Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Out of the Shadows

by WarriorJudge & Trisha
August 2007


Trisha stood and came, then wrapped her arms around the Judge. "I am glad you are back, your honor. You have been truly missed."

Trisha couldn't resist pressing close to the woman as she felt strong arms wrap around her. For the first time since being caged she was able to take a deep breath, breathing in the woman's scent.

She made a low sound of contentment. Gentle hands stroked over her back before the Judge commented, "You didn't answer the question, trisha."

Trisha murmured quietly, "What question."

A gentle cuff was enough to make her remember that she couldn't play stupid here. Not with this woman. She sobered, and the Judge tilted her head up to meet her green eyes. "That question." Trisha sighed.

"You'll hate me."


"I killed twice now. Once before I first came here...and once right before you left. And I..." The Judge read the emotions that tore at Trisha, the remorse, pain, a hair of pride and self loathing. "And I couldn't...I. .." She started to jerk away, to try to pace but a firming of the Judge's hands was all it took to still her.

Left with no option, the whole story bubbled out of her in more words than anyone had ever heard her use at the same time. The Judge listened, her face impassive.

"Confessing to two killing to a Judge…Are you sure that's a wise thing to do? Judges aren't good confessors, my sweet. Am I to understand you've killed both times in self defense?" The Judge inquired.

Trisha shivered. Here was the tricky part. "The first time. He had attacked my mate, and I lost it. I meant to warn him away, but he attacked me as soon as he saw me. Normally I would have surrendered there, but next thing I knew, he was on the ground...And. ..I had to flee my pack. Serdae swore it was self defense when I was tried for it, and I was...allowed to leave alive."

"Well, killing a man for harming your lover… Nothing I haven't done Myself."

The second time...Serdae had brought me as back up against a witch..."

"I remember that."

"She was hurting Serdae. I meant to pull her off, or knock her out, but she hurt me, and tried to kill me, and I fought back. The only way to make her stop was by killing her." Trisha shuddered, trying to press closer. She felt the Judge running a finger over part of the harness shaped scar she now bore, and shook her head. "She gave me that."

Trisha closed her eyes, shivering. The Judge didn't hate her. Silently, she thanked whatever god was listening. She had understood. It made Trisha feel...well almost like the killing, while something to be avoided wasn't such a bad thing. Gently, cautiously, she touched the Judge's face.

"I apologize for not welcoming you home, before. I..." She shook her head. "I would like to do that now, if I may." The Judge nodded. Trisha stood on her tiptoes to drop a kiss on her neck, then stepped back.

The Judge frowned. "One of those looks like a sword cut, little one. And only half-healed too." Trisha tried to cover it. The Judge touched the mark. Then she seemed to forget about it. There was another more pressing matter that got her attention and so She lifted Trisha to the table.

Sensing the Judge's mood, Trisha held still, fidgeting slightly as the Judge looked at her, but otherwise keeping quiet. Finally after a long moment, she asked, "Your honor? What are you..."

Under the table, Jerre squirmed a little. She had to get out of her or risk catching more than an eyeful. But she couldn't figure out how. She watched the Judge reach for Trisha and gulped. Too late...Shit. ..

"Insisting on playing the innocent, are you girl?" The Judge asked as Her hands began moving quickly over Trisha's body, dexterously kneading her heated flesh. "In the mood for playing games with Me, are you?" the Judge's voice remained calm as she harshly smacked Trisha's bare breast. A sharp cry came out of Trisha's mouth for she didn't see it coming.

"And there I was actually considering being gentle with you tonight on account of your fresh wounds…" Another slap reddened Trisha's other breast, another yelp erupting from her gaping mouth. "Oh well, too late for that now," a sinister smirk ornamented the Judge's full red lips, the fire of hell dancing in Her darkened eyes. Trisha's tender flesh stung from the Judge's hard slaps to her breasts. Too overwhelmed by it, she kept still.

Jerre, cramped in the small space beneath the Judge's table, forced herself to breath steadily and quietly, listening to Trisha’s luscious breasts being repeatedly slapped right above her head, which almost made her teeth grit with rage.

She'd been holding her body still and rigid for quite sometime now, and soon enough she began feeling a severe pain in the calf of her injured leg, folded beneath her body weight. She nearly cried out straight away as the spasm hit her. The pain gripped her bunched flesh like a vice, and the horror of her predicament was not lost on her. Any movement she might make to try to relieve the torture was bound to attract attention.

Jerre struggled to endure it, silently pulling her toes upwards to lengthen the contracting muscles, but it did no good. Gritting her teeth she freed her leg from under her body, clutched at it, rubbing it hard.

But the Judge heard the tiny barely audible rustle emanating from beneath Her table.

They had an audience, the Judge acknowledged and She knew there could be only one possible person there with them -- the aspiring Domme. This sexual encounter was no longer for mere satisfaction but education as well. The sinister smirk on the Judge's lips widened. She would give the warrior in the front raw seat, a demonstration of power. She would teach her the very definition of dominance.

The Judge unbuckled Her belt, unbuttoned Her leather trousers and allowed them to slowly slide down Her legs all the way to Her ankles. She strained the muscles of Her thighs, making them harder, bigger and more bulging for Jerre's benefit, accentuating the outlines of each muscle, like an animal in the wild warning the others off. Her black robes like a dark screen behind Her mighty chiseled marble-like thighs. She slightly bent Her knees so that Jerre could appreciate Her massive hard cock just beneath the table's top.

Jerre cringed under the table, a part of her wanted to shut her eyes tightly but another part of her simply couldn't look away.

The Judge cupped Trisha's face between Her palm and kissed her lips deeply, gnawing her delicate small tongue, eliciting muffled cries of pain and pleasure from the shape-shifter.

The Judge then delved Her long fingers into Trisha's soft tresses, "Get on your knees, My little pet, and suck Me," She ordered.

The wee woman climbed down the table, feeling the Judge's hands covering both her ears, immobilizing her head making it impossible for her to look sideways. Little did she know that the Judge clasped her this way on purpose, so that she would neither see nor hear Jerre hiding under the table.

On trembling knees, she knelt at the Judge's feet, taking as much of the Judge's cock as she possibly could into her mouth and began sucking, moving her lips along it, worshipping it with her tongue, relishing the mastery of the Judge's shaft ramming into her again and again deep into her throat. She welcomed each jab with joy and gratification, sensing the throbbing between her legs growing stronger and stronger. She wanted nothing more than to please her Lord.

Jerre froze in her spot. She even stopped breathing for mere inches away from her, her good friend was on her knees, orally pleasuring the Beast, who on occasion had the nerve to take her own lover Jasper to Her bed.

The heady scent of stale sex that hung in the air hit Jerre's nostrils. Jerre felt sick to her very soul. It was repulsive to her, virtually repugnant, and she almost felt she hated the Judge; however, soon enough she realized it wasn't the Judge she really hated but herself, for the Judge's governance and authority gained her respect. All it took was the Judge's order and Trisha was willing at her feet, no force was warranted, Jerre didn't fail to notice.

Jerre's hands tightly fisted themselves, her knuckles whitening with effort. Rooted in her place she knew she would have to wait it out, and witness the bestial coupling. The sight was hard on her to bear.

Jerre could see the Judge forcefully thrusting into Trisha’s mouth and felt a deep pain in her heart. She recognized that particular ache. It was jealousy, but she couldn’t for the life of her understand it. She didn’t desire Trisha as a lover, but still, she felt the green eyed monster lurking inside her. Perhaps, like Jasper, she considered the shape shifter hers. She had known her longer than the Judge. They shared intimate history and there Trisha was, kneeling at the feet of the woman who had a habit of leaving marks on her lover’s body, in concealed places no less.

Jerre knew that all she needed to do was extend her hand and touch Trisha's shoulder, to inform the shape-shifter of her presence with this small gesture. That would surely break the sexual trance in which the Dark Lord and Trisha was under. However, some unseen force, which Jerre couldn't quite assess its nature, compelled her to her spot and crippled her limbs.

Jerre heard the Judge from above grunting her climax. She could even observe Trisha licking the Beast’s wetness, which trickled down the inside of Her thighs. Jerre felt as if she was going to be sick.

"Turn around, my pet,” The Judge gently commanded Trisha and the woman obeyed Her immediately. At first the Judge had had in mind to take Trisha while the latter was sprawled over the table. However, realizing that it would fail her goal to give Jerre a full view of their mating, the Judge made sure both Trisha's legs were firmly on the ground, her pelvis just beneath the table's top and both her hands secured on the edge of the table. The Judge grinned, for She knew in this position, Jerre would see Trisha's private assets and the Judge's attention to them.

The Judge wrapped Her hand around Her shaft, fondled Trisha's wet swollen lips, parted them and then with a singular uncompromising motion, The Dark Lord penetrated her from behind.

To the silent spectator under the table, the display was pure torture. Nothing was spared from her. She got an eyeful of Trisha's aroused sex, her enlarged quivering clit and the Judge's huge phallus slowly drilling in and out of her…and the sounds… Trisha's moans and screams of suffering the painful pleasure, the Judge's heavy groans…Jerre almost wished for deafness. She couldn't comprehend what all the other women in the Judge's life were seeing in Her. Too aggravated she failed to notice her short fingernails digging into the wooden floorboards.

"What do I make you feel, My pet?" The Judge demanded to know under Her labored breath.

"You make me love you, my Lord," The young woman cried, pushing her rear back against the Judge, impaling her snatch harder onto Her cock.

"Oh, I already know that, you foolish lass. Do you think this sweet admission of love would make Me go easier on you, soften Me a bit?" The Judge lightly yanked Trisha by her hair.

"No, my Lord."

"What do I make you feel?" the Judge repeated her question, never stopping the slow grinding into Trisha's aching cunt.

"Please, my Lord… close…" Trisha's voice was urgent, but the Judge would hear none of it.

"What else? Spit it out girl or I swear to you, I won't make you come," the Judge exclaimed louder than before, beginning to lose Her patience She delivered ferocious spanking that left the shape-shifter' s ass red and pulsating.

"Owned, my Lord. You make me feel like You own me completely in a way that no other has ever made me feel before. I'm Yours." Jerre could feel Trisha's voice trembling and though she couldn't see her face she just knew she was on the verge of crying.

"What else?" inquired the Judge, cupping a full breast in her large palm, squeezing the erect nipple between two fingers.

"Your power almost suffocates me, my Lord."

"Why? Is it My whip? My Gavel? My hard-on?"

"It has nothing to do with props, My Lord. It's who You are that makes me need and desire You beyond reason."

"Beyond reason aye? Let's put it to the test, now shall we? What are you willing to sacrifice for the pleasure you might receive from Me?"

At this stage, Trisha was beside herself. The Judge with Her paced fucking had skillfully reduced her to a mumbling bewildered wench in heat.

"I…I don't know, my Lord!" She cried her frustration. "Anything my Lord wishes."

The Judge lifted her booted foot to the edge of the table with a loud thump and pulled out a dagger. She brought it to Trisha's throat. "Would you forfeit your life?"

Not even realizing what came out of her mouth, Trisha said the only thing She was capable of uttering.

"Yes, My Lord."

"That's My girl," the Judge purred Her satisfaction in Trisha's ear.

With the dagger still pressed against Trisha's throat, the Judge placed Her free hand against the shape-shifter's hard swollen pussy, her fingers firmly caressing Trisha's clit.

With each thrust the Judge made into Trisha, they each grunted. The Judge carefully tilted Trisha's head with the dagger, Her kisses sloppy and demanding, Her onslaught from behind never stopping. She kept on moving inside Trisha, slowly, building with every thrust, drawing it out until She could no longer control Her desire to fuck Trisha all-out.

And She did, their bodies thrusting against each other with no thought but their own release, their moans giving way to uncontrolled grunting as the Judge felt Trisha's complete surrender to Her strength and passion, and their hold over Trisha.

Jerre knew there was no denying it - The sounds of agony and pleasure the Judge elicited from Trisha; The raw, unapologetic, shameless orders and demands the Judge made; The Judge's utter confidence that they would be carried out and fulfilled to the letter.

There was no denying the Judge's complete control and absolute dominance over Trisha; Her sense of entitlement, as if taking women sexually was Her birth given right, as if no force on earth could rob Her of it.

The Judge's total and unblemished power engulfed Jerre. It was literally pressuring her, nearly threatening to crush her, making her physical frame almost cave in from the sheer force of it, like a body submerged in the cold dark depth of the ocean.

She envied the Judge Her power. She envied the Judge Her abilities to grant what seemed like sublime pleasure. She envied the Judge her talent to make other women submit to Her.

A realization began mercilessly pecking Jerre's mind, tormenting her - that was exactly what the Judge made her own lover, Jasper, feel as well. It made Jerre restlessly wonder, when Jasper closed her eyes under her ministrations, was it Jerre she saw, or was it the Judge she fantasized about, the Judge she really craved…Could she ever measure up to the Judge? Could she ever make Jasper feel the way the Judge obviously does? That thought made her mad with grief and anger.

She wanted to get out of her hiding place, to pour cold water on their heated bodies thus breaking their carnal dance and challenge the Judge right then and there, but she remained in her place. She understood then, what was it that had prevented her from touching Trisha earlier, letting her know she was there. It had been the Judge's power. She wanted revenge. She wanted to have the Judge hiding under the table with her taking Jasper above it or better yet, Lady Aria. She wanted to teach the Judge how it felt, assuming that that Beast was actually capable of feeling.

But she knew it would never happen. She knew there was no way the Judge would sit idly by hidden beneath a table, while another Warrior was touching what's Hers. She knew it like it was some universal truth…And therein laid the difference between them.

Trisha's orgasm exploded through her body and into the Judge's. They both fell forward together onto the table and laid there, the Judge topping Trisha's small convulsing body.

Deep shame and resentment washed over Jerre's soul as she recognized her own body's offence. It had, as if out of empathy to two women above, peaked with sexual lust.

The Judge held the base of her shaft and gently pulled out of Trisha's clasping snatch. She masterfully launched Her dagger downwards and it got stuck into the wooden floorboards impaling the brim of Jerre's clothes in its wake.

"Here endeth the lesson," the Judge concluded, leaving Trisha to ponder that statement, which was vague to her, obviously. The valiant Warrior Judge pulled up her trousers. She lifted the shape-shifter up and carried her in Her arms, Her shoulders proud and Her posture regal.

The tall Magistrate thought Jerre owed Her a debt of gratitude for Her benevolent instruction, as She was making Her way out of the room.

"Consider this My wedding gift," The Judge threw over Her broad shoulder.

"My Lord?!" wondered the woman in Her arms.

"I wasn't talking to you, My pet."


The End - 'Out of the Shadows' - by WarriorJudge & Trisha

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