Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents


by WarriorJudge
August 2007


The Judge opened Aria's chamber door without knocking of course and strode straight into the Lady's bedroom, to find her lover luxuriously sprawled on the bed.

"I've purchased a bracelet for you," The Judge announced as Her hand disappeared into an inside pocket retrieving a small jewelry box.

"Why, what have you done? On second thought…let me rephrase that…who have you done?" The feisty suspicious Lady demanded to know, raising an eyebrow over an inquisitive eye.

"That's what I love about you, dear Lady, you love the sinner but punish the sin."

"You still haven't answered my question, Darling," Aria pointed out and raised herself to a sitting position.

"No one recently oddly enough."

"So the bracelet…?!" The gorgeous blonde insisted.

"Consider this a down payment on your birthday present," The Judge replied and opened the box taking the emeralds incrusted bracelet out and displaying it for the blonde's benefit. It was an exquisite piece of antique jewelry.

The Lady examined it "My wrists aren't that big, lover," she concluded.

Your mouth sure is though, the Judge murmured beneath her breath.

"What was that?" asked the Lady.

"I said, 'I know your wrists aren't, hon,'" the Judge told a little white one. "This bracelet is worn around the ankle."

"Well my ankles aren't that big either," The Lady protested.

"I know the exact size of your ankles, beloved, I've held you down by them often enough, this bracelet isn't big and neither is your ankle, you ingrate," The Judge said as her fingers were busy with unfastening the bracelet.

"Are these emeralds, beef-stud?"

"I believe you've just invented my favorite endearment, and yes these are emeralds. As you can see the stones are clear with dark yet vibrant color and being that these are antiques and exhibit a 'star' pattern with ray like spokes of dark carbon, theses are rare trapiche which means they command the highest price." The Judge explained though she suspected Aria had already been aware of that. "I know how fascinated you are with shiny objects."

The Judge gave her Lady a half tantalizing grin as she knelt before Aria and took her bare feet into her encompassing hands. She rested Aria's delicate feet against her hard chest and fastened the bracelet around her ankle. The Magistrate then looked into Aria's eyes realizing they shamed the emeralds she had given her. Overwhelmed by lustful love the Dark Justice took Aria's toe, sensually enveloped it with her mouth and twirled her tongue around it, sucking it.

Seeing Aria's expression of pure raw desire, the Judge went on to run her tongue over the Lady's feet, then slowly up her leg, the inner of her thigh, relishing the heated soft skin. She felt Aria's fingers delving into her red smooth hair pressing her harder against her flesh. Aria's scent of desire greeted her and the Judge gluttonously took it all in, snorting it like a crazed addict.

A single long tarrying stroke, which began at the Lady's soaking wet hot slit, via her hard swollen clit and ended at the apex of the soft patch of blonde down was all that the Judge's tongue had sanctioned.

Her tongue then went on its dance to travel up Aria's body, over her well toned abdomen, over the valley between her maddening breasts, over the delicate neck till She reached her desired mouth.

Aria could still taste the lingering traces of her essence on the Judge's tongue as she hungrily kissed her.  


The End - 'Emeralds' - by WarriorJudge

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