Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Lesson Taught

by WarriorJudge
May 2007


It was a lovely warm evening when Aria and the Judge sat along with Oisin and other L/lodgers at a table for dinner. Aria, being the spoiled little Lady that she was, sat at the Judge's lap, straddling her. The entire table was engaged in vigorous eating and merry conversation.

As the conversation was flowing, the Judge reached beneath Aria's skirt under the table and began slowly and steadily massaging her clitoris. Before Aria could register what was being done to her, the Judge whispered into Aria's ear "This is a test of endurance. A test to see how well you can maintain a casual exterior. I should tell you that I'm in the belief that no one needs know our business. Having said that, it would upset me if you fail."

No one at the table could see or sense what was going on under the table, since the Judge's robe cloaked her hand, which was moving slowly and carefully beneath it. The Judge could feel Aria's wetness coating her fingers and it made her quicken her pace.

Aria wanted nothing more than to lose herself in passion. She began slightly moving her body against the fingers that aroused her so. The Judge cruelly removed her fingers from Aria's sex, abruptly stopped her conversation with Oisin, turned to Aria and asked: "What's the matter dear. Are you uncomfortable? Would you like to sit on the chair next to me?"

"I'm just fine right here, thank you, my heartless warrior," Aria replied with a weird smile, "Please, continue."

The Judge kept on tormenting Aria beneath her skirt, casually resuming conversation with Oisin and the other L/lodgers. She could feel Aria's clit hardening against her touch, Aria's muscles in her thighs and ass tightening. She began gently rubbing Aria's erection between two fingers, while raising her beer with her free hand. A wave of heat washed over Aria. She could feel her nipples erecting against her blouse.

"My dear, you look a little feverish, are you sure you're OK?" the Judge asked the Lady. All conversations around the table halted, all were now looking at Aria with concern on their faces.

Aria tried her best to maintain her voice clear and steady, because the Judge just kept on relentlessly fucking her all the while. "Just dandy. Don't interrupt yourself on my account."

The Judge smiled and increased the pressure and pace on Aria's drenched hard sex, relishing the soft slippery flesh at her fingertips.

Aria felt herself zooming out of the conversation around the table, the voices fading away. She could feel a sweet release was about to overtake her. She tried her best keeping her eyes open when she came, alas a little peculiar voice escaped her lips.

"Bless you," said Oisin, pulling a handkerchief out of her pocket and offering it to Aria, who tried her best to quietly regulate her breathing. The Judge could barely contain her laughter. That made the feisty Lady mad.

Aria took the handkerchief from Oisin. Slowly, deliberately and nonchalantly, she spread her legs and wiped between her legs, making sure everyone at the table were aware and understood her actions, all the while gazing into the Judge's eyes whispering into her ear, "That'll teach you to fuck with me, my Warrior."

The W/women around the table were astounded.

Once Aria was done cleaning herself she turned to Oisin. Just as she was about to hand the handkerchief back to Oisin the Judge stopped her hand dead in its tracks.

"I'll have it washed for you, Oisin," the judge muttered, sniffing the handkerchief and then stuffed it in her pocket.

"As for you, my dumpling…Just wait till I get you in private." She whispered. Her fury was carried by her voice, scorching Aria's ear. "I'll make that sassy ass of yours so red'n'shinny people would be able to see it from space."


The End - 'Lesson Taught' - by WarriorJudge

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