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Attending the Judge

by Trisha & WarriorJudge
August 22nd, 2007


(Trisha) --

Serdae rode up to the Lodge on a large black and white mare whose relation to Trisha's mare was plain in build and temperament of the animal. Katah was out dealing with family matters. As Katah's family hated those of the royal house, Serdae knew she wasn't wanted. Moments like this always left her feeling…useless.

She entered the Lodge, seeking out Trisha. She asked around until she saw the familiar scowl of Jerre who sat petting a strange looking creature. It opened an eye and hissed at her. Jerre nodded a greeting. "You seen Trisha?"

"She's cooking again. If she doesn't get over whatever it is that is bothering her we'll have to roll around instead of walk." Jerre sighed. "I did ask but she growled at me about it." Jerre shrugged.

Serdae shook her head. Turning, she walked into the kitchen. She frowned. Trisha wasn't cooking. She held a glass of chocolate wine, her eyes frustrated. Serdae entered. "Are you going to share that or sit and brood?"

Trisha jolted, whirled, then ran over to greet her, wrapping her into a hug. "Serdae!" Serdae led her out of the kitchen, deftly grabbing the bottle of wine Trisha had pulled out her stores. She picked up an extra pair of glasses from a cabinet, then settled on a couch.

She felt Trisha settled on the floor. Frowning, Serdae reached down pulling her onto the couch next to her. She studied the bottle, arched a brow. "Laki's wine? How did you get a bottle of this?" The wine maker was one of the best, and her chocolate wine was nearly impossible to find.

"I did her a major favor a while back. She keeps me supplied with the chocolate wine, long as I don't abuse it."

"Ahh…" Serdae poured herself a glass of the wine. She drank appreciatively, then set the glass down. Gently, she pulled Trisha close. She nuzzled up to Serdae, her whole body relaxing. The warrior took her first easy breath since Katah had gone to visit her family for a few weeks then, something hard and tight in her chest loosening.

She savored the feeling of Trisha against her like that for a long moment before saying, "Trisha." She felt her shift so she could see more of Serdae. "Trisha. What bothers you? Tell me and we can kill it together."

"I think I hurt a…friend's feelings." Sensing the change in what Trisha had meant to say, Serdae arched a brow.

"A friend?"

"Ummm…I don't want to…"

Shaking her head, Serdae asked, "The Judge?"

A nod. Trisha sighed. "She entered my room to give me a gift for my birthday. She said she loved me, and then kissed me. And I… thought of it later. I…got all…muddled."

Serdae stilled. Then quietly, "The Judge is taken. Aria has her heart." A nod. "But you feel something for her anyway…Why?"

Trisha sighed. "She's…wonderful." Serdae laughed. "She's got a sense of humor. And she's sweet, in a weird sort of dominating way. And generous."

"Is this the same woman who left that scar on your neck?" A nod, then Trisha froze. She flushed.

"I know baby. You were willing." Gently Serdae touched the spot. It was odd. She fund herself unhappy that Trisha had been marked in any way by someone. But the small shifter gently pressed close to her, eyes closing. She sighed. Trisha was not hers any longer. She should not be jealous over her affection for someone else.

She stroked her arm. "So, why are you upset over hurting her feelings? Surely you can just apologize and get on with life, or allow her to punish you and get on with life, if it is penance you're wanting." Serdae tried to hide the fact that she saw a quick glimpse of Trisha bent over someone's knee. And wanted to kill the Judge for planting those images. She reminded herself firmly that Trisha was free and she already had more lover than she needed.

Trisha winced. "It is more serious than a simple apology can fix, and…" Serdae frowned. "A punishment may set it right but…I want to make it up to her, and I…don't think that's the way." Trisha shook her head.

Serdae grumbled. "What could be that serious?" She met the green gaze. Then, "Oh my god. Did she say three words to you that you didn't return?" A miserable nod. Trisha hung her head, looking for all the world like a lost puppy. Serdae gently ruffled her hair.

"Do you love her?"

Trisha flushed. Serdae watched as a woman slipped closer. The Judge knelt where Trisha couldn't see her. "I care for her. And ahh…want to make her happy. There is a deep, deep affection there…"

"Yes or no question. Stop dancing." Serdae pushed her. Getting Trisha to open up and talk about her feelings was like pulling teeth. No, she thought, pulling teeth was easier. She waited for a reply.

"She's taken."

"Yes or no."

"And way out of my league."

"Yes or No."

Serdae looked at Trisha, and hooked a hand in Trisha's, her eyes encouraging. Trisha nodded. Serdae pretended she didn't see it, a trick left over from when trisha had nearly gone feral and had stopped talking without being prodded. Trisha growled. "Yes, damn my stupid, stupid soul. I love her. Happy now?"


(Trisha and WarriorJudge) --

Trisha came up to the Judge's chambers later, dressed in quick drying clothes. She carried a box containing a container of soap and one of lotion, a small plate with some chocolate covered strawberries on it, along with a bottle of the chocolate wine and a glass. In her pockets were a handful of small candles, matches and a corkscrew.

She entered the rooms, and filled up the tub, checking the water to make sure it was hot, but not overly so. She settled the box next to the tub, setting the wine on it, then the strawberries where the Judge should be able to reach them both easily. She settled soap and washcloth on the edge of the tub. Last she poured a glass of the wine, and lit the candles, holding the glass over one of them to warm the wine so she could release all the flavors.

Finally she called, "Alright…I ummm…Tub's ready."

She knelt as the Judge padded in, her eyes on the floor. She stood up to meet her as the footsteps paused. She greeted her with a hug, not sure if a kiss would be acceptable. A firm hand cupped her chin, and the Judge gave her a quick kiss. Trisha stepped back, blinked to clear her head.

"Someone should bottle your kisses, my Lord. They are so good, it is a pity that so few women receive them. But all the better for us I suppose."

The Judge's chuckle was low and caused a slight melting in Trisha's belly.

"Are you flirting with me, wee one?" the Judge teased raising an eyebrow.

The Judge observed Trisha as she smiled a quick and bashful smile, and reached up to undo the Judge's robes. "Mind you, I'm afraid there are more women than you conceive that experienced my kisses."

Trisha placed the Judge's robes on the stand. She reached the Judge's silk white shirt with her hands and waited for the Judge's approval. The Judge regally nodded her permission and Trisha began attentively and with great awe disrobing the Judge from her clothes, trying as best she could to maintain her focus on the task at hand and not succumbing to the desire that almost overwhelmed her. She hadn't asked to make love to the Judge, though she added that to her Later drawer.

She started to fold the clothes, crossing the room to lay the pile on a stool as the Judge got into the tub. Trisha came back, knelt by the tub, and gently kissed the Judge's hands. "Your hands are beautiful, my lord. They are strong, but also capable of great tenderness. Like you." She washed them. She moved up the woman's body to her well muscled shoulders.

"The alpha of the pack used to tell me that you could tell someone's rank by the way they carry their shoulders. That if they carried them down, slumped like, they were low in rank. You carry your shoulders high, like a queen. It is one of the things that draw me to you." She washed the shoulders quietly, kissing them.

She closed her eyes, and moved as if she was settling into a new position while she reminded herself firmly this was about the Judge. Desire clawed at her, and if she didn't keep herself on a tight leash… well they would both probably enjoy the results, and it would be so easy to just…NO!

She continued working her way down the Judge's body, until she finally moved around to the Judge's back.

She felt the water beginning to cool, just a hair. She was taking too long. She moved, the smooth red hair out of her way, and soaped from the nape and down the Judge's back using long, even strokes until her large tattooed scales along her hard sturdy back was almost completely covered in white lather.

Trisha took her time, commenting, "You are very desirable, my Lord. Not just because of how you look, but because of who you are. I…" She stumbled over the word love until she settled for simply rinsing the Judge's back clean.

She began to wash the Judge's hair last. "Serdae always said that redheads have passion and fire to them, so much so that it spills out onto their hair. It applies to you. I love your passion."

It all became clear to the Judge, the bath, Trisha's flirtatious romantic comments, her somewhat daring outspokenness that seemed too out of character to the quiet, unassuming shape-shifter, her sweet gestures and her attentive caring…The young beautiful woman was smitten with her. She couldn't help but feeling responsible for it. She realized it was her own actions that probably brought on and encouraged all this. She was deeply touched and undeniably flattered and she cared deeply for the woman who's been there for her when she needed, who gave herself so kindly and completely to the Judge, who was the very first in the Lodge to suffer the Judge's brutal, savage desires.

"My dear, when I told you I loved you on your birthday, you do know what I meant to convey to you with that statement, don't you?" She placed a gentle hand on the shape-shifter' s shoulder, her low voice was warm and caressing.

Trisha seemed a little baffled and unprepared for the Judge's words. As if by an instinct Trisha downcast her gaze unable to meet the Judge's eyes. The Judge placed a soft digit under Trisha's chin and lifted up her face.

"Look at me, darling," the Judge almost whispered her request. Trisha finally complied and her striking eyes met the Judge's.

"I wanted to let you know that I adore you as friend, as the gentle generous soul that you are. To tell you that you are extremely important to me and that I deeply care for you and appreciate your presence in my life." The Judge paused. She meticulously considered her words. She couldn't bare the thought she might hurt Trisha's dear heart. "I admit that I desire you sexually as well. But my heart in its entirety belongs to Lady Aria and no other. She is My love, and in my heart there is no room for other such loves to reside. Anything you wish and in my power to give you, is yours. I can offer you companionship, shield, caring and desire but I will not take you as another lover. I don't crave it and Aria wouldn't have it."

Trisha nodded in understanding. She knew the Judge was taken. Everyone in the Lodge knows that.

"Now, would you like to go on attending to me or would you rather call it a night?" the Judge smiled trying to lift up Trisha's mood and cheer her up a bit.

"With your permission, I would like to go on bathing you, my Lord" Trisha said finally.


(Trisha and WarriorJudge) --

Trisha finished up, then let the judge soak as she picked up one of two towels. She quickly dried the Judge's hair part way, then wrapped it into a turban style covering. She picked up the second one, a large fluffy towel that was almost longer than she was. She asked the Judge to stand and step out of the tub. She moved briskly to dry the tall woman off. The Judge closed her eyes and gave in to Trisha's spoiling indulgence.

She used long strokes, chafing the woman dry, resisting the urge to stop and explore. Reminding herself firmly that this was being done to pamper the Judge a little, not for other reasons, she stepped back after she was done. She took a moment to control her breathing which had been ragged for some time. Deep inside she thanked the Judge for being so gentle with her heart.

Trisha picked up the lotion, then gulped. "Ummm…Your Honor. Would you…" The woman slid a finger under Trisha's chin, sliding her gaze up to meet hers. Trisha tried to look away but felt the grip tighten. Her gaze met the Judge's.

The green eyes were yellowed with arousal, and Trisha was sweating with the effort it took for her to control herself. The Judge smiled. "You were asking what now?"

"I was asking something, your…" Trisha made a low noise as she tried to remember. Then slowly, the Judge watching the struggle in her eyes, Trisha nodded. "I wanted to ask if you need any lotion. Ummm…So your skin doesn't dry out, so I umm…thought to bring some lotion to put on you as difficult as that will be because then I'll have to touch you and then I might not be able to stop touching you." Trisha was honest because she had to be.

The Judge smiled then, the smile reaching her eyes and warming them. Trisha answered it with a smile of her own, laughter flashing through her eyes.

"You, my dear, are quite a surprise…I never suspected you could be such an extraordinary temptress."

"I seem to have gotten in over my head." Trisha sighed. "I am sorry. Though you are so…well…You that, I couldn't help it." Her eyes flashed, revealing that the last bit was an intentional add on, meant to make the Judge smile again.

"Absolutely shameless, sweet Trisha," the Judge's chuckle was low and seductive as she lightly shook her head in disbelief. "I envy the woman who would earn your love."

Trisha picked up the lotion bottle, mischief shining in her eyes. "So, about that lotion." The Judge's last statement deeply cherished by her.

"Quickly, girl. You will not use this as an excuse to torture me." Trisha laid a kiss on the Judge's shoulders in response, feeling very bold. She opened the bottle of lotion, requesting that the Judge take a sniff making sure the scent wasn't to pretty for her liking.

Trisha had chosen a scent reminiscent of herbs rather than flowers but had been wary about doing so. She knew how personal scent was to people. She herself favored a tea base to her lotions and soaps, sometimes even using perfume Serdae had once given her of with a very subtle Green Tea and Cucumber scent. The Judge nodded.

Trisha took a generous amount of the lotion, cupping it in her hands to warm it before beginning to apply it to the Judge's back in long even strokes. She worked her way down, hesitating before gathering her nerve and self control to rub a bit into the well muscled rear. She gulped pausing to proceed lower to the Judges legs, her mouth drying as she firmly reminded herself that she would not be initiating sex with the Judge tonight.

The Judge on her part closed her eyes, concentrating on the feel of Trisha's petite hands skillfully kneading her taut body.

Trisha worked the lotion into the Judge's legs, then stood. She kissed her cheek, not quite daring to kiss her lips. "Your Honor…I… Your front?" She quivered a bit, a habit she couldn't quite shake. "I'm not sure I can do it…least not without…But I'll try my best, your honor."

"Absolutely brazen…I like that," the Judge grinned and allowed Trisha the freedom she sought.

She reined in her desire at the regal nod. Trisha reached for the Judge's hand, kissing it gently before beginning to work the lotion into her skin. She worked her way up to woman's arm then over the shoulder, and down. Finally, she gulped, realizing the natural next spot. She looked up at the Judge, taking in the finely chiseled face, and admiring the strength in her.

She realized that the woman had gotten aroused too, and was breathing a hair faster than normal. That helped her, steadied her. She couldn't resist nuzzling the woman's chest before gently cupping one of the breasts. She worked with short circular strokes now, but worked quickly. Trisha suspected that if she took her time here that she would lose her resolve to not ask the Judge to take her. She did the other breast, then moved down gratefully to massage the lotion into the woman's toned stomach.

Finally she finished rubbing lotion into the long fingered hand and stepped back. She knelt at the Judge's feet, capping the lotion battle to indicate that she was done. She quivered, not to certain if she had done this well. Normally, her tending Serdae in the bath only went up to her getting out and Trisha drying her off before the hawk lost patience and ordered her into their bed. What happened next she wasn't certain of.

"You do realize what your actions caused, don't you?" the Judge voice was hoarse by the immense desire that had accumulated in her. Like a lioness she went down on all four, her biceps moving to the rhythm of her crawl till she reached the kneeling Trisha who was mesmerized by the Judge's flexible movements. The Judge proceeded forward forcing Trisha prone back on the bathroom's floor. The Judge positioned herself above the smaller woman's frame. Impatient hand lifted up her skirt exposing her naked sex to the Judge's hungry shimmering eyes.

"You've made it impossible for me at this stage to take my time with you. There will be no slow fondling now and you have no one to blame but yourself," The Judge said as she straddled Trisha's smooth thigh. Trisha was intoxicated, willingly succumbing to the Judge, getting addicted to sensation of the Judge's hard large erection grinding forcefully against her thigh, of the Judge's fingers buried deep inside her heated wet snatch, of the Judge's thumb rubbing her clit so wildly, and the sight of her…her blood red unkempt hair, her famished eyes, her biceps, her breasts her overwhelming, unquenchable lust…The Judge sealed Trisha's gasping mouth with hers, her thick long tongue dominating the smaller woman's wet cavern. The Judge kept penetrating Trisha's sex ruling it, milking it of every ounce of wetness it produced. Trisha grabbed hold of the Judge's shoulders as though for dear life digging her nails into the Judge's muscles. She could feel her climax approaching and she knew there was no force in nature that could stop it.

The Judge kept pumping into her faster and faster, her hips driving her need harder and harder against her flesh, until the first waves of release washed them crying her pleasure into each others mouths. Not long before the first waves had subsided, came along the second and the third waves, forcing them to keep riding the orgasms. Trisha held onto the Judge tightly until her body relaxed. The woman relaxed over her. Finally, she gave her a tremulous smile. "Aria is lucky to have you. And I am lucky to call you friend." She met the Judge's eyes quickly, her own revealing that she was okay with the Judge's earlier words. "Is it alright if I tend you once in a while like this?"

"I insist on it, my sweet," came the Judge's reply.


The End - 'Attending the Judge' - by  Trisha & WarriorJudge

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