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The Hunt; Straw Draw

by Shasa, Oisin, Jasper & Trisha


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Jasper was tired of just standing around she had spent this first week or so waiting for her cousins return and quietly reacquainting herself with her home and some of its newer Lodgers. She was ready for a little excitement.

But she also knew they needed some sort of a plan. If these were the same vampires that she and Oisin had run across, (unconsciously rubbing her right nipple) Jasper knew what that they were capable of. And therefore the group should proceed with some caution.

Standing she cleared her throat trying to get the groups attention, but with all the incessant chattering no one paid her any mind.

"Alrighty then," she mumbled. "OK listen up everyone," Jasper suddenly shouted, "We need a plan, but first we need to figure out whose going with whom, I think it would be safer to go in pairs."

Looking around Jasper saw that she had everyone’s attention, "So does anyone have any ideas on how we should pair up or should we just draw straws?"

“Brilliant idea!” O approved, “Who’s got straw?” They all stood looking at each other until Astral suddenly jolted and put her hand in a voluminous robe pocket and pulled out a small handful. O looked at her in askance.

“Mmm, from my riding lesson with Rider earlier.” The young wizard felt compelled to explain and then blushed furiously much to her chagrin. Glaring at her Oisin snatched it away, “Hussy.” She muttered, “No good useless virgin,” she continued to mumble to herself as she snapped a few strands to the correct length.

“Okay.” She announced, “Two short two long and some middling. A match is a match.”

She gave a coy smile to Trisha, hoping that she might pull her for a partner. It would be nice to have a big cat to hang out in the woods with. Plus Trisha was very pleasing to the eye no matter what form she chose to take. Yes Oisin liked the idea of a panther companion.

Astral rolled her eyes. Typical leave it up to luck on what is essentially a matter of life and death. It was obvious to her that out of the four only Trisha and herself had the presence of mind and ability between them to track and capture a supernatural evil. As for the other two, having an extensive knowledge of their family tree she reckoned Oisin and Jasper’s best offering to the hunt was as bait.

Glancing sideways she was aghast to see a friendly smile from Jasper. If she comes near me in the woods I may have to stake her and swear she was turning into one of them!

Puffing huffily she reached out and snagged a straw.

It didn’t matter too much to Trisha who she got paired with. Oisin had a wicked sense of humour, and she already knew and was friends with her. But on the other hand, Jasper looked like she would be intriguing to get to know also. And Astral…it would be interesting to see what was underneath the almost blind hatred of Oisin.

She frowned at the reminder that they were hunting Vampires. Vampires which had hurt Shasa. She cut her eyes over to the woman, thinking. Well with Xena she was safe. Settling, she reached out and plunked a straw from Oisin’s hand. It was long.


(The Hunt – Straw Draw 2) --

Shasa smiled and winked at Oisin as she pulled out a straw; Gabrielle reached out and pulled another of the same length. Both then looked at Xena, but the testy warrior frowned and didn’t make a move. Oisin put the straws closer to the legendary woman, and was met with a raised eyebrow – evidently straw-pulling wasn’t in her personal agenda.

Oisin wisely backed off. “Oh, you’ll want to go with Gabrielle, right?” She continued to move further away when the Warrior Princess just stared at her. “Or you’re waiting to see what pair will need you most?”

Gabrielle lightly smacked Xena in the arm, quietly muttering, “Xena, be nice.”

Shasa whispered, “She really is in a mood, isn’t she?”

“Or maybe you want to go alone?” Oisin shrugged. “That’s okay. From what I’ve heard about you, I’m sure you’ll be safe.”

Shasa smirked, “She has many skills.”

“Evidently not the one required to draw straws.” Gabrielle needled.

Xena scowled at the two antagonists and yanked out a straw.

Jasper approached Oisin plucking the remaining straw from her hand, glancing at it she looked around at the others.

Her perusal stopped as her eyes locked on Astral, a worried look crossed her face. Jasper wasn't sure if she should be more concerned about the vamps or the woman, if she should somehow get paired with her.

Shaking herself to rid the morbid thoughts, Jaspers gaze came upon Trisha, ' now that one she wouldn't mind being paired with' she thought. Glancing down, a wide smile formed on her lips as she spotted the long straw that matched her own. Relief filled her mind as she slowly made her way to stand in front of the shape shifter, holding out the long piece of straw so the woman could see it. Jasper cleared her throat "I…I think we have a match" she stated while pointing to the piece that Trisha held.

Trisha smiled, and looked at her straw. "Yes we do." She stood next to the woman, thinking. Jasper seemed to be at least a competent warrior, and she had an almost gentle streak Trisha liked. "I am glad."

She clasped the woman's shoulder. "Don't worry. You and I, we'll catch those that have harmed Shasa. And they will never touch her again." For a moment her eyes flashed yellow with a deep protective anger. It faded and Trisha laid a hand on her shoulder. She heard a sick gargle, and whirled.

"Uh oh...Looks like Oisin and Astral got paired together."

Astral looked bilious and Oisin already had a defeated slump to her shoulders. The pair stood and scowled at each other ominously.

“So we have our teams,” Shasa said, “Oisin and Astral, Trisha and Jasper, me and the gals.” She indicated Xena and Gabrielle with a thumb and a friendly twinkle in her eye. “So we do this on foot, moving out from the Lodge in separate sectors. Be careful; other Lodgers and locals use these woods. Don’t go staking everything that moves...okay?”

They all began to move off and gather their weapons, “And another thing,” Shasa called, they turned to look back at her, “There may be more than one, and they’re very, very seductive so stay teamed!”


The End - 'The Hunt; Straw Draw' - by Shasa, Oisin, Jasper, & Trisha

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