Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

In Need

by Shasa, Oisin, & WarriorJudge
October 2007


Shasa's muscles were so tight it was painful. She knew she was being a bitch, so separated herself from the others and went to the only place she thought she might find some relief. The tension was just too much; she didn't want to rip the heads off her friends, only to need to apologize later. Better to suffer alone.

She was pre-menstrual and having an extremely bad bout of cramps... which was odd for her. Stranger was the massive horniness that accompanied the pain. Cramps usually just made her curl into a ball and want to die, but she wanted to be fucked so badly, the plea screamed throughout her muscles. She hoped that the heat might take the edge off. Shasa entered the cave, shucked off her clothing and plopped unceremoniously into the steaming water; she sat on a narrow ledge and closed her eyes.

There was no need to pretend for anyone - the cave didn't care. The throbbing ache was more than she could bear. She felt the tears run down her cheeks, and let them come.

Oisin and WJ rode slowly homeward after a long day at the hunt. They were both tired and saddle sore, it had been a hard ride over tough terrain.

"I'll be glad to fall into a warm brandy and a hot tub," the Judge shifted on her mount, "Is that creaking the saddle or my back?" she smiled wryly.

"It's my neck," answered the Bard, "if we don't rest up soon my head will fall off. Hey, I know where we are, the Hot Springs caves are just over that bluff. Whatya say we go there first, wash up and relax? We can still hit the Lodge in time for supper."

The Judge nodded her agreement, hot springs sounded wonderful right now. Together they wheeled their horses towards the caves and continued at a steady walk.

"Hell, I have dust in orifices I'm ashamed to say I didn't even know I had" a cranky Magistrate rumbled as she dismounted her mare, creating a cloud of dirt wafting around her.

Oisin's dismounted her mount as well, and the thud she made impacting the ground resonated in the capacious cave. Minding their steps on the stony bank, both Warriors finally made it to the edge of the steaming water.

Oisin slanted her eyes and jabbed the Magistrate in her ribs to get her attention. "There's someone already in the water."

"Yes, I can see," the Judge mindlessly said, for in the water she recognized Shasa – in all her naked glory. Their past history fleeing her mind along with every other rational thought, the Judge felt her jaw almost dropping at the enticing sight. Utterly incapable of tearing her eyes away, her glare shamelessly moved over Shasa's firm enticing body, and a need clustered mercilessly between her thighs.

Shasa felt their eyes upon her. She gritted her teeth against a surge of desire, and opened her eyes with effort. The forms first swayed in the steam, then became clear. Her friend Oisin, and the one she'd kept a cautious distance from - the Judge. She knew she presented quite a picture. Wet, lusting eyes, rock hard tits standing at attention, body wired for explosion.

Shasa glared at the intruders until she saw Oisin's fingers absently stroke a bulging crotch. The poor slut came unglued. She bit her lip, to keep from pleading. And then she didn't care. She looked at Oisin and begged, "Fuck me, please?” Needful eyes moved to the surprised Judge, “Both of you?"

Oisin wrenched the clothes from her back, and splashed, slipping and sliding over the mossy stones into the spring. Her eyes were latched onto the sluts bobbing tits. She could see the nipples tight as drumskins jut out in the chill air. Her mouth was watering already and her cunt was burning. All her earlier tiredness has evaporated like the steam in the cavern roof.

Roughly she grabbed Shasa by the biceps and plunged her mouth down onto a taut rosy nipple greedily pulling it between her teeth and lashing it with her tongue. Gorging on the creamy breast she felt the water stir around her and knew the Judge had stripped and joined them, coming to stand behind the Slut. A large hand came round to cup Shasa's unattended breast pinching the ruddy, erect nipple hard.

Oisin saw it out of the corner of her eye and it excited her further. The slut’s moans increased and echoed off the cavernous rock surfaces. She bit the base of the nipple, swilling with her tongue tip, then as the Shasa cried out at the stinging nip, she used the flat of her tongue to swirl away the pain. She saw the Judge’s hand squeeze and massage the other tit. Oisin was so horny and hot, she had to fuck soon, or explode.

The Magistrate relished the weight of Shasa's wet ample tit mashing into her large palm. She molded the engorged nipple between the sides of two coarse fingers as she cupped the mound, feeling the pricked hot flesh harden. A low guttural grunt vibrated out of her throat as she sensed the slut's areola shrinking and distending against her rough kneading hand.

A relentless throb possessed her crotch. Desire increases when fulfillment is postponed. Her animalistic urge to fuck the magnificent woman was overwhelming.

She better poised herself behind Shasa, each of her muscled hard thighs pressing against the outer sides of the Slut's thighs, bending them a little to better position herself, she crashed her firm breasts against Shasa's back, the taut nipples chafing the heated skin, eliciting the pleasure she lusted after.

Her loins reached a higher, unbearable, smoldering level of hunger that demanded to be attended. Her massive phallus attached itself to Shasa's rear crack like a magnate, sliding its length up and down in the valley between the two stout round ass cheeks, while her free hand latched on the Sailor's hip and pressed it harder against hers.

From above she witnessed Oisin stuffing the other tit into her mouth, devouring it like a starved predator. The Judge latched onto the sailor's succulent neck. Her teeth sank into soft, fevered wanton flesh, as she tasted it, sucking almost a mouthful of it, creating a sensation that hovered between pleasure and pain.

Shasa’s head fell back onto the Judge’s shoulder, her right hand reaching up to tangle in the magistrate’s hair, then moving back to feel a rock hard thigh. Her fingers moved up slightly, then around to cup and pull her even closer. Shasa rubbed her ass against the Judge’s enormous cock, letting her know she was ready to be mounted, and willing to be stuffed full.

Her hand returned to grab a handful of hair; she pulled the Judge’s mouth off of her neck, and stretched her neck upwards to enflame her with an impassioned kiss. It ended for want of air, and Shasa stared boldly into her eyes. “Fuck me, goddammit. Fuck me like you know this is the only time you’ll ever get that cock inside me. Take me hard, Judge. Rip me open. Make me scream,” she smirked as she gave credence to the conviction that the Judge may give more to her if challenged, “If you can.” She saw the lust in the powerful woman, and turned her attentions to Oisin.

Shasa's provoking demands rang in the Judge's receptive ears, and stimulated her further. It was all she could do to simmer down her incredible hunger for the arousing salacious Sailor suggestively pushing her ass against her crotch, and control the ascending rapture.

Unable to see clearly beneath the water surface, she launched her long fingers in search for the steaming hole she was ordained to fill. Uncompromisingly, she inserted two stiff fingers through the tight, reluctant ring of muscles around the Sailor's puckered anus. Appreciating the burning soft skin against her digits, she harshly stretched it open, readying it for her innovation.

Shasa stiffened at the invasion; she felt her throbbing cunt lubricate itself even more, as she settled into the probing of her ass. She gently pulled Oisin’s mouth off her tit and up to kiss her. “They’re yours, O. Yours to take – to do with as you like; gentleness or torture, until I ask for mercy.” Shasa reached down and grabbed the warrior bard’s substantial cock, smiling as she felt the thickness. “But shove this in me first. I’m begging you to fuck me. Take me for a ride, baby, please?”

Shasa licked her lips, and nearly growled “I need you so badly.” She looked from one to the other, feeling the hands and mouths upon her. Tightly sandwiched between two warriors, whose cocks pressed against her, the slut’s hands roamed over both of them. “Fuck me.” she requested once more.

When accessible to her satisfaction, the Magistrate led the head of her colossal thick phallus to the prepared opening. With an agile fucking motion of her hips, she crammed herself inside the narrow passage, releasing a grunt of blissful pleasure at the carnal contact.

Shasa’s head snapped sharply back against the Judge, and she cried out with a mixture of pain and relief, as her wish was abruptly fulfilled. The Judge was larger than she’d had since Nessa, and the slut had no option but to scream from the painful filling. She willed her rigid body to relax and welcome the cock; to do otherwise would mean inevitable ripping when Oisin joined in.

The Judge felt the renowned slut's hand snaking around them and resting on her ass. Shasa’s head fell backwards against her collarbone, and her mouth gaped wide as she strained around her cock.

"If I can?!" the Judge's voice was rasping under her desire. "Was that a rhetorical question?" Her next words were emphasized by a rhythmically hard jabbing into Shasa's delicious ass. "Can-you-feel-me-fucking-you-Shasa?" The Judge felt her ass muscles rippling with effort under Shasa's pressing palm, when each thrust she made pushed the Sailor's fevered body against the Bard of Erin in front.

”God yes!” Shasa cried as the Judge skewered her. A firm hold on her hips kept the cramming at its maximum, and the slut had no option of escape.

The head of Oisin's hefty cock bobbed against the slut’s engorged clit. O knew it was close to bursting, so she removed the contact and trailed the tip of her phallus slowly along the entire length of the sailor's sex. Across the juicy thick folds and back up to the hard little button. She rubbed back and forth relaxed and waiting...waiting for the Judge to start her fuck from behind. Knowing her slower, more delicious cramming would be overshadowed by the painful initiation Shasa’ ass must undergo to accommodate WJ's thick dick.

So the Bard waited and watched the pain and then the bliss slide across Shasa's beautiful face. She smiled knowingly at her friend's pleasure, and measured the pace of the Judges rutting, all the while sliding her dickhead through creamy lips to the aching clit, back and forth, back and forth. She easily picked up the others’ fuck rhythm this way and knew she could pace her own entry into the slut’s hot cunt, and join in the double fuck seamlessly.

All the time she watched Shasa’s face for that small clue, the relaxing of her jaw, flutter of her eyelash, slackening of her mouth. When it came, Oisin knew the sailor was now at one with the ass fuck. Her hips pushed back onto the massive cock filling her up from behind. With one knowing look to the Magistrate, Oisin reached down and grabbed the base of her dick and slid it in one graceful, uninterrupted flow straight into the hungry pussy. The sailor screamed, then almost purred her pleasure as ass and cunt were simultaneously stuffed.

The Judge had hesitated slightly in her fucking, knowing the Bard was about to join them. Both cocks took their measure of the slut’s accommodating cunt and ass, and then one after the other, they began a delicious rhythm to service her as Warriors do. In out, too and fro, matching the others pace; they constantly keeping their slut brimful, one hole after the other, mindful of her needs as she cried out her approval.

The Magistrate felt the base of her cock pounding against her on-growing flinty erection. Her breasts were slapping against the Slut's wet back, making her nipples swell almost painfully. As she relentlessly ploughed the Slut's rear covetous depths, she glanced down and saw Oisin's large shaft drilling the Sailor's cunt. Her blood boiled as she felt Oisin's ramming further skewer Shasa's ass on her cock; she forcefully returned the deep plunges.

Putting her large all-encompassing hands to work, her fingers found the Slut's swollen, slippery pussy lips, splayed them further apart, widening her cunt. "Fuck that sweet cunt, my friend," her voice came low and raucous. "She's aching for you!"

Shasa hung limply between the two warriors, simply accepting the pleasurable sensations they gave her. One arm stretched above her head and held tightly to the Judge’s neck, the other pulled Oisin tightly to her breast. The thin wall between her orifices felt non-existent. The Judge skewered her ass, and Oisin rammed her cunt, and it felt as if both cocks were melded. They worked her well, sometimes simultaneously plunging in, which caused her to scream in painful pleasure, other times one thrust while the other retracted.

She knew that if either touched her clit, she’d have the best orgasm she’d had in months, followed by spasms that would impress all of them. And if they didn’t cum from fucking her, she’d have to make sure these butch heroes were satisfied as well. “Oh yeah!” she screamed, as they pounded into her, “FUCK ME!” she cried, as her tits bobbed erratically. Her nipples screamed nearly as loudly as her clit, begging for attention and terribly jealous of her orifices. “Please make me cum!” she begged.

Oisin reached down and pinched the slippery clitoris between thumb and forefinger and milked it for all it was worth. At the same time she clamped down hard on the tit in her mouth, her head swimming with her own impending rush and the harsh orgasmic cries of the Slut above her.

The Bards body ran rivulets of sweat, her hair was plastered to her flushed face. Heart pounding, belly clenched not a tight knot of need. She knew she was soon to follow Shasa over the precipice. A slight tilt if her hips and the base of her shaft hit her own clit repeatedly: one, two, the third time the charm, and she came in a burst of expletives and harsh grunts. Biting into the slut’s shoulder, she followed an animalistic urge to mark her.

Hearing the Slut and the Warrior attending her snatch climax, was nearly the Magistrate's undoing. With Oisin still deeply buried inside Shasa's core, and sensing Shasa still shoving her ass back against her groin, the Magistrate knew Shasa could explode a second time. Wrapping her tattooed arm around the quivering Sailor, she firmly twirled her fingers over the diamond hard clit, generating pulses of stimulating friction to the taut bundle of nerves.

Her ass's muscles clenched and unclenched, creating a deep hard and haste grinding, like a crazed animal mating without any regards to anything else but the feeding of its own need for gratification. It's own and its mate.

She felt the rapture building in the pit of her stomach, her body blindingly soaring towards that ultimate pinnacle, her sweaty chest heaving, and burning flush rising on her heated skin. They were close. The woman in her arms was uncontrollably shivering with anticipation for the promised crest, her small hand woven in her red hair and yanking with all the power she could muster to achieve a second orgasm, till their heads snapped backwards together in unison, roaring their release to caves roof.

Beneath the waterline, the Judge felt a flux of the slut's cum juice being shot out of her shuddering slit and hosing her palm. The Judge rode their last waves together, till the water surrounding them stilled.

The Judge held Shasa up while the slut kissed Oisin deeply, mumbling her thanks into her mouth. Then turning in the Judge’s arms, she delivered the same gratitude to the magistrate as Oisin pressed against her backside. Finally dislodging herself from them both, she moved shakily back to the ledge she was originally sitting on when they arrived, and sat with sated exhaustion.

She closed her eyes and relaxed into the warmth of the water, noting the agonizing belly pain had disappeared. She’d summarily dismissed the warriors, but neither minded. The smile on her face told of her appreciation.


The End - 'In Need' - by Shasa, Oisin, & WarriorJudge

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