Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Crime and Punishment

by WarriorJudge & Trisha
May 2007


As the Judge arrived upstairs to her chambers she stood still and pricked up her ears, She heard the lodge's doors close behind Lady Aria and Rider. She could feel her blood reaching boiling temperatures. She saw red. Her rage rushed through Her like the Minotaur stampeding in the labyrinth of Her mind, a raging beast which would never find a way out. It reached a point where there was no point in trying to stop it. The urge, the compulsion to hurt someone, to take her pound of flesh so to speak, was too great to be tamed.

She opened Her chamber door and saw a small dark haired woman kneeling in front of Her.

The Mistress of Justice was so enraged She nearly forgotten all about the shape-shifter that had been waiting for Her, at Her order. The Judge closed the door behind Her. The small woman silently winced.

“Do you know, what I consider a perfect world, girl?” The Judge asked the trembling woman at Her feet.

Trisha hesitated then shook her head. It was not the night to answer incorrectly.

“In my opinion, as a Judge, a world would be perfect if it's fair and just.” The Judge said with an even voice. “Take off your shirt, girl, and be quick about it.”

trisha gathered her courage, then carefully unbuttoned her shirt, sliding it off, and folding it. She set it down, then decided she didn't like where it was. She picked it up, and laid it on the couch realizing she was stalling.

“What part of 'and be quick about it' didn't you understand?” the Judge scolded her.

“I'm sorry, Your Honor” trisha whispered her apology.

“Now, where was I…Oh right…Do you know what would be a fair and just world?”

“No, I don't, Your Honor,” trisha kept her green gaze down.

“In a perfect world everyone gets what they deserve,” The Judge explained thoughtfully. There was no sign of Her rage in Her exterior, which remained calm. Trisha was terrified. She had witnessed everything that went on earlier that night between the Judge and Lady Aria. She remembered the immense strength the Judge demonstrated with Her gavel. It was her experience to fear the calm stoic Warriors the most. They were true sociopaths. No mercy, no empathy…cold and cruel…heartless like sharks -- The perfect torture machines.

The Judge circled around the kneeling woman. She saw numerous small scars on her shoulders and upper arms, along with a few larger ones. she also had one obviously freshly healed bite mark across her side, and some almost delicate tracings on her stomach. trisha nearly crossed her arms across her chest, but locked them behind her back instead.

“Alas, my dear,” the Judge went on “We don't live in a perfect world,” The Judge's lips smiled but She wasn't smiling with her eyes. Trisha felt she understood what the Judge was getting at and her heart sunk even lower. "In this world, it's always gentle souls like you that end up paying for other people's transgressions."

The Judge released her tight grip on the leash allowing trisha a little space for maneuvering. She impatiently tore off the shape-shifter’s remaining clothes. The Judge's need was clearly apparent and just barely controlled. She placed the palm of Her hand on the smaller woman's back, silently motioning her to lean forwards on all fours. She grabbed the smaller woman's ass cheeks motioning it upwards.

Trisha complied, her heart rate picking up as she assumed the position the Judge seemed to want her in. Nothing happened the moment after she assumed the position so she relaxed slightly, all too aware she was probably presenting a target to the Judge even as relief coursed through her at the fact that the Judge seemed happy with her positioning.

The Judge, never letting go of the leash, gripped the long flexible crop in Her other hand and raised it above Her head, preparing to place a perfectly accurate lash. The first lash landed on trisha's magnificent, round firm ass. The Judge could see the ass cheeks clench in an attempt to absorb the powerful stroke. Not a peep came out of trisha. The Judge couldn't help but admire her. The second stroke soon followed, leaving a second long red mark on trisha's glowing white skin. Then came the third and the fourth…20 viciously pleasurable strokes leaving trisha’s back side pulsating and gorgeously red.

Stroking the aching warm flesh with Her hand, "Lift your ass higher, my pet," the Judge ordered and trisha silently complied. trisha couldn't understand why the pain was turning her on. She had never...Least not during the punishments the wolves meted out...

Tiny beads of sweat covered trisha's skin from the strain, making it glisten. But the Judge was more interested in other kinds moisture, and She found it in abundance between trisha's legs, slowly dripping on the side of her inner thighs.

The Judge threw Her crop up in the air and skillfully caught it again by its tip. With its hilt, She slowly rubbed trisha's swollen hard rock clit. Trisha made a low mewling sound, her body seeming to be set on fire as she relished the sensation of the soft-hard leather on her need.

The Judge watched the smaller woman moving back and forth opposite the direction of the hilt's movements for better friction. The Judge knew it wasn't enough for trisha but punishment is all about torment, isn't it? Otherwise what's the point? So She went on with maddeningly slow motions, enjoying trisha's little whimpers of frustration and pleasure.

It was pure torture that the shape-shifter didn’t deserve, the Judge knew. Trisha tried to move faster but the Judge kept Her pace steady, Her hand even. Trisha began to sob. She needed more, but with the Judge's foul mood that night she couldn't find a way to articulate her need without causing the Judge to make it even worse -- slower.

The Judge was torturing her. trisha was sure of it even as she struggled to find a way to make it stop. No, not stop, continue at a faster pace. The sensations the woman was causing were only half familiar, and trisha fought back another low sound as the sensations continued, the fire in her burning, making her want more.

Trisha kept mute, her clit aching and her cunt sopping. She now tried to swallow the Judge's hilt with her dripping snatch for she desperately needed the Judge inside her. But the Judge was simply too quick for her and She pulled Her crop back just in time.

"Oh, no, you don't! When I decide to penetrate you, it won't be with no fucking crop, believe me." Trisha froze expecting another blow but none came. She had known it was bad idea but couldn't stop herself from trying for more.

At that moment the Judge suddenly froze. A strange feeling that there was someone at Her chamber door crept into Her. She pricked up Her ears and sniffed the air, but Her senses picked up nothing but stillness. The Judge shook Her head and returned Her attention to trisha.

The Judge's encompassing authoritative presence made trisha ache for Her more. She shook a moment but forced it under control. Somehow just turning around and jumping the woman's bones seemed to be a very bad idea.

The air in the room was saturated with trisha's delicate pussy's scent. The Judge wanted to experience it better, so She removed the now soaked hilt from trisha's cunt and brought it to Her nostrils.

Trisha's scent made the Judge wild. At that point the Judge ripped Her silk white shirt, opened her trousers, letting them fall to her knees and pulling out Her enormous hard cock.

"Here…Kitty…Kitty," the Judge growled against trisha's ear with the lowest of voices, hoarse with desire, "Here…pussy…pussy."  She leaned forward and engulfed trisha's much smaller body with Her own, covering it perfectly. Her firm naked breasts were pressing against trisha's back and Her hard stiff nipples grazing it. trisha arched into the woman's body wanting to let Her know she liked this.

With one powerful thrust, the Judge entered trisha's drenched cunt. "Being part cat, I'm guessing this position isn't foreign to you," She said next to trisha's ear as She was fucking her. She bit down hard into trisha's nape, breaking skin and flesh, humming as felt the metallic sweet taste in Her mouth. Trisha couldn't contain her scream, pained pleasure mixing in the cry. She could feel her warm thick blood dripping down from her nape to her neck and breasts, down to the floor before her eyes. Oddly the sight didn't frighten her, but only added to the powerful mix of pleasure and pain she was feeling as the Judge took her harder.

The Judge kept on thrusting into trisha's snatch causing her to moan out her pleasure, cupping trisha's breasts, pinching her nipples constantly. They looked like two cats in heat, mating.

When her cock was wet enough the Judge pulled out, leaving trisha in agony at the void it left in her.

"Please, my Lord…fill me," She begged, unable to keep from vocalizing her need. The Judge simply smiled and penetrated her ass and kept at it, in and out of trisha like a crazed animal, never losing Her teeth's grip on trisha's nape.

Trisha cried out, arching back into the judge, making low constant needy sounds. Gods it felt good, so good even as it hurt it felt so good. She couldn't think, the combination of pain and pleasure building in her. Even as it built closer to something she had felt only a handful of times, the pitch of her sounds changed to being more high pitched almost a pleading element entering them now.

The Judge sentenced trisha to climax. As their release approached, their breath became more labored till it finally took them both. Trisha screamed her climax out and the Judge roared Hers.

Aria, who slept further down the hall, woke up startled from her deep sleep.

She recognized the voice. She recognized the activity.

When they came down from their crest, their bodies became limp. The Judge engulfed trisha's narrow waist with one arm and supported her. The Judge pulled her cock out of trisha. Trisha made a low sound of almost dismay, but gently stroked the woman's hand in an absent motion that let Her know she was fine.

The Mistress of Justice rose to Her feet and carried trisha’s limp body to Her bed. The Judge left her companion there and then returned back after a few moments with a wet cloth in Her hand. With a gentleness that astonished Trisha, the Judge attentively wiped the blood from trisha’s body. “I’m sorry about that. I’m afraid it’ll leave a scar.” The Judge looked almost embarrassed. She then wiped the now dried blood from Her own face.

She entered the bed and laid next to trisha. As they were resting there, catching their breaths, the Judge looked into the shape-shifter riveting eyes, "I needed it tonight," the Judge quietly admitted and gently stroked her face. "Sweet trisha," She said. It was the Judge's subtle way of expressing Her gratitude.

"You're welcome, My Lord"

Those few gentle, kind words melted the Judge's heart. She cupped trisha's small face in the palms of Her hands, and deeply kissed trisha's trembling lips, their tongues bathing each other as the kiss deepened. When it broke, trisha rested her head on the woman's shoulder.

The Judge's sense of pride wouldn’t allow Her to admit to trisha that She needed her to stay. Instead, She clasped trisha's wrist and said: "You're too exhausted, My sweet. Better you spend the night here".

Trisha nearly sighed with relief, and she knew a flicker of it showed in her eyes as she nodded. Strangely, she didn't want to leave just yet, even assuming she made it down the hall to her room.

"You are absolutely right, My Lord. Thank You for Your kindness."

Both women fell fast asleep in each other's arms.


The End - 'Crime and Punishment' - by WarriorJudge & Trisha

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