Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents


by WarriorJudge & Jasper
August 2007


She didn't want to chance anyone on her return, so entering the Lodge through the main gates was not an option. Remembering She had latched Her chambers' windows from the inside prior to Her departure, She realized there was no way She could enter Her chambers without first shattering the glass, creating a commotion, inevitably drawing unwanted attention and fuss.

Left with no other alternatives, the Judge decided She would enter Her chambers down the chimney and through the hearth in her bedchamber.

After a long and tedious clamber up the external wall of the massive structure, the Dark Lord stood erect on the edge of the chimney peering down its sooty dark abyss, Her fine depth-perception assessing the distance She had to climb down. And it's not even Christmas eve She thought. She disrobed Herself from her white silk shirt, not wanting to soil the fine fabric, but kept Her Judge's robes on to protect Her skin from chafing against the narrow brick shaft. She tied the white garment around Her shoulders beneath the heavy robe.

A chilling breath of the night's breeze grazed her impassioned body. The hooting of a night owl caught Her attention. Next I will be hearing the hound baying in the moor, no doubt She thought. She fixed her eyes on the full moon, surrounded by its shimmering servants, its beams crowning Her lengthy tight frame. She savored the stillness and the fresh night's air, with which the Dark Lord filled Her lungs. She downcast Her eyes and approximated the distance between where she stood and the ground. She never suffered fear of heights. She believed no human really suffers fear of heights. What they really dread is merely what they might do themselves.

Holding Her breath the Dark Lord began her descent down the blackened duct; Her pupils quickly dilating adjusting to the utter darkness; Her feet carefully placed into sporadic notches; Her fingers embedded deep into the grit slits between the bricks; Her muscles straining against the internal walls to support Her weight.

Her sluggish progress made Her body cry out for oxygen but She realized one misstep and She would plunge down and break Her neck. This is how it must feel like to be buried alive She pondered as She looked upward from the depth.

Her feet finally reached solid ground, the bottom of the pit. Crouching, She exited the small confinement gasping for much needed air. Covered with soot from head to toe, She made Her way to the shower, leaving black footprints in Her wake.

She lit up Her bathroom, and in the corner of Her eyes, She caught a glimpse of Herself in the mirror. For a minute there She lost Her composure. Facing the blackened filthy abhorrent Monster looking back at Her filled Her with onerous sensation of uneasiness. Never in the delirious dream of a disordered brain could anything more savage, more appalling, more hellish be conceived than Her own reflection glaring back at Her.

She disrobed of Her dirty clothes and climbed into the shower with its glittery white tiles. She turned on the faucet and positioned Herself beneath the running cleansing water, Her smudged palms pressed against the tiles, Her gaze fixated on the drainage hole at Her feet. Between the steams, She observed the black matter washing off of Her against the whiteness of the tiles, like some unnatural being with it own consciousness slithering its way back to where ever it came from. She mercilessly scrubbed Her skin clean, wishing it was that easy to wash off the Darkness possessing Her soul.

Once cleaned, She stepped out of the shower and dried Her skin. She shook Her head, urging the droplets clinging to Her red hair to be sprayed.

She entered Her bedchamber and took out clean leather trousers, silk white shirt and a robe from the closet and dressed. The familiar odor of Her abode comforted Her. She was mentally, emotionally and physically drained and hoped Aria would be otherwise engaged with something or someone else that night.

She left Her bedchamber and entered Her vast unlit courtroom through the connecting door. She effortlessly found Her way to Her high bench in utter darkness and slumped onto Her seat. She took out a cigarette and placed it between Her lips. Placing a single match against the side of the matchbox, She heard the heavy wooden doors of the main entrance to Her courtroom being opened, which stopped Her actions not wanting to give away Her presence. She anxiously stared at the doors, a pale light emanating from behind the slight crack followed by a head peeking in.

It was jasper.

The Judge made Her presence known by striking the match and lighting the brass lamp on Her desk, illuminating Her features, then lit up her cigarette with it.

When Jasper first saw the flicker of light she became alarmed, but seeing the Judge's beautiful face outline in the small glow set Jasper's heart a flame.

“My Lord!” She exclaimed. The Judge could see jasper’s face lit up with absolute joy.

“Little one,” the Judge softly replied.

Jasper didn’t wait for an invitation. She commenced an almost frantic sprint towards the Judge.

“Slow down, little one. It’s pitch-black in here. You’ll fall and hurt yourself.” Jasper was overjoyed at seeing that it truly was the Judge. As she rushed forward all she could think about was, not the Judge’s warning but the excitement that she felt that the Judge had indeed returned.

Throwing herself at the Judge’s feet, she could not contain her tears as the relief of knowing the Judge was safe and back among them, “Please say You won't just leave again?" Jasper couldn't contain the sobs that wracked her small body, "I...I love You, Judge, p.. please." Jasper couldn't continue as she was overcome with emotion.

She just hoped that the Judge would be able to understand, what she was trying to tell her, Jasper would do almost anything for the Judge, and most assuredly anything that would make the Judge stay.

“What are you doing here?” The Judge couldn't curb a half smile.

“I’ve missed my Lord so I came here to feel close to You,” Jasper managed in between sobs. She rapped her small arms tightly around the Lord’s legs and pressed her torso against Her knees.

“Missed Me, have you?” The Judge gently petted jasper’s head, which was now resting on Her thigh.

“Greatly, my Lord.” Jasper could feel the Judge’s large palm engulfing almost her entire scalp.

“Love Me, do you”? Jasper couldn’t decipher the Judge’s odd tone of voice and she could feel the Judge’s grip on her scalp tightening.

“I do, my Lord,” She replied.

“Do you know that even when I’m gone, I still keep well-informed of everything that goes on around here?”

“I’m not sure what you mean, Your Honor.” Jasper couldn’t hide the slight tremor in her voice. She lifted her head, her moist eyes locking with the Judge’s dark ones.

“I know about your sweet gift to Jerre, little one.” the Judge lightly stroked the small dimple on Jasper’s cheek with the tip of her index finger. “And your little altercation with Lady Alison…You, my dear, were practically begging Her for the paddle. Good to know you were keeping yourself busy.”

Jasper was trying to gauge the judge's reaction, but Her expression was Stoic giving away nothing. Not knowing if the Judge really expected a reply she answered, "W..well I like Jerre and was hoping to form a special relationship with her, as for the Lady Alison I was just testing the waters, know seeing how far I could push her." Jasper blushed profusely, "I was just teasing her," she mumbled.

The Judge rose to Her feet. “Go to My bedchamber and wait for Me there, naughty one.”

The Judge entered Her bedchamber to find the beautiful woman completely disrobed of all her clothes, on her knees, waiting.

“Do you remember you once expressed a… Mild discontent regarding Me not using My whip on you, little one?” The Judge's voice was disturbingly calm as She towered over the kneeling woman before Her.

Jasper wasn't exactly sure if it had been discontent, but decided it was best not to voice that thought, "y..yes, My Lord," she stammered.

“Well, this will be my homecoming present to you,” The Judge said as She picked up Her long, black leathered whip in Her strong hand. She placed a testing stroke onto the floor, deliberately missing Jasper by an inch.

Jasper flinched, not daring to look up hoping that the Judge hadn't noticed, but knowing that even the thought of the Judge not being completely aware of everything about her was a foolish notion, "t..thank you, My Lord."

“Show Me your tits, woman!” She ordered. “Lean backwards, arch your back, push out your tits forward and place your palms on the ground behind you!” The Judge was very specific in ordering what She wanted.

Jasper hurried to comply, thrusting her chest proudly into the air, which caused her nipple rings to glint off the firelight of the candles that adorned the room, wanting nothing more than to try and please the Judge.

“You know, that new girlfriend of yours, Jerre, came to see Me the other day,” the Judge stated matter-of-factly as She raised Her arm, readying Herself to deliver the first lash onto Jasper’s nipples. “I can understand your desire for Lady Alison’s mean paddle…Lady Alison is an enticing, outstanding Warrior. But Jerre is an ill-mannered wee slip of a warrior, who couldn’t hold her own facing Me. Perhaps I ought to train that ranking amateur so that she would learn how to give you what you need.”

The lash landed hard and accurately on Jasper’s left nipple leaving the soft and sensitive nub aching and pulsating.

The judges words coupled by the stinging lash excited Jasper, she could feel the moisture building between her thighs. It was almost enough to distract Jasper from the Judge's words about Jerre, but just the idea that the Judge would be willing to teach Jerre the art of being a good Domme, caused a rush of fluids to seep from her core.

The second lash landed on Jasper’s right nipple leaving the same affect as the one she had received on her left.

“I know what needs to be done, little one. I will leave a second insignia tattooed on the inner side of your ass cheek for Jerre to find. I want her to know that I’ve already beat her to your anus as well.”

The third strike left a long red welt on Jasper’s belly. Jasper’s arms began trembling from the effort of supporting her upper body’s weight and the pain she enjoyed receiving. She was in awe of the Judge.

The next lashes disembarked on her shoulders, her waists, her breasts, her thighs and abdomen. Her flesh reddened, heated and ached. She could feel a gash of wetness dripping down her inner thighs and absorbed into the carpet on which she was kneeling.

The stinging ache from the repeated lashes were shooting straight to Jasper's core, she could feel the juices gushing from her center, after a particularly sharp blow to her thigh, Jasper's body was on sensory overload and her mind had slowly slipped into sub space, she was no longer capable of coherent thought, she was only able to act and react.

The Judge discarded the whip. She disrobed of her leather trousers, never breaking eye contact with Her handiwork, which was perfectly splayed on Jasper’s desirable body. She moved to position her sex above the kneeling woman beneath Her.

“Lift up your head and stick out your tongue!” Jasper heard the Judge’s orders above her head. She did exactly as the Dark one ordered.

“Eat everything your Master gives you, little one. Fill your belly with My abundance and be grateful” The Judge made Her desire crystal clear. Standing above the kneeling throbbing woman, She lowered Her hard, socking wet sex onto jasper’s eager mouth.

Jasper saw it right in front of her face, the Judge’s womanhood. Jasper let herself inhale The Judge’s scent, before delicately tasting Her. Jasper knew that delicate was not what the Judge wanted but she took a chance that the Judge would enjoy making that clear to her, so she slowly snaked her tongue along the Judge’s wetness. She heard Her loud sighs far above her, and then felt the Judge’s large warm hand at the back of her head pressing Her need harder against the kneeling woman.

Jasper let her tongue enter within the Judge’s folds, and gently circle the center of Her pleasure; her lips moved against the Judge’s nether ones and she drank deeply of the Judge’s essence. The sounds the Judge made were nothing like speech, and they aroused Jasper deeply. Slowly the Judge began to thrust Her pelvis faster, and Jasper made her tongue hard and flat, to pleasure as much of the Dark One as she possibly could.

The Judge bucked against jasper’s mouth and the rhythm told the kneeling woman just how good she felt to the Dark Lord, and suddenly it speeded up until the Judge was groaning Her climax into the ceiling, spilling Her hot cum into Jasper’s throat.

She stood there, holding jasper’s head against Her thigh, catching Her breath. The Judge scooped up Jasper’s gorgeous, beaten body from the rug, carried her to Her bed and gently deposited her on the large pile of huge pillows cased in gold and red silk and velvet linens. The Judge knelt beside jasper and gently pushed her onto her stomach on the pillows. Jasper felt the Judge’s warm hands caressing her skin. Jasper groaned and pressed herself up against the Judge’s hands; The Judge’s touch was wild, impassioned, and She slipped one hand between jasper’s legs, finding her wetness.

Jasper was lost in the feeling, the Judge’s plans to tattoo her ass excited her beyond measure and she let her legs spread wide, pressing herself down onto the Judge’s fingers.

The Dark Lord stroked jasper making her moan into the pillow that she clutched to her breast, grinding against the Judge’s fingers.

Suddenly the Judge put Her hands on jasper’s hips and pulled her bottom up to meet Her crotch. To jasper’s surprise, the Judge was pressing something between her legs that had not been between Hers before. Jasper gasped as the Judge pushed back and forth, letting Her shaft run through jasper’s wetness, becoming covered with her desire.

Jasper felt she had never wanted anything as badly as she wanted the Judge in that moment, fucking her with such mastery. Slowly The Judge entered her, running Her large hands along jasper’s back and thighs, pulling slowly out of her and reentering just as smoothly.

The Judge didn’t let jasper come just yet. She pulled out of her and crouching over her body, Her breasts and stomach pressed against jasper’s back, the Dark Lord entered jasper’s tight anus with the now well lubricated member and resumed her deep slow penetrations.

The Dark Lord fucked jasper with lazy rhythm that soon had them both panting. She kept thrusting more deeply into jasper’s tight orifice letting her know it would be over soon, but jasper’s ecstasy was too intense to last for long anyway.

As She thrust into jasper faster, It was the Dark Lord’s passionate moaning in jasper’s ear that sent the smaller woman over the edge screaming wordlessly for what seemed like hours, and the Judge went on fucking her until jasper stopped. The Judge rose from the bed and went to fetch Her seal, needles and colors. She gently ordered jasper to place her palms on each cheek and pull each the opposite side to better the Judge’s access. The Judge, true to Her words, tattooed Her insignia into jasper’s inner ass cheek.

When She was done attending to jasper’s marked body with extraordinary care, She gathered the smaller woman into Her strong arms.

"I shouldn’t have left you, little one," the Judge said.

Jasper knew that was the Judge's attempt at apologizing. Jasper, snuggled up against the Dark One and whispered, "I've missed you, My Lord".

A few silent moments passed, “It’s good to be home,” The Judge chuckled into jasper’s ear.

“It’s good to have You home, My Lord,” the smaller woman replied.


The End - 'Return' - by WarriorJudge & Jasper

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