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by WarriorJudge & Jasper
August 2007


The Judge entered the affair with jasper with best intentions. She wanted to court the young woman the way She had done countless times with others, but that was not to be...


Early in the morning She met jasper at the Lodge's stables as had been agreed upon the night before. As the Judge entered the stables She saw jasper had already been waiting for her inside. The young woman looked so fresh, so appealing, so beautiful it made the Judge's heart lose a beat. The Judge took a particular shine to the smaller woman's dimple on her right cheek.

"Sorry for the small delay. I had to bid Aria farewell before our departure. Are you ready to go, little one?" She said as She was saddling Her mare.

jasper blushed and smiled, not able to meet the tall dark Warrior’s eyes. "Yes, I am, Your Honor."

"If only you could teach Aria some of those fine manners of yours," The Judge said mounting Her mare. She leaned down and offered Her strong arm to jasper.

The young woman felt some of the tension leave her body with the realization that she would not be required to ride her own steed as jasper took the offered arm, feeling its hardness in her small hands as the Judge effortlessly hoisted her up and seated her in front of Her. "I suspect You like her just fine the way she is, if you don't mind me saying so, Your Honor."

The Judge couldn't suppress a smile. "Clever little thing, you are," She said and secured Her Arms around jasper's waist. "It's not just for My pleasure, it's also for your own protection," She explained with amusement.

Reading into the Judge's ulterior motive, "I'm sure it is," she replied, suppressing the urge to snuggle into the Judges firm body, as she took in the scent that was uniquely the Warrior.

The Judge nudged Her mare and off they rode together leaving the Lodge behind them.

"May I ask, Your Honor, where are we going?"

"I'm taking you to My other home, today, little one. It's a little over half a day's ride from here. We'll make a quick stop along the way. You may rest yourself against Me if you like. It will be more comfortable, it's a long ride."

Jasper hesitated a little but eventually she succumbed to her own will to feel the power of the Judge's physique against her own body. The Judge tightened Her hold on the well-toned frame of Her companion enjoying its softness.

"Nice weather we're having," The Judge commented.

"Indeed, Your Honor. You must be very excited to visit Your domain."

"I am."

After three hours of riding the Judge halted Her horse. She dismounted her, turned to jasper, held her waist and helped her dismount as well.

"Thank you, Your Honor," jasper said as she straightened her breeches.

"You're welcome," She said and handed Her companion a flask with fresh cool water. "Drink, little one. It's a little hot today."

jasper thanked the Judge, drank her fill and handed it back for the Judge to drink as well.

jasper watched the strong neck bend back as the Judge drank deeply from the flask, admiring the way the muscles in the Judge's shoulders and neck moved under smooth skin.

"I have prepared us a light breakfast. I hope you like goat cheese and dried tomatoes bread." The Judge unpacked a leathered pouch and took out the provisions She had packed earlier that morning. Jasper thought to herself yuck! But what she said aloud was.

"Very much, Your Honor," jasper nodded and smiled. she enjoyed the Dark Lord's attentive demeanor and attention.

They sat down on a patch of green grass eating together and exchanging words between them. A tiny crack shifted the Judge's attention from Her sweet companion to their surroundings. Sensing it, jasper quieted down and looked at the Judge with concern even though deep inside she knew no harm would befall her. She felt safe with the Dark one.

"Please get up on your feet and get behind Me," The Judge's alto voice didn’t register above a whisper. "Keep behind Me till I tell you otherwise," She stressed.

Slowly, the Judge rose to Her feet and placing Her hand on the hilt of Her sword, jasper followed the Judge's instructions. The Judge surveyed the area around them with her gaze between a few strands of red hair that rested over Her green eyes.

She unsheathed Her sword with one hand, the other She wrapped around jasper's body behind Her back. Her dark long robes effectively concealing the younger woman. With the agility of a cat She moved completing a circle. It was then that four men with swords in their hands, made their move from behind the bushes around the Judge and jasper, surrounding them.

"Hand over your money and horse," One of them said.

"Hand over the girl, too," said another.

"This is WarriorJudge," said the third.

"A Judge," scoffed the fourth. "She can judge this!" he said and pointed at his crotch. The men laughed.

"Close your eyes, little one, and don't open them until I tell you to," the Judge whispered over Her shoulder. She breathed in deeply, stretched Her muscles and wielded Her drawn sword. Closing her eyes as instructed jasper was grateful that the Judge was there, and she would try her best to do just as the Judge told her, for both their safety.

The Judge's posture was steadfast. A few carefully placed strokes of Her sword made the two men to Her right drop lifelessly to the ground. She threw Her sword in the air and caught it with Her left hand. Not one minute passed and the men on Her left were dead as well.

Jasper, sensing there was no commotion any longer, moved from behind the Judge.

"Keep your eyes closed, please. Don't look at me when I'm like this." The Judge's tone of voice wasn't harsh but gentle, however, there was something else in it Jasper couldn't decipher. She kept her eyes closed as was asked of her.

The Judge took out a handkerchief, one that had been given to Her by Lady Aria, before She left. She wiped the blood spatters from Her chiseled face and breathed in the scent of Her Lady still lingering in the fabric.

"Ship-shagging poor excuse for bandits," She sneered between clenched teeth. "You may open your eyes now, little one," She said to her companion.

Jasper couldn't help but notice the change in the Judge's demeanor as she opened her eyes. The Judge's movements were rigid. There was something penting up inside Her body.

"I suggest we get going, jasper. I don't wish for you to be out here after nightfall," The Judge said as She helped Her charming companion up to Her mare.

The ride to the Judge's domain was quiet. Jasper could feel the Judge's body against her back, tense, heated and restless. Years of experience suggested to her what it was, but she kept silent, her mind going back over all that had happened and two points stuck in her mind *what would've happened if she was out there after dark, and what would happen once they reached the Judge's house, and did she really want to know the lesser of the two?*

Taking four lives and it's only noon. The Judge thought. The ordeal, the sensation it invoked in Her took the Judge back to a different time...


She was 19 years of age, out riding the main markets. It was good to show Her face outside her castle often, She thought, so as to not let Her subjects forget their sovereign or there would be no law and order. Her subjects bowed before Her. "long live the Judge!" they cried. "May God be with you, You honor." She waved at them, drunk with their adoration.

It was then that Her gaze captured Her lass, a young woman now and every bit the beauty she had always been. A young man with red hair stood next to Her first lover and bashfully handed her a single white rose. As she took the flower he offered her, her gaze interlocked with the Judge's, but soon enough the Judge averted Her eyes.

On the ride back to Her castle She had already devised a devilish plot.

For quite sometime a neighboring ruler had made attempts to trespass into Her domain. It was time to make him pay the price. She issued an order by which all able men over the age of 17 were to report for duty at Her main courtyard by nightfall.

As She rallied them up from Her vast balcony, She noticed the redheaded young man that She had seen courting Her lass earlier that day. She ordered Her second in command to station him on the first line of battle.

That night, as She butchered Her enemies on the battlefield, She saw the young man die at the hand of one the soldiers' enemy.

When the campaign was over and victory was Hers, She returned home. After washing the filth of war from Her body, She sat on Her balcony, drank sweet red wine, enjoyed the light chill morning breeze, a touch of scruples haunted Her, battlelust simmered beneath the surface.

A knock on the door brought Her back from Her deep pondering.

"Enter," She ordered.

Her servant girl entered. "Someone is here demanding to see Your Honor," She stated.

"Show her in," The Judge said. She knew who it was. The young woman whom She owed answers to but had none to give her.

The young woman came from behind the servant. "Leave us," the Judge ordered and the servant closed the door behind her as she left.

"I know why he died. You waged that campaign on purpose as a ploy to justify Your actions. You wanted him dead but being the self-righteous judge that You are you couldn't bring yourself to do it. You knew he was my suitor and you sent him there to die. You've denied me of You, how dare you deny me of him as well?"

"I don't know what you're talking about. He died protecting the realm," the Judge muttered and rested Her goblet on the table in front, never directing Her eyes to the woman sobbing before Her.

"He died for touching what's Yours just like that poor sod 5 years ago, and You are all we've got to set rules and morals for the rest of us".

The Judge darted from Her seat. She grabbed her accuser by her wrists. She forced her over Her bed with a dagger to her throat, Her battlelust raging in Her veins. From behind, The Judge lifted up the woman's skirt and cut away her breeches with the dagger. She opened Her leather trousers and readied Herself to enter the woman struggling beneath Her weight.

"Are you really no better than him?" the woman spat.

That sentence stopped the Judge's actions. She shook Her head, rolled over the woman and freed her from Her tight grip. The young blonde ran to the door but just before she left the Judge's room she turned and said: "I know what you are, Your Honor. You are the Devil's Son."

That was the last she'd ever seen of her...


"These are my private chambers, Jasper. You mustn't be alarmed by the bell tolls. That's just My servants way of announcing all the castle's habitants that their Master has returned. It will cease momentarily."

The heavy wooden doors opened behind them as jasper curiously looked around and studied the Judge's nature by the way Her private rooms looked and their contents. The Judge's rooms were designed in good rich taste; Fine exotic carpets, fine wooden craftsmanship all around, fine silk linen and bedspreads. The Judge appreciated aesthetics and beautiful things around Her.

Jasper noticed a violin standing on a wooden chest in the corner of the room. She had no idea the Judge played the violin. It occurred to her she doesn't really know the Judge all that well, and here she stood in her bedchambers while the Judge was ravaged by battlelust.

Jasper, lost in her thoughts wandered off to the vast stony balcony and gazed outside at the breathtaking landscape that was spread before her as far as the eye could see.

As she stood alone on the balcony, the events of the evening to come were all jasper could think about, weighing all her options jasper came to a decision, the Judge would think that she was doing this simply to please her, but jasper had her own reasons for wanting what the night could bring.

Two servants entered at the Judge's command. They bowed before Her.

"It's good to have you back, Your Honor," they said in unison.

"It good to be home."

"Would My Lord need refreshments? " asked one of them.

"Some fruits and fresh water perhaps, thank you."

"I trust My Lord had a pleasant trip back," Said the other.

"As a matter of fact, I had to kill 4 poor tossers that tried to rob me on my way over here," The Judge replied.

The Judge's servants could sense the Judge's vibes a mile away after all their years of servitude.

"Would My Lord like to go visit Madam's establishment tonight or would She prefer saving the trip and have us fetch Her one of Her regular rented companions?" One of them almost whispered.

"I already have a companion for tonight."

"Of course, My Lord," they said.

"When you bring the refreshments bring along My shaving kit and My needles."

Alone again the Judge joined jasper on the balcony. She didn’t say a word. Jasper was the one to break the silence between them. It made the Judge realize at that moment that between the two of them jasper might be the brave one.

"I know what you're experiencing, Your Honor. I've witnessed it before."

"And what is it I'm experiencing little one?" The Judge asked, Her glance rested on the small dimple on the young woman's cheek. She was afraid Her eyes would convey more than they should.

"Battlelust," Jasper replied.

"Battlelust," The Judge repeated the statement of fact.

"Perhaps you should send for Lady Aria, Your Honor," Jasper innocently offered. The Judge burst into a roaring laughter. When Her laughter finally died She answered: "Lady Aria either can't or won't cater to those sorts of needs." The Judge's grip on the balcony's iron banister tightened so Her knuckles turned white. Her self-control began slipping away from Her. She began to fear for jasper's well being.

"I think it's best if you didn't spend tonight with me. I will have a guestroom arranged for you. There's no one here who would or could protect you from Me," the Judge mustered Her last shred of dignity and self-restraint.

Jasper paused wanting the Judge to know that she had seriously thought about what might occur, before she spoke,

"Perhaps I don't want or need protection from You."

"My dear, you have no idea what you're saying. I hardly think you fully grasp what your consent entails."

"Yes, I do, Your Honor."

"I seriously doubt that you do."

"I'm offering you to take what you need, Your Honor," jasper said, almost wanting to retract her words. The Judge glared at her. Trying to decide just how serious, solid and true the young woman's offer was.

Seeing what she needed in her eyes, the Judge understood that jasper had indeed considered all her options and it was at that moment that the Judge realized that maybe jasper's willingness was not purely unselfish.

"Very well, then. I should warn you though, once it's unleashed, there is no turning back. You would have to wait out the storm. Are you sure you're willing?" the Judge inquired.

"I am, Your Honor."

The Judge's chamber door opened. Her two servants walked in. Both exceptionally beautiful like everything else in the Judge's chambers jasper thought. One of them held a shaving kit in her hands, the other held a silver tray with needles and colored inks on it. Both knelt before their Lord.

Upon seeing the shaving kit and tray, jasper's heart shrank in her chest.

The Judge stood still, inside Her, Her humanity deserted the battlements allowing the dark bloodthirsty demons to overtake Her at last.

"Undress her," She ordered them.

Both women stood up, placed the shaving kit and the silver tray on the nightstand next to the Judge's immense bed, turned to jasper and gently yet hastily disrobed jasper of her clothes. They knew better than to tarry.

The Judge moved to the balcony's threshold and leaned against its doorpost. She took out a cigarette, placed it between Her lips and lit it nonchalantly. She slowly folded both arms on Her chest and glared at Her servants peeling off jasper's undergarments through the smoke. Once jasper was completely nude the Judge drank in the beautiful sight. There was nothing She liked better than to see the woman She was about to bed naked before Her for the first time.

"Shave her!" came another order.

Both women quietly led jasper to the bed opposite the Judge's gaze. They gently motioned jasper to rest her bare back against the large pillows behind her in an half sitting position, her legs spread wide, her opening utterly exposed before the Judge, who never even blinked to moisten Her eyeballs.

One servant took out a sharp shining razorblade out of the kit and slowly and meticulously began shaving jasper's soft pubic hair. Jasper could feel the cold metal against her sensitive skin, her gaze fixated on the Judge, whose gaze was fixated on her snatch. Jasper felt the gentle fingers of the Judge's servant girl on her folds, moving them so to carefully shave all the hair around them.

Jasper relaxed as the two servants began to shave her, the soft touches and slight hint of danger should something go wrong aroused her. She could feel her body heat up, as she watched the judge staring intently at her moist opening.

Once she was done, the Judge put out her cigarette and approached the bed. "Hold her down!" She ordered her servants, one sitting on the bed to jasper's left, the other to jasper's right. Jasper could feel the servants' hands tightly holding her feet to the bed one on each side, their other hands securing her shoulders, immobilizing her.

The Judge took the silver tray and positioned Herself between jasper's spread legs. She took a piece of leather and put it into jasper's mouth to sink her teeth into.

"It's for your own good," the Judge said looking into her slightly frightened eyes. "It's going to hurt."

She tried desperately to focus on the Judge's next words, pulling herself out of her sexual haze as she felt herself being restrained by the two servants, jaspers mind slammed back to reality, as she tasted the leather that was placed in her mouth, and a trickling of fear crept into her mind with the Judge's last words.

The Judge took a long needle and put it over a burning candle on the nightstand, then She took it out of the fire, dipped it in color and began tattooing the pale tender flesh over jasper's pubic bone, above her clit.

An earsplitting scream sliced the air. One of Jasper's legs escaped the servant's grip. The Judge halted her actions. She grabbed jasper's ankle in an iron tight grip and pressed it hard onto the bed.

"I said 'Hold her down!" Her voice roared in rage at Her negligent servant. She then glared at jasper, whose face was wet with tears "Don't make me tie you down. I promise you, My servant's hands are preferable to rope burns."

Sobbing uncontrollably, jasper could do nothing but nod.

The Judge resumed the tattooing, inhaling the fragrance of burnt flesh and jasper's arousal. Jasper did her best to stifle her whimpers. "It burns, My Lord!" she pleaded, but her pleas landed on deaf ears. The Judge kept on engraving Her crest, the scales, with a whitened needle covered with ink into the smaller woman's flesh.

The pain between jasper's legs was excruciating, it felt as though the Judge was branding her and begging was doing her no good, as the pain flooded her lower region, jasper was shocked, as she felt her cunt spasm as excitement shot through her.

When She was done, She examined Her art and was extremely pleased with the result. She could hear jasper moaning out her pain, but the Judge offered no comfort.

"You, support her head and you, lick between her legs," She ordered Her servants as she undid her leathered pants letting them drop just beneath her buttocks.

"Yes, my Lord," they said in subdued submission. One placed her arm around jasper's shoulders supporting her head and the other positioned herself between jasper's quivering legs.

The Judge stood above jasper's naked body, She then lowered Herself down on Her knees, straddling jasper's naked stomach. Her massive leathered cock in front of jasper's face, it's tip at jasper's lips.

"I'm sure you've seen one of these before, little one."

"I have, my Lord," jasper replied, too scared to direct her gaze at the Judge; she looked at the massive shaft before her.

"Suck it," The Judge ordered and penetrated jasper's mouth. The Judge leaned forward on the wall in front of her above the head of the bed, placing her palms against it. Jasper's slow and gentle sucking, wasn't enough. She needed more. She spread Her knees a little further apart, and pushed Her sexual inferno harder against jasper's face till her head was pressed hard against the servant's arm. She drove Her cock even harder to gain more friction to Her sex, jasper nearly choking on it. It was then that jasper felt a thick hard tongue licking her swollen clit, the pleasure soothing her burning flesh.

Jasper couldn't stop the groan that escaped her lips as the Judge shoved the leather cock into her mouth, yes she had seen and used a phallus before. But she had never had one in her mouth and hoped that she would be able to appease the Judge.

As the Judge's stance widened jasper gagged as she began to ram her cock harder into her mouth, only the feel of that wonderful tongue on her tortured clit, gave jasper any reprieve. As her mind raced wondering what else the Judge had in store for her this night.

The Judge pulled Herself out of jasper's aching mouth and got off and out of the bed. For a few more seconds She watched Her devoted servant lapping up jasper's core.

"Leave us now!"

Her dutiful servants acted according to Her bidding and left. Remaining all alone with the Judge planted jasper's fears even deeper. She looked down at her crotch and examined her new tattoo. The Judge cast Her vision onto the same spot on jasper's body.

"Do you know what it means, little girl?" The Judge asked as She disrobed Her shirt, took Her whip and dragged it on the floor behind Her as She walked.

"That my…my…my…" jasper simply couldn't utter that word "Is now yours?" she finally gave up.

"No, little one. Your cunt is only mine in the sense that whenever you need it fucked properly you would inevitably come to Me for it. What it does mean, however, that from here on end, each person who'd enter you, would know it."

Jasper was a relieved to find out that the Judge did not want to own her, a small smile crept onto her lips. she would wear the insignia with pride, as jasper was honored that the Judge would want others to know she had taken her.

The Judge sent Her whip flying backwards to land on Her own bare back. The hard lashes ripped Her skin living long red stripes of blooded flesh, making an unbearable noise in their wake. The Judge didn't spare neither Her arm nor pain. It seemed to jasper as if the woman wanted to exsanguinate Her battlelust out of Her wounds.

Jasper's eye's widened as the Judge flailed her own back, as she had thought that the whip was meant for her, respect for the Judge filled her heart completely as understanding dawned on her.

After 5 lashes She dropped the whip to the floor. She approached the young woman waiting in Her bed, grabbed her by her ankles, pulled her body closer to the edge of the bed and tossed her over to face down.

She placed one hand on jasper's nape pressing her hard to the bed, the other She filled with jasper's white ass cheek and began slapping the soft and tight flesh till it blushed. Then, without warning She drove Her member into jasper's wet opening, Her stiffness owning her. As the Judge relentlessly ground Her cock into jasper, the latter struggled her impending climax. She knew she mustn't, not until the Judge allowed it. Jasper impaled her need over and over onto the Judge's length knowing full well the truth of what the Judge had told her. No one would ever fill her so completely. She reveled in the grunts coming from behind her, in the slapping sounds their bodies made at impact.

"You may come now, little one," the Judge's strained voice came.

At that moment the Judge released Her grip from jasper's nape, pulled Her member out of jasper and replaced it with Her own strong, owning fingers. With Her other hand, She tilted the straps and a hot stream of cum washed jasper's back, sending the young woman to shudder and scream her own release.

The Judge's body slumped onto jasper's smaller quivering frame. Once regaining Her strength She rose back to Her feet.

As she laid there jasper couldn't help but feel proud, she had been able to control herself, and hopefully she had given some relief to the Judge's tortured soul. These thoughts filled her mind as her eyes drifted closed.

The Judge glanced at the loyal benevolent woman lying in Her bed. She knew She owed her a debt of gratitude. Jasper, utterly exhausted, drifted into light slumber. The Judge picked up Her long old friend, the violin whom She named "Ludwig", which had been standing alone like an orphan on the chest in the corner of Her bedchamber. She got out to the balcony and placed one end of it under Her chin on Her left shoulder, the other end She held gently in Her left hand.

She took the bow in Her right hand. She placed it carefully on its strings and began playing an ancient melancholy melody that sounded like "Hello" and ended in "Goodbye". She had too many regrets haunting Her soul. She never felt more alone in Her life.

As silence descended again She saw jasper up on one elbow, her other hand gently tapping on the empty side of bed. "Come to bed, My Lord?" she asked softly and the Judge joined her, allowing Herself to be wrapped in jasper's welcoming petite arms.

The two women returned to the Lodge the next day. The Judge presented jasper, who could still faintly feel the Judge scorching her concealed flesh, with flowers She handpicked Herself from Her gardens.

"I would never forget your kindness, little one," She vowed. She cupped jasper's face in Her hands, bathed the sweet dimple with Her tongue and then deeply kissed jasper's lips, relishing the sweetness of the hot cavern of her mouth.


The End - 'Home' - by WarriorJudge & Jasper

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