Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents


by WarriorJudge
May 2007


The Judge stood aloof in her bedchamber, her arms folded on her chest "So, Oisin too…" She stated more than asked.

"Yup." Aria cutely nodded her head.

"When? How?"

"That is none of your business, babe," Aria frowned. "Now take me dancing," She demanded and stood up.

"Did we just enter Oisin's parallel universe in which you're the Conqueror and I'm your grateful sex slave warriorjuice? Sit down," the Judged ordered. She placed a hand on Aria's shoulder and pushed her back into the armchair behind her. Aria's blood began to boil.

"Brute," she mumbled under her breath but deep in her heart she enjoyed the Judge's demonstration of power.

"I see you had oodles of fun here, my dear…Good for you. But something inside me burns…I can't tame or control my need to possess you and eradicate all that undermines my hold on you."

"Well, we have agreed that I'm free to play with others under certain limitation," Aria said and moved uncomfortably in her seat. She could still feel a dull ache in her buttocks.

"True," the Judge concurred. "I've been thinking about that lately and I have a solution I believe we shall both enjoy."

"Which is?"

"For every orgasm you had in the past and will experience in the future by the hands or any other body parts or devices of another, I will match by taking you, my love."

"I think I like your idea," Aria said her eyes lasciviously lit up.

"According to my calculations, " the Judge said and offered her hand to the Lady helping her back to her feet. "If we start now, it'll take us 3 sex sessions each and every day till you're 134 years old."

"That's amazing."

"Thank you, I have always been good at math."

"No, I mean that you actually got accepted to law school."

The Judge turned to Aria, "Get your ass to bed! …We don't have a lot of time."

Aria disrobed of her clothes and climbed up on the bed, positioning herself on all four. The Judge disrobed as well and stood at the foot of her bed. "Turn around and face me. I want to see your face when you come tonight."

Aria did as she was told. The Judge mounted the smaller body. After kissing her lover thoroughly she firmly placed her muscled thigh tight between Aria's and they began slowly trusting against one another, never breaking eye contact. Aria enjoyed the sight that was the Judge supporting her weight on her strong tattooed arms. Aria moved her hands over the Judge's back feeling the tattooed scales on her back moving as though they were a living creature. Aria stroked the taller woman's back all the way to her tight rear.

"Harder, my Lord," She pleaded softly as pressed the Judge harder against her.

The Judge complied. "I could come just from hearing you calling me 'My Lord,' " She said and inserted three fingers into Aria's core. She felt Aria's divine body writhing under her, tightening. She could feel Aria's fingernails scraping her back and her legs crossed on her ass. As she witnessed her lover crest, the Judge reached her climax.


The End - 'Math' - by WarriorJudge

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