Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Raven's Initiation Into the Lodge

by WarriorJudge & Raven
August 16th, 2007


Raven had finally been shown to her quarters and where to bathe. But unfortunately she didn't have any towels. So, wearing the simple translucent gown she went searching. The girl that had shown her the bedroom, had been forgetful about telling her whom slept where. And what rooms were what.

Taking softly smooth steps she peeked into different rooms, hoping to find someone who could help her. Almost afraid of disturbing someone that didn't want her near. But desperate for help. She peeked into one room and saw things happening. A woman’s head, buried between another’s thighs.. and the sounds.

Quickly she closed the door and pressed her back against it. Her breath rapid, her heart beating like a running horses hooves upon her breasts. The voice was softly seductive in her ear as she waited for her breath and heart to slow. Without thinking, without understanding, her hand pressed between her thighs and rubbed through the thin material. Her fingers touched her most secret spot. That which she’d never done before.

Jerking her hand away from where it had been she stared at her fingers almost as if they didn’t even belong to her. Her face burned as she moved. Quickly moving away from the door she opened another and saw a single female seated at a desk. Knocking softly she opened the door further and stepped within the chambers. “Excuse me.. Ma’am. I was wondering if you had a towel I could borrow?” she asked as her gaze traveled across the room, taking in the sights.

The Judge was sitting at a table in Her bedchambers, Her feet resting on top of it, reading a paper. Her slender, muscular body was clad only with a white tank top and white boxer shorts.

Slowly, She lifted Her gaze from the paper and fixed it onto the young virgin.

"Two things, my dear. First, "Ma'am", is My mother. As I'm sure I must have told you already, you may address Me by either 'Judge' or 'Your Honor'. Second, do I look like a towel girl to you?"

The newcomer winced. She wanted to apologize but she couldn't bring herself to utter one syllable. The Judge lazily took Her feet off the table, carefully folding the morning paper and placing it on the table. She rose to Her feet stretching Her full lengthy figure.

Raven was in awe of the magnificent breathtaking sexy sight before her. She stared at the Judge as the Latter made Her way to Her bathroom to retrieve a towel. Her taut muscles moving beneath Her skin, Her large member slightly yet noticeably dangling beneath Her shorts. As Raven observed the casual way in which the Judge carried Her strong majestic and scantly clad body, She realized that it was that contrast that made the Judge all the more sexy that morning. So different than the way the Dark Lord carried Herself in public.

Small beads of sweat began covering Raven's heated body with a fine sheen.

"You're sweating, my dear," the Judge called out to her from the bathroom.

Raven was shocked. "You can smell me?" She blurted out the question not masking her surprise.

The Judge came out of Her bathroom holding a fresh clean towel. The wicked smile on Her lips, the glittering teasing green eyes beneath a few smooth red strands of hair made Raven fathom the uneasy embarrassing reality. The Judge could smell her, all of her, not just a few beads of sweat.

Raven stood quietly, hoping she didn’t embarrass herself any further. Golden yellow blonde hair flowed down across her shoulder, back, and breasts. The gown she wore hid nothing but as she reached for the towel it parted ever so slightly, the curve of a breast and the hint of the areola. The lite pink shade just beginning to show before once again vanishing behind the cloth.

Hiding behind the cloth in plain site that is. Soft firm breasts, proud in their youth and eager in their desire, thrust from her slim body. The hard nipples caressed by the fabric and aroused to hard nubs by imagination and lustful thoughts.

Her secret regions tingled with wonder at what the Judge had in her boxers. She’d never seen another female naked, but surely she wasn’t that different from another woman. Did all women have that bulge between their legs? Why didn’t she? Was she a freak.. to not have one? She’d seen a bulge like that on her Stallion, once. A nearby mare had been in heat. And he’d.. well.. what he’d done was so.. indecent. She’d never admit it out loud but she wondered often whether the mare had enjoyed it.

“Thank you, Judge. I.. I didn’t mean to.. intrude.. or to call you something, um.. inappropriate. But .. everything is so new. So many new faces, I can’t keep them all straight.”

“You’ll learn who’s who quickly,” The Judge replied, her lustful green eyes moving over the virgin’s perfect breasts. She didn’t fail to notice how glued were the virgin’s eyes to her crotch. “You’re going to learn quite a few things soon enough I should imagine.” The Judge smiled her trade mark half smile. “I must say, it is absolutely criminal.”

“What is, Judge?” The virgin nymph asked.

“Your titillating provocative appearance so in contrast with your…delicate situation. So tell me, your wandering into my bedchamber of all the other chambers in the Lodge, mere coincidence or was is more deliberately contrived?”

“The other rooms had no one from whom I could borrow a towel. We’ll there was one.. but they seemed busy.” Raven replied, her cheeks turning a soft rosy red. Her eyes turned downwards, away from the Judge and towards the floor.

“I. I meant no offense by knocking,” Raven stammered, the Judge's eyes seemed to be staring at her breasts for some reason. “Is something wrong?”

Pulling the gown slightly she looked at each breast, the material sliding just enough each way to bare a taut perky nipple for a moment before it returned to it’s seductive half concealment. “This was the last dress my father ever gave me. The night before he tried to kill me,” she mentioned wistfully. “I hope I haven’t torn it or anything.”

The Judge didn’t think she owed an apology for her minor transgression, for she believed she was provoked. She couldn’t quite know what to make of the woman standing before Her. She wasn’t used to not being able to zoom into another’s heart and after a brief period of time knowing exactly who she’s facing. The Judge handed the scantily clad woman the towel.

“I’m sorry to hear about your father, my dear. I could tell you stories about my father that would keep you awake at night.” For a brief moment the Judge almost appeared haunted, but soon enough her focus shifted back onto the blonde. “But I won’t. Not this morning. Anything else you might need from me or can I get back to my morning paper?"

“Oh.. I’m Sorry. I.. I’ll leave you to your paper. I didn’t mean to interrupt you.” Turning, Raven stepped lightly back to the door. Not intent at stealth was implied by her motions though, she just had a soft, sliding grace to her steps. Her buttocks smooth under the gown, the cleft between them a beacon for the eyes.

Pausing she stopped and looked back at the Judge. “If you could tell me where to find someone that can wash my back, I’d appreciate it greatly.” Her words whispered like a butterfly's breath, but under them carried a tone of a succubi’s desire.

The Judge couldn't contain a grin. As far as the blonde's "innocence", the Judge believed that in truth she was a player, a temptress, and a good one at that. The blonde's hunger for her was clear as day to the Judge…The way she moved, the way she lingered in her chambers, the slightly heavy handed inquiry regarding bathing her.

"Might I suggest one of the Lodge's wenches to assist you with this task," She finally muttered and nonchalantly went back to her morning paper.

“Thank You.. Judge. I’ll do that. Do you have suggestion as to whom I should have wash my back? Preferably someone that doesn’t treat my back like an old wash rag in need of a rock. Or a harsh scrubbing.” Pausing Raven awaited the Judge's answer, the gown shifting in the breeze. Hinting and hiding her treasures.

The tips of Raven’s breasts had softened in the conversation, but hardened to points as the whispers in her ear spoke once more. Suggesting things. Whispering such naughty things. A draft caught the flimsy gown and whipped it against her skin. It clung to her flesh, molding to her pure innocent body like a second skin, the damp place between her legs almost defined. But stopped from the exquisite pressure by a gentle mound of hair.

"Oh I assure you, dear Raven, the Lodge's wenches are very well trained. Their touch is softer than velvet." Replied the Magistrate. The Judge couldn’t rip her eyes from the overtly sexual lass before her; however, as she observed her demeanor and her expression as she spoke, she sensed that her words might be innocent with no underline motive.

The virgin might be in heat and was giving off pheromones like it was mating season, but lack of proper edification regarding the facts of life left the fire burning within her with no means of extinguishing it. Born and raised in a strict religious home, she could feel genuine empathy towards the blonde lass. She remembered how she had learned about the birds and the bees and a kind smile poured on her lips. The gates of mercy opened in the Judge's stony heart.

Training a virgin…She thought to herself and mentally sighed…I guess it's back to basics.

"Notwithstanding, the Lodge's maids have already drawn me a warm bath. You're more than welcome to join me, if you like."

“If you don’t mind, I’d love to join you, in your bathtub,” Raven said. “But I don’t want to impose upon your courtesy, Judge.”

Stepping back into the room, Raven allowed the door to close behind her. She stood there for several long moments. An eternity. She didn’t know why but her gaze was drawn to the Judge’s eyes.

"Not at all," the Judge replied. "After you." The Judge's gaze followed the young unbelievably virgin entering Her bathroom. Steams were emanating from the large white porcelain bathtub decorated with thin golden rims.

Raven just stood there unsure of what to do next.

"You're not going in there with your gown on, are you?" the Judge asked. Not waiting for a reply or permission, She slipped Her fingers between the gown and Raven's shoulders. A light nudge was all it took to send the gown floating down onto the floor.

Raven stood there for a moment, she wasn’t sure why. But she had a feeling this wasn’t just a bath she was going to share. Her breath caught in her throat, she watched the Judge’s hands, unsure of just what was happening. She felt the materiel of her gown as it slipped down from her shoulders. The soft fluttering touch as it caressed her nipples. The cool air blowing across her skin.

Goosebumps rose from her skin. She felt her body warming up, the Judge’s gaze upon her piercing. She was being, tested, but for what she didn’t know. What would happen if she failed? Her cheeks burned, but she didn’t know why. Was it because she stood before the Judge, naked as the day she was born? Was it because she was moist between her legs? Why was she moist down there?

Moving slowly, she stepped into the steaming bath, the hot water warming her whole body as she slid down into it.  The water rising and caressing the cleft between her thighs. “Hmm.. This is nice.. it’s so hot in here.”

Sliding down Raven lowered herself until the water rose up and just brushed the edges of her nipples, her head tilted back as she dipped her hair down and get it wet. Her eyes were half closed in ecstasy, before she sat up and looked at the judge. Smiling impishly she asked, “Aren’t you going to join me? It’s kinda hard to bathe with you standing there.”

"Yeah…Hard…" The Judge muttered as She disrobed Herself of the tight white undershirt and boxer-shorts, revealing both Her naked muscular body and Her crotch. She caught the virgin's gaze transfixed on Her phallus.

"Have you ever seen one of these before?"

"No, Your Honor. Should I have one of those?"

The Judge burst into roaring laughter. "Well, it's not mandatory. Having one or several and in which way only depends on your own personal tastes, as they would surely develop," the Judge replied as She entered the bath, positioning Herself behind the blonde virgin, each of Her long strong legs to each of the virgin's side.

Raven slide forward a little so the Judge could slide in behind her. Then sliding back she rested against the Judge for a moment. “Hmm I like a hot bath.”

Feeling the hard thing pressing against her back she reached back to move it someplace more comfortable. Her fingers wrapped around it as she felt the long hard item. “Judge.. Can you take this off? It’s pressing against me and is very uncomfortable.”

The Dark Justice didn't utter a word. She clutched the virgin's fingers wrapped around Her member and released it from the virgin's grip, her actions very deliberate. "You have yet to earn the right to touch it, My dear." She finally said as She rested it against Her chiseled naked thigh "And it stays on." She thought to Herself that Her companion this morning was a tad bit outspoken.

Next She took a bar of soap and began applying it to Her hands. When a fine layer of foam covered Her hands, She rested Her large warm palms against the virgin's heated skin and gently, a tad sensually, began to wash Raven's nape and back, slowly kneading the flesh, admiring its softness and smoothness.

Raven leaned forward, enjoying the feel of her back being rubbed and massaged, a soft whimpering moan of pleasure escaping her lips. “That feels nice,” she whispered.

"Of course it does," the Magistrate said.

Reaching up Raven began to wash her firm breasts, the soft sudsy soap making her slim fingers slick as they slid across her smooth skin, the deft fingers sliding down to her stomach before moving her thighs. Moving slowly she washed with the Judge.

Her hands lifted to her hair and she began washing it, rubbing the soap into her hair making it silky smooth between her fingers. Her breasts lifting and swaying softly with the motions of her hands.

The Judge felt the manner in which Raven's body was reacting to her touch, her firm luscious body melting beneath her fingers, surrendering with every caress, the slight blush to Raven's torso and lecherous moans rupturing from her throat.

When Raven's back was immaculate the Judge washed the soap from Her hands.

"Is there anything else you need My assistance with?"  She inquired.

Raven’s skin tingled wherever the other woman’s hands touched her. She could feel a soft blush coming to her face when she thought of where she’d like those hands. Those magically soft fingers. A soft sigh escaped her lips, her eyes closing in pleasure.

Taking a slow deep breath, Raven wanted The Judge to help her with a great many things. But why she would want that she didn’t know. Images flashed in her mind. Erotic images.

“Shouldn’t I wash your back now?”

"How good of you to reciprocate," The Judge replied. She watched closely as the young woman ascended from the water, little droplets sliding down her firm ass, a few more insisting on clinging to the soft down that covered Raven's inner sealed chamber. Once Raven was out of the tub moving to settle herself behind Her, the Magistrate closed Her eyes and sensed the tender innocent young flesh brush against Her muscled back. She could feel Raven's hesitant small hands kneading Her hard broad shoulders.

Moving carefully Raven scrubbed the Judges back, her small hands kneading and massaging as they moved. Moving a little closer Raven’s legs spread apart, her silky thighs caressing the Judge’s as her nipples brushed the Judge’s back. Her fingers sliding up into the Judge’s scalp she began kneading the soap into the soft crimson hair before her.

Leaning into the hair washing, Raven’s youthful breasts swayed forcing the nipples to stroke lightly against the Judges back. She didn’t know why but each time her nipples touched the other woman’s skin, she could feel her face burning with shame. But she didn’t want it to stop, she liked the feeling of the contact, her skin, her nipples, touching the other’s body.

“So why do you wear that thing all the time? What’s it for?” Raven asked, her eyes peering under the Judges arm to peek at the large thing thrusting from between her legs.

A faint thin-lipped smile appeared on the Judge’s face. She had to admit to Herself that Her fondness for the young innocent woman grew stronger by the minute. Being a creature of contradictions herself, trying to achieve equilibrium to both sides of the scales inside her, she appreciated Raven’s combination of innocence on one hand and wantonness demeanor on the other.

“Well, there are several answers I could give you. The clearest and most direct of which is for women who are on a more advanced level than you are at the moment. However, since you’ve asked I’ll tell you this, it is basically an instrument designed as a pleasure conductor, a conduit of sorts. Someday, I might even give you a demonstration.” explained the Judge then turned her attention back to the sensations lavished on her body.  

“But why don’t you take it off so you can bath properly? Isn’t it uncomfortable?” Raven asked her fingers sliding up into the scalp and slowly dragging themselves down the Judge's neck and back. “It looks vile and nasty. Should I wash your chest? Or do you want to do that?”

Raven wasn’t sure why she offered to wash the Judge's chest, the Warrior was more than capable of doing her own washing, only the back gave problems. But a whisper in her head and she made the offer.

"My dear, if you have worn an instrument similar to this for as long as I have, it would have become a part of you like any other member of your body," the Judge patiently responded.  "As for it being vile and nasty looking…Well, I'm not sure I would go that far, though it is not for the faint of heart, I'll grant you that. My advice to you - Don't knock it till you've tried it. Do you know those sensations of tingling, pressing, pulsating, burning needs and urges that always make you secrete wetness from between your legs? This here device proves to be extremely efficient in putting out that particular fire."

The Judge covered the beauty's smaller hands with hers and led them to her chest, silently expressing her permission.

Raven’s soft soap lathered hands began washing the Judge's beautiful breasts. Sliding across them like silk, her fingernails catching for a moment and teasing the nipples. Before continuing on in their explorations.

Leaning in closer until her own body was pressed against the Judge's back, Raven slowly cleaned the Judge. Her hands softly massaging as they moved, cleaning sweat and dirt from the Judge's firm and wonderfully ripe mounds. Her fingers danced lower cleaning the tight and firm stomach before sliding around to the back and moving upwards along the spine and back into the scalp.

Giggling a little, Raven once more moved her hands around to the Judge’s chest, her fingers spreading to encompass the mounds, just before she collected water from the tub, ever so close to that strange device, and lifted the water. Rinsing off the Judge’s chest.

The Judge closed her eyes, wanting to concentrate on nothing but the soft warm flesh pressing against her back and the hands that were caressing and undeniably arousing her breasts. She took a deep breath as her hands' clasped at the rim of the bathtub grew tighter and tighter. She tried her very best to calm down the desire that ensued, for even though Raven's ministrations were stimulating, her hands were still innocent.

Once her breasts were completely clean, not to mention swollen and its tips achingly erect, two droplets of water still clinging to them, the Judge rose to her feet, the water cascading down her slender lengthy body.

"You did extremely well, Raven," She said. The magistrate saw how Raven looked at her phallus and felt it would be only proper and kind to take it off and accommodate the virgin, so she did and hung it on a hanger.

Once it was off and in its place, she lowered herself back into the bathtub, a hasty hand soaped the hardness between her legs, feeling the musky wetness that clearly hadn't been water. She then washed away the soap - the cool water she used did little to chill the burning between her muscled thighs...A true test of endurance that morning bath with the beautiful maiden has been.

Reaching out Raven touched the Judge between her thighs. “I think I should wash that. It’s all red and swollen. Perhaps you wear that thing too much?” Sliding forward Raven grabbed the soap and lathered her hands up nicely, before reaching down and caressing the Judges thighs, each motion of her hands bringing those fingers ever closer and closer to the Judges soft downy nest of short trimmed red curls.

Finally once she reached her goal Raven began stroking the puffy red petals of the Judge's lips. Carefully pealing her open like a ripe flower, before stroking along each hill and valley. Taking her time and making sure everything was completely clean before moving on to the next.

She noticed the very aroused nodule at the top of the Judge's opening. Wondering briefly why it was so hard and protruding Raven used her fingers to gently massage it, carefully moving it to make sure it was clean as well, her thumb and forefinger rolling it back and forth, both washing and checking for any particle of hidden dirt or dust.

Once she was satisfied it was clean Raven's fingers moved lower once more, and carefully slipped along the Judge's folds. A second wash and rinse would be needed for something this swollen and inflamed she decided. Being very careful she began stroking and caressing the lips and folds, her thumb lifting the hard nodule up as her fingers cleaned and stroked. Seeking out any strange particles, Raven’s fingers delved deeper and deeper, finally slipping and sliding into the Judge. She didn’t know a female was this deep but it didn’t matter, the Judge was obviously ill and needed her help. Twisting her fingers around inside the judge she sought out any strange matter inside her. Finding a rough spot deep inside Raven curled her fingers and began stroking it. Trying to encourage the strange skin inside the Judge's body to come out, quite unaware of just what it was she was stroking.

The Judge could barely suppress a groan of pleasure. As her peak was surely and steadily approaching a deep feeling of doing something utterly wrong morally-wise possessed her. There she was being sexually pleasured while the innocent pure virgin had absolutely no comprehension of what she was basically doing. Having no desire of taking advantage of the young maiden, she moved her hand and with every shred of dignity, with every last ounce of will she could muster she gently closed her long fingers around the blonde's pleasuring hand and tenderly removed it from her engorged groin.

"It's fine now, sweetness. It's clean," She sounded almost embarrassed. She looked deeply into Raven's eyes, as if searching for something, perhaps making sure the lass was indeed as innocent as she claimed to be.  "Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves." Was what she was thinking. She simply had a hard time grasping the notion that there were still women so completely oblivious to carnal knowledge.

Chivalrously, the Judge helped Raven to her feet. She reached for a clean dry towel and began absorbing the water from Raven's voluptuous body.

"It's high time you and I have that proverbial discussion about the birds and the bees," She muttered as she was taking Raven's hand into hers and leading her to her bed.

 “Birds and Bees?” Raven asked, her tight body swaying as she moved. Her tight young breasts bouncing lightly as her hips rolled with her steps. Soft crinkly blonde down glistened with moisture in the firelight from the torches.

“My bed is in the other room. Or did you want me to do your hair as well as your back?” she asked, climbing up onto the bed, her breasts swaying gently and seductively with her motions.

Sitting cross legged on the bed her thighs parted and baring her innocent flesh. Looking around she grabbed a brush and waited for the Judge to get into position.

Where the hell do they breed such virgins?! The Judge thought to herself while doing her best not to stare too hard at the blonde's tight glistening snatch. It began proving very difficult to seduce such an unconscious, unaware woman.

The Judge seated herself in front of Raven with her back turned to her allowing her easy excess to her wet red smooth hair.  "Brush away," She said.    

As she felt Raven's attentive strokes to her hair, she went on to say, "Do you remember what I told you earlier about certain sensations…urges between the legs?" 

Reaching out Raven slid closely and began brushing the Judge's red velvety hair, admiring the way it shone in the firelight. “I like your hair. It’s so soft and smooth.”

Taking long slow strokes Raven brushed the hair down the Judge's nape, delicately scraping as she did. “Urges? What urges?”

“I was always told a hundred strokes for each side and two hundred for the back. Don’t you think that’s too much though? I mean, seriously. A hundred long strokes. That would take almost forever. Especially with such nice hair like this.” Raven's voice was so softly seductive you’d almost think she was speaking of other strokings, other more pleasurable strokings.

“But I do like brushing hair, it’s so soft and soothing. Would you like to brush my hair when I’m done?” Rambling on Raven began gently braiding the Judge's hair, her fingers parting the red silk before lightly rolling and braiding it.

"Why dear, you're deflecting." The Judge took the brush out of Raven's hand. "Besides, I'm not too sure I could last 400 strokes and there is little point in brushing your hair, for it would only get messed up later on and then I would have to brush it all over again." The Judge placed the brush over on the nightstand near her bed. "Now where was I before your lovely educating speech about the fascinating subject of hair brushing…? Oh yeah the birds and the bees…urges…Do you have any idea what where you doing in the bathtub besides diligently cleaning ummm…that spot beneath my device?"

“Hmm? It was all slick and you had this spot inside. It wasn’t like the rest. I think it’s an infection. Maybe a poultice would help. Probably from wearing that thing so much. You could get very sick if you have an infection and it spreads.” Raven spoke up, her head nodding as she spoke.

Leaning forward Raven slid a bit closer, her breasts moving deliciously and enticingly as she did. “Did you want me to get a poultice or some herbs? I could rub it in for you and won’t tell anyone. After all, as a Judge they might lose faith if they think you’re sick. I might have something in my room.”

"That won't be necessary, my cu…my…my…Hell, I'm not ill down there!" The Judge finally blurted out.  "Everything down there works just fine, no infestation or inflammation of any kind I assure you." Which is quite astounding considering where it's been, She thought to herself briefly reminiscing about her last visit to Madame's establishment.

It was mind-boggling. The girl simply didn't have the first clue.  Rather than putting her mouth into verbal action, the Judge thought a more direct approach was warranted, she would put her mouth into plain action.  She cupped both Raven's ass cheeks and motioned the lass to sit on her thighs straddling her.  Once tenderly secured in her arms, the Judge leaned and placed a gentle kiss on Raven's lips. "Allow me to show you what you've done to me."

Raven blinked almost on the verge of tears from the Judge's outburst. Then her breath caught when the Judge kissed her. Her eyes widened and her lips burned nicely. Unnoticed, her nipples hardened and her womanly flesh moistened. “Why did you do that? I didn’t kiss you.”

Flustered Raven trembled, her body responding to signals her mind didn’t, couldn’t, comprehend. Unaware of what she was doing or why, Raven’s hand rose unbidden and touched the Judge's face. Her fingertips laying delicately on her face. Her fingertips laying delicately on the smooth skin.

"I did because I wanted to, to show you my affection, to convey my desire for you," The Judge replied, enjoying Raven's soft touch, the hardening nipples against her own.  She felt a hot stream of liquid fire dripping down the inside of her thighs.  She pressed her lips against Raven's once more, and with the tip of her tongue she licked them tentatively. She felt Raven's heated body melting in her arms, opening her mouth by instinct. The Judge accepted the delicious welcome and delicately snaked her infamous tongue into the hot wet cavern of Raven's mouth.

Raven didn’t know why she liked this, but it felt good. Using her own tongue she reached out and touched the Judge's tongue, teeth, lips. Touching, tasting, experimenting as to whether she liked it or not. She wasn’t sure yet, but it did seem to be enjoyable.

Her hands moved and touched the Judge's muscular body. Gently touching and feeling. She could feel the Judge's hard flesh as her hands roamed. The strong back and shoulders, the smooth hips and legs. Moving slightly Raven’s legs wrapped around the judge's back and pulled their bodies closer, mashing her own soft young breasts against the Judge's firmer ones.

Pulling back she looked down between them. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why it’s doing that. I think I’m sick, I’ve never leaked from there before, well… blood before but not otherwise."

"My dear, first of all 'it' has a name…well several actually…not all of them very nice, secondly this is a very good kind of wetness." The Judge grunted into Raven's ear. As her lust for the maiden excelled, her hot breath was scorching Raven's delicate skin. Still cupping Raven's firm young ass in her big hands, she relentlessly kneaded the flesh. "For one, it shows your desire for me." As the Judge felt the small wanting hands over her muscled body, she had to take a mental note to pace herself, to take her time with this desirable woman, to pleasure her first. "For another, its function is to lubricate your sex, readying it for what you're about to receive. Trust me, you'll be thankful for it later." Her breath became gradually labored.

“About to receive? What am I about to receive?” Raven asked, her body softly flushing as her breathing deepened under the Judge's grip and kisses. She trembled all over, her back arching and lifting her breasts. Her nipples ached for something. Reaching up she caressed her breasts her fingers and palms caressing them as they moved.

“Why do my breasts hurt?” she asked, confused and afraid. Looking up through her eyelashes she silently asked the Judge what was happening and what she should do.

"I wager they're also feeling other sensations," the Judge said hoarsely beneath her breath as her hands left Raven's buttocks and began roaming over her slim waist and back. "Like pleasure, like need," She went on. "Here let me show you," she said. "As for what you're about to receive…" She said just before she took one of Raven's nipples into the warm wet depth of her mouth, "You'll soon find out."

She began gently suckling on the rosy tip, feeling it stiffening even further against her tongue.

Raven moaned softly, her eyes closing in ecstasy. “Oh.. my.. that feels.. niice..” she whispered, her voice trembling under the pleasurable assault her body was experiencing.

Her hands moving sporadically Raven touched the Judge where ever she could reach, her shoulders, arms, back, and eventually found a soothing comfort in caressing the Judge's hair, her finger delving into the luscious mass of red smooth hair.

“Oh.. Please.. yes.. that feels.. wonderful.. Please don’t stop.” Unconsciously Raven’s hips began to gyrate and rock in the Judge's lap.

"I have no intention of stopping," the Judge said as her mouth left the hard rock nipple and attached itself to the other nipple, slowly twirling her tongue around it, lightly grazing her teeth against the tender flesh. "I'll ride you home, baby…All the way, I promise," she said, positively confident the young virgin had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. Feeling the virgin's wet sex frantically pressing and rubbing hard against her tight abdomen was almost her undoing. She nearly didn't trust herself to hold back awhile longer…and she knew it would be awhile. Raven felt sooo damn good against her, so passionate, so vibrant and so sexy.

Raven could feel her private place getting moist and warm. Her body heating up, like she had a fever. Was she ill? Had washing the Judge made her sick? Her hands clasped and stroked the Judge's scalp, unintentionally caressing the red headed beauty as she suckled Raven’s nipples.

Listening to the voice in her head for a moment Raven slipped one hand free from the other woman’s hair and caressed her back, her fingernails dragging deliciously down her back, before once more rising back up. The tips of her breasts tingled where the Judge's lips and tongue touched them.

Raven could feel an aching need building deep inside her, a warm fire building to inferno levels. A conflagration of heat that would take a great deal to extinguish. “Oh, Judge, It’s so hot in here. Am I ill? Is something wrong? Oh, Please.. don’t stop.”

"Nothing wrong with being in heat, my dear…For some of us it's a constant state of existence." The Judge philosophically pondered for a few moments about her existential actuality. But soon after, she sensed the rocking rhythm of the wet pristine pussy increasing, so she went on and softly scolded the soon-to-be ex-virgin, "Easy there…Pace yourself…You don't want it to be over so soon…Make it last, baby…Holding back now will benefit your release."

The Judge laid back on the large bed taking Raven's writhing body with her. She then rolled over, and was now lying on top of the blushing maiden.

Raven looked up at the Judge her innocent eyes wide and trusting. “Pace myself? For what? What will be over? I’m not running.” Looking past the Judge, Raven admired the torch light as it sparkled through her hair. “Wow, that’s pretty, like your hair’s on fire.”

Reaching between them Raven touched the Judges moist lips. “Are you sure you’re not sick? It’s still all puffy, and it’s slippery like a nose with fever. I think I’ve got the same fever you have, probably from the bath. I’m sure I have a poultice that can help. If I knew what the fever came from.” Moving her hand Raven touched herself, her eyes rolling up in her head when a finger stroked across her own clit. “Oh… my.. that feels.. oh..”

Shaking and trembling Raven grabbed the Judge desperately. “Please. Make me better, I don’t want to die.”

"Oh, I'm not sick." Although profound ignorance might be classified as an illness. "And neither are you. You're not gonna die. It is sexual arousal that you're experiencing," the Judge couldn't believe these kind of things actually had to be explained. "When you are sexually aroused it gets swollen and moist down there," the Judge nearly sighed out her frustration, but she was gallant enough to curb it. "It's natural." The Judge thought that if this ordeal she had gotten herself into weren't making her release such a pressing matter, she would have laughed at the entire situation.

She began a slow descent down the voluptuous body, kissing and nipping the never before touched skin, licking the cute perfectly shaped navel till she arrived…Down there.

"This here is your sex member. It goes by many names. Since we're both aching by now, let's just call it pussy…Not to be mistaken with a kitten…I believe it to be non-threatening, cute and sexy enough. It would do for now."

Raven’s body shivered with an internal fever that wouldn’t go away, not yet at least. Reaching down she slid her fingers into the Judge's hair, curling and clenching. She didn’t know what was happening but those kisses seemed to be searing into her skin like a branding iron.

A soft moaning sigh escaped Raven’s lips when the Judge's breath caressed her tender moist lips. She was burning up inside, a fire beginning to transform into an inferno.

The Judge slowly slid between Raven's slick swollen lips with her tongue. Making her tongue hard and thick, she licked Raven slowly, just at the surface of her wetness. Pushing the tip of her tongue between her lips, against the tight hot opening after every stroke along the surface. The maiden was delicious.

Raven moaned slightly louder, her legs spreading wantonly for the Judge's eager tongue. Her hands released the Judge's hair and shoulder and grasped at the silken sheets of the bed. Shuddering moans broke her lips, as her nipples ached to be touched and her tender pussy lips throbbed and pulsed in anticipation of further pleasure and desire.

With each throbbing stroke of the Judge's tongue Raven panted louder, her soft panting subtly changing to harsh moans of passion and pleasure. With clasping hands Raven clutched at the silken sheets of the Judge's bed, her fingernails digging into the fabric. A single frenzied hand reached down and clasped the Judge's head, her fingers twinning within the red locks as she pulled the Judge's wet lips and tongue deeper into her aching pussy.

The Judge savored every drop of the virgin nectar on her palate. The feeling of the maiden’s small fingers entangled in her hair pulled out the wildness from within her. A deep muffled snarl escaped her throat. She won’t hold back for much longer. Her iron will was slowly dissolving. The young lass was beyond ready for her. Her sweet tight never-before-touched pussy was as wide and as wet as it’s ever going to get. The Judge pressed the tip of her long strong commanding index finger against the tight slippery opening and began slowly inserting it into the uncharted depth.

She could feel the hymen’s resistance but she gently pierced it.

Raven convulsed, her voice squeaked and her whole body shuddered for a moment as her hymen gave way under the insistent finger. Her tight muscles clasped even tighter for a moment before they finally relaxed enough for the Judge to continue.

Ravyn’s eyes flashed red and her fangs slid out, her claws ripping up the sheets before her claws slid back into place and her eyes dimmed once more to pale blue. A long soft sigh escaped her as her legs pulled her tight wet opening closer to the Judge's questing finger.

The Magistrate caught a glimpse of Ravyn and licked her lips in delight. She took out her finger previously buried in the lass' soaking depth. It was coated by a sticky red substance -- The blood of the virginity she had just slaughtered and the gift of her arousal. The Judge inserted the digit into her mouth and sucked the liquid clean, savoring the taste on her tongue. It's been a while since she'd last tasted the sweet flavor of virginity.

Seeing the maiden so enthralled by lust, the Judge knew she was close, so close to the brink of the abyss of utter ecstasy and ultimate pleasure.  She closed her hungry mouth over Raven's hard nub and pushed two fingers into the strained snatch and commenced a slow in and out fucking.

Raven’s body quivered in pleasure, her mind exploding as passion, pleasure and pain mingling into absolute ecstasy. Points of white light filled her eyes as the rolled up into her head, her eyelids fluttering as she tore the sheets to shreds with claw-like fingernails. Fangs ripped from her jaws hard enough to bite her own lips and make them bleed.

Her pussy clenched and relaxed around the Judge's intruding fingers. The spasms rippling from her core like waves of lava washing upon a beach of lust. Incoherent moans of pleasure echoed around the room as her pleasure peaked and peaked again. Thick love juices flowed from her slick pussy, as the echoes of pleasure built upon themselves.

“Oh.. Yes.. Don’t stop.. don’t stop.” The blonde haired wench moaned and screamed as her orgasm thundered through her body.

"Never forget who was your first, Raven," the Judge said hoarsely as she witnessed the blonde riding her last waves of climax. The Dark one milked the smaller woman's snatch for every drop of cum juice she had, excited at the feel of the tight muscles quivering around her fingers buried deep inside. "That intense feeling you've just had wasn't a heart attack or an asthma attack. That was an orgasm, in case you were wondering, a sexual release," the Judge snickered.

As the convulsions of the wench's body subsided, the Justice rolled off her and laid herself beside her.

"Now, being your first, I feel obligated to inform you of some bedside manners, a certain protocol regarding this practice. You should reciprocate the favor. A common courtesy if you will."

Raven looked over at the broad shouldered female, wondering what she meant by being her ‘first’. Moving over and above the Judge, Raven thought about all the idea’s that had been running through her head while the Judge had been touching her.. down there. Her.. pussy. Raven blushed even as the word entered her mind, for some reason thinking it was one of the forbidden words her mother had told her about. After all, if it wasn’t forbidden, why hadn’t she heard of it until now.

Leaning over slightly her mouth descended until her lips brushed across the Judge's nipple. It felt like she had tasted a hot pepper the way her lips burned, but it was a nice pepper.

Softly, unsure if this was right her lips parted and slid down and around the succulent tidbit. Feeling it harden and rise upwards into her wet mouth Raven’s tongue flicked out and tasted it.

The tip of her bright red tongue caressed across the top of the hard flesh, as a soft moan escaped her lips and vibrated through the firm breast. Almost losing her balance Raven reached out to stop her fall and her hand came to rest on the Judge’s hard stomach, her finger tips just barely nestling within the curly red hairs of the Judge’s.. pussy.

"In case you're wondering, this would be a good spot to pleasure…Well actually, a hair lower," the Judge said. She thought that for a beginner, Raven seemed to have a natural talent and was to be expected of great things in this department…And not a moment too soon, the Magistrate felt gentle tentative fingers moving over her heated flesh and over her hard erection.  That touch was long over due.  Her erection was maintained for so long, the Judge knew it wouldn't take long before she cums.

She placed a tender hand on the back of Raven's head. Enjoying the silky blonde tresses, she guided Raven's face towards the aching need between her hands. "Do me as I did you," she asked.

Without saying a word, Raven began kissing the Judge's body. Her lips moist and hot against the Judge's cool flesh. Leaving the Judge's tender nipples, her kisses crossed the smooth Flesh of the breasts, a single lick caressing the underside. Her touch sporadic as she moved lower. An eternity of touching and stroking. Fingers gliding along flesh, stroking a hip as she moved her body lower, then a thigh as lips touched the Judge's belly button.

Her lips crossed the soft downy patch of fur as her fingers moved inside the Judge's legs, her fingertips just barely touching the skin as they moved closer and closer. Gently caressing and stroking the inner thighs.  A moment later, an eternity for the Judge, a soft tongue caressed the Judge’s hard clit. The moist red surface pressing as it moved. Moving her hand Raven touched the slick lips of the Judge's sex.

Slim finger slid up and down, gently stroking as she marveled at the texture of the flesh. She’d never done this before, never touched herself in this way either. But it felt nice to do this. To know that her touch was bringing pleasure to someone, at least it was if she was doing this right. Sliding that seeking and questing finger deeper inside the Judge's slick opening Raven slowly twisted the finger around.

Carefully since her fingernails might hurt if she moved wrong, she curled her finger and stroked the inside of the judge's sex. Leaning back down, Raven’s lips kissed that hard aroused tender bit of flesh. Her tongue flickered out and across the knot of nerve endings and tasted it.

Raven's touch gave the Judge a pause.  Her touch was so skilled…perhaps too skilled…either Raven was an over achiever or…But as soon as the Judge felt the hot soft wet tongue on her erection, she wasn't able to complete that thought. She groaned her pleasure, letting the ex-virgin know just how well she was pleasuring her. The Magistrate's strong thighs pressed against the sides of Raven's head.

"More!" the Judge didn't mean for it to sound like an order, but given her state that's what it had sounded like.

"More what, Judge?" An innocent muffled voice came from down between her legs.

"Fingers," the Judge replied her voice strained, the veins in her neck bulging.

Her eyes flashed a deep dark red before turning black as Ravyn slid another finger up inside the Judge's slippery wet sex. Quickly a third finger followed as they twisted and turned deep inside the Judge. Raven looked down at her hand and saw three fingers pumping in and out of the Judge. Stroking and thrusting as they moved. Twisting motions guiding her hand as she suckled on the Judge's hard throbbing clit. Moans escaping her mouth and vibrating along the nerves. Using her lower jaw she made soft chewing motions just below that hard throbbing flesh. Her teeth scrapping and caressing the Judge.

Raven’s hand was like another being as it pushed and pulled in it, twisting writhing passion, guiding the Judge's sex into great heights of passion.

The Judge couldn't help but notice the sudden shift in the ex-virgin's demeanor, a change into something more confident, more determent, more daring.

She rested the palm of her hand against Raven's cheek and motioned her to look at her.

"My dear, there is another position that suits my needs better," she said.

The innocent gave her a puzzled look. The Judge lifted herself and rested herself on her elbows, "Turn around," She asked gently as she moved away from under the lass. The Magistrate touched Raven's waist and motioned her to turn and lie on her stomach.  "Very good." She expressed her satisfaction. "Now lift up your buttocks for me, sweetness," she requested.

Raven lay on her stomach for a moment, her hot flesh barely cooled by the silk sheets. Rising up to her hands and knees she could feel her nipples grazing across the sheets for a moment before they separated from the fabric, hanging from her tight breasts.

Her legs parted slightly as she waited for whatever the Judge was wanting to do. She could feel a slick wet moisture running down her leg as the Judge moved behind her. She felt firm muscular hands gripping her smooth and curvaceous ass as they guided her into position.

The Magistrate crushed her hard extended nub against Raven's ass and a deep grunt of pleasure erupted. She rested her torso over the smaller woman's back, her stiff swollen nipples pressing against it.  When her mouth was next to Raven's ear, she asked "So, how do I taste?"

The Judge was ready to explode any moment. She began rubbing her erection against Raven's taut ass. She slipped two fingers back into Raven's snatch as she grinded her need harder and harder against her buttocks.

“Slippery and Musky. I’m not sure if it’s what a kitty tastes like, but it’s not Ice cream.” Raven replied mischievously. Seconds later and her pussy was spread open by the Judge's fingers. Grunting slightly in surprise and pain at the suddenness of the intrusion. After a moment she began rocking back against the fingers, taking them as deep as she could into her slick pussy.

Laying her head on the sheets Raven’s tight buttock flexed and pushed back against the Judge's hard erection.

As the Judge rammed her member harder and faster against Raven's eager ass, she felt her climax beginning to overtake her.

"The stream of hot liquid which you're about to feel in abundance any second now, is my cum juices, nothing else," The Judge managed to purr into Raven's ear.

Her release, which was being denied for so long, finally erupted, washing over her. A stream of her essence gushed out of her and trickled down Raven's firm young ass, down its crack and over her anus, down her snatch mixing with Raven's juices and farther down between the Lass's quivering thighs.

After the last waves of their orgasm subsided, the Judge's slumped body rested against Raven's back, blanketing the smaller woman completely. As soon as the Magistrate regained her strength, she pulled herself up slowly, her sticky wetness made her crotch and thighs glue to Raven's ass and thighs.

Raven snuggled with the Judge, enjoying the breasts pressing against her back, the sticky wetness between her legs. All to soon the judge moved away and rolled off her. Sliding from the bed Raven collected a flower from the vase and slid it into the Judge's hair, just behind her ear. “Now, that’s pretty,” She said giggling softly. When the Judge opened an eye to look at her, Raven giggled even louder and planted a kiss on her nose then slid back down beside the warm body.

“Let’s do it again.” She said, like a child that has discovered a new toy and wants to play with it. Again. And again. And again…….


The End - 'Raven's Initiation Into the Lodge' - by WarriorJudge & Raven

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