gathered the liquid with her tongue.

Trisha watched the Judge, unable to keep a faint shudder from rolling through her at the feel of her tongue. She kept from vocalizing, trying to focus quietly on the woman. It worked barely. Trisha closed her eyes again, relaxing once more as the woman lifted back her head, leaving behind the wanting flesh.

She felt the Judge gently caress the area then a quiet "Ready yourself." Trisha nodded then felt pain erupt over her abdomen. She nearly jerked, controlled it, and caught the Judge's eyes.

She held still as it continued, keeping her eyes on the Judge's. Slowly, the pain began to recede a little, becoming more bearable. Sensing the Judge wanted silence she didn't talk much, but continued to let her work.

But soon enough her curiosity got the better of her, "Aren't you bothered about marking me with a sign other than your own?"

"Silly girl…A brand on the flesh doesn't constitute ownership of the body and heart," The Magistrate stated and Trisha knew she had been right.

The Judge went on with the task at hand, changing needles, mixing and changing colors. She did her best not to cause Trisha too much pain, occasionally wiping the tiny droplets of blood forming on her skin as tenderly as she possibly could.

Until she was done. She bandaged the wounded flesh not before applying an ointment that would sooth the flesh and protect it from inflammation.

Trisha looked down at the bandage, then sat up pulling the Judge to her in the kind of kiss that scorched. She felt as if fire was licking up her and when the kiss broke, she spoke roughly, in a growled voice the Judge had rarely heard her use. "I want you. To taste you, and give you pleasure. But I might lose control. If you don't want me to...Now would be a good time to stop me."

Trisha had only felt like this once before, and had frightened her mate very badly. She didn't want to scare the Judge, but if anyone could handle her now, it was her. She felt a gentle hand on her back, and looked up into the green eyes. She knew her own were yellow, and probably on fire with her need. She tried to care but couldn't. She reached for her control, and found enough to ask, "May I?"

The Judge held back her surprise and conveyed none of it to the desirable Trisha. There was something different about her to be sure, but the Judge was delighted with what she was witnessing. "By all means." Was all she said.

Trisha kissed her deeply, then took a trail of small nips down the Judge's neck. She soothed each spot with her tongue, a tiny part of her reminding her that if she wanted to do this again losing control would be a bad thing. She suckled skin here and there, always returning for a kiss when the Judge started to relax into her ministrations. When her lips met fabric, she looked up, startled, a low growl slipping out.

She looked down at the Judge's robes, then went button hunting. There was a hiss, and the Judge brought her fingers to the spot. Trisha shucked her out of the robe, then retained enough presence of mind to drape it over a chair. It would be a bitch to iron if she wrinkled it.

The Judge moved, and Trisha tracked it with the predatory instincts that had flared to the surface, pouncing on the woman before she knew what was happening. The Judge struggled underneath her, as Trisha held on, using her sense of balance to ride out the storm, stroking every inch of skin revealed to her. They rolled, the Judge on top for a moment. Trisha fought her blindly for dominance, arching up into her, trying for enough leverage to roll them over.

Abruptly the Judge subsided, seeing the state in which Trisha had been, secretly relishing it, she held still for her. The Judge sensed that being that it had been Trisha's time of the month, along with the pain she was probably feeling form the tattoo and the long time that had passed since they've last been sexually together, brought on this animalistic heat, which the shape-shifter was obviously experiencing. Trisha has always had the Judge's needs met. It was time to return the favor, the Magistrate though. She would not fight too hard for dominance this time.

Then meeting Trisha's eyes both pairs burning, the Judge rolled back to her back. Trisha looked at her, and saw just a hint of...something in her eyes. She would let her do this. A rumbled purr slipped out of her as Trisha eased the Judge out of her shirt. She looked up, saying something in a low growling language the Judge had never heard her use. She felt the Judge shudder as she teased her, dipping her tongue into the hollows of the toned stomach before turning her attention higher up.

The strange feeling in her, the fire that burned in her demanding that she touch, that she take, made her shudder as the Judge pulled her into a heated kiss. She felt a muscled thigh slide between her legs, and rocked, unable to help grinding her center against the Judge.

She stood, long enough to fly out of her clothes, then returned to the Judge. Their lips met as the Judge touched her everywhere moving her strong hands over her back, over her waists, molding her ass. Seeing Trisha in heat made the Judge feel deep admiration and horny beyond measure.

Trisha rocked on her thigh unable to stop herself from wanting contact. She nearly flew apart when a large hand closed on her breast and teasing her nipple to hardness. She yanked free, all too aware that if this continued she wouldn't keep on pleasuring the Judge.

To regain control she pulled away from the Judge's wonderful torso, knowing she would end this too soon if she didn't do something else. She felt the Judge steal down to the blood dripping down her thighs from her period and twisted away, not wanting to be touched down there until after the woman beneath her climaxed. Deliberately meeting her eyes, feeding the fire, the Judge slid fingers coated in Trisha's blood into her mouth. The taste of the shape-shifter's lust mixed with her womanly blood made the Judge crazed with desire. She wanted nothing more than to deep her long tongue inside Trisha's heated dripping slit and swallow her spicy metallic nectar. She fought hard against her urge to overpower the woman and fuck her senseless.

Trisha barely suppressed a shuddering roar of pleasure as she tasted it on the woman's lips, diving in for another kiss, the thick sticky liquid gluing their lips and tongues to one another, overflowing, it trickled down the corner of their mouths.

Trisha picked up her hands running her tongue around the finger tips, then suckling and nipping at them. She dropped kisses in the center of the woman's palm, swirling her tongue around the spot quietly. She stopped at the elbow, nipping lightly, before turning back to the Judge's torso.

She suckled her breasts, nipping lightly then licking to assuage any small pains. Taking a hard nipple into her mouth, she lashed it with her tongue even as her free hand kneaded the other breast. She felt her moving constantly underneath her, not even aware of her body moving in concert with the Judge's. Keeping the woman from entangling her again so they could rock together was hard, only her determination that the woman come first kept her from surrendering to the need to be touched by the Judge that fired her.

Trisha felt the Judge's hands slip down to touch her center, gathering more blood. This time she did roar, the sound cracking the air as the Judge took the time to rub over the nub between her legs. Trisha yanked free, glaring at the Judge. She bit her, drawing blood over her shoulder, not knowing why she had always held back from inflicting marks on a lover anymore.

The Judge glared at Trisha. Slowly she wiped her blood from her fresh wound and examined it as it streamed down her fingers. She then brought it to her face and painted two red stripes on each cheek like war colors. She then moved to stand on all four on the bed and hissed at Trisha exposing her teeth like a cat, knowing full well the affect it would have on the shape-shifter.

Trisha stood on all four as well emulating the Judge. The two women circled each other like wild animals, never breaking eye contact, green fire meeting yellow fire. The Judge moved closer till she could sniff Trisha's intoxicating womanhood. The moment Trisha felt the Judge's thick tongue gliding over her swollen opening she pounced on the Judge. The Magistrate used no force fending off the attack.

Once again on her back, Trisha went on Kissing and nipping her way down the lean long lines of the judge's stomach, she stopped only long enough to slide her free of britches and boots before working her way around the harness to lightly nip her inner thigh. She traced the harness with her tongue. Then she looked up to growl, once again in the language the Judge didn't recognize, something that sounded like a question. The woman froze. Trisha repeated herself, her eyes snapping with irritation.

This time she tugged at the harness. The Judge nodded, understanding that the normally submissive and meek Trisha wanted it off her. Trisha snarled something liquid, her hands flying as she undid it, and slid the Judge out of it.

She looked at the Judge lying in front of her, her eyes softening for long moment with love for the tall woman. She touched her stomach softly, with a hair more gentleness than she had shown thus far that night. She growled something again, but even in her haze the Judge could hear awe and affection. She moved lower, and stroked over the Judge's thighs admiring their strength.

She took her time now, the fire in her dying just enough that she could finally relax a hair. She ran her hands over the long legs, occasionally kneading before reaching the woman's feet. She massaged them a moment, rubbing her thumbs in firm circles at the arch before feeling the Judge's hand drop onto her shoulder.

The fire roared back into life at that small touch and Trisha gasped, sliding up once again to kiss the Judge. She lost herself in the kiss, unaware of anything for a long moment but her own arousal and the tongue that pleasured and provoked her own. She pushed at it until she could think almost coherently again.

She worked her way back down the Judge's body, nipping more than kissing, occasionally leaving red marks. These she soothed with her tongue as she noticed them eliciting grunts of passion from deep within the Judge. She stopped at the red shortly trimmed down that protected the Judge's center, and gently stroked along the inside of her thighs until she felt them open enough for her to have the access she wanted.

She kissed behind the knees, swirling her tongue in wet circles, then moving to kiss up the soft, silky skin of the woman's thighs. The Judge could barely stand the slow torture, she was so hard, she thought she might come at any moment. Reading her mate's passion, Trisha's lips met the heated center and nipped at it, kissing it using her tongue to mark the spot.

She met the Judge's eyes, startled at the pleasure that ripped through them, and delighted to see the ever so evident unadulterated lust. She laid one last kiss at her navel, then dipped her head slowly to take her first taste of the feast that lay there for her.

She felt her arch into her mouth as she explored the curves and contours of her outer lips. Finally she gently spread them to reveal the rock hard large clit. She took it into her mouth and suckled it, feeling the Judge arch into a shuttering release she was aching for, for so long, her deep growl almost made the shape-shifter come right there and then. She suckled harder, until the woman subsided back against the bed.

Not done yet, she continued her exploration, even sliding her tongue into the woman, feeling her arch at that. She played, taking feather light strokes here and there, or nips just hard enough for the woman to feel a hint of teeth. She felt a hand twine in her hair, and slid up with her free hand to grip into the Judge's own larger hand feeling an overpowering need to feel as close to the Judge as she possibly could.

She slid a finger into her, moving it softly as she found the Judge's clit again. She stroked it with her tongue, wanting to inflame her. She slid in a second finger, marveling at how wide and ready the woman was. As she did, she added more pressure with her tongue, stroking a hair faster. Finally sliding in a third finger, she suckled it, her hand moving slowly at first, then faster within the Judge until the woman arched with a shout. Trisha kept it up through her orgasm, finally stopping as she subsided.

Hating that she had to, Trisha withdrew. She took a deep breath, her first since the Judge had started tattooing her. Feeling less like she was spontaneously combusting, Trisha used her tongue to clean the woman off, taking her time making sure she had gotten all of the woman's nectar. When she was done, she lay her head on the woman's stomach, a light trembling overtaking her now.

As soon as the Magistrate regained control over her limbs, she placed her hand over Trisha's head, which rested on her abdomen and caressed her, conveying her gratitude. "You are amazing, little one. The richness within you, your flaming fire humbles me," She said softly. Trisha profoundly moved by the Judge's words, placed a kiss on her soft skin.

The shape-shifter still felt as if someone set her on fire, heat radiated off her, but she needed this moment for some reason. She felt the hand in hers tighten to grip her, looked up. She had…The Judge had… She met the Judge's eyes, her own softening and showing the submissiveness at her core. "You okay?" It came out growled, in Lupine. She started to rephrase, but felt a faint touch on the back of her neck.

The fire still licked up her insides, but Trisha tried to control it. The next move was the Judge's. Not hers. Feeling the touch intensify into a soft caress, she realized. Meeting the Judge's eyes to make sure she was right and seeing desire there startled her a little. She rolled to her back, offering herself.

"Way beyond Okay, sweetness. Roll over," the Magistrate said with a husky voice. "My turn now to pleasure you." It wasn't just the words that sent shivers down Trisha's spine and made the hair on her nape bristle, but the way they were uttered.

Trisha turned and lay on her stomach. She felt the Judge's lengthy tight hard body pressing down its weight on her and it made her shiver to her very core. She missed feeling her so completely. The smaller woman felt the Judge's large erection thrusting against her ass. The sensation of feeling its rigidity and impressive size excited Trisha beyond reason.

The Judge began rocking against Trisha's firm young ass. She then signaled Trisha to turn back her head and as soon as the smaller woman complied the Judge crushed her mouth onto Trisha's, her thick long tongue snaking into the wet cavern. The Judge kept grounding her pelvis into Trisha, her arms supporting her body weight above Trisha's body, her biceps bulging from the effort. She wanted to touch Trisha everywhere at once, to feel the smoothness of her skin everywhere against her body. Trisha urged her hips upward into the Judge's crotch.

The Judge could feel Trisha's legs spreading further apart, the muscles in her thighs taut and trembling with anticipation. The Judge understood Trisha's silent plea. The woman held back her own pleasure long enough. She began moving her tongue and lips over the shape- shifter's shoulder blades leaving wet fire in her trails as the Judge made her way down Trisha's taut flesh. She continued her journey down the soft skin till she reached her goal, the valley between Trisha's round buttocks. She teased the delicate skin with the tip of her tongue making Trisha make noises she had never heard her make before. Trisha lifted her ass higher, urging the Judge to stop the agonizing teasing and enter her already.

The Magistrate, now on her knees behind Trisha, grinned enjoying the sight sprawled before her, a magnificent gorgeous catwoman in heat, utterly enthralled by her carnal most primitive urges. It was a sight to behold. The Judge licked her middle longest finger, and slowly inserted herself into Trisha's tight hot ass. A sigh of satisfaction erupted from Trisha's lips. She needed it. She needed it badly she almost couldn't breath.

"More," She pleaded.

"You'll get everything you need, my sweet," the Judge promised her and the catwoman, uncharacteristically not skittish that night, knew beyond any doubt that the Judge would make good on her promise.

The Judge placed the remaining fingers into Trisha's bloody flaming snatch, feeling the muscles inside tighten around her, sucking them deeper and deeper. The Judge then positioned her right hard thigh between Trisha's spread legs so that her engorged clit be pressed against it.

That sensation of being so completely deeply imbedded into Trisha's sexual core made a new wave of desire rush through the Judge. It almost felt it was beyond her power to resist pressing her erection against Trisha's left ass cheek, so she did.

Utterly hooked together the Judge began slowly thrusting her fingers into Trisha's ass and pussy. Trisha's deep moaning filling the Judge's bedchamber. The Judge gradually increased her pace, fucking Trisha harder and faster, her fingers deepening the assault, rubbing her clit against her ass.

The Judge finally had Trisha exactly were she wanted her, carefully maintained Trisha hovering along the edges of orgasm, without actually effecting her release. It seemed like time was passing so slowly. Every one of Trisha's senses was screaming out with need, while the Judge slowly and relentlessly grinding, stroking her hard clit against Trisha's ass. "Please, my Lord…I need…I need to come now…Please make me come!" She was finally able to get the words out.

Knowing her girl as profoundly as she did, the Judge realized that was Trisha's breaking point, that she wouldn't be able to withstand much more of this ravaging.

She pounded into the woman, her powerful hip thrusts pushing her fingers harder into Trisha -- A wild animalistic coupling -- Trisha's monthly blood pouring out of her and onto the Judge's finger up to her wrist. Trisha's clit was rubbing hard against the Judge's thigh. Suddenly, it was happening, as the Judge increased her pace and pressure, they both felt as though their orgasm starting from their depths swallowing them whole.

Trisha screaming the Judge's honorific. Their bodies jerked and twitched allowing their climax to devour them, finally leaving both women panting heavily. After a few long moments, the Judge shifted her weight from Trisha's smaller form onto the bed.

The bed looked like it hosted a bloodbath but both women relished the sight.

A few moments had passed before the Justice gathered the spent woman into her arms and gently embraced her as Trisha snuggled into her.


The End - 'Tattoos' - by Trisha & WarriorJudge

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