Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

In the Kitchen

by WarriorJudge & Lady Aria
May 2007


(Part 1, by WarriorJudge) --

It was a little past noon. The Judge put on her robes and exited her chambers. On her way downstairs She passed by Aria's chamber door. The Judge stopped and carefully listened. She wondered if Aria had already returned from her little escapade with Rider, however, no sound emanated from her chambers and so the Judge went on Her way.

The Judge entered the Lodge's warm kitchen. She liked Her coffee being made a certain way so more often than not She bothered with making it Herself. She put the kettle over the fire, leaned back against the wall and lit up a cigarette.

Rider strolled into the kitchen. If Rider's back, so is a certain Lady who shall remain nameless. The Judge thought. She couldn't help but feel a tad bit exhilarated at the notion that Aria was back and was probably at the Lodge that very moment. Probably covering Rider's hard lovin' marks on her body with loads of makeup, no doubt.

The Judge quickly surveyed the Warrior with Her eyes. She noticed Rider's somewhat cocky strides and demeanors, a distinctive and familiar glow about her and a general touch of satisfaction was apparent as well. There was little room for doubt in the Judge's mind. She could always tell people's hearts, motivations and intentions by the way they walked into Her courtroom, the manner in which they took the stand and their particular choice of words. It was Her gift. That's what made Her a great judge. People rarely surprised Her.

Rider had had Aria.

But being a Judge, She knew that suspicion alone doesn't constitute fact. Educated guess needs to be supported by proof to equal fact, and there was one component that was missing from the equation.

Hmmm…no apparent scratches on Rider's skin, no bruises that I can detect, no bald spots that I can see…That wench didn't even put up a fight. No surprises there. The Judge could feel the simmer of a low blood burning going up a notch. The battle with Her rage began, Her control compromised.

"Good afternoon, Rider," the Judge greeted.

"Good afternoon, Judge," Rider replied.

The Judge took out the cigarette from Her lips and slowly exhaled the smoke. "So how was the canary you've evidently swallowed?" You didn't choke on its feathers by any chance, did you!?

"What canary?"

"An ex-assassin kind of canary," the Judge retorted.

"You should know better than to ask me such questions, Judge."

"I trust said canary is upstairs in her chamber at the moment?"

Rider silently nodded.

As if on some cosmic queue, tipsy Shasa entered the kitchen.

"Good morning, Judge!" the sailor said with a smile.

"It's well past noon, Shasa." The Judge pointed out

"A simple 'good morning Shasa' would have sufficed." The sailor responded. Then she turned to Rider.

"And good afternoon, to you, Rider." Shasa said, placing a gentle hand on the warrior's shoulder and raised to stand on her tiptoes in order to place a kiss on the warrior's cheek. The Judge put out Her cigarette and began grinding the fresh coffee beans. She appeared busy yet She kept Her attention on Rider and Shasa watching them from the corner of Her eyes.

That's when She saw Rider grimacing at the gentle touch of Shasa on her shoulder.

"What's the matter?" Shasa inquired with concern.

"Keep your voice down." Rider whispered, hoping the Judge was oblivious as She appeared to be.

But Shasa could hardly control her drunken haze and pulled Rider's shirt down revealing her shoulder and inevitably the letter "A" on it.

"Dear Gods," Shasa whispered. "You stud-beast!" Rider quickly pulled her shirt back on, covering her shoulder, all the while keeping her eyes on the Judge making Her coffee, checking to see whether She had seen the "A" or not.

However, the Judge didn’t give away the fact that She had seen the "A" on Rider's flesh, either by words or behavior.

Funny that "A" the Judge thought, "It's just like the scarlet letter for adultery. But did the "A" stand for "Aria!?" For a brief moment the Judge actually considered giving Aria the benefit of the doubt, but that moment quickly passed. Well, it sure as hell doesn't stand for Asshole, does it.

The Judge was far from being amused. She could hear Shasa's mindless chattering fading out because of the raging blood rushing through Her ears. Her mind began to cloud. Just as the kettle on the fire, so did the Judge's blood boil in Her veins. Her hands turned into tight steel-hard fists. The Judge believed She could send them through a brick wall, perhaps impaling an innocent L/lodger along the way. She needed to get out of there. She realized She could keep Her stoic exterior for only so long.

"Excuse me, Shasa, Rider." The Judge politely curtsied and left the kitchen. She strode to the stables. Like a hurricane She kicked open its doors. She went inside and with Her clenched fists She began pummeling its wooden wall, breaking it down with immense force.

"That flesh-weak whore!! That fucking slut!! That sorry tart! That Lodgewalker!! That arrogant prostitute!! That incapable-of- saying-no harlot! That sad slag!! That undiscriminating skank! That can't-keep-her- legs-crossed ho, bimbo, trollop, floozy, miserable-excuse- for-a-"LADY"!!" The Judge went on ranting, uttering every synonym She knew for a certain word, variations on the theme.

Oisin was passing by the stables when she suddenly caught the Judge's muffled yet intelligible rant. She popped her head into the stables. "Is Aria back from her trip already?" She asked.

"Take a wild guess!" the Judge voice roared. The Judge immediately regretted Her response and said, "Forgive me, my friend. She's just… I want to kiss her lips with Mine, while slowly squeezing the life out of her with my hands around her neck."

"I understand…Kinky, erotic-asphyxiation… That's HOT, Judge!" Oisin smiled a faint smile and went on to the Lodge thinking What's Her childhood trauma!?

Finally, the Judge regained her composure. She carefully picked out little wooden chips from Her red smooth hair, combing it with Her fingers. She spit onto Her leather boots and wiped out the sawdust that was covering them. She straightened Her Judge's robe, took a deep breath, and put Her stoic features back on. When She was sure that there was no evidence of Her recent outburst She went back into the Lodge's kitchen.

"Coffee, anyone?"


(Part 2, by Lady Aria) --

Even before she opened her eyes Aria did a mental surveillance of the pain. Boobs, better. Butt, still sore. Nether regions, very angry. Stomach, hungry. The Lady was relieved to find herself slightly ravenous, she knew her body well and if food was a priority, she was on the mend, finally. The clock told her it was late and she hoped everyone would be off doing their own thing. Somewhere in the kitchen was a piece of cheese with her name on it. Ooh and maybe a nice piece of fruit, oooooh and maybe some nuts.

Standing naked before her mirror Aria could not escape the fact that she looked hideous. Her body was a road map of bruises and welts. Her arms were covered in coin size black and blue marks and her torso looked like she had been run over. No getting around it, long sleeves and high necklines, definitely the way to go, Aria surmised as she turned to check her rear. She ran her fingers over the small puncture wound at the base of her cheek, mindful of the tenderness.

The battered Lady wondered if maybe the appropriate reaction should have been anger or even shame, but upon internally checking, all Aria felt could feel, was pride. She had finally danced with the Beast and this was her tiny badge of bravery and she would wear it as such.

After selecting just the right clothes Aria emerged from her room without any visible signs of questionable skin, but more importantly and thankfully, without looking conspicuous. A strategically placed scarf, a simple outfit consisting of pants and a long sleeve button down blouse worked beautifully. If only she could stop walking like she carried a bowling ball between her legs, all would be perfect, she thought as she headed downstairs.

Aria took the stairs much the same way a toddler does during those early days of navigation. Tentative and wobbly she made it to the bottom without exhibiting any of her normal grace. Still no one - so far so good. The Lady stood still for a moment giving her body a chance to adjust to its latest assault. Making a mental note that stairs were not her friend she headed into the kitchen for a late night feast. Old habits die hard and she entered the kitchen without making the slightest noise. Aria was a good two feet in, when she saw…her.

WJ sat at the head of the large table, alone. Lost in her thoughts she held a dark bottle of beer and without meaning to, she brushed against Aria’s heart. The warrior’s features now softened by the muted lighting left her looking pensive and a little sad. The Lady was instantly moved, the Judge had missed her, she was sure of it. Weeks of anger and jealousy ebbed away and were gently replaced with longing and need. Aria smiled softly, cleared her throat and in the blink of an eye, it was gone.

Once the beer bottle shattered in the Judge’s hand and she showed no reaction at all. . . she had Aria’s full and undivided attention.


(Part 3, by WarriorJudge) --

"Dear Lady," She acknowledged Aria's presence and gallantly rose to Her feet. She quickly cleaned Her hand from the broken glass.

"Judge," Aria replied.

The Judge knew about Aria's little adventure with Rider but She didn't give away that fact, notwithstanding. In Her mind, She scoffed at Aria's clear attempt to conceal the marks that the Beast's ravaging most likely had left on her body, by uncharacteristically overdressing. She slowly sat back down.

An evil scheme was devised in Her Judgment oriented brain of Hers. She would make Aria place a small down payment on her so righteously deserved penalty.

"I trust you've enjoyed your trip."

"I did," Aria quickly answered.

The Judge couldn't help but notice Aria was slightly tensed. "A little riding, a little hiking…Some fresh air…That seems lovely. I ought to go for a trip as well."

"I definitely recommend it."

"I'm sure you do. I wonder-- could I bother you for a moment, Aria…Since you're already standing, would you be a dear and bring me my cigarette casing. I've left it in the main hall, thank you." The Judge request sounded reasonable to Aria and She asked so politely too that Aria couldn't but comply.

However, not wanting to disclose the fact that she could hardly walk, which Aria knew would inevitably lead the Judge to conclude the truth about what had happened on the trip, Aria made her best effort to try and walk as normally as she possibly could. That made the entire ordeal even more physically painful.

What Aria didn't know was that that was exactly what the Judge wanted, aimed for. Making Aria move as much as possible so that it would cause her as much pain as possible. Aria agonizingly retrieved the Judge's cigarette casing from the main hall and handed it to Her.

"I appreciate it, thank you." The Judge kindly smiled.

"It was no trouble at all," Aria replied.

Knowing Aria's carnal tastes, The Judge figured the simple task of sitting down on a hard flat wooden chair would probably be a painful hardship on Aria as well. Nevertheless, She couldn't have found mercy in her cold heart towards Aria even if She wanted to, which She didn't.

"Why don't you fix yourself something to eat and join me at the table?" the Judge offered. "You've been cooped up in your chambers all day, you must be famished."

"Not really," Aria tried her best to convince the Judge.

"Come, Come now. Surely you're not timid by being totally alone with me here, are you?" Aria just couldn't read the Judge that night. She spoke calmly. Her voice lacked all shreds of emotion and color. Her face was sealed as if She were wearing a blank mask. It made Aria feel a little uneasy.

"Absolutely not."

"Well, then, you don't need me to tell you that you should eat in order to regain your strength, especially after hard physical exercise such as tripping. I know you came down here at this late hour to eat, so fix yourself something and sit down, please.". Although the Judge's voice was low and inviting and She used the word "please", Aria felt as if the Judge wasn't really asking but making the kind of demand one does not refuse.

Aria began fixing herself some late dinner under the watchful eyes of the now smoking Judge. She tried her very best to appear light, agile and graceful in her movements, which caused her excruciating pain. She forced her body to move regularly and paid with aching limbs.

When she was done, Aria sat down to eat opposite the Judge, feeling her bruises on her backside pulsating and hurting. Aria's face conveyed nothing of her physical anguish, but the Judge's acute senses picked up on how strained Aria's muscles became from trying so hard to minimize her pain.

"You look tense," The Judge pointed out. Before Aria could manage a complete denial the Judge stood up, put out her cigarette and walked over to Aria.

She now stood behind the smaller woman, towering over her. "Allow me to rub your shoulder for you," the Judge said and without waiting for Aria's response She placed Her hands on Aria's shoulders gripping them to the point of immobilization and began slowly almost sensually massaging them. The Judge's behavior and touch was somewhere between courteous and attentive and threatening.

The Judge applied just enough pressure to increase Aria's physical discomfort, yet Her hands were so warm and pleasant. Aria felt as if the Judge's skillful hands were sending her pleasurable surges of electricity from her aching shoulders down her spine. The sensation was both wonderful and excruciating. The Judge's rhythmic penetrating motions to her flesh could have sedated her had they not been so painful.

"You know, I've been thinking lately," Aria heard the Judge speak above her head. At that point it was impossible for Aria to eat. Besides the Judge's eerie demeanor that night made her lose her appetite. "I think I'm going to leave the Lodge for a while and go back to my own domain. I don't like to keep it running by itself for too long." The Judge's hands were now rubbing Aria's nape. Aria got a little nervous. She didn't appreciate the Judge's strong hands so close to her neck, at least not when She's being weird like this.

"I believe a change of scenery is in order." At that point the Judge noticed Aria barely touched her food. "What's the matter? Lost your appetite?" She inquired.

"No, I told you I wasn't very hungry. Would you like to finish it?" Aria suggested and pointed to her plate. The Judge removed her hands from Lady Aria's nape and turned towards the kitchen's door.

The Judge turned to face Aria, Her gaze bore into hers, "I'm not one for hand-me-down- dishes, dear Lady. I never touch other people's leftovers." The Judge replied. Aria sensed that the Judge's last remark had nothing to do with food. Could it be that She'd somehow found out?

Aria cleared her throat "So when will you be leaving?"

"Probably this weekend," the Judge said placing her long fingers on the handle. "It's your lucky day, dear Lady."


(Part 4, by WarriorJudge & Aria) --

Over the past 24 hours, the Judge and Lady Aria had done all they could to maintain a respectable distance. Lady Aria tended to her wounds while the Judge prepared for her imminent departure. All was quiet at the Lodge as the Judge carried her heavy suitcase down the hall to Aria's chambers. Comfortable with her decision, She wanted to say goodbye before She left. She knocked on the ex-assassin's door but there wasn't any answer.

Aria still irritable but grateful for the solitude walked into the kitchen relieved to find someone had already prepared fresh coffee, the simple graciousness of this act managed to bring the barest hint of a smile to the dark blonde’s full mouth. After Aria added barely a touch of cream to the strong brew, she headed back to the Great Hall. Reaching for the weekly paper Aria settled into her favorite chair by the fire. A few minutes later and now totally absorbed in the misfortunes of strangers, Aria thought she heard a sound come from one of the upper floors.

"Someone there?" she called out to no one in particular, when no voices were returned; Aria shrugged it off and went back to her paper. The Lady almost jumped out of her skin when the paper was abruptly pulled down from the other side and before her loomed the last person Aria wanted to see, "fuck" she said sharply.

"You didn't just give me an order, did you?" came a familiar amused voice from up above.

Realizing she could out run the tall warrior, "Never mind Red, it’s not important…" Aria said oozing with indifference.

"My name isn't Red. I am a Judge. You may address me either by "Judge" or "Your Honor."

Aria scoffed "…sooo; is there no place you need to be, a village that needs to be plundered, a virgin waiting to be sacrificed?"

Dark blue eyes peered from behind wisps of gold flecked red hair as she lowered her right arm and extended it over Aria’s shoulder to the back of the chair, "I'll have you know that I have better things to do with virgins than wasting them as Sacrifices. You know dearie, you might want to choose your words more carefully today, look around, none of your protectors are here."

Aria’s temper started to rise and she felt her face turn bright red, "My what an Honorable Warrior you are…exploiting the fact that we are all alone here. And for the last time, I do not have protectors, I have friends, and though I can understand that idea being foreign to you, I - need you - to be somewhere else - five minutes ago."

"You arrogant little bitch, I ought to slap your face on principle alone." The Judge said closing in on Aria.

"Well Goliath, as that is not really an option, I’m going to just finish my paper," the Lady said hating herself for scrunching down in a chair ever so slightly.

"What's the matter? Still feeling the Beast inside you? You know what, I can’t think of a more appropriate time to teach you about the darker side of Protocol, but unfortunately for you, I'm leaving now. I just came down here to say goodbye. Think you can manage a civil goodbye?" the Judge offered her hand but Aria just stared at Her then returned her gaze to the paper.

"How silly of me to mistake you for someone who has the stamina, someone who actually has what it takes to… apparently not," the Judge growled as she started to pull Aria out of her chair. She gripped the smaller woman by her blouse and yanked her upwards. "That’s it Aria give me a little struggle, I rather enjoy that," the Judge told Aria in a tone both deep and calm.

Aria did not like these dynamics one bit, "What you like and do not like matters very little to me, Red. Now I suggest you let go of me immediately!"

"Or what little girl?" the Judge couldn't contain her laughter.

"Or this fuck wad!" Aria spat as she used both hands to rip the gavel from the Judge’s belt, flinging it across the room. A feeling of dread started to well in Aria’s belly as she followed the gavel’s trajectory. The color now ebbing from her face she watched in horror as the gavel flew directly into the fireplace. Both the Lady and the Judge stared at the fire transfixed as a perfect silhouette of the gavel seemed to dance in the flames, just before it disappeared. She had only meant to redirect the Judge’s attention for a moment; it was never her intention to destroy the Warrior’s prized possession. Aria could see the refection of the fire dancing in the Warrior’s eyes as she asked, "Oh God, you know that was an accident…right? "

Upon seeing the Judge's expression, Aria actually felt herself gulp. "Oh, dear Lady…in all my years as a presiding Judge I have yet to come across an act carried out so maliciously and deliberately." The Judge spoke slowly, quietly, articulating every syllable, "I know what you're about Aria, I truly understand your motives, I even empathize. You want me. Fucking Sirius before My eyes. Fucking Rider on your trip and then so clumsily trying to cover it up. Now, My gavel…a gavel, given to me by a Supreme Justice who was also My mentor. You thought you could incur my wrath, incite me to take you right here fast and hard. Sadly, dear, you've made one horrible error," the Judge paused, "You haven’t the slightest idea, who I really am." Aria's heart skipped a beat because at that very moment she could find some truth in what the tall dark Warrior said.

"Up until now I've controlled myself for your benefit, out of care and respect for you. With that reckless, foolish gavel stunt you've pulled, you’ve caused me to lose every ounce of desire I had to control myself. It is now open season."

The Judge paused, "Here is the verdict, Aria, I think I'm going to make your sentencing a surprise then skip right to execution. I promise you this though, there will be no ‘time served’ or early release for good behavior."


(Part 5, by WarriorJudge) --

Aria rolled her eyes at the verdict and the Judge snapped, She grabbed Aria by the back of her neck. "I told you the sentencing would be a surprise, well dearie, it is now and you have just been found, guilty."

Aria fought as hard as she could in order to free herself from the Judge's grip but failed. The Judge's hold on her was too powerful. "Let go of me, you brute!" Aria ordered, trying her best to conceal the fact that she was on the verge of panic. The Judge said nothing. She dragged Aria's smaller body out of the Great Hall and up the stairs. "Didn't you hear me, I said put me down this instant!" Aria exclaimed. But the Judge kept quiet. Aria decided she wasn't going to make this easy on the Judge and she stopped walking and tried to sit herself down on the stairs. The Judge yanked her back on her feet then lifted Aria and carried Aria in her steel hard arms. Aria kept fighting, she arched her body trying to free herself from the Judge's grip but she couldn't.

"Look," the blonde finally tried, "I'm really sorry about your gavel. I didn't mean for it to…" Her words were cut off by the Judge's roaring laughter.

"You silly girl, you don't honestly think this is about a gavel, do you!?"

"What's this about then!?"

The Judge was walking up the stairs carrying Aria in her arms, her robe was fluttering behind them. "It's about Me giving us what we need," She snarled.

"You've got nothing I need."

"Is that so!? Well, I guess we'll both find out soon enough." The Judge's subtle hint finally dawned on Aria.

"You wouldn't dare!"

"I'm afraid all your friends and protectors won't stop me tonight." The Judge reached Her chambers. She put Aria down without losing hold of her and with Her free hand She opened the door. She shoved Aria hard into her pitch dark Chamber and onto the floor, closing the heavy wooden door behind them. Something inside the Judge was ready to break loose tonight. Her feelings spread throughout Her like a cancer eating away at Her. The Judge could feel the iron dam surrounding Her dark heart cracking. A symphony of emotions and unquenchable needs were flooding Her.

One way or the other She would be denied no longer. No Sirius, no Dalton, no Rider. Nothing was to stand between the Judge and what She wanted - and it was Aria She wanted. There was deafening silence in the Judge's chambers. The darkness so thick Aria couldn't see her own hands before her.

"Where are you?" Aria asked. No answer was given to her. The Judge knew Her own chambers like She knew the back of Her hand. She knew every squeaky floorboard, ever piece of furniture, every door and window. She could move in here blindly, without making the smallest of noises. She left Aria helpless and powerless, deprived of her senses. The Judge could hear Aria stumbling over furniture, trying to find the door handle. She could hear Aria's breath and grunts of frustration in the darkness.

"Let me out of here NOW!" Aria cried out. The darkness and stillness made Aria nervous. "What a lowlife coward you are. Can't overpower me in the light?!"

At that moment the Judge grabbed Aria's wrists with both hands and quickly tied them with a leather strip behind the blonde's back. "You'll be sorry for this, Red." But Aria's threats made little impression on the Judge. She will have Aria tonight.

The Judge snaked Her arm around Aria's waist lifting her body. Not minding Aria's kicking legs the Judge dragged her several feet deeper into her chambers and then secured her bound hands above her head. It was then that the Judge lit the fireplace. Aria quickly surveyed the surroundings. She realized she was tied up to a wooden device, which was secured to the wall. She also noticed that she was in what could only be described as a torture chamber. She saw the light flickers on the Judge's face.

The Judge closed the gap between them. She knelt before Aria and grabbed her by the ankles. Despite Aria's best effort, the Judge, with her almost inhuman strength, tied both Aria's legs, the Lady was now spread-eagle. Aria tested the leather strips that bound her and realized there was no escaping them. The Judge stood up on her feet. She was satisfied with the fine job she had done with tying Aria up. The Judge examined the now helpless Aria closely, like a lioness examining its prey, mindlessly licking her lips. With one swift motion She tore off Aria's blouse and bra, exposing the Lady's beautiful breasts to her hungry eyes. She often wondered what Aria's naked body looked like. Oh, and how She loved what she saw. She took her time drinking in the sight of Aria's nudity, savoring the beautiful vision before her.

The Judge could see the letter "D" which had been left by Dalton on Aria's breast. Aria looked with trepidation at the Judge observing her body.

"I figured you’d probably have the entire "A B C’s" branded on your body, by now," the Judge muttered. The green-eyed monster began humming in the pit of the Judge's stomach. She stood but inches away from Aria staring at the Lady’s mouth, anxious to birth a kiss she had waited years to claim. But Aria moved her head sideways to avoid the Judge's lips.

The Judge pulled back. "The hard way then. That's fine by me…"


(Part 6, by WarriorJudge) --

Aria's rejection went through the Judge's heart like an old rusty dagger. "So tell me, dear Lady, Why did Sirius leave? Had she finally grown tired of you?"

"Leave Sirius out of this you, heathen. You aspire to be half the woman Sirius is."

Aria's latest remark increased the Judge's pain and anguish ten fold. Jealousy flamed brightly inside of Her. All Her longing, her hunger, her jealousy was about to explode out of her, She felt She couldn't contain it any longer. She raised her hand and slapped Aria hard across her face as if to silence her. Aria's face jerked backwards from the powerful blow. Aria could feel her teeth rattling in her mouth. A small strip of blood trickled down Aria's bruised lower lip. The Judge could see the surprise on Aria’s face. She took a few steps backwards and grabbed Her belt, which was on a hook in the wall.

The Judge raised the hand that held the belt and hit Aria with immense force. Aria screamed with all the air in her lungs. The Judge saw the Lady's white flesh bruise immediately from impact. The Judge felt exhilarated, she felt Her heart racing, and she smiled from ear to ear. The sound of the belt meeting Aria's flesh made Her sizzle and the Lady’s screams seemed to lift Her. The Judge felt as if she had regained Her control. She raised the belt again and again.

The Judge wanted Aria to feel the same pain she had caused her all these years. Aria's screams were deafening. The pain the Judge inflicted on her nipples was the most intense, so She didn’t strike her with full capacity for She didn’t want to disfigure her blonde tormentor. Aria was crying from the unbearable pain, but the Judge could not stop. Only when Aria was a couple of strikes away from passing out, did the Judge stop. The Judge didn’t think the Lady had suffered enough. The smaller woman slowly raised her head and looked at the Judge with tears welled up in her eyes. "You'll never have with me what I had with Sirius," Aria muttered between clenched teeth.

"I'll never understand what you saw in that old pathetic hag to begin with," the Judge said jealously raging inside her. She realized She was no longer in full control of her faculties.

"Of course, You wouldn't."

Flashes of Aria kissing Sirius danced mercilessly in the Judge's feverish mind. She loathed the two of them together. She remembered how She used to feel, like beating Sirius to a bloody pulp every time she saw the two of them together.

It was then that the Judge approached Aria, "I HATE YOU!" The Lady yelled out.

There was no denying her torment. Aria couldn't believe her own ears. She heard the words but she also heard the voice that had carried them. It didn't sound like hatred at all. Aria saw the Judge kneeling before her. She ripped off Aria's skirt and threw it behind her shoulder exposing her blond patch of soft curls. The Judge didn’t look into Aria's eyes. She knew she had already given up too much as it was. Aria's body stiffened and she pressed it hard against the wall behind it, as far away from the Judge as possible, but there was no escaping her mouth. The Judge spread her wet folds with her fingers and placed her tongue on Aria’s clit. "I will make it swell hard for both of our benefits, little girl." Her voice was bitter and cruel. The Judge gave Aria's clitoris yet another long hard lick. She could feel Aria's body shiver, trying desperately to press harder against the wall.

"I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am," the Judge said, as she licked Aria's opening, delving her long skillful tongue deep inside the Lady's warm core. "You will give into me eventually. Why fight a battle you can’t win, Aria? No woman ever resisted my ministrations, you know." The Judge said and kept licking the Lady’s sex, tasting her sweet juices. The Judge could feel it slightly swell against Her eager tongue. "Not many women can say they had Warrior Judge at their feet." The Judge growled playfully and continued to firmly manipulate Aria's sex, swallowing the hot stream that began forming at her opening. The Judge could hear a small moan escaping the Lady’s lips. "That’s right... give it to me…Let me drink your arousal…I know I please you…I know you want me." The Judge said with a hoarse voice.

At that moment the Judge felt Aria's body meld into Her. The Lady leaned toward the Judge. Aria's clit was swollen and rock hard and she was dripping wet. The Lady felt her body's betrayal but she couldn't fight it. She arched her back pushing her sex as hard as she possibly could into the Judge's mouth. She tried to spread her legs as wide as her binds allowed. Watching Aria like this sent jolts to the Judge's crotch. The Judge felt wetness dripping down Her thighs beneath Her leather pants. The Warrior cupped Aria's buttocks with both Her hands scratching it with Her nails, pushing Aria's pelvis into Her face and slowly penetrated her sex with Her tongue again and again.

"Tell me, little girl, was Sirius as good as me?" She asked without raising Her head and without meeting her eyes. Aria didn’t answer. The Judge punished her and stopped the assault on her sex. "Was She, as good as me?" The Judge asked louder and more slowly than before.

"Oh my Lord, no.... she was much better than this," Aria said trying to hold on to her dignity. The Judge laughed bitterly and resumed Her vigorous kneading of Aria's nub of hot slippery flesh faster and faster.

"You are so close to climaxing I can feel it." The Judge edged her on and started sucking her clit lightly, rhythmically, hearing her moans and growls. She was on the verge…so close to the edge…The Judge knew it was a matter of brief seconds before she came. The Judge could feel Aria's body quiver, then stiffen and just before Aria reached her climax, the Judge pulled her head back cruelly ripping her tongue from her devouring cunt just as Aria was about to come in her mouth. The Judge rose back to her feet and looked at the blonde. Aria’s body violently jerked. Her eyes were wide open in disbelief. She fought uselessly to free her hands from the binds so that she could finish what the Judge wouldn't. The warrior looked into her blue-green eyes and saw hunger and frustration in them.

"Judge…please…" Aria's voice sounded like a cry.

"Sorry, little girl. Maybe you need to have Sirius do this for you," the Judge said.

Aria's longing for the Judge's flesh and attention nearly overwhelmed Her. At that moment Aria realized it was the Judge she wanted. It was the Judge she wanted to give herself to. The Judge reached her chamber's door and opened it. "Where are you going?!" Aria exclaimed, still feeling her throbbing need between her legs.

"Out," the Judge replied and left the ex-assassin hanging naked in Her chambers.


(Part 7, by Trisha) --

Upon hearing about the Judge’s Gavel, Trisha very quietly went to the village. She walked into the shop of a worker of wood, after changing back into the clothes she had thought to stash in a leather bag under a shed.

She asked for and received a piece of parchment. Thinking for a moment, her skills in this were rusty, she lightly sketched what she wanted. They talked a moment, then she turned to leave, then looked back. “I want it fast."

He gulped, then said, “It's the middle of the night! I can have it ready by the lunch hour tomorrow.”

"It's an emergency.”

"Give me and hour and a half and it'll cost ya."

“I will be back.” She wandered the village, then came back at the appointed time. He pushed over a black velvet bag, and Trisha replaced it with a leather bag of coins. She carried it back to the lodge in her mouth so gently her teeth barely dimpled the velvet. She reached her chambers, and took it out of the bag after shifting to human.

The gavel had been made of a deep red wood, almost but not quite black. The handle was simple, only embellished with ridges where the Judge would grip it and was covered by soft still lubricated leather. On the bottom of the handle there was the only bit of design on the whole thing, a simple set of scales. The rest had been arranged so that craftsmanship would be where it shone, not silly designs.

Trisha polished it, and slipped it back into the bag, using the cloth to handle it so she didn’t smudge it up. She found some more parchment and a quill, then wrote the note.

Judge, Heard about the old one. While I know this one will not approach meaning what it meant to you, I felt a Judge without a gavel would be almost criminal. I wish you luck and pleasure on your quest and hope you accomplish what you intend...lucky Aria.

I look forward to seeing you return.


She slid it into the bag also, then made sure the halls were deserted. Quietly she slipped down the corridors to the Judge's door. She brushed against the door so the Judge would know she was there, dropped the bag, and walked away.


(Part 8, by Aria and WarriorJudge) --

"You cannot leave me like this!!"

"Damn you to Hell. Come back here!!"



Realizing the futility of screaming at a closed door, Aria stopped yelling, took in a deep breath and assessed the situation.

Okay, the situation . . . not good.

At other times in her life, Aria’s screams would have brought hoards of saviors running from all points, but here at the Lodge, night time screams were more of a lullaby and generally ignored, save the occasional use in foreplay.

Moments away from a mind shattering orgasm left her body in desperate need, the beating left her weak and the fact that she was bound left her feeling like prey. The hooks that held the rings were built to withstand far more pressure than Aria could muster.

Think Aria, think.

She would rather gnaw through leather than be waiting for the Judge when she returned.

"Aria you dolt!" she said aloud.

Pulling the leather bind toward her mouth, then straining to meet it, the Lady began slowly and methodically working it with her teeth, trying to get a small tear. The band was strong, but soft and in time Aria was able to get a slight tear going at the edge of the band. Once she got enough of a separation she started tugging on the bind, building pressure each time until with one sharp pull, Aria’s right hand was finally free. The rest was a piece of cake.


The Judge needed to clear her head. After leaving her chambers, She went to the stables and saddled Her horse. A night ride has always calmed Her down. The cool night air around Her was electrifying. She straddled Her mare and rode to the lake nearby. As She was riding, She could still taste Aria's intoxicating flavor on Her lips and tongue, She could still smell her divine scent. She relished the thought of leaving Aria throbbing, aching for sexual release, aching for Her, She hoped. The events, which had transpired earlier that night in Her chambers replayed in her head. It hasn't been her habit to kneel down before the women She had taken, but She knew that dominance is not what you do, but a state of mind.

She could still feel that awful pain Aria's rejection had caused Her. There was nothing She hated more than to feel that particular pain, and so for years She managed quite successfully to avoid it. Somehow the petite blonde succeeded in breaching her defenses. The Judge thought that since Aria committed such crude trespassing, it was the Judge prerogative to have and possess Her.

There was no denying it, however, Aria's body surrendered to Her, but that was hardly enough to quench the Judge's needs. She needed to smite Sirius' lingering ownership over Aria and claim the sassy lady as Her own.

It was time to head back to the Lodge.

Just before She opened the door, the Judge noticed a bag resting at the threshold. Surprised to see it, She picked it up and slowly opened it. It was a magnificent new gavel, its craftsmanship - superb. She gripped it firmly in Her hand, testing the feel of it and enjoying it. It was perfection. The Judge suspected there would be only one gentle and kind soul in the lodge capable of such touching and profound gesture. With long fingers She took out Trisha's letter and read it. Thank you, sweetheart She thought as She was reaching for the doorknob, registering the sound of hasten footfalls approaching Her chamber door from its other end.


Aria ran for the door and the sanctuary of her room, opened the door and ran right into the Judge.

Looking at her watch, the Judge smiled and said, "You’re slipping my dear, I expected you ions ago."

Aria reached up to slap the Judge’s insolent face, no, to scratch out her eyes, but something misfired and instead she cupped the back of the Judge’s head reigning her in for a hard deep kiss. Both women understood the importance of that kiss. Neither took it lightly.

Standing on her toes, Aria pulled back, her lips barely a breath away from the Judge’s "come here you," the Lady said as she tugged on the Warrior’s shirt, pulling her inside her own bed chamber. "You have some unfinished business to attend to."

Pushing the Judge down on the bed, Aria quickly mounted her. The Lady liked the way the Judge’s leather pants felt against her groin as she slid over her legs.

Working her way up Aria placed both her hands on either side of the Judge’s head. Looking down at the Warrior, Aria’s breasts were suspended over the Judge’s face. The Judge opened her mouth and reached but Aria pulled up slightly out of a comfortable range, "no no, first tell them you are sorry."

The Judge just stared at her, eyebrows raised, so Aria gave them a little jiggle. Pale pink nipples danced above the warrior’s head like two tiny angels and the evil giggle that followed melted her heart.

"Enough!" bellowed the Judge as she broke Aria’s stance, flipped her over and pinned her down, "Christ, even your boobs are mouthy."

It was the Judge’s turn to look down and she locked eyes with her destiny.


(Finale, by Lady Aria and WarriorJudge) --

Each saw the other for whom they were. Aria looked into dark pools of desire and entitlement, while the Judge swam in the Lady’s audacity and loyalty. For years they had danced around each other, consistently holding the other’s attention. What started as tempestuous flirting had grown into a very complex relationship.

Now finally, they were together, no ghosts, no one looking over their shoulders, no one standing in their way. They held each other tightly, moving rhythmically to music only they heard, completely lost in the exploration, the Judge's leathered thigh between Aria's, their famished mouths feeding off each other. They fit perfectly together, the Judge tall and lean, the Lady smaller and so much softer. They melded together as if cut from the same cloth. Aria's fingers delved into the Judge's smooth red thick tresses pressing her harder into her, as the Judge's mouth gently lavished her breasts.

Aria slapped the Judge on her ass playfully after running her hand along the taut muscles and the softer cheeks.

"Aria!! This is our first time together, please afford me the respect I have come to expect."

"Yes My Lord, of course."

"That wasn't even a reasonable attempt and you have no intentions of doing that, do you . . . ?" the Judge said, lightly stroking Aria's erect nipple.

She realized it was Aria's inability to submit that drew the Judge to her the first place. It was Aria's sassiness, cleverness and defiance that had always stoked the Judge's fire for her.

"No my Lord, none what so ever."

The Judge scoffed. "What am I to do with you?" She kneaded Aria's nipple firmly between two long fingers now.

"Well, since I pick them strong and mean for a reason, I might suggest you get a little strong and mean." Aria said honestly.

The Lady considered the Judge her equal on all levels, but sexually she wanted her - stronger than her. Aria liked domination, but only if it was genuine. She needed to know that she would not win every battle, that she could not manipulate her warrior, that the Judge would hold the upper hand, sometimes. The Lady was sure she had chosen well.

Mean was not foreign to the Judge, she was holding back with Aria as it was. "Be careful what you wish for little girl," the Judge said as she reached down to the foot of the bed to retrieve something. Aria craned her neck to see what the Judge was getting, but the warrior held Aria’s chin in place with her free hand and told her "never mind that my dear, you are on a need to know basis at this point."

Aria noted something in the Judge’s tone that told her things had shifted a little, nothing too obvious but definitely noticeable. The warm tone she had just discovered tonight was replaced with something much smokier, something heavier.

The Judge rolled off of the Lady and told her, "I want you on your belly Aria."

The Lady eyed her suspiciously but complied. Warm, well-muscled hands rubbed her back inching down to Aria's buttocks, moving in kneading circles. Aria could feel how possessive the Judge's touch was.

"Spread your legs for me." The Judge commanded softly.

Again Aria did as she was told, her imagination swelling with possibilities. She wanted to submit to this woman, she wanted to please her. She trusted the Judge enough to know she would not do anything too far to the left of Aria’s comfort zone.

The Lady felt the Judge move back between her legs, nudging them until they could spread no farther. The Judge’s hand opened Aria up, but the Lady soon realized it was for her wetness, not her pleasure, nevertheless, the Judge's purposeful actions inside her wet sex made the Lady quiver in pleasure. The warrior dragged the silky liquid up the Lady’s ass, liberally coating the entrance to her anus, then came back for more, that apparently taken to be rubbed on something in the Judge’s hand.

A simple smack on the rump told Aria the Judge wanted her to raise her butt and damn it if Aria did not do it. A pillow was slid under and another tap told her to lower herself. The Judge leaned down and laid her naked torso on Aria back, her breath and words scorching Aria’s ear, "You mean a great deal to me, Aria." The Judge said wondering why she had avoided the word, love. "I do not intend to cage you, so you may share yourself with others if you must, but remember the two places only I can go. The first is your heart," she said as she lightly licked the Lady’s lobe gently biting the tip, "And then there is the second place..."

"Which place is that?"

"This place," the Judge purred into the Lady’s ear.

Aria felt her cheeks being spread and felt something gain entry. It was hard, thick and cold and it forced its way in without patience or permission. It took her breath away for a moment, it was as if her entire universe was centered between her cheeks. The assault continued, slowly and deliberately until Aria started to meet the steady strokes with more enthusiasm, her body starting to crave the feeling of fullness. The Judge was behind her but their bodies moved as one as Aria lifted her ass the Judge steadily thrust toward it. Aria realized the Judge was somehow at the other end of this thing enjoying it as well. The warrior’s moans continued to build until Aria thought she might come just from the sound of that.

"I won’t let you climax until you beg me Aria. You owe me that much for the years I’ve waited." The Judge said her words rushed and heated under her labored breathing.

"I am really bad at that, but yes, yes I would love to come my sweet."

"Then ask me Aria, ask me for release," said the Judge as she leaned even farther into her, mounting her, claiming her so deeply and completely. One hand guided the handle of the gavel into her and the other held her hip pulling the Lady toward her until she could accommodate no more.

"Please Your Honor, oh God, please," was more than Aria wanted to say less than she was willing to say.

"Is that how much you gave Sirius and Rider? Try again Aria. I will not negotiate with you," the Judge said possessively. Her voice didn't leave any room for compromise.

Needing the orgasm more than her pride the Lady begged the Judge to let her come. Each time she asked she brought the Judge closer to her own climax. She could hear the effect her pleading was having on the warrior as she relished the Judge slowly moving in and out of her.

"Please baby, don’t make me wait... please," - was pretty much all the warrior could take, reaching between Aria’s legs with her free hand she made circular motions on the Lady’s rock hard, extended nub and within moments, both women were caught up in their own ecstasy. This orgasm had been building for years and it was mind shattering. The Judge and Aria could only surrender to it. Once the shivers had subsided, the warrior gently and slowly removed the gavel and collapsed on Aria’s back, both women trying to calm their breathing.

"That was freaking amazing," the Lady said into her pillow, "now please get off of me." Turning on her back for the first time in hours, Aria stretched her legs, wiggled her toes and snuggled against the Judge.

Time changes people. Several years ago the Judge would have branded Aria’s ass as hers and several years ago the Lady might have even wanted that, but today the Judge only said: "You know if this had been anyone else other then you, My Lady, at the very least I would have used the red wax I use to notarize documents, I would have melted it over your anus and used my seal, so that no other would dare enter what is Mine." The Judge paused. "Given our shared history and all that we have meant to each other, I thought this would be more suitable."

The Judge walked to Aria's dresser and retrieved a box. She opened the case and took out a necklace made of pure white gold with a scale shaped medallion on it, two tiny diamonds rested in the tiny cups on either side of the center.

Aria melted. It was beautiful and she could not think of a more perfect gift from the Judge. "An orgasm and a present, this day just keeps getting better." Aria jumped out of bed and went to the mirror, she held her hair up and waited for the Judge to come and fasten the necklace. The Judge offered her assistance and as Aria preened, staring at her bejeweled reflection, the Judge wrapped her arms around her Lady and whispered, "I love you Aria."

"I love you too." The Lady said softly.


The End - 'In the Kitchen' - by WarriorJudge & Lady Aria

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