Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

With or Without Cream?

by Lady Alison & Shasa
March 2007


(Part 1, Lady Alison) --

Lady Alison glided up the stairs after Shasa, the warrior in no rush, She knew She would find the saucy sailor waiting for Her. She rounded the corner to Her quarters and there, as expected, was Shasa, leaning against the wall nonchalantly. Alison wondered if the woman knew how sexy she could be, even when she wasn't necessarily trying to be, though Alison expected Shasa knew exactly what she was doing at the moment.

"You, follow Me." The Gentle Warrior's tone was quiet but definitely conveyed the idea that refusal was not a wise option.

Through the door of Her room they went, Alison quietly shutting the door behind them before turning Her attention to Shasa. With firm strides the warrior crossed to where the sexy sailor stood, Her dark eyes locked with Shasa's as She closed the distance between them.

"You have teased Me quite long enough, Shasa. Now, you'll not be leaving until I am well and truly satisfied." Alison pulled Shasa in tightly and claimed her lips in a searing kiss that left both of them breathless.

"I suggest if you value those clothes at all you remove them, or I shall do it for you." Alison stepped back to see what the sexy sailor would do.


(Part 2 by Shasa) --

The edges of her mouth crooked only slightly, but Shasa smiled fully with sparkling eyes. She took two slow yet decisive steps backwards, then stopped and raised her hands to her belly. Easily her blouse fell open; exposing what had barely been hidden beneath. Her nipples stood hard and eager for attention. She watched as appreciation flickered across her friends eyes, before sliding her fingers into the band of her leathers.

“Leaving?” she chided softly, “before you’re fulfilled, my Lady?” Long fingers moved lightly, just under the soft leather, absently caressing her own skin. “I pride myself on a ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ policy.” Shasa turned around while bending smoothly at the waist; a nicely rounded rump thrust towards the Lady.

The sailor’s fingers slid to curvaceous hips that began a scarcely perceptible rocking motion which aided in the removal of the tight britches. “I suppose some call it ‘High Standards’, but that’s too refined and vague.“ The pants hit the floor, effectively binding her booted feet together. Half-lidded emerald eyes gazed over a naked shoulder, hitting the Warrior with searing lust. “And, incidentally, the last thing I need is a line of diplomatic lovers.”


(Part 3 by Lady Alison) --

Lady Alison watched as the sailor's sexy body was revealed to Her. She did not miss the blazing in those emerald green eyes either, knowing it reflected the hunger burning in Her own deep brown ones.

When Shasa at last stood naked before Her, Lady Alison allowed Her gaze to take in the full picture. "That is the outfit you were born to wear and if I had My way about it, it would be the only outfit you would ever wear," Lady Alison said softly as She crossed to where Shasa stood.

After placing a very soft kiss on Shasa's sweet lips the Gentle Warrior stepped back and proceeded to do a slow, sensual, strip tease for the wicked sailor. When She was, at last, naked, Alison walked over, picked Shasa up in Her arms and carried her to the bed, eyes burning with desire and need.

"Now I have you just where I want you and believe Me, you will know just how much by the time we are done."


(Part 4 by Shasa) --

The first time she’d ever walked into the Lodge, she’d seen this Lady and fallen completely in lust. Lady Alison’s beauty was undeniable, but her deliberate patience was what drove the slut to insanity. Tonight she seemed different in some way. She seemed almost impulsive, which was contradictory to everything Shasa remembered. Most wouldn’t see her that way, but Shasa was finely tuned to the nuances of people – it was very helpful in her craft. The Gentle Warrior appeared more a warrior; she had a hardening just below the surface that was somehow enhanced – perhaps the slut was in for a surprise. What was beyond conjecture was the fact that Lady Alison was burning with passion.

Shasa was dumped unceremoniously onto the bed, still with booted feet in an unmovable tangle. She grinned as the sexy warrior slid up her body and captured a taut nipple with a snap of her teeth. The sailor balanced herself with one arm behind her, using the other hand to slip behind Alison’s neck and pull her closer. “Hog tying your conquests these days?” Shasa murmured into the warrior’s ear.

Alison laughed lightly and looked up from her ministrations to grace said conquest with an innocent expression. “Why bother with cuffs and clips, if you’re kind enough to truss yourself up for me?” She rolled slightly to the side and glanced down at the immobile feet. “You did such a nice job, too, honey.” The warrior slid back on top of the slut and forced Shasa’s knees apart with her legs. “Access to what I want, with very little fight.” she demonstrated by shoving her fingers deep inside her captive’s cunt.

Shasa gasped at the unexpected invasion, and again at the equally startling withdrawal. Her body convulsed and had no time to recover, when Alison immediately rolled them both over and sat up. The surprised sailor found herself draped across the Lady’s lap, ass being walloped by an energetic arm. She squirmed and yelped when she found she couldn’t move. A low laughter was barely heard over the commotion.

Suddenly it all stopped. Shasa caught her breath and unsuccessfully attempted to turn enough to stare at her captor. The warrior had her firmly pinned. Shasa blinked and tried to clear her thoughts. Even though she’d seen signs of change, she’d still assumed Alison would follow previous patterns of play; now that there was proof that nothing should be assumed, she felt the growing heat of anticipation. She smiled, trusting her instincts and bellowed, “What the hell has gotten in to you, Allie?”

She felt Alison’s hand slide from her heated rump and move into position to access her openings. “Soon you may be wondering what the hell has gotten in to you, dear Shasa.”


(Part 5 by Lady Alison) --

Slowly, Alison slid a couple fingers deeply inside the going no-where sailor and equally as slowly withdrew them, pleased at the evidence of Shasa's need. Perfectly manicured, purple nails lightly trailed over Her captive's heated ass causing her to squirm under the Gentle Warrior's touch. She delivered a couple more firm smacks to each glowing orb, and then rapidly entered the woman across Her lap, burying three fingers deeply inside her heated center.

"I do love the feel of being inside you, soft, so hot and wet. I could do this for hours, My sexy sailor," Lady Alison said, Her thrusting fingers punctuating each thought. Without warning Alison pulled Her fingers from Shasa, who groaned in protest, bringing a wicked smile to the warrior's face. The loss of contact did not last long though as Alison deftly placed Shasa on her back and removed the clothing binding her sexy legs.

"Lucky for you, I have a desire to feel those legs of yours wrapped around Me as I take you. But first..." Alison buried Her head between Shasa's legs pulling a moan of fiery passion from her as She began plunging Her tongue in and out of the sailor's heated center. Alison was in no rush, quite content in fact, to slowly drive the beautiful woman to the brink, enjoying each movement, savoring the sweetness flowing freely from the green eyed vixen.


(Part 6 by Shasa) --

“oooh,” Shasa groaned, “no worries – take your time.” She knew Alison needed no encouragement, and she felt the direction of the evening was marvelously impromptu. The Lady was taking what she wanted, when she wanted it – and the slut was the beneficiary.

She gently undulated against the warrior; absorbing every sensation, indulging in what was now granted. Knowing that it may be taken away – denied to her at any time. Her hands loosely held the mane of hair that dipped and twisted, surged in and retreated from her sex.

She felt her passion rising as Alison ministered to her clitoris; warm lips kissed and suckled while a strong tongue licked her slickness. Her body pushed forward, seeking more of this delicious contact. The warrior moved with the slut, dancing with her partner; altering pressure, pressing forward and easing off.

Hips moved faster. Groans got louder. Hands stopped yanking warrior tresses and moved to knead breasts. Fingers pulled nipples. Bodies glistened.


(Part 7 by Lady Alison) --

Lady Alison was taking great delight in bringing the sexy sailor right to the edge only to back off, time and again. She could tell by the way Shasa was squirming about that the warrior was not the only one enjoying the festivities, and each moan and groan was music to the warrior's ears. Once more Lady Alison guided the smaller woman towards release, savoring the sweetness flowing freely from the feisty female. This time when She stopped, She slid up Shasa's body, wrapped one arm around the woman pulling her in close and kissed her passionately, letting the woman taste her own delicious nectar.

As the kiss continued the warrior drove three fingers deeply into the woman's burning, wet core, moaning into the kiss as She felt Shasa's muscles contract around Her fingers. This was not a time of gentle soft movements, but one of pounding deep strokes whose purpose was to not only take the saucy vixen to the edge but to drive her screaming right over it.

The Gentle Warrior, leaned back so that She could look into the emerald green eyes, those same eyes that had
captivated the warrior the first time She had seen her. "Have you any idea how incredibly beautiful you are at this very moment?" the warrior asked softly as Shasa rapidly approached climax.


(Part 8 by Shasa) --

Shasa’s favorite feeling was building beyond her control, and Alison knew it. Her muscles began to clamp down as an involuntary shuddering began throughout her entire body. Her eyes closed, time and again, although she tried hard to keep looking into the Lady’s deep brown orbs. And though she heard the question asked of her, she had lost the ability to respond.

Her breath came in quick gasps that held a tone not unlike desperation. Still Alison hammered into her pussy, battering her throbbing cunt, knowing the slut loved it. Shasa’s engorged clit made good use of the hardened forearm that pounded against it. Red hair thrashed from side to side; nipples stood taut. Her nails dug in to the Warrior’s biceps, and she surged forward. Shasa’s body arched completely into Alison’s; rigidly stiff as her orgasm hit.

Lady Alison held the slut in a strong arm as a primal scream was barely muffled by her shoulder. Slowing slightly, still she fucked her. Smiling to herself, she felt the outpouring of hot cream on her fingers as Shasa’s ragged breath yielded to another screaming climax. Then leaving the sailor to curl in on herself as she shuddered, Alison slipped away.

Shasa’s senses were starting to come back to her; she felt the dip in the mattress as Alison returned and sat on the edge. Shasa slowly stretched her body and rolled onto her back. Emerald eyes opened to see Alison’s gorgeous smile looking down on her. Shasa returned the look, fully feeling her love for her friend.

A purple nail was brought before her eyes, and it crooked in a rapidly repetitive motion – not an invitation, but a demand for the sailor to move immediately towards the Warrior. Shasa rolled to her stomach and half slid, half crawled towards the Lady. If she’d not been so enamored with the brown bedroom eyes, she’d have noticed the large phallus that awaited her.

When close enough, Alison grabbed Shasa’s head and pulled full lips against her own, immersing them in a deep kiss. As the sailor savored the feel of their tongues together, everything else melted away. Her hip sank to the bed sheets, and her body pressed against her lover’s side. Oh how she longed for a plump nipple to suckle!

Several minutes passed as the kiss passed from gentle exploration to warring for dominance. Shasa yielded to Alison and was rewarded with the firm kneading of her left breast. She groaned into the Warrior’s mouth, and felt liquid heat spill between her legs again.

Alison pulled the slut to the front of her body, managing not to break the kiss. Shasa whimpered slightly as both breasts were now tweaked; one, then the other, and back again. She wanted desperately to touch the Warrior, yet knew instinctively that Alison demanded control at this moment.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a husky voice, “You want to touch me, don’t you?”

“Yes!” Shasa breathed into the mouth that claimed her.

“You want to please me, no matter what it takes, don’t you?” Alison growled before she plunged her tongue into the slut’s mouth.

Shasa sucked passionately for as long as she could before gasping for breath. “Yes!” she cried. “Let me please you, Lady, in any way you wish. You know I’m yours completely this night.”

A very slow smile spread across the features of the Warrior.


(Part 9 by Lady Alison) --

Repositioning them, Alison cupped Shasa's gorgeous ass in both hands and slowly lowered the saucy sailor onto the phallus She wore. Alison enjoyed having the wicked vixen straddling Her, access was granted to all sorts of wonderful places. As Shasa slowly rode the large cock, Lady Alison helped Herself to two very hard nipples, rubbing and rolling them between Her fingers, then taking them one then the other in Her warm, wet mouth.

Over and over She teased Shasa's nipples, loving the delicious sounds coming from her as they moved together. Once more the Gentle Warrior claimed Shasa's lips passionately as She raked both sets of nails down Shasa's back, not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough that the wench definitely felt it.

Lady Alison wrapped Her arms tightly around Shasa as their movements grew in urgency. Without warning the
warrior rolled so Shasa was on the bottom, looking up into the now almost black eyes of Alison. The Gentle
Warrior pulled almost all the way out of Shasa, driving back in forcefully and grinding slowly against the sailor's mound, the pressure on Her own clit bringing a moan from the warrior.

As they began once more moving together, in a rhythm as old as time, Lady Alison offered a hard nipple to
the sexy sailor...She did not have to offer it twice.


(Part 10 by Shasa) --

Shasa delighted in the offering given to her; she greedily sucked and lightly bit the taut bud before her. Thrusting her hips more forcefully under the warrior, she mutely asked for more. Alison was more than happy to oblige.

Bodies slapped and slid together. Shasa began to feel her body tense and arch under the pounding of the fuck, and the grinding of her clit. She gave herself over to another fast approaching orgasm. Releasing Alison’s nipples, she held on tightly as it roiled up within her; she lost control and roared in climax.

Shuddering, she fell back to the mattress, and pulled Alison into a searing kiss. Aftershocks kept interrupting them, as Shasa would gasp or clench on the cock still moving slowly within her. They continued building slowly, kissing lightly, and making love until both moaned in unison and felt everything as one: every touch, every spasm, and every throb. Alison felt her own climax approach, grinding mounds together, and her aching clit rubbing against the sluts. She held tight and felt the slut squeezing her cock, fucking her as much as she was being fucked; undulating against her, urging her on, begging her to cum while inside her. Shasa wanted to feel her cock spasm and thrust beyond her control. The slut held her ass cheeks, squeezing them hard, digging her nails into them. “Please Alison,” she moaned between kisses, “spill your juice over my clit!”


(Part 11 by Lady Alison) --

Shasa's nails gripping Her ass was enough to send Lady Alison crashing over the edge, driving hard into the saucy sailor as Her own body spasmed and trembled. The Gentle Warrior roughly claimed Shasa's sweet lips again and forced the woman to swallow the warrior's cry of release.

For several moments Alison did not move, could not move except to kiss Shasa over and over as aftershocks worked their way thru both women. Slowly, Alison pulled from Shasa, removed the harness and pulled the sailor close, wrapping Her arms tenderly around Her much loved friend.

Lying there, with Shasa in Her arms, the Gentle Warrior was quite content. "I do hope you know that I love you, sailor, but I still expect coffee in the morning," Alison said with a sated smile before placing a very soft kiss upon Shasa's lips.


(Final words by Shasa) --

The slut grinned impishly, “With or without cream?”


The End - 'With or Without Cream' - by Lady Alison & Shasa

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