Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents


by WarriorJudge & Lady Aria
August 2007


A strange squeaky metallic noise of something being dragged and a soft bright ray of light pierced the peaceful darkness the Judge was in, as she slowly drifted out of dead slumber and back into dozy consciousness, sensing the gentle touch of the fine soft linen against her naked body. The presence of another in her bedchamber registered in the Judge's mind and so she opened one lazy yet inquisitive eye.

She saw a divine looking blonde in a green silk gown, a deep cleavage exposing her perfect assets, standing by the now completely revealed window, bathing in the sunlight. It was Lady Aria who had opened the heavy black curtains allowing the daylight to invade the Judge's dark bedchamber. The Judge was painfully aware of the fact that Aria was indeed the most beautiful, most staggering woman she has ever laid eyes on.

"You left me, you fiend!" The Judge heard Aria's stern statement.

"Wait, wait…Don't tell me…Things the Judge does, which are absolutely none of your business?!"

But the Lady wasn't amused.

"What are you doing in my bedchamber anyway?" The Judge asked still in slumber haze, opening her other eye.

"Now there's an odd question to be asking your lover, wouldn't you agree?" Aria asked. The Judge watched Aria as she placed her well-manicured hands on her curvy hips and pulled her shoulders back a little, which accentuated her magnificent sassy breasts.

"Believe me, I'm bewildered as you are." The Judge replied thinking there were other, much better ways to start the day than another round of this, like drilling a hole into one's own cranium.

"Well, I'm not bewildered, pumpkin. I can understand how your recent escapades might have made the fact that I am your lover slip your slow mind."

"My recent escapades?! I'm stunned you even noticed. Back to the pressing conundrum, which is your unexplained intrusive presence in my bedchamber - In light of recent developments I've assumed you'd be waiting in your own bedchamber in anticipation to yet another thrilling rendezvous with that pesky little incompetent thief of yours."

"She might not be the most adequate thief on the planet, I'll grant you that, but she does have other skills, I assure you." Aria deliberately licked her lips as if in remembrance of the thief's sizzling kiss, well aware of the fact that the Judge had seen her gesture and acknowledged it with a frown.

"You corrupted little skank," the judge sneered.

"Where I come from, warriors don't talk to ladies this way," Aria admonished her.

"Where I come from, Warriors don't call skanks "ladies,"" The Judge retorted as she was trying to get out of bed. Only then her compromised situation dawned on her.


(Part 2) --

Her arms and legs were shackled to all four bedposts in a spread-eagle position.

"What the f…? Have you been mixing medications??" The Judge grimaced. She mastered all her strength and with clenching fists she fought violently against her confinement, the iron strains rattling all the while.

Aria's laughter filled the Judge's bedchamber. "Heavens, you are slow…"

The Judge's raging eyes sternly focused on the Lady. "Release me this instant!" Her demanding voice louder than before.

"Release in what sense, baby?" Aria asked with affected sweetness and innocence that only aggravated the Judge even further.

"You honestly think this will keep me from leaving again? Suffering from separation anxiety, are we?! I said untie me right now or I swear to you…"

The Judge was almost shouting at that point, never forgoing her savage struggle against the shackles, which made the silk covers glide down and off her body, exposing its nakedness to Aria's appreciating eyes. The beautiful Lady admired the Judge's strong figure and she derived great pleasure from seeing the Judge's muscles straining in effort to be released from the confinement, the veins in her tattooed arms bulging. To Aria she looked like a rare exotic wild beast trapped.

"No one just leaves Me."

That statement earned the Lady a roaring laughter out of the Judge's mouth. No one?! Not even your ex - Lord 'She-who-must- not-be-named' -Voldemort. Not too good at keeping lovers, are you Dearie? The Judge thought to herself, but she had bitten down her lower lip not wanting that particular thought to slip out at that point.

Aria approached the Judge's bed, nonchalantly placed two digits over the Judge's lips and shushed her as if capable of reading her mind.

The doors opened and in came a maid carrying a tray with some cherries and hot coffee. The moment she entered the Judge's bedchamber, her eyes caught the sight of the Dark Lord chained to her bed and Lady Aria standing over her, satisfied with her handiwork to no end.

The Judge turned her attention to the maid that had probably seen everything in the Lodge over the years. "If you so much as replay what you've seen here in the privacy of your own head let alone telling anyone else about it, I give you my word, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between your nightmares and reality by the time I'm done with you."

The maid winced nearly dropping the loaded tray to the floor.

"Charming, isn't she?" came Aria's sardonic remark throwing the Judge into another wild physical outburst accompanied by loud growling, which Aria of course completely disregarded, "Don’t mind her, she's not a morning person and her manners are atrocious. Please leave the tray over at the table, sweetheart. Thank you."

The maid did her Lady's bidding and left the room closing the door behind her.

"And you," She turned her attention back to her captive once alone again "Stop exhausting yourself trying to break free. I have other plans for you."

Aria climbed up the bed and sat herself on the Judge, straddling her hips.

"What the hell do you think you're doing??" the Judge asked more in disbelief than anything else, whilst noticing the Lady wasn't wearing anything under her gown by the warm velvety damp flesh she felt pressing against her crotch.

"Placing myself above the Law, silly," Aria grinned.

Aria's actions that miserable morning left the Judge astounded. She couldn't grasp the Lady's impudent behavior. She couldn't comprehend whatever possessed Aria to chain her to a bed. Surely Aria had taken the Judge's future retaliation under consideration before she came up with that devious scheme. After all, the Judge couldn't be tied up to a bed for the rest of her life, could she?

But the Judge's attention soon shifted from her thoughts back to her lover.

The Lady slowly opened her gown letting it slide down her shoulders a bit, denying the Judge a full view of what she desired. She shifted her body down the Judge's naked legs and leaned herself down till she was inches away from her sex.

Aria lingered for awhile, closely looking at the Judge's sex observing the well-groomed reddish hair, which crowned a large hard erection.

“You’re sooo big.” Aria teased before taking the pricked member into her wet mouth. A deep groan of pleasure escaped the Judge’s throat. Aria gently sucked the Judge, savoring the taste and scent of her arousal, her tongue slowly lavishing much needed pressure on the swollen throbbing flesh, licking every drop of wetness. The Lady was driving the Judge further and further to the brink of her climax, making it impossible for her to stop herself from moving against the hot tongue between her legs. Suddenly, Aria tore her mouth away from the Judge’s sex and got off her leaving the Magistrate aching for release.

“Where are you going?!” The Judge almost yelled her frustration.

“Well, I still haven’t had my coffee this morning,” Aria replied. “How do you like them apples, my darling?!” Aria finally got her sweet revenge on the Judge, who had left her aching for it in the exact same manner their first night together. Aria, as cool as only she could be, sat herself down into the armchair opposite the bed in full view of the Judge and watched her as if she was a performer on a stage. She picked up the coffeepot, poured the steaming liquid into the cup, and took a sip.

“Finally got tired of waiting for that thief of yours, I’d wager.”

A funny realization dawned on the Judge at that point. She knew if the thief ever poses a mortal danger to Aria, she would hunt her down and joyfully plunge her blade into the thief's brainstem. Nevertheless, she was confidant that Aria is more than capable of handling the burglar by herself.

“That sounds a lot like jealousy, Your Honor. Is that what prompted that vanishing act of yours? Or is it because you feel a little neglected?”

The need between the Judge’s legs was unbearable. She had to fight against it clouding her mind. Another verbal duel with Aria’s sharp tongue required her wits about her. The worst thing was, being shackled in a spread-eagle positing that didn’t even allow her to cross her legs and relieve some of the pressure there.

"Get over yourself," The Judge scoffed.

Deep in her heart the Judge knew the Lady wasn't completely off track, but realizing that there was nothing she could say to the Lady that would convince her otherwise, she went on: "If I ever catch this pathetic excuse for a thief of yours, I will appoint myself her Judge. Mind you, in my realm theft is punishable by the severing of the hand." The Judge knew her resolve to maintain a level head was crumbling quickly.

"I wouldn't let you judge a pie eating contest," Aria scoffed.

"And I wouldn't hire you to assassin a roadkill"

"Go to Hell!" the blonde spat.

"Already there, honey," The Judge muttered.


(Part 3) --

Aria took another sip from her coffee, placed the cup back onto the small table and reached for the cherries. She picked one up and began slowly swirling her tongue around it. The pressure between the Judge’s legs kept mounting, for the display before her made her feel a phantom mouth pleasuring her, which only aggravated her need – She knew only too well, that that was Aria's intention.

Aria’s stunning eyes observed the Judge’s following the movement of her tongue gloating, basking in her achievement of torment until she finally gathered the fruit into her mouth.

“Where do you get off lecturing me about other women? There are hardly any women here you haven’t taken.”

“None of them stole any pieces of my heart, which is more than I can say for you! It wasn’t a small piece of your heart the thief had stolen…It was a small piece of mine! I specifically told you, no one is to go into your heart but me. I will not tolerate others stealing what’s mine. Just fuck her already and be done with it!”  The tone of their conversation kept rising.

“None of them stole pieces from your heart? Really?! You mean I only imagined all those intimate nightly visits to Lady Alison’s bedroom you think I don’t know about. Trisha's heartfelt birthday present - And let us not forget my personal favorite - Playing your violin in the nude no less for Jasper…Though I must admit that given your fine physique, lucky for her you don't play a bigger instrument, like a cello.”

“They’ve all given me what you haven’t. Each and every one of them in their own special way.”

Aria rose to her feet, letting her gown slide down to the ground, she walked over to the nightstand's drawer to the left of the Judge’s bed. She opened it and took out the Judge’s harness, the large leathered shaft attached to it.

“You wouldn’t dare,” the Judge sneered.

"Oh darling, you have no idea…” Aria straddled the Judge’s knees, almost incapacitating her legs completely with her weight and the strong grip of her muscled thighs, in order to better her ability performing the task at hand.

“I'm warning you,” the Judge drawled.

“Oh do keep quiet or else I would be forced to gag that mouth of yours, too.”

Once the device was harnessed to the Judge’s crotch, Aria motioned herself up the Judge’s body and lowered her sex onto the Judge’s cock, which was resting pricked and stiff on the Judge’s chiseled abdomen, trapping its length between her sex and the Judge’s belly purposefully, fully aware of the fact that the Judge wouldn’t receive any physical gratification in this position.

“Now I'm going to take a little of what you've been dispensing too eagerly and diligently around here lately."

Aria began moving her hips sensually backwards and forwards, rubbing her swollen glistening sex over the length, and smearing it with her essence. The Judge couldn’t take her eyes off her Lady; the way her magnificent body moved; the way her spine twitched, the way her prominent luscious breasts swayed; the way her muscled abdomen stretched, her perfect sex slithering up and down her member, the expression of desire painted on her exquisite features, the sheen that covered her soft skin.

For a moment there, the Judge considered thrusting her pelvis upwards, slipping her cock into Aria and forcing the Lady to ride it as if riding an unbridled stallion, but mesmerized she couldn't break the erotic spell.

As if to further the Judge’s torture of not being able to touch her, Aria began kneading her own breasts, pinching her own rosy nipples. As their flaring eyes met, little moans of pleasure erupted from deep within Aria. The Judge could feel her heart pounding painfully in her chest.

"How could you leave all this behind, Judge?"

The Judge resumed her struggle against the shackles. Her sexual frustration and agony fueling her, the wooden bedposts began to crack yielding to her power, as Aria’s ground herself into her lover faster and faster enhancing the friction to the level she needed.

The moment Aria’s climax overtook her, her nectar gushing out of her and onto the Judge’s belly, the bedposts gave out and broke.


(Part 4 - by WarriorJudge and Lady Aria) --

The Judge now free, quickly grabbed hold of the Shackles’ key in the nightstand's drawer and unlocked the shackles completely freeing her arms and legs. Leaving the panting, blushed Aria sitting on the bed, the Judge swiftly got out of it, rubbing her sore wrists.

Aria could detect the Magistrate’s wrath in her strained barely controlled sharp and crude body movements, but she kept mute.

The silence between the two women was overwrought and earsplitting. The Judge picked up a dry towel; wiped Aria's cum from her body and threw it at Aria’s feet. Hastily she got dressed. Once her black robes were on, she turned to Aria.

"Don't be here by the time I get back," The Judge’s voice was cold and distant laced with restrained rage. As she reached the door and placed her hand over the handle she saw Aria picking up a shoe. After closing the door behind her, the Judge could hear the shoe thump against the other side of the door.

Once outside, the Dark One leaned her forehead against the closed door. She rested her palms against it as well. She took a few deep breaths trying desperately to compose herself. She could still feel the heavy strains only not on her arms and legs but on her heart.

This was insanity that needed to be ceased.

A few moments had passed before she made the resolution to face her tormentor again.

With sealed face and equable strides, she got back inside her bedchamber. She disregarded the surprise on her lover’s face as she gathered the woman sitting on her bed with her powerful arms. Aria struggled against her, trying desperately to break free from the Judge’s tight grasp, but The Judge gave her a hard jerk that put a stop to Aria’s futile efforts to resist. "Sometimes, I wish I could make you disappear," She whispered into Aria's ear.

"Why my Love... I would just take you with me," Aria whispered back.


The End - 'Freedom' - by WarriorJudge & Lady Aria

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