Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Just a Little Exercise

by Shasa, Astral & the Kindred Lodgers


DISCLAIMERS: Xena, Gabrielle, et. al. belong to MCA/Universal/Renaissance. This is a not-for profit fan fiction. No copyright infringement is intended.

(1: by Shasa) --

Shasa finished her stretches, moved quickly across the room, and pulled on a pair of warm moccasins she had toasting by the fire. Stifling a yawn, she tied her hair back with a strip of leather, and gave herself the once over to be sure she had been awake enough to fully dress. Soft deerskin covered every bit of her. Satisfied, she ran down the stairs and braced herself for the cold she knew would hit her, as she yanked open the door.

Colder than a witch’s tit would be an accurate statement – at least when compared to a warm bed with a favorite lover. A recent memory flashed through her mind, spreading heat from her belly, through her veins, and culminating in a general all-around flush. Shasa grinned as she pulled on her thin leather gloves, bounced a couple times to settle her shoes, and took off at a slow pace.

She loved this time she spent nearly every day; a long run in familiar woods, as Apollo was just beginning to consider peeking over the horizon. The darkness lent a feeling of peace, and her four-legged companion wasn’t the chatty type, so she often used the time to just zone out and meditate.

She found herself wondering if she could run blindfolded, as she often didn’t consciously remember the path she’d run anyway. But she always ended up back at the Lodge on the same path at the same time, so she figured she had a subconscious map. And though Meika always left the Lodge by her side, she never returned with her, lending the ex-sailor to believe that either the yellow dog had a lover or was chasing breakfast.

Shasa smiled at the bright moon above, and began her trance-like journey through the trees. Her breath led the way as short bursts of steam, followed closely by a very happy human and dog. Moonlight provided ample sight of the narrow path, and she soon fell into a steady rhythm.

The darkness around her held no anxiety; she was sure of her fighting skill, and even more confident of her ability to outrun a foe. Shasa wasn’t arrogant regarding these things, but was instead self-assured through many years of experience. And though she’d had her share of lost fights, bad beatings and forced sex, she had survived. She’d grown stronger, both in fighting skill, confidence and emotion.

She’d been running for nearly half candlemark when an unusual noise invaded her consciousness. She glanced around, noting the pre-dawn light, and her apparent solitude. Trusting her instincts, she changed pace to a dead run. After a couple minutes, she began to chide her silliness; nothing had happened, and all was once again as it should be.

Shasa rounded a large oak, which marked her halfway point, when all her internal alarms went off at once. There stood a beautiful woman with nearly white skin, dressed completely in black, with long silky hair to match. Shasa skidded to a halt. Though she knew she should run on, as quickly as possible, she couldn’t. The lone stranger was unarmed, and smiled at her. Something about her was completely enchanting, and Shasa found herself mesmerized.

They simply stared, appraising one another, and liking what they saw. Both were blessed with beauty, and both exuded confident sensuality. The stranger moved in the night, as the slut knew she moved with her chosen bedmates – her prey. Slow, sultry, and delicious. The woman’s eyes never left her own, and Shasa felt herself drawn to her.

They circled one another in an intense dance of sexual power that few knew the steps to. They moved as one, hunting beasts sniffing one another in the light of the moon, knowing not if they were friend or foe. Feeding on another being, an intimate game they needed in order to survive.

Shasa smiled back and reached out slowly to a face only an arms length away. The stranger took the offered hand and pulled her against her own luscious body. Shasa’s eyes closed as fingertips traced over her brow and down her long neck. She found herself moaning as the fingers followed her clavicle and ended at the hollow of her throat. A rich voice purred in her ear, and lips began to kiss the path that fingers had just traversed.

As the light of Apollo shone fully on the new day, Shasa blinked her eyes and groaned at the harshness of the sun. She was very cold, and felt as if she’d drunk an entire bottle of whisky. She tentatively moved stiff arms and felt for injuries, but she couldn’t think clearly enough to tell what was wrong. Her fingers trembled, and she turned her head to a blazing pain.

Shasa fell back in the snow. Her tattered shirt was now useless against the cold of an early winter morn, and her leggings were soaking wet. The Lodge slut mumbled a barely coherent prayer to anyone listening, and submitted gratefully to unconsciousness.


(2: by Astral) --

Astral as usual was up before dawn to collect the herbs and fungi she needed to practice for her ‘Potions and Unguents’ re-sit exam later that year. She always enjoyed the stillness and quality of light at this time of day, but this particular morning was very cold with the new layer of snow dusting all the forest greenery.

Deciding enough was enough, and she wasn’t really going to find her required ingredients under several inches of snow, she turned back for the Lodge. Ambling along the path she came into a shaded dell, her footsteps slowing but never stopping, she could sense the residue of something preternatural and predatory. The hairs on the back of her neck rose and her breath quickened. Much to her relief, instinct told her that the creature had mercifully passed and was not lurking nearby. Nevertheless, she wisely scuttled through the copse, and was glad to emerge at the other end by the big oak where the path grew stronger and the trees thinned out enough to allow the early light of dawn to trickle through.

Continuing with a firmer step and a happier heart she had hardly gone several meters when she saw a body sprawled across the track. Hesitantly she approached with great trepidation. “What an unsettling morning this has turned out to be,” she thought to herself.

Edging closer to the tattered heap of humanity, a recognizable outline began to emerge. With further confidence, she finally stood over the torn, bloody and unconscious body of Shasa Jin Umi. “Drunken slut!” Astral cursed angrily. She had been genuinely afraid she had found a victim of the earlier evil she had sensed. Instead it turned out to be the slattern sailor, no doubt inebriated out of her meager wits, and by the looks of her half nakedness, returning from a night on the tiles of Horny Town!

Snorting her disgust, she stepped over the pathetic bundle and was happy to continue on her way with her moral superiority for company, when a fresh flurry of snow descended and tickled her nose. Smiling in delight at the childish experience, her face soon creased into a frown. Glancing back, she noted the same fine layer drift across the slumbering sailor. If Astral left her out here in this condition in the increasing snowfall, dear knows what would happen to the tramp. Much as she didn’t like the bawdy strumpet, she had no wish to see her freeze to death out here in the wilds. Sighing, Astral decided she had better be charitable and do the right thing; after all, she was by far the better person. Mind you, where Shasa was concerned, an over-sexed raccoon was probably a better person too!

Returning to the body curled up on the hard frozen ground, she poked it with her toe.

“Wake up you shambolic pile of slush! You’re blocking the pathway!” No response bar the shallow breathing. She kicked a little harder. “Com’on, the snows getting heavier. Wake up you randy trollop!”

The snow fall was increasing rapidly, and Astral would have been more than halfway home now but for this unwelcome interlude. She was getting very angry with the kink the sailor had put into her morning routine. One more good prod with her toe, and a corresponding hollow moan, told her she was getting nowhere.

Sighing heavily, Astral knelt and half-pulled, half-dragged the sailor, propping her up against her shoulder. She was way too heavy for Astral to manhandle any further. “How come you can bend over backwards for a dildo, but for me you’re as stiff as a plank?”

The options were either to leave Shasa here and go get help – but the conditions were arguing against that – or to use her magic and astral project them quickly back to the Lodge…


(3 by Astral) --

Astral projection is a matter of mathematics combined with wizardry. It is a complicated formula of Time x Distance x Speed, and then a sprinkling of magic dust. Astral had no dust and was rubbish at math, hence the “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” that echoed through the corridors of the Lodge’s upper east wing.

The prolonged and terrified scream increased in decibels and proximity until Astral and her cargo came crashing through the ether, to materialize just several feet above the floor. Fortunately for them both they crashed in a flurry of pillows and eiderdown, onto a very soft bed. Fortunately for its owner, it was vacant.

Lying breathless for a moment, Astral quickly glanced around as she gathered her wits and counted her blessings. Shasa lay beside her, still cradled in her arms, and still out for the count. “Ye gods but she must have had a belly full!”

Astral barely had time to register the half naked woman entangled around her own splayed limbs, so anxious was she that the current resident may return and see the explosion that once was a bed. Her eyes, growing accustomed to the pre-dawn gloom, scanned the bedroom for clues to its owner. A small ink-stained desk was strewn with scrolls and quill, muddy riding boots and a sword and scabbard lay across a chair, a half eaten chicken sat forgotten on the window sill along with an empty ale tankard…discarded underwear in a heap in the corner…

‘Urrgh’, groaned Astral, it was Oisin’s room. She now recognized the fuggy cologne the Bard marinated in most mornings. She was obviously out on a furtive rendezvous, and a good thing too or else she’d have been flat as a pancake beneath them! The wizard snorted gleefully at the thought of Oisin’s near miss.

Turning her head, Astral found herself nose to breast with the unconscious sailor – nose to bare breast. Shasa’s clothing was so shredded ribbons would have covered her better. But at least her skin had taken on a better color, and was already several degrees warmer.

Swallowing hard as she gazed levelly at a very proud and prominent nipple, Astral carefully extracted herself. Half sitting up, she allowed her eyes to slowly wander across the beautiful body draped beside her. It seemed as if every rip and tear was artfully arranged to expose the more delightful aspects of Shasa’s body. Her creamy breasts peeked out from the stained rags – each topped with a quivering tip of succulent delight. Astral straightened her back in confusion; she had actually found herself hovering over a hardened nub, as if magnetically drawn.

Her mouth flooded with moisture; her tongue subconsciously lapping, as if already tasting the cool soft flesh of Shasa’s firm, full breasts. What kind of magic was this? Had she been enchanted? She didn’t even like the saucy sailor! Not from the first moment they’d met and she’d seen the Beast pin her to the wall, ramming into her hard and full as she writhed and arched that beautiful back trying to open wider, take more…

GOOD GRIEF!! What was happening to her mind!!!

Astral tore her eyes away from the tempting tits, only for them to disobediently slide down a flat, well-toned belly, to a little oasis of a navel. Here the deep shadowy nook was rimmed with just the most delicious swell of nibble-some flesh, a soft little undulation that seemed to beg for small nips and kisses, before a thick lazy tongue would dip in and lick that sensitive little button that connected to the core and sent the clitoris pulsing…

What! Astral started in surprise, she was doing it again! She was ogling the sailor while she had the chance, and imagining all the things...No, No, NO! This was not happening...No Way!

Forcibly sliding herself to the edge of the bed Astral sat there a moment in complete confusion. Her pussy was throbbing with a mind of its own...the mind that seemed to be guiding all Astral’s thoughts for the moment! Her head felt light, and her mouth was practically drooling as if she was starving. Heartbeat up, stomach in knots…all her body’s telltales of desire were screaming at her. It was all too much… she had to get away…

Staggering off the bed and onto her feet, one foot trod directly into a small open leather carry case, and crashed through the assortment of objects it held. “Gods, Oisin, you’re such a slob!” she moaned as she bent to extract her foot. She held the case in her hands, looking at the contents with utter disgust and fascination. It was Oisin’s toy box!

“Eewww! Yuck! And it’s sticky!” she mewled even as her eager eyes took everything in. At that moment a deep, happy sigh from the bed drew her attention back to the sailor. Shasa had moaned and shifted, her legs fell open, and her tattered breeches slipped aside, revealing her soft pink sex.

Astrals eyes widened; her heart rate soared as raw desire shot through her body like a thunder bolt. She gazed transfixed at the mons exposed innocently before her. The sailors normally shaved cunt was being allowed to grow back (probably at the request of a suitor); the short dark fuzziness framed delicious pink lips that glistened with pearls of inner contentment.

Whatever decadence the moaning sailor was dreaming of, the physical evidence beaded before Astral’s dilated eyes. Already she could imagine the scratch of the sailors fine fuzz against her cheek, her upper lip, her…oh gods…her lower belly and own sex as she nestled between those strong, taut thighs…her hand squeezed convulsively around the shaft of Oisin’s favorite Big Dipper…

Astral was lost. She put it down to magic and enchantment and...and… probably more magic. She didn’t know what the drunken sailor had been meddling with the night before, but the essence of it was driving Astral mad! If she sat long enough just looking at her, she knew her hands would start playing with herself. She was totally under the spell of the harlot’s body.

There was no other way out of this, than to let it run its course through her own body. And why should she suffer alone? This was all the stupid horny beautiful sailors fault! It was because of her Astral was in such a state of need. But never ever would she admit it to the ignorant, arrogant woman lying half-naked and senseless before her. Even in her state of unconsciousness, Shasa managed to tease her beyond all reason.

On hands and knees, Astral slowly crawled back across the rumpled bed towards the sailor, carefully bringing Oisin’s bag of tricks with her.


(4 by Astral) --

Kneeling between the sailor’s relaxed splayed legs, Astral’s gaze roamed freely on the lusciousness laid out before her. Her breath hitched as her eyes locked compulsively on the rise and fall of the other’s settled breathing. Those breasts were magnificent; their tightened tips pushing eagerly out from the shredded garment. Astral’s mouth watered; even in a drunken stupor, the sailor’s sexual allure was potent.

Pushing forward, knees between the sailor’s thighs, shaking hands placed on either side of the recumbent form, Astral hovered over Shasa on all fours. A quick glance at the blissfully sleeping face above, and the young wizard tentatively lowered her lips to a pert nipple. No sooner had her lips gently grazed its ridges, than her mouth opened to pull it fully in and begin a sound, deep suckling. She reveled in the springy texture, the scent of Shasa’s soft breast filling her senses, the amazing pleasure she received from simply sucking on this small morsel of flesh.

A trembling hand came up to cup the other tit, and to automatically knead and caress the rich fullness. Her teeth nipped the elongated bud as her tongue lavished it with long, firm strokes. When she had liberally washed the rippled surface, she clasped her lips firmly around the tight tip and gently pulled back, until it escaped with a wet and satisfying plop. Then she would swoop on it again, drawing it back into her hot mouth for another servicing by her tongue. Sometimes soft and sweet – almost worshipping – she would lap it gently. But more and more frequently, she would thrash and flick the little bundle of nerves, as if to punish the pert little nipple for the power it held over her.

Her other hand squeezed and flattened the soft tissue under her fingers, the heart of her palm gently scratching across the hardened point that seemed to nudge at her for more and more attention. This she gave it with pinches and tight twists, her fingertips flicked it almost contemptuously. Harshly she pulled on it and provoked it to lengthen, even as she hotly chewed on its companion.

Her reward was the deep moans that seeped from the sailors’ throat, and the slightest of undulations from the hips lying under her raised ass. Still on all fours, the only point of contact between their bodies was Shasa’s well serviced breasts. Raising her head to gaze on the glistening plump nipple that had just slid lazily from her lips, Astral was amazed that it seemed longer and stronger.

Gods, I could work on her tits forever and double her teat length. I could turn them into dangerous pointed weapons! Hell, I could just feast on them all day. Chew them to bits, and then lick them back up to attention again…mmmmm.

Her groan was matched by one from Shasa, as the sailor squirmed under her. Astral growled like an animal and lunged onto the second nipple, much rougher this time, as her understanding grew with the sailor’s responses. Now Astral seemed to be reacting to the moans and undulations of the body below; she wanted to extract more and more of those delicious sounds. She was beginning to understand the joy of being the Top.

As she suckled, she contemplated how much she liked these tits standing stiff for her. She loved pouring sensation into the supine sailor through these glorious mounds of flesh with their hardened peaks. She didn’t want to let them go, but another part of her (the throbbing sodden part between her legs) was demanding other explorations. Lifting her head from a breast, but still roughly kneading with the other one, she rummaged in the leather case until she found what she wanted.

She pulled the small chain out, fumbling a little, unfamiliar with the mechanism. “I never thought I’d say this, but ‘Bless you Oisin!’ Bless you and your dirty, twisted mind!” With that thought, she quickly sorted out the clips; leaning onto each breast in turn, she nipped and squeezed each lazy nipple to attention before clamping each little point tightly.

Shasa arched her back luxuriously at the sudden pinched heat, a deep guttural sound rumbled from her throat. Tits properly enslaved, Astral gave a little tug to the chain and drew out a further moan. She smiled a glint of evil at the back of her eye. She snapped the chain again, another moan. She loved the control. Another flick and this time she moaned too, a fresh flood filled her cunt. She’d mastered them…she mastered the slut’s tits; she could ride them now with the merest flick of this little chain.

Good, she had other places to discover and conquer. Silently she ran her tongue down the quivering belly towards her next objective.


(5 by Shasa) --

You are beautiful, truly, but it isn’t your beauty that mesmerizes. There’s something about you. It’s in the way you move.

You call to me without making a sound. Your eyes pull me to you, like the proverbial moth to flame. You are like me: powerful. Capturing prey by making them want to dance right into the trap. Should I be cautious with you, my lady of the night?

But why, when her kisses taste so sweet, and her fingers play me beautifully? Her touch lights a fire beneath my skin. Her fingertips raise gooseflesh, and I cannot help but respond. She brings moans out of me that catch me unaware. What is this power?

Mmmm, how do you know just what I want? I think something, and your lips are magically there to fulfill my desires. Oh, I don’t know, and I don’t care! You stir my deepest lusts.

Yes, right there, my love. Oh, yes, suck my tits! I can’t help the hunger it builds in me. The heat shoots to my clit, the welling liquid in my pussy. I throb in urgent need of you.

Oh, gods yes! Bite my neck and claw at my breasts! I can’t help my frantic demands for more! I writhe in your arms because you drive me to desperation. I need you to hurt me, to use me!

Ooooo, yes, I feel your teeth sinking into my flesh. Thank you, may I have more, please? Mmm god, the hot pain rips through me, igniting my core.

I can’t help thrusting towards you. You will fuck me? Oh please? You’ll possess me completely? You must take all of me…I never want to leave you… Yes, that’s it, oh yes, run your tongue down … just a bit further…

Shasa’s head thrashed from side to side, as if in a feverish trance. Then once again she settled, a quiet mewling changing quickly to lusty moans. Hips undulated boldly, begging for pleasurable release.


(6 by Astral) --

The sailors’ shaven fuzz was as scratchy as Astral had imagined. She couldn’t resist grazing her chin across it repeatedly as her nostrils flared and she drank in the musky scent. It made her mouth salivate; it made her carnivorous.

Her hands slid under beautiful rounded buttocks and she dug her nails in cruelly, so heightened was her excitement. Tilting the ass slightly, she leveled the pink and pearl slit with her face, again inhaling the sailor’s secret scent. She growled deep in her throat; this was going to be so easy, and so delectably delicious. This was the secret centre where the Beast had rammed until the slut was senseless, where gods-knew who or what else had ground out a release. She would totally bet on Oisin having had some of this…hell, you could probably get some of this at the local deli! Served up with a garnish. And now it was her turn…she was going to take this for herself…she deserved it after all the disrespect the sailor had heaped upon her!

This moist, quivering cunt was a gateway to someplace Astral had never been, and it angered her that she knew so little about sex, about her own body, about what was needed to make this body surrender with raw desire at her touch. But the scent, the scent made her feral and hungry.

Gazing up the lean length sprawled before her, she saw the clipped twin peaks of the generous breasts, the belly rolling and undulating as the hips squirmed inches from her nose. The sailor was ready, her body was begging, and wanting and waiting…and Astral to her shame wasn’t sure what to do.

Her own breath hitched and she blew a long hot puff of air along the sailors crack. A whimper from above gave her courage; she blew again, the legs splayed even farther. She watched in fascination as the petaled lips pulled gently apart, glistening with the dew that poured from inside. Right before her eyes, Shasa opened up for her; the invitation of her sex was irresistible. It said, Take me please take me.

Astral plunged a tongue into the sopping crack, and slowly stroked up to the engorged clitoris. She scooped the sailors’ saltiness, and dragged along the crevices and frothy lips. A beautiful sigh reached her ears as they were freed from the thighs that cupped them. Encouraged by the sound she dove in again, following the same path, only this time slower using her whole flattened tongue. She repeated it again and again, quicker and quicker; addicted to the flavors, seduced by the texture. Lapping like an animal.

Encouraged, she began to swirl the tip of her tongue around every crevice, every fold – searching for another morsel of salty moisture, determined to devour this woman alive. Her head swilled between the spread legs, her nose constantly tipping against the swollen clit, each nudge pulling a moan of agonized lust from the sailor. Hearing the warning cries, she withdrew from touching the clitoris at all; it glistened and quivered and tried to woo her back, a pulsing little pearl peeking out at her. But she was in no mood to give the sailor release – not yet. Not until she had fully sated her own curiosity and pounding desire. She blew on the little nubbin and promised to return and claim it – only much, much later.

Pulling the crumpled pink lips into her own, she suckled and stroked even as grinding hips tried to push down on her mouth and cheat their way to orgasm. She accepted the pressure, not afraid to suck harder and grind her teeth back into the tender flesh. A hiss of pained pleasure told her she had discovered another rite of passage, the seduction of pain. Continuing to gorge on the soft folds now, she willfully nipped and nibbled and was rewarded with a fresh flood of liquid desire straight into her mouth. Detecting the faintest trace of blood from the bedraggled lips, she massaged them with the flat of her tongue again, all the time gauging her success from the mewling above.

Certain she had assuaged the earlier pain from the tiny nicks and cuts her teeth had scattered over Shasa’s soft cunt, she began to thrust as deeply into the salty hole as she could reach. Again the texture maddened her. Pointing her tongue, she speared the writhing beast until she tired too quickly. But now her concentration was placed solely on the mysteries of this hole. She ached to enter it, to own it.

Sweat covered both their bodies. Sitting back onto her knees, Astral quickly shrugged out of her clothing. The sailor may as well have been naked, her torn attire beyond all hope of repair.

Gazing down at the panting body opened before her, Astral reached blindly into the bag of wonders and drew out a neat, snug dick of respectable length and burly rotundity. Conveniently, it already had its harness attached. Astral smiled and licked her glistening lips.


(7 by Shasa) --

Your nails bite into my ass, and I cannot help but hold my breath as I waitplease, oh please! You can’t be so cruel as to leave me wanting – not now, not after all you’ve taken from me… I … I can’t remember what it is you wanted – what it is you took… is it even important to remember?

OH! Yes, right there, please! Yes! mmmm, oh yes, give me all of your tongue, Dark Lady. Lick every bit of me, but please suck me off. For gods’ sake, don’t just tease me! Nooo, don’t neglect my clit, Mistress, please! I’ll do anything you ask, I’ll give you more!

Shasa panted and groaned in frustration; her fingers grabbed handfuls of sheets. The poor slut’s clit throbbed so badly, she felt hot tears begin to flow. Her hungry cunt bore down to no avail in search of much needed relief.

You must hate me to torment me so. What have I done to you? What can I do to please you? Ooooo! gods that hurts! No don’t stop, please! I like it; bite me, chew me, wound me, whatever pleases you – just don’t stop… please don’t stop. I need to cum so badly; this is agony.

Yes, lick me again…it soothes the pain your teeth inflicted. That was it! What you wanted before – biting me, it brought you great pleasure… I remember feeling light and wonderful as you held me tight, stroking my clit and pinching my nipples. You made me cum again and again. Oh, fuck! the ache is more than I can bear! Make me cum again! Why won’t you make me cum again!??

Uuuuughhhgawd, fuck! My hole is on fire and your skewering tongue only stokes it further. My cunt needs more, it’s excruciatingly empty – please I’m begging you! I feel my cunt gaping wide for you, my juices dripping down my crack, I’m so ready to be filled! FUCK me! Goddamn it! PLEASE!

Shasa screamed and cried within, desperation taking firm hold. She could feel the desire pouring off her lover, yet there was a timidity that didn’t correspond with the woman of the night. It further confused her intolerably clouded head. So distressed, she continued to do the only thing she could do – though it seemed futile… she pleaded through her tears, begging for the Lady of the Night to take pity on her…

Fill me up and fuck me hard. Please! I’ll do anything, anything at all. You know I will. I’m begging you… please have mercy on me… please fuck me.


(8 by Astral) --

The bulbous head teasingly nudged the folds of the sailor’s cunt, poised for the plunge but obediently still as Astral gazed down full of power and wonder. Long legs now encircled her waist as she knelt before Shasa’s prone body. The butt of the protruding phallus fitted snugly against her mons, its head already lubricated from Shasa’s juices. Above her the sailors moans and squirms flushed Astrals body with a heady heat.

“How does she even know it’s there ready to skewer her? She must have some sort of sex radar.” Astral was enthralled. Gently easing her hips forward she was amazed as the length slipped easily inside drawing a satisfied sigh from the sailor. The rhythm came so naturally to her as she pulled back and surged forward over and over again, utilizing the entire shaft in a graceful fluid motion. She increased her momentum and was rewarded with gasping groans, her own hips pumped mercilessly as her excitement grew.

She loved this, why had she not known about it before? Why did she have to find out all these glorious sensations with this drunken slattern? At the same time she understood with no uncertain jealousy the queue that formed for the slutty sailor’s attentions, she was gorgeous; so sexy, so sure of herself, so turned on even in her stupor. Astral grunted with lust and drew Shasa’s knees up to her shoulders changing the angle of penetration. Another series of deep moans spurred her on as she plunged the thick phallus in up to its hilt. Rising to her own knees she began to swirl and grind increasing the feeling of fullness, wanting to make the sailor feel brimful.

Leaning forward she grasped the chain between the nipple clamps and gave it a casual flick. Shasa arched under the sharp sensation and Astral felt her own excitement notch up another gear. She could feel the muscles in the sailors sheath begin the clamp and clasp firmly onto the sliding phallus, she knew Shasa was close. She was nearly exploding herself, shining with sweat from her efforts, heart thumping like a Derby winner.

Her inexperience couldn’t hold Shasa on the edge; they flew over it together spinning through space, free falling into bliss. At the last minute some innate knowledge buried in Astrals psyche caused her to splay the sailor’s legs to arms length, this new position allowed the last of her lunges to pour deeper into Shasa’s cunt fucking her fully and hard. Shasa bucked her hips sucked into another tumultuous orgasm right on top of the last one.

Spent Astral fell forward across Shasa, her cheek resting on a heaving breast bone. They lay entangled for some minutes until the wizard finally gathered her breathing and her wits into some sense of order. Slowly withdrawing the shaft much to the whimpering chagrin of her host she quickly returned all Oisin’s playthings, dildo and clamps to the carryall.

Crawling off the bed she wearily dragged on her clothes. Lust spent she now began to contemplate just what the hell she had done. What had come over her, she could barely speak to the slut any other time yet here she was having thoroughly fucked her? Astral smiled…it had been good. Even though she’s very little experience to go on she knew she had been in the presence, if not the consciousness, of a true master of the art form.

Fully dressed now she stood and silently gazed down at the half naked and fully replete sailor, “You’re filthy and you’re gorgeous Shasa Jin Umi, and I still don’t like you. You’re a wanton hedonistic tramp.”

She turned and headed for the door, her last words barely heard over the slam, “And if I ever find you liquored up again I’d still fuck you senseless.”


(9 by Shasa) --

Her burning passions were satiated; the Lady had finally brought her the crashing orgasms she needed so desperately. Now the heat of her lover was gone, and emptiness overwhelmed her psyche. Shasa groaned, moving her hands to her pounding head.

Finding it still firmly attached, she tried to open her eyes. Blinding rays knifed her eyeballs, making her feel as if her skull was simply a fancy sheath for Rider’s favorite ten inch blade. She squinted – just barely opening them to see the outline of objects in her path – and she tried to get her bearings.

Last she remembered she was in the woods on her daily run – then she met the mysterious stranger and had an amazing morning of varied sexual pleasures. Now it appeared she was in someone’s room at the Lodge, but how she got here was a complete blank. And clear thinking was not on the breakfast menu.

Shasa put all her efforts into standing, and had to settle for stumbling from one unmoving object to another. Her head raged, and she struggled not to vomit. What was wrong with her?

The slut slammed against the wall, and slid on wobbly legs towards the heavy wooden door. Once there, she moved weighted arms and pulled with all her might. It didn’t budge. Shasa leaned against the knotted pine feeling a despondency that wasn’t characteristic. Suddenly she realized she hadn’t lifted the latch, and feeling like a drunken fool, she tried once again with better results.

The cool air of the hall assaulted her, and she felt her body stiffen. She didn’t know what was amiss, but knew deep down that she needed to find help, and she must keep moving. Shasa dragged herself along the wall, with head down and eyes mercifully closed.

She felt like she’d walked miles, yet knew it was likely only a few feet. Hearing a familiar voice, she forced her muddled mind to place its owner. She tried to call out, yet was unsure if she had, or if she was mute. Exhaustion overwhelmed her, and she began to slide boneless to the floor. Strong arms grabbed her as the darkness closed in.


(10 by Lady Aria) --

Behind her heavy mahogany door Aria resembled something of a caged tiger as she paced the floor. Her satin slippers had already covered every inch of the Aubusson rug she had picked up for a song in that shop after seducing that Parisian girl half out of her mind.

The Lady knew she needed to shake this mood off . . . she had been on the edge for a couple of days now and she was growing tired of the emotional albatross around her neck. Nothing had been right for days, her room was too small, she had nothing to wear, her bed no longer provided a good night sleep . . . she needed a new book, she was restless, the Lodge was too quiet, the Lodge was too loud. The Lady simply could not get out of her own way. Even sitting before her famed box of jewelry did not banish her bad mood on this day. Normally handling a lifetime of collected jewels brought her calmness and relief, but on this day she could not see the beauty, only the memories of lost loves and ill-fated affairs.

Slamming the top of the box down she thought, maybe a hot bath with some calming oils might help. Reaching for the indigo bottles filled with fragrant oils, Aria selected one she purchased from a perfumery in India during that wild fling with the Princess Lahari. The Lady opened the bottle marked "India 4/24" and released both the scent and the memories of wild nights of incredible passion -explored in a far away land with an exotic woman. At the last minute grabbing for her shawl instead of her robe, the Lady opted for a walk instead.

Heading down the torch lit hall, Aria spied Shasa. "Oh Christ, Shasa." the Lady hissed upon seeing the Lodge’s resident bad girl leaning against the wall. "One might wonder whose job it was to hold up that wall yesterday." Aria said not bothering to hide the sarcasm.

Strangely, Shasa was uncharacteristically quiet, there was no snappy come back, no razor sharp retort. That in itself was enough to bring Aria to a slower pace. As she advanced, other things seemed odd as well.

"Shasa, if you are hung over dear, don’t you think you should spare your S/sisters the drama and deal with this privately in your room?"

"Shasa! Hello?  Are you ignoring me?" the Lady asked, thinking today would not be the day to challenge her.

"Fine . . . I have better things to do than to –”

"Ariaaaaaaaaa...” Shasa said weakly as her knees began to buckle.

"Fuck Shasa, this is the wrong day for this nonsense."

"Aria, please, I need you" she said on her way down.

"Oh God Girl, what the hell?" Aria said as she raced the six feet between them to get to Shasa before she hit the floor. Scooping her friend up and hoisting her into her arms, Aria struggled but managed to get Shasa into a nearby chair.

"Please help me" was the last thing the salacious slut said as she drifted out of consciousness.


(11 by Shasa) --

Shasa’s awareness came slowly. A lovely scent was lingering, and she felt warm and safe. A smile spread as she heard the one she loved to hate, her dear friend Aria, muttering and sniping. The slut opened her eyes tentatively, unsure why she expected the act to be painful.

“You look like shit, Shasa.” Aria sat on a stool looking down at her, concern warring with annoyance.

Shasa looked down at herself, wondering if the comment was valid. She saw bubbles where her body should have been. Though they were surrounding her, they didn’t seem to be hostile – evidently she was in an allied bathtub.

Shasa grinned at Aria. “Maybe, but did we have a good time?” She indulged herself in a thoroughly happy examination of her own body. “We must’ve cuz I feel absolutely yummy all over!”

Aria simply stared at her, sponge in hand, contempt obviously beginning to win the war over her earlier anxiety. “We had nothing of the sort!”

The slut feigned gloominess, “Damn.” She winked, grinned, and looked around, “Am I in your room? How’d I get here?” She raised soapy hands to touch her face. “Why do I look like shit?”

The Lady held up a wad of cloth, eyes flashing. “You collapsed in the hallway. You were wearing these. You’ve been unconscious for an hour. If it is humanly possible for you to quit screwing around, perhaps you could tell ME what the hell is going on?”

Shasa looked at the shredded leathers, at Aria, and back again. “I don’t understand.” Confusion overtook her face. “What happened to my running clothes?” Her eyes snapped back to her friend, “What do you mean I collapsed?”

“Gaddamnit, Shasa!” Aria threw the sponge at the slut. “Were you drunk?”

“No!” Shasa insisted. “I’ve nearly given up drinking – you know it doesn’t go well for me.”

“Nearly?” she scoffed.

“Well, I’ve not quite got the hang of total abstinence – not in my nature, I guess,” Shasa laughed at her own pun, but noted the anger across from her continued to emanate. “Honest, Aria, I wasn’t drinking. Last I remember… I went running this morning like usual.” Shasa looked around. “What time is it?”


Shasa’s face dropped in shock. “Noon?” I left this morning before dawn!” Alarm crept in to the sailor’s face and she turned frightened eyes to the Lady, “Where have I been all these hours?”

Aria studied the sailor a moment, looking for authenticity. While she contemplated, Shasa’s panic grew. “Aria, why did you say I look like shit?! Give me a mirror!”

“Settle down, Shasa!” Aria snapped. “You don’t have two heads or anything. You just look really, really tired.”

Aria saw her words had little calming affect on the slut. She sighed; this day would not turn out well. Her voice came softer now, compassion finding a way through a small window in her heart. “Shasa, listen to me. I don’t know where you were. All I know is that I found you in the hall and brought you here.”

Shasa looked at Aria as a lost puppy, her voice small. “I don’t remember that, Aria.”

“What about your run this morning?” the Lady probed. “Tell me about that.”

The giant round emerald eyes slowly returned to normal, as the slut tried to concentrate. “Alright, well, Meika and I left before dawn – as usual. We ran the normal route and at some point, Meika took off – as usual.” Shasa’s head snapped up, “Is Meika alright? Did she come back?”

Aria shook her head, “I don’t know – we’ll check later. First you. What happened next?”

Shasa scowled and pushed down her anxiety for her canine friend. She closed her eyes, rubbed her head, and thought. “Okay, I followed the south trail and rounded the large oak to head back to the Lodge. Nothing unusual – oh wait!” Shasa’s eyes flew open, “There was…” her face fell almost immediately. “No…never mind…”

Emerald eyes filled with frustrated tears, and she angrily brushed them away. “I can’t remember, Aria. It seems like there is something I should remember, but it’s just gone.” The slut slapped at the bubbles in anger, then dunked herself completely. When she emerged, she wiped her eyes and looked at the assassin with genuine fear. “I’m freaked.”

Shasa stood abruptly, shivering as soap bubbles lazily slid down her body. Aria’s attentive eyes noted the growing rigidity in the slut’s muscles. Emerald eyes darted around the room, searching. Finally the ex-sailor bellowed, “And where’s a fucking towel?”

The warm and safe feeling was definitely gone.


(12 by Shasa) --

Shasa had lost an entire morning’s memories, being left with the feeling of utter confusion, anger now fully masking her chaos. The ex-sailor had been unable to explain her circumstances, and she had to borrow Aria’s clothing – both of which had irked the assassin considerably. Two powerhouses of feminine attitude driven by a common purpose stormed down the hall. Strolling lodgers wisely stepped aside, allowing the pair to proceed unimpeded. Curious murmurs as to what had transpired to necessitate this infrequent alliance were overheard and silenced with quick glares. No one in their right mind would dare to approach.

“It’s a defilement of a Love shrine, that’s what it is! I have NEVER seen such heinousness!”

The dynamic duo exchanged a quick glance and diverted briefly to see what was amiss. What met their eyes could have been astounding, had it not been for the type of sleepless activities that the Lodge was known for. But a broken bed was more of a joke or a cause for admiration than a source of alarm.

Oisin stood sputtering in outrage, mystification and a small snowstorm of eiderdown feathers. “My bed exploded! My beautiful soft, sexy bed! It held so many happy memories…” She looked very close to tears.

The mattress had indeed been gutted, all quilts and pillows had burst asunder and the legs were splintered wood. Though in a foul mood, Shasa couldn’t help but laugh as she entered the room and took in the vision.

Oisin spun around, noted her visitors and repeated, “Who would destroy my bed? It has to be a jealous love god…or a spurned lover turned enemy! I feel an ode coming on.” Her eyes glittered with the romanticism of it all.

Shasa wrapped long arms around the youngster and hugged her from behind. “I don’t know, honey; I can’t imagine anyone as your enemy.”

Aria snorted. “Well I can.”

“Oh be nice, Aria.” Shasa chastised.

“Well I can!” the assassin barked.

“Astral,” Oisin suddenly growled, bristling as she spoke. “That shriveled up witches tit must’ve been jealous of all the sex I have, when she’s mostly a virgin!”

Aria rolled her eyes, “Yeah, they line up at your door.”

Oisin decided to ignore the Lady’s jab, she had enough problems with jealousy at the moment. Aria would have to wait – in the line at her door. No, today was a day for focusing on her hatred of Astral Projector, the tricky little bitch. Time to get her punted back to Erin once and for all! Maybe if the Captain’s ship had a cannon…

Neither noticed Shasa had grown silent, her eyes distant, her brow furrowed in confusion as she stared at the bed. She felt an intense sexual heat, quite familiar to her as her body remembering a passionate experience, yet she’d never been here before. All stood in the doorway, bristling at their respective crosses to bear.

Suddenly Aria grabbed the warrior bard by the arm, yanking both her and the slut out of their reveries and through the door. “Come on, Oisin, you might as well go with us.”

“Where to?” Oisin squeaked as she silently thanked whoever had vandalized her room, so that she might be touched by the elusive Lady Aria herself. She felt all warm and tingly inside…thank goodness she hadn’t lost her mojo along with her bed!

“Downstairs,” the assassin snapped.

Shasa’s vision narrowed as she re-focused on her closest goal. “We need a drink.”

Oisin couldn’t agree more, and the trio now took the stairs at a brisk and determined pace.


(13 by Astral) --

Astral peeked over as the angry trio arrived at the bar and sunk further back into the winged armchair. She didn’t wish to make eye contact with Shasa just now. She was still trying to assimilate what had happened between them; her brow furrowed in confusion.

Although the slut was a drunken sexual marauder, Astral had been affected more than she cared to admit by her opportunistic seduction. On one level she was angry at herself for giving into her baser instincts; she was sure that the Sailor would sneer and smirk at her weakness for the flesh. And what flesh! Zeus the slut was gorgeous...and there lay Astral’s other little problem – she wanted more. One fumbled attempt at, well everything, wasn’t enough. If anything it had only managed to flame her passions higher. Now she was so out of her depth, confused, insecure, feeling inept and…horny….and there was no-one to turn to for advice or help. Shit! She hated this place…it created more problems than answers…

A sudden shadow loomed over her. Looking up, she groaned inwardly; here came another problem, albeit a minor one…

“Did you take an axe to my bed?!” Oisin demanded hotly.

“No I did not!”

“I don’t believe you! You’ve always been jealous of my sexual prowess with the Ladeez…”

“I did not take an axe to your bed and I can prove it…were you in it at the time?”

Oisin frowned in confusion, “Well…no…”

“I rest my case!” Astral spat out and leaping to her feet stomped out of the room…a small eiderdown feather drifting off her glossy black hair onto the Persian silk underfoot.


(14 by Shasa) --

“I didn’t ask you for your permission, I asked for a fucking drink!” Shasa glared at the well-endowed barkeeper. “Today, it’s in your best interest to serve me with a smile, sweetheart.”

Aria snorted, raising her own glass high in triumph. “Perhaps if you weren’t a repulsive sailor –“ The rest of her snide comment went unspoken, as Klancy stood and raised both her mug and a brow.

Shasa sneered. “You were saying, Lady Assassin?”

Aria continued in muted tones. “I was saying that you’re an ass when you drink, you leaky backwater cunt.”

Shasa snickered and raised her newly acquired beverage, “That I am!” Shasa threw her head back and downed the drink in one go. “Another, please.”

Aria rolled her eyes and turned her attentions to her own drink. “Here we go!”

“Who knows? You might benefit from my vile behavior, Madam Executioner. I seem to remember a time when we –“

“That was a long time ago, my Slut.” Aria interrupted. “And I doubt you remember it all that well.”

“Well enough.” Shasa made a face as her second glass of near-kerosene burned a path to her gut. “Another…and keep her glass full as well.”

Lady Aria recognized the gesture as an offering of peace, and in kind offered Shasa a cigarette. “At least I can proudly say it only happened the one time!”

Shasa grinned and lit the heavenly stick from a candle, “And I can proudly say you put up one hell of a fight!”

Both snorted and downed their drinks in unison, slamming the empty glasses onto the bar top. “Another!” they both sang.

“Do you see this?” Oisin stuck a feather in their faces.

“Yep. I can still see, Oisin.” Shasa chuckled.

“Not for long.” Aria smirked.


“Syphilitic cow.”

“Eiderdown!” Oisin yelled.

“Good for you?” Shasa asked at the same time Aria said, “Gesundheit?” Both Assassin and Slut slammed down another drink, and began to giggle.

“It’s an eiderdown feather! It fell off Astral – proving she did it!”

“Did what?” Shasa inquired as she emptied her glass again.

Aria rolled her eyes, reached up and plucked three feathers from Oisin’s clothes. “Or maybe you’re both molting?”

Shasa sat down her empty glass once more. “Another.” She began to open her borrowed shirt. “It’s hot in here!”

“Oh…” Aria groaned, “Is it easy-access time already?” She glanced at the slut. “Hey, try the buttons! Don’t rip it!”

“Astral’s gonna pay!” Oisin muttered. “Maybe I should tar her and roll her in these feathers!”

“You and the feathers! Enough already!” Aria barked. “Start drinking or start walking!”

Oisin grumbled, and ordered ale.

Shasa was staring at the gathered feathers, overheated, Astral’s name running through her mind. “If yer taking out Astral, I’m with you, Oisin.” Shasa grumbled as she ran distracted fingers over taut nipples. “She’s a bitch – a helluva sexy bitch, but a bitch nonetheless.”

Oisin and Aria stared at the mentally altered slut, as if she’d grown a third boob. “Sexy?!”

Shasa quickly turned to her friends with a come-hither grin. “You called?”

Aria snorted. “You’re drunk.”

“Absofuckinglutely! I must be drunk, ‘cuz you’re gorgeous…” Shasa made a pitiful attempt to nuzzle Aria’s neck, and ended up getting knocked to the floor. Laughing as she lay at their feet, the ex-sailor continued to ramble. “And so was that woman in the woods this morning – absofuckinglutely gorgeous!”

Shasa was hauled to her feet by a surprisingly strong Lady Aria. “What woman in the woods?”

Wincing at the freshly lit cigarette in her face, Shasa grumbled, “You can’t have her – she’s all mine, Smoky.”

Aria shook her friend by her own lovely blouse. “What woman in the woods, you hair pie!”

Shasa looked hurt, “Hair pie? Why you callin’ me a hair pie? Oisin, wutz a hair pie?”

Aria released Shasa and threw her hands into the air. “I give up!” Turning her back on her friends, she gestured and was immediately gratified with another glass of liquid bliss. “Might as well join the imbeciles.”


(15 by Klancy7) --

“You know the difference between you and a 5 dollar hooker? The hooker ends up with 5 dollars.”

"Manners, Lady Aria. Manners."  Klancy rested her elbow on the mantle over the hearth and took a sip of her mulled wine, studying her three soused sisters.

"Manners manners bo-banners, banana-fanna fo-fanners, fee fie fo-fanners . . . MAN-ners!!"  Oisin drummed an impressive riff on her thighs to accompany her song. She looked up at Klancy in slack-jawed delight, awaiting her praise.

Klancy kept her awaiting.  "It seems a bit early in the day for such lavish indulgence, kindred."

"Ah, stand down, Cap'n."  Shasa stretched luxuriously and smiled up at Klancy with a lascivious gleam.  She wound her long arms over her head and around the back of the chair, which had the aesthetically pleasing effect of thrusting her bare breasts forward.  "I'm in the process of drinking the shrewish harpy on my right under the pro -- (hic) -- proberbial table.  Proverbial table.  I say you join -- "

"A shrewish harpy you must always address with respect in my hearing, sweet slut."  The corner of Klancy's mouth lifted and she tipped her mug, sending a steaming dollop of wine down to splash against Shasa's exposed left nipple.  The beautiful sailor gasped and arched hard, but kept her arms in place.  "You know that I rely on you and Aria to set an example for the Lodge's newer members."

"I'm not respectful?"  Shasa tried to regain her breath as her nipple peaked and swelled, flushing red from the wet heat.  "She called me a leaky backwater cu -- "

Klancy dipped her mug again, and more hot wine spattered on Shasa's other nipple.  Shasa growled in real pain, twisting her shoulders slowly against the back of the chair as the wine dripped down her flat stomach, pooling in the juncture between her spread thighs.

"It's gonna go right in her yoni!" Oisin whispered to Aria, appalled and fascinated. Aria sighed and shoved Oisin's face away with one manicured and bejeweled hand.

Shasa hissed as the small pool of liquid fire soaked through her leggings and dripped directly onto her clitoris. The resulting surge of pain and arousal propelled her bodily out of the chair, and she wound her arms around Klancy's neck. 

"It seems you have a wet deck to swab, Captain," she gasped, grinding her taut nipples against Klancy's vest. "I'll take that roguish tongue of yours right up my -- "

Klancy sighed and swept Shasa up over one broad shoulder. Shasa gabbled protest, but Klancy silenced her with one smart smack to her rounded buttocks. "Unfortunately, sistren, Klancy7 never takes advantage of a lady in her cups."

"Then your coast is clear, darling, ravage the slattern." Aria wafted permission with an elegant wave of her tapered fingers.

"Behave." Klancy rested her rough hand on Aria's abundant, soft hair. Then she turned toward the grand staircase, balancing the cursing Shasa easily on her shoulder. "I'll see our inebriated wanton chastely to her bed.  Warm more wine for me."


(16 by Shasa) --

Shasa tossed and turned as she slept, visions constantly bombarding her until she briefly awakened. Exhausted and confused, she would close her eyes to instantly fall back into another barrage of images: she was running through a blinding storm of Eiderdown feathers which turned blood red; she was being tortured by a sea captain; she was slowly freezing to death in the form of a snow cone being licked by a wizard; she was ripped open and eaten by disembodied teeth; she was flying with Oisin and together they were singing an ode; she was drowning in a sea of foam; she was eating pie and had hair stuck in her teeth; she was eating Aria and had Astral stuck in her teeth; she was with a beautiful, near translucent woman, cumming again and again.

During one of the few wonderful respites amidst the bizarre, she was awakened by a loud banging on her door. Groggily she fell out of bed and stumbled to the door, where she was pounced upon.

“Shasa!” the small strawberry blond squealed, much to the chagrin of her throbbing head. “Oh… you look terrible! And you smell like a tavern… dammit, Shasa, I thought you were going to stop drinking.”

Shasa hugged her tight and smiled. “It’s been years,” she mumbled, “how are you honey?” Shasa looked towards the door for the dark one she knew she’d find and added, “It’s good to see you both.”

The tall warrior stepped into her room and put out her arm in greeting, which Shasa managed to firmly clasp without releasing her precious possession. “Gabrielle is right, Shasa, you do look like shit.”

“You always say the sweetest things.” Shasa laughed and then scrunched up her face as she lifted a hand to her pulsing head. “Got a cure for this?”

Xena smirked, “Abstinence.”

“Thanks,” Shasa scowled.

“Like that’s ever gonna happen, Xe.” Gabrielle laughed and winked at the slut, who couldn’t help but grin at the darling she’d never been able to lure into her den of iniquity.

“I meant from drinking!” Xena clarified.

“Oh don’t be a grouch.” Gabrielle chastised. Turning to Shasa, she confided, “She’s been awfully cranky the last couple days – it’s her time of the month.”

“BRIE!” Xena yelled, mortified.

Shasa interrupted to quiet things down, if only for the sake of her headache. “Xena, you’ve doctored me in ways too embarrassing to mention, so I think you’ll live if I know you’re having your period.”

Xena grunted and busied herself by looking around the room. “Not much here.”

The ex-sailor smiled at the change of subject. Quickly kissing and releasing her friend, she took a step into the room and gestured, “I’ve only been back to the Lodge a few months myself – it was years before that. Haven’t had a chance to make a mess, I guess.”

The Warrior Princess, whom Shasa had once vowed to kill, now sighed and visibly shrugged off her sour mood. “Sit down and I’ll fix your head.”

Shasa complied. Long, strong fingers massaged her neck and shoulders, and her eyes closed as she felt the knots release. Xena cracked her neck, which started a muscle spasm, and the massage started again.

Shasa was aware of a warm wave of sensuality, as it passed over her. She felt her nipples harden, and indulged in the last vision she’d had when she’d been roused from sleep. Long black hair cascaded over her own shoulder, as the stunning woman sucked and kissed her neck. Shasa groaned as both her tension and headache melted away, and was replaced by a common throbbing in another area. Sure fingers ripped at her breasts, exposing her nipples to harsh twists and pinches. Leather britches were shredded by long fingernails, and her cunt was completely filled. Engorged clit was rubbed and flicked, her body sang under the simultaneous assault. Fangs sunk into her neck, and her eyes sprang wide open.

“SHASA!” Xena yelled in her face.

Blinking rapidly, the slut put her hand over her cheek. “Ow! Why’d you hit me?”

“You were screaming!” Gabrielle squatted beside her friend, carefully running fingertips over the reddening area of Shasa’s cheek.

“Not to mention getting aroused,” Xena grumbled to herself.

“Screaming – I was?” Shasa looked confused for just a second before the light returned to her eyes. Standing quickly, she knocked over her chair and the bard, yelling, “I remember now!”

“Remember what?” Xena growled as she helped her lover to her feet.

Shasa beamed, so happy to have her sanity returned to her. “This morning! The woman in the woods! I remember everything!”

Shasa ran into the hallway and nearly fell over the big yellow dog that stood there patiently. “Meika!” the slut exclaimed with glee. She dropped to her knees and checked her over for damage. Satisfied that she was fine, Shasa hugged her close before chiding, “Where have you been?”

Gabrielle interrupted. “She gave us quite a greeting when we arrived. Then she demanded we follow her, and she brought us to you.”

Shasa rubbed the golden head affectionately. “Good girl, Meika.” Shasa stood and smiled at Gabrielle. “She knows how much I’ve missed you. It’s been too long.”

“It’s good to be back… but we can reminisce later. What’s going on here?” Xena asked.

“What time is it?” Shasa asked.

“After dinner.” The bard glumly reported.

“Listen, I only want to have to tell this story once, so let’s rouse the Lodge and gather downstairs, ok?” The pair seemed reluctant. “Seriously, it’s important!” Shasa urged.

Xena and Gabrielle exchanged a long look, which ended in mutual grins. “Okay, Shasa, we’ll split up and see you downstairs.”


(17, conclusion by Shasa, Oisin, Astral, Trisha & Jasper) --

“This is rousing the Lodge?”

“There were quite a few of our sisters who were otherwise engaged.”

“With what?” Oisin asked innocently, which was answered with a smack to the head by Astral Projector.

“Well, we’ll just have to handle it ourselves.” Shasa sighed and addressed the small group of six. “I’m sorry for the rude awakening, if anyone was asleep.”

“What’s this all about?” Jasper asked.

Oisin's head swiveled toward the back of the room, she recognized that voice. She dared not to get her hopes up. Searching she met the eye's of her long lost cousin.

"Oisin," Jasper yelled, "yes, it's really me."

“Assling!” Oisin couldn’t believe it.

With tears in their eyes they met in the middle of the room; the hug they shared was only interrupted by the ex-sailor’s chilling news.

“I was attacked very close to the Lodge, while on my morning run.”

Trisha blanched with concern, “By whom?”

“I’m not positive, but I know it was a pale woman in black. She lured me with some sort of sensual mental power, and then bit me. I didn’t even remember any of this until just a few minutes ago.” Shasa glanced at the variously amused and doubtful faces around her. “Look, I know this sounds ridiculous, but she sucked blood from my neck, and then left me for dead.”

Xena’s expression changed immediately. “Bacchae? Here?”

“Awww, crap!” Oisin whined, while stealing a look at her cousin Jasper.

Shasa shrugged, “I don’t know what she was, Xena. I’m sorry.”

“Xena? You’re Xena?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. For those of you that haven’t met before, this is Xena and Gabrielle.” Shasa blushed slightly for her oversight, and quickly introduced everyone. She waited somewhat impatiently for the awe and subsequent veneration to subside.

Jasper cleared her voice and spoke, “It could be a Vampire. Oisin and I ran into a nest a while back.”

Shasa stared at the woman. “And this little tidbit didn’t get posted on the bulletin board?”

“We have a bulletin board?” Oisin asked.

“Shaddup, you moron!” Astral barked. She was beginning to burn with shame. All along she had thought the sluttish sailor drunk and now this! The woman had been attacked and what had Astral done…taken gross advantage, that’s what. Suddenly Astral felt sick to her stomach.

Gabrielle got to the point. “Well, whatever it is – what are we going to do about it?”

“Find it before it finds another one of us.” Trisha spoke calmly.

Shasa sat back and watched her fellow Lodgers discuss both hunting strategies and precautions. She knew that the problem would be resolved, and it would once again be safe to venture out alone. Loving, helping and fighting for one another; it was an assurance she felt with all those who occupied the Lodge.

She watched Gabrielle’s serious concentration, and it stirred long-forgotten memories which warmed her soul. Xena’s presence brought a more complicated combination of feelings. She looked at each Lodger in turn; some were new to her, but it didn’t matter. She knew the hearts of these women were strong and true and brave – even that sexy bitch Astral.


The End - 'Just a Little Exercise' - by Shasa, Astral, & the Kindred Lodgers

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