Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

The Hunt; Old Friends

by Shasa
August 2007


DISCLAIMERS: Xena, Gabrielle, et. al. belong to MCA/Universal/Renaissance. This is a not-for profit fan fiction. No copyright infringement is intended.

Xena rolled her eyes at the chattering pair, certain that if any vampires were about, they’d been chased off by the noise.

“Sounds like you’ve got some good friends.” Gabrielle grinned. “Tell me more about this Rider person.”

Shasa winked and jerked her thumb at the Warrior Princess. “Not until you get cranky pants here to put her sword away.”

“Cranky pants?” Xena growled in exasperation. “Shasa, last time I saw you, you were ready to beat anyone to a pulp that crossed your path. Now? I don’t get you. You were attacked, but you look like you’re out for a stroll!”

Shasa grinned slightly and shrugged. “I’m not worried.”

She tried, but every bit of self-control left her at this moment. The anger bubbled up within, and she soon felt the words explode from her mouth. “NOT WORRIED?!”

Gabrielle glared at the ex-sailor and grabbed her lover’s arm. “Xena, she didn’t mean that.”

Shasa leaned against a tree, watching the eruption with mild amusement. “Sure I did.”

“You are NOT helping!”

Shasa laughed and threw her hands up in a gesture of surrender to Gabrielle. “You’re right, I’m sorry.” She turned to the fuming warrior with a sincere smile. “Xena, I’ve got no worries ‘cuz I’m with you guys, you moron.”

Gabrielle saved Shasa from a very close call with a very strong fist.

“Besides, I’m not the same person I was five years ago – I doubt you are either.”

“Seems that in five years, you’ve become more irritating.”

Shasa laughed with true affection. “Oh alright, I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help giving you shit when you’re a wee bit testier than normal…” The slut landed a quick kiss on Xena’s cheek, pausing slightly to make sure the ice blue eyes of her old friend saw the generally irresistible charm she was known for, in the depths of her emerald ones. When she saw the slight sparkle, she smirked and added, “Forgive me already, honey, or I’ll start giving Gabby a really detailed description of my last sexual escapade.”

Xena screwed up her face in feigned disgust, and all was forgiven. She sheathed her sword, and the trio turned to continue on the path, much happier than moments before – that is, until the voices came from nowhere and everywhere at once.

“But we’d like to hear about your sexual escapade.”


(The Hunt - Old Friends 2) --

It all happened so fast, that there was no time for even a scream. Shasa’s head turned nearly in circles as she watched them swoop in from all directions. Shadows in the night made visible by their luminescent skin.

She watched as the dynamic duo sprung into action, working so well together that they had four of the five well occupied. Shasa had only one vampire to contend with. Yet she couldn’t seem to move.

She watched with fascination as the beautiful woman approached, wondering slightly why she wasn’t frightened. She’d recognized her immediately as her earlier attacker, yet felt no anger or need of revenge. In fact, all she felt was intense desire… and a feeling that she’d come home to a lost love. She smiled.

“You’ll tell me your story, won’t you Shasa?” the Lady of the Night spoke with her silky voice lilting melodiously, as stars would sing if they were courting. “Tell me your sexual escapade, my love…please?”

She moved just as Shasa remembered; light as a dance, sensual with feline grace, yet powerfully dangerous as a coiled snake. The slut wanted to run to her, but her legs refused to respond. She wanted to touch the pale face and run her thumb lightly over that lower lip… but alas, her arms were like lead.

The chill of the breath on her neck made her nipples hard, and she moaned as her head fell back against a sturdy shoulder. All she could say was, “Yes, if it pleases you” and all she could think was she didn’t know her lover’s name.

“Excellent,” she purred into the slut’s ear, “it’s good to please me, Shasa.” The vampire laid feather-light kisses down her throat, nostrils flaring at the throbbing vein which taunted her. “And my name is Savor.”


(The Hunt – Old Friends 3) --

Xena and Gabrielle fought well, dispatching their foes as quickly as possible. But when they turned to help their old friend, she had disappeared – as had the vampire that she’d been left to battle. Both felt a moment of panic, which they tried to bury immediately.

“She’s a damn good fighter, Brie.” Xena turned round and round, as if they’d magically appear. “I don’t understand… were there more of them than we thought?”

“No,” was the clipped reply. “She didn’t fight – not from what I saw.“

“Which was?”

“She didn’t fight.” Gabrielle repeated slowly and distinctly, the edge of anger apparent. The bard broke eye contact, signaling the end of the discussion. Her eyes moved downward in a futile attempt to search the ground in the darkness. “There are no tracks here, Xena. Where could they go? If they’d taken to the trees, there’d be a deep set of prints – especially if Shasa was being carried. They couldn’t just disappear, could they?”

“I don’t know; I didn’t see anything.” Xena put a strong hand on her lover’s shoulder, but spoke quietly. “Come on, we should keep moving.”


(The Hunt – Old Friends 4) --

She’d opened her cloak and pulled it around us both, and I felt as if I was fading away. My eyes closed immediately. When they opened again, she was alone with me in the moonlight.

Her hands ran over my breasts, kneading them slowly, building my passions. When my nipples were hard as rock, she growled against me, and roughly squeezed my tits. I couldn’t help the sounds I made. I wanted more of her.

She gave me everything I wanted. She stripped me naked as soon as I pictured myself that way. She told me what a bad girl I was, and with equal conviction, told me how she loved my naked pussy. I saw myself craving complete dependence, complete openness to a harsh mistress.

She pinched and twisted my nipples until I cried out, begging her to stop. She ground her pubis against my ass, pulling my hips against her ramming bones. She worked me up into a frenzy, and then stopped everything when her long fingernails dug into my throat and pulled my head back painfully. I knew she could crush my windpipe in an instant, yet still I was unafraid – still I wanted her to take me. The proof was in the hot juices coating my quivering thighs.

“Please, Savor,” I heard myself begging again and again.

Her fangs pierced my tender skin, burning hot for a moment, then overwhelming my senses with erotic visions. The cock in my cunt was too large, and I whimpered until the burning subsided. Then the movement started, deep into my pussy; this fat cock pumped and the blood rushed to my face. I could feel the heat roaring in my ears, the rocking of this gigantic dick knocking me off my feet. Orgasm was fast approaching. I wrapped strong legs around my lover, begging Savor to fuck me senseless.

Then there was a crash and a sickening crunch. I felt the cock release me, and no matter how hard my pussy searched, or how much I cried and begged, the dick didn’t fill me again. I realized suddenly that my neck was burning, and felt myself fall.


(The Hunt – Old Friends 5) --

Shasa opened her eyes. She was completely dressed, held in strong arms, and staring dumbly into the concerned face of Gabrielle. “Hey there.” The bard whispered gently. “It’s dead. Don’t worry. Besides that bite, you look okay.”

“Bite?” Shasa inquired groggily, head swaying down to make sure all her limbs were attached. “Did you put my clothes on?”

“Honey, you had your clothes on. That thing was feeding on you, and Xena killed it.”

Shasa looked herself up and down, obviously not trusting her friends account. “But I was having… and I was so damn close to…” Shasa suddenly felt herself blush – a very unusual feeling. “Nevermind,” she said with a touch of disappointment, “I must’ve been hallucinating.”

“Are you okay, Shasa? Does anything feel – different?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine – I think. Thanks.” Shasa tore her eyes away from her beautiful friend to look around. “Where’s Xena?”

Gabrielle remained silent.

Shasa touched her neck tentatively, “Sharpening a stake for me?”

The stern look she received made her grin ruefully, nod, and fully relax into her friends’ arms. “Well, I guess if you want eleven inches of wood, Xena might as well be on the other end of it.”

She felt the soft breast under her head jiggle slightly as Gabrielle suppressed her agreement.


(The Hunt, Old Friends 6) --

Shasa jumped to her feet, wobbling visibly, yet determined to stand against the approaching threat. “Don’t come any closer with that, Xena!”

The dark warrior barely had time to roll her eyes before a wild punch caused her to duck. “What the – ?”

Gabrielle leapt for her friend, encasing her in a steadying bear hug. “She’s not going to stake you, Shasa, for gods’ sake!”

Xena looked down at her hand, then up at the trembling woman before her. It only took a few moments of looking in her lover’s eyes, to get the picture. The Warrior Princess changed her demeanor in an instant.

She tossed the stakes to the ground and allowed her face to soften with feeling. “Shasa – hey, look at me, will you?”

Gabrielle struggled to balance the larger woman who was resolved to meet her fate on her feet. Xena gently grabbed the ex-sailor and sat her on the ground, then smoothly followed suit. “Brie?” she held her hand out. The bard took it and joined them.

Xena saw the fear the sultry woman couldn’t hide and tried to be as kind as possible. “Shasa, they were definitely vampires, not Bacchae. That’s good news. The vampire was feeding on you – that’s true. But vampires aren’t like Bacchae. A bite won’t turn you into one of them. You have to drink a vampire’s blood to turn. And you don’t remember doing that – either this morning or now, right?”

“Right, I don’t remember doing that.”

Xena smiled and squeezed her hand. “You’ll be fine after you get some rest.”

“Really?” Shasa asked meekly. “But it’s all so foggy and vague… I’m not really sure exactly what happened! What if I did drink her blood?”

Gabrielle smoothed her hair and kissed her forehead. “Well, we’ll take you back to the Lodge and stay with you for a day or two.”

Shasa smiled and sighed, visibly reassured. “Thanks.”

Xena stood and then crouched to help Shasa to her feet. “And if you don’t change into a vampire by then, we’ll know you’re okay.”

Shasa actually whimpered.

Gabrielle shot her partner a death-glare and spat, “From now on, I’m doing the sensitive chats!”


(The Hunt, Old Friends 7) --

The short walk back to the Lodge was unnecessarily tedious due to Shasa stubborn refusal to let Xena carry her. So instead, they walked on either side of her, arms around her waist. Xena insisted that it was Shasa’s damn pride, but Shasa’s smirk told a different story. Someone was trying to irk the warrior – vengeance was a bitch, after all.

Once inside the security of the Lodge walls, Xena abandoned them to root around for healing supplies. Gabrielle had the unfortunate task of getting a now very tired Shasa into her room. The stairs were looking a bit daunting.

“Come on, Shasa. You’re gonna have to concentrate. One foot at a time. I’ll do my best not to let you fall.”

The first three stairs were a scary start, but both women remained upright. “Geez, you’re heavier then you look!” Gabrielle grumbled. Boots sounded in the hall. “Xena? Come help me get her upstairs!” she called.

And unfamiliar but hot woman came into view; tanned, tousled, taut, and amused. She took in the situation, and immediately stepped forward and flashed the beautiful bard a roguish grin. “I’d say if you can’t get a woman to your room by yourself, you shouldn’t be allowed to play with her.”

Shasa turned with great delight at the sound of her friend’s voice… and promptly lost what little balance she had. She fell into strong arms, melting into the eyes that gazed kindly down on her. “Hey there, stranger.”

Gabrielle nearly fell over herself, as she both tried to catch Shasa and compose herself. Seeing that the slut was quite comfortably in the stud’s arms, she shifted her focus to the leather clad eye-candy. “Hi. I’m Gabrielle, a friend of Shasa’s. Can you help me get her up to her room? She was… hurt, and is just a bit wobbly.”

“I’m Rider,” her grin had dissipated into concern. “What’s wrong, Shasa?”

“Oh, the usual,” Shasa smiled wearily. “Attacked and fed on by a damn sexy vampire – not once, but twice today…” she kissed Rider’s nose and continued her casual account. “It’s made me a bit woozy. Very draining, you know.”

Rider turned alarmed eyes onto the bard. “Is she serious?”

“Unfortunately,” Gabrielle replied. “Rider, would you carry her to her room for me?”

“Of course!” Rider exclaimed as she picked up her cargo with ease.

Gently, yet quickly, they proceeded up the stairs and directly to the ex-sailors room. After allowing the protesting slut to strip off her soiled clothing, they tucked her snugly into bed. Shasa fell asleep almost immediately, though she knew the frightening dreams would come as before.


(The Hunt, Old Friends 8) --

Gabrielle had no trouble seeing why Shasa was attracted to Rider. The horse master was tall, blonde, devilishly handsome, courteous, and extremely devoted to those she cared about. Though Gabrielle and Xena had agreed to take shifts watching their friend, Rider had insisted that she would take the first one. The weary travelers were honestly more than happy to retire to their own bed.

Rider watched Shasa toss and turn for eight hours. When she woke her from a particularly nasty nightmare, Shasa screamed Astral’s name, but couldn’t remember why. Rider rocked her back to sleep, puzzled and anxious.

The slut fought invisible foes, mumbled incoherently, and experienced spontaneous orgasms, but remained fangless. When a refreshed Gabrielle and Xena came to relieve the horse master, they found Rider cradling her charge.

Shasa smiled at her old friends as they entered, though her eyes reflected exhaustion. “Morning.”

“How do you feel?” Xena asked.

“Fine. Just tired.”

The dark warrior nodded. “I brought some herbs for tea – it should help you rest today.”

“Got one to explain the weird sex dream I had about Astral?”

Gabrielle climbed onto the bed. “Who’s Astral?”

“A real bitch.”

“Hey, come on.” Rider gently chastised, before explaining to the travelers. “She’s an apprentice wizard. Young.” She nodded to Shasa. “They got off on the wrong foot.”

“Understatement,” Shasa snorted.

Xena smirked, “It’s hard to imagine someone not taking to you immediately.”

Shasa stuck out her tongue, then winked at Xena . “So how long until we’re sure I’m okay?”


“We’ll keep you company today, just to be sure.” Gabrielle added, as she plumped a pillow and snuggled in.

“You should get some rest, Rider.” Xena inclined her head to the door, indicating she wanted a private word.

“And thanks for your help.” Gabrielle called out.

Rider kissed Shasa and gave her a reassuring smile. “I’ll see you tonight; we’ll have dinner.”

Shasa smiled. “Sounds good.”

Rider left the room with Xena, leaving Shasa in Gabrielle’s capable hands. She turned to the infamous Warrior Princess once in the hallway. “You’ll get me if anything happens?”

“I promise.”

The horse master nodded, and without further dialogue, retired to her own room for much needed sleep. Xena braced herself, knowing Shasa’s room would be lively with chatter about Rider’s best qualities. She walked in with determined steps, interrupting both of the beautiful women in bed to discuss the medicinal qualities of tea.


(The Hunt, Old Friends 9) --

The day passed uneventfully. Shasa went between chatting with Gabrielle and sleeping fitfully. And at dusk, when Xena woke her, she opened emerald eyes and smiled up at the woman who was trying to do a dental exam as unobtrusively as possible.

“We could just kiss, Xena, and you could run your tongue over my teeth.”

“Tempting, but not with that breath, sexy.” Xena grinned at her charge, and then nodded to her mate. “All clear.”

Gabrielle jumped out of bed and stretched. “Great! I’m starving.”

Shasa got out more slowly, still tired but glad to be declared well. “I’m going to take a hot bath and clean up a bit before coming down to dinner.”

“Don’t forget to brush your teeth.” Xena teased as she packed up their few belongings.

Gabrielle kissed her friend and squeezed her hand. “We’ll wake up Rider for you, on our way down.”

“Thank you both.” Shasa said with sincerity. “I’m so glad you came back to the Lodge.”


The End - 'The Hunt; Old Friends' - by Shasa

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