Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Court is Now in Session

by WarriorJudge & Dagger
August 2007


The Judge strode through the long corridor till She reached Her chambers. She opened the doors and just as She opened the door and made Her way in, She bumped into Dagger.

"Snooping around in My chambers, I see…Spring cleaning again, are you?!"

Dagger took a sharp intake of breath and startled out of her wits instinctively placed a trembling hand over her racing heart. Clearly she hadn't expected the Judge to be back so soon.

"I…hmmm…I…it's…" Dagger stuttered, a fierce blush coloring her face.

The Judge formidably towered over the small woman. Her green flaring eyes bore into Dagger's. Dagger was being deterred backwards by the Judge and quickly, without even noticing it, she found herself in the middle of the Judge's hall.

"Some people simply refuse to learn their lesson without first experiencing proper penalty." The Judge began to calmly walk around the small, terrified woman, circling her like a shark in open sea and there was blood in the water. The heels of the Judge's heavy boots knocking on the wooden floorboards, the sounds steady and rhythmical like those of a well-tuned metronome echoing in the vast hall surrounding poor baffled Dagger.


"You've said that already," the Judge sounded viciously amused. Her glare caught Dagger's gaze resting on the Judge's chamber doors. "Do you really want to find out who'd reach it first?!"

"A thousand apologies, Your Honor," Dagger tried to appease the Judge. "I'm so sorry."

"I'm sure you are…For getting caught…Absolution, the last resort of the guilty."

Dagger gulped, turned around on her axis. Following the Judge circling her with her eyes nearly made her dizzy.

"Have you found what you were looking for in here?" The Judge asked.

"Yes, I mean no…I mean…I wasn't looking for anything in particular."

"That didn't sound like the truth now, did it?! Would you like to reconsider your statement?"

Dagger's heart was beating so fast at that point, she thought she would soon pass out. She was white as a ghost and she feared her shaky legs would give out from under her.

"No…Yes…I'm not sure."

"Yet another multiple choice answer...Well that really clarified things!" the Judge began closing in on Dagger.

"I think I know why you just can't keep yourself out of here. I've seen the way you're eyeing me. I've heard you moan my name at nights. I've noticed the way you serve My Lady, the way you handle yourself around her. The way your coveting eyes travel over those luscious curves of hers. I've felt your eyes spying on us whenever she and I touch each other. I can only imagine what goes on inside that pretty little head of yours…What feverish fantasies you concoct up there…do you imagine My Lady and I fucking each other, fucking you…when you pleasure yourself?" the Judge's words were spoken slowly. They taunted Dagger to the point she could barely listen to them. Their truth was too embarrassing.

But the Judge showed no mercy. "You know what you remind Me of? You remind me of a little needy puppy who needs to be put out of its misery. Would you like Me to fuck you out of your misery, little girl…Being that this is your third strike? After all that's why you've so clumsily allowed yourself to get caught in here in the first place, isn't it?"

Dagger, shamed by her own obvious desires, slightly nodded her head.

The Judge grinned and made Her way up to Her bench. With great joy, She opened the three wooden boxes on Her large desk and with Her fingertips lightly stroked Her three gavels - gavel A the smallest of the three and gavel C the largest.

"Which one will it be, Dagger?" The Judge asked raising an eyebrow.

"Gavel A," Dagger mumbled her bashful reply.

The Judge picked up gavel A and brought it to Her nostrils. A knowing smile starched on her lips as She was sniffing it.

"Gavel C it is then!" The Judge exclaimed, carefully placing the smallest gavel back in its casing and taking out gavel C instead.

Dagger's face immediately wore an expression of horror. "I'm sorry. With all due respect, perhaps Your Honor didn't hear me correctly. I asked for gavel A, Your Honor, please," Dagger pleaded.

"Judging by the smell of it, I'd say you're way past gavel A at this point, My dear. You've already helped yourself to it, and as any delinquent would tell you, Judges help those who help themselves," The Judge's voice scolded her. "Now get your ass up here!" She ordered in a way that left no room to even consider noncompliance.

A large bolt of lightning blasted into the ground outside the Chamber’s window. The shutters flew open from the suction of wind, and heavy rain began to fall. The courtroom seemed gigantic, and flashes of lightning illuminated the Judge’s handsome features as She walked to close the banging shutters, Her robe parting and appearing as black wings on either side.

“Find the matches!” She yelled to Dagger. Dagger hurried to obey because the darkness of the night was overwhelming, especially considering her predicament. Thinking to herself, “And I wanted to play with the big girls. What is wrong with me?!”

The Judge had caused an awakening in Dag. True, she was no virgin, but there was a need she could not ignore. It had beckoned her time after time, and now was the time to answer the call. She couldn't help herself, she was drawn to the Judge like a moth to the flame. Her inhibitions be damned.

Dagger found a box of matches on a nearby table and she rushed up the stairs to the Judge's bench and handed them over to the tall robed one. The heavy rains outside, the lightning and thunders, the pale lights of the now lit candles fighting the immense darkness in the Judge's courtroom - all was foreboding.

"You've been a naughty little girl, Dagger." The Judge admonished her as she ripped Dagger's cloths off her, leaving the shuddering beauty frozen in her place. Things happened too quickly for Dagger to fathom, but she couldn't will herself to put a stop to it. She realized she trusted the Judge.

The Judge excelled in exposing other people's truths. "Do you know what I do to naughty girls who sniff around My Lady trying to get into her nickers?" the Judge didn't really expect an answer as she effortlessly turned Dagger and with one hand forced her torso down against her high wooden vast desk, her feet dangling above the floor. With the other, the Judge opened her desk drawer and took out her crop. She looked at Dagger's white soft skin. Her lascivious gaze traveled in appreciation down Dagger's beautifully shaped tight ass. That's where the first strike landed extracting a scream out of Dagger's mouth.

"The next two are for fantasizing about humping My Lady like the little bitch in heat that you are!" She informed the squirming woman beneath her as she placed two more strikes on Dagger's reddening ass.

"The next three strikes are because that's what you want." The Judge delivered the three strikes to Dagger's burning flesh seeing the cheeks clench receiving the blows, relishing the sounds the crop made cutting through the air.

The Judge sensed Dagger got all she could withstand. She turned Dagger to face her, her back and shoulders against the desk, it's hard surface hurting her backside, her feet still dangling in midair. The Judge ripped open her silk shirt partially exposing her chest. The Judge rolled down her leather pants. She attached gavel C, the one with the leathered handle, which was given to her by Trisha, to her harness, its head against her own sex.

"I cherish this gavel," She said to Dagger as she gently wiped the silent tears dripping down the sides of Dagger's face. "This is the very gavel I first used on Aria." She revealed and ran her gaze over Dagger's breasts and taut abdomen. "Such perfect areolas and nipples," she murmured almost distracted. "If you close your eyes, my dear, it will almost be like fucking Aria," She said and grabbed Dagger by her ankles in an iron grip and placed her feet one on each of her strong shoulders.

She led the massive shaft into Dagger's wet opening and inserted herself into her. A grunt of pleasure laced with pain escaped Dagger's swollen lips. She desired the Judge inside her more than anything she ever desired in her life. The Judge began slowly grinding into Dagger's sex allowing her to adjust to her shaft, enjoying the sensation of the gavel's head pressing again and again against her own sex.

She could see Dagger's gaze examining her, her strong chest, her slightly uncovered breasts, her strong collarbone. She could tell Dagger was in awe. She knew Dagger was mesmerized by her power. Another lightning cleaved the night's sky accentuating the Judge's chiseled form. She could feel Dagger's sex getting wetter and wider by the moments. She kept driving herself into the welcoming flesh harder and faster, grunting her pleasure, never breaking eye contact with her partner.

"Rub your clit for me," The Judge ordered.

A blush broke onto Dagger's face. She lowered her hand down her body till she reached her hard nub and began almost frantically rubbing her need.

"Pace yourself, sweetness, I'm not done with you yet." The Judge's labored voice ordered her as she rammed herself into Dagger's drenched sex, watching the smaller woman's breasts dancing to the rhythm her fucking dictated.

Feeling her impending climax the Judge released her grip from Dagger's elevated ankles and grabbed hold of her hips, pushing Dagger against her, fucking her even deeper.

"I want you to scream my title when you come, for the entire Lodge to hear, do you understand me?"

Dagger was beyond words at that point so she nodded her reply.

Not being able to hold back any longer, Dagger opened her mouth "YOUR HONOR!!!!!!!!" she screamed her release with all the air she had in her lungs and the Judge came hard soon after riding out the last shivers with Dagger.

The Judge pulled up Dagger into a tight embrace and slumped back into her chair behind her with Dagger still in her arms.

As soon as she caught her breath she kissed Dagger's lips with her own.

"You were everything I knew you would be," the Judge said to the blushed woman in her arms. That made Dagger's chest swell with pride. The Judge not missing the opportunity cupped Dagger's breasts in her palms enjoying the soft mounds and placed another breathtaking kiss, piercing Dagger's lips with her tongue. The smaller woman felt lightheaded as she felt the Judge's tongue in her mouth.

"So were You, Your Honor."


The End - 'Court is Now in Session' - by WarriorJudge & Dagger

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