Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Lady Godiva

by WarriorJudge
August 22nd, 2007


Echo!!! Echo!!! Echo!!! Echo!!! Echo!!! Echo!!! Echo!!! Echo!!! Echo!!! Echo!!!!

Great, the Judge thought to herself, all the residents are gone…All alone in here…finally I have the place all to Myself.

She knew exactly how She wanted to take advantage of this rare treat of being completely alone in the deserted Lodge. She buttoned down Her leather pants and drew out Her massive hard cock. Being ambidextrous She licked both Her palms, applying much needed lubricant to them. She closed Her green eyes, leaned back into the armchair.

Hot Fantasies quickly appeared behind her closed eyes. Fantasies about her feverishly fucking…- Wouldn't you like to know?

Her hands began to slowly move up and down her shaft, pressing it against Her aching need, She allowed Herself to release a load grunt of pleasure out to the empty air. She could feel her climax approaching… Her heart pounding in Her chiseled chest, Her sex soaking wet. She gathered her slick thick wetness and smeared it on Her cock. Her masterful strong hands were rubbing Her member faster and harder according to what her need dictated. Her breath labored, tiny beads of sweat forming on Her forehead. Then it began, waves upon waves of ecstatic pleasure washing over her, claiming Her sex and Her entire quivering body - grunting Her release.

At that point the door opened. The Judge still deep in Her intimate orgasm, saw Aria standing there utterly shocked- Wide open eyes, gaped mouth - the works.

"What's this?! What are you doing?!" Aria's hand pointing to the Judge's crotch, demanding an explanation.

"I'm building a model airplane, what does it look like I'm doing? You don't know what masturbation is?! Haven't you ever done it? You want me to teach you?" The Judge asked raising an eyebrow.

"I know what it is, smartass. Aren't you getting enough from me?"

The Judge, ever the smooth-talker, finished riding the last waves of shuttering climax, zipped up Her leather pants and calmly replied: "Making love to you, my love, is like eating Godiva Chocolate. Giving myself a handjob is like eating Hersheys chocolate. Though I love eating Godiva the most, every now and again, I still crave Hersheys."


The End - 'Lady Godiva' - by WarriorJudge

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