Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Hot Springs

by Shasa & Oisin
March 2007


(Part 1 by Shasa) --

Oisin stumbled along the path, muttering to herself. Her feelings for Elsbeth, and all that had happened on their trip over Bentback Mountain, tormented her endlessly. She’d recently decided that long walks and cold baths were the only answer – at least for the time being.

She had trudged a good quarter candlemark into the woods surrounding the lodge, and was quickly closing in on some of the smaller bluffs. The rock face loomed suddenly, and she turned to follow the path along its edge. A few moments later, she was surprised to see the emergence of a cave.

Curiosity got the best of her, and she wisely did a quick weapons check. Scowling at the short sword she had worn, she hoped there were no bears inside. Giving herself a shake, she advanced with every attempt at stealth.

Darkness was near total, but she quickly determined that the cave was actually just a small curvature, with nothing of interest for the warrior bard. She turned to go, but as she did, she heard a faint groan. Her heart stopped, yet she held the hilt of her sword in a vice-like grip. She froze and waited.

There it was again! Definitely a groan, or a growl… maybe a bear cub? Her inclination was to run, but Elsbeth’s look of disdain came to mind and Oisin’s face hardened in determination. She inched towards the sound, sure her move was foolish, yet too annoyed to care.

A small crevice had been overlooked in her first search of the cave. Oisin felt her way slowly, hands outspread against the wall, cursing her lack of light. Then she saw what she thought was a glow. She moved carefully towards it, and then stopped dead in her tracks. It was a lit candle, tucked away in the wall.

Oisin cocked her head and looked quizzically at the object. She stood motionless in her confusion, until she was startled once more with the mysterious sound. Her head whipped towards the moan, and she saw another candle sitting on a rock ledge, ten feet away. It finally hit home: she was in a tunnel with candles at each sharp turn.

Oisin continued, noting the increased warmth as she moved. Five candles and one discarded cloak later, Oisin arrived at the source of her adventure. Candles completed a circle of light, chest level, around a small chamber. The source of the heat came from a mildly bubbling pool of water that occupied the majority of the room – hot springs!

The warrior bard jumped when the mystery-groaner tapped on her boot lightly. She looked down, her eyes landing on a very naked female form. The groaner intended to identify herself, but soon knew there was no need – she heard Oisin squeak, “Shasa.”

Shasa stood grinning at the young one. “Well don’t say it like I might bite you!” she laughed and added playfully, “Though I might.” Water streamed down the taut body, as steam rose. Shasa gestured grandly to encompass the room, “Wonderful, isn’t it? I haven’t been here in years.”

The sailor’s brows went up when no response was made. She leaned towards Oisin in the dim light, trying to make out the problem. Then she smiled knowingly. The poor young thing was staring dumbly at her nipples.

“It feels almost cold in here when you get out of the water,” she admitted as she kindly lowered herself back beneath the surface. “Come in for a bit?”

Oisin was finally able to move, and began to babble.

Shasa cut her off quickly. “I’ve been out here trying to relax – my back had really been sore from the stripes Rider gave me. I feel better now, but it feels nice in here. Please keep me company for just a little while? Please?”

Oisin squirmed. She didn’t know whether to run, to give another attempt at being “courtly”, or to just keep the lady company as she asked. Luckily, Shasa seemed to not require her to respond – she just assumed Oisin would do as she requested.

“Wonderful – you are a dear,” she continued, “and I do appreciate that you probably have much more important things to do then to soak with me for a while.” Shasa made notice of the short sword still gripped in Oisin’s hand. “And it looks as if I’m right – I am stealing you away from a warrior’s duty!”

Oisin began to protest, but the sailor seemed to be cutting her off every time she opened her mouth. “But you must stay with me – you will, won’t you?” Shasa gave a look of gentle pleading, and Oisin was done in. Who could argue with that? And hell, why would she want to?

“Of course I will, if that is what you’d like.” She tried to not sound too eager, or too scared. Oisin kicked off her boots and hopped around a bit as she tried to get her leathers off. The small space proved to be a challenge, but she eventually won the battle against her clothing.

Shasa hid her smile as she watched the young buck disrobe. Oisin had that thing about her that the slut in her just loved – lots of sexual energy and a real need for someone to show her how to direct it. When Oisin finally stood without her encumbering garments, Shasa’s brow went up in approval. Her body was something to admire – and she wanted to admire it up close and personal.

Oisin felt the lusty eyes upon her and grinned. She stood tall and cocky, turning slightly to give a good view of her best features. She knew she had a good body and a great ass.

Shasa lifted herself smoothly from the water and touched a strong thigh, then looked up to engage the pup’s eyes. Her voice changed from pleading to sultry. “The easiest way in is to just slide in slowly and carefully. The way can be slippery.”

Oisin nearly creamed herself. Instead, she swallowed her eager anticipation, and stepped into hot water.


(Part 2 by Shasa) --

Oisin had to admit that the hot springs would have been quite relaxing – had she been alone. But she stood ramrod straight, water lapping lightly at her belly, with barely a hands distance between her and a whole mess of trouble.

Shasa stood relaxed, with a patient smile on her face. She seemed to be studying the young warrior bard, head slightly tilted. They were the exact same height, and both had green eyes, though of a different shade. They both had shoulder length hair, both heads had a luscious sheen, but they were of a slightly different color. She wondered if Oisin saw their similarities or their differences, as she reached down for her strong hand.

“Come in a bit further, honey, the bottom slopes down quickly, and it’s much nicer.” Shasa smiled as the young one followed her. She stopped when the water reached her clavicle, pulling Oisin firmly against her. “It is nicer now, isn’t it?” she cooed.

Oisin breathed heavily. This was not the same slut who had taunted the Beast in Rider until she fucked her mercilessly. It was the same fantastic body, but it was a kind and gentle voice she heard. She ran her hands tentatively down the sailor’s curvy sides, waiting to find herself awakening from a dream.

Shasa smiled and ran her own hands from Oisin’s muscular chest, to her beautiful behind. She groaned as she felt the firm roundness in her hands. Oisin sucked in a breath, and Shasa removed her hands quickly, leaving Oisin with a definite pout on her lips.

“You’re going to make love to me,” she stated simply, “but I’m going to lead the way. Any deviation will end in regret for us both, dear one. So you’ll not make a move that I don’t demand, until I give you leave.” Oisin’s eyes were round. “Understood?”

The slut turned immediately around, once again assuming that Oisin would accept her decision. She hadn’t been mean; rather, her voice had been sultry and sweet. Oisin was completely unsettled, but she wasn’t given time to think. Her hands were grabbed and wrapped around Shasa’s belly. Stroking the hands lightly, she said “leave them there.”

The slut took the briefest of moments to indulge herself, by grinding her ass against the heat behind her. Then she moved Oisin’s left hand to her breast, her right hand to her freshly shaved mound, and her lips to her neck.

Oisin’s eyes closed with the great effort it took to remain still. A taut nipple teased her palm, the curly hair smelled divine, and her pussy was so –”

“That wasn’t so hard now, was it?” Shasa broke in to her thoughts. “Oisin, feel the flesh that lies in your fingers and taste what is offered.” Shasa groaned as three sensitive parts of her body were simultaneously sampled. “Oh, that’s very good.” She reached around to grasp that fine ass again.

“Oisin,” the slut moaned as fingers probed lower, “I give you leave to take me, in any way you desire.”

Shasa was whirled around and kissed deeply. When the contact was broken, both stared into lust filled eyes, panting in need. The slut managed to smile, “Remember, Oisin, the easiest way in is to just slide in slowly and carefully. It’s already plenty slippery.”

Oisin needed no further instruction. Shasa cried out as she was filled by her zealous lover.


(Part 3 by Oisin) --

Heat. There was nothing but heat. Between the water, her thrumming blood, Shasa’s scented skin or the soft silky folds opening under her touch; everywhere was heat. And it had come out of nowhere.

At first Oisin had been curious at Shasa’s advances, slightly cautious even as she slipped into the water to join her. After Elsbeth’s rejection she was feeling lost and unsure. Sure her ego had taken a bruising, but truth was Oisin’s ego was always some shade of black, purple or yellow dependant on how far it had gone along the road to recovery before she made an ass of herself again. At any moment she had expected the sailor to withdraw and send her on her way with desultory comment. But this didn’t seem to be the case.

In fact the case seemed to be that she had her tongue deep inside Shasa’s mouth, and the sailor was rolling and sucking on it until it felt like it was connected all the way down to her cunt. Her long tapered musician’s fingers were slowly slipping through wet swollen folds. The hot tender flesh undulated under her fingertips quivering like a tautly tuned instrument. Again the truth was Oisin’s hands were more tempered to her Bardic nature than that of Warrior though secretly she loved that they preferred to hold a woman to a sword.

And so she stood in water drowning in a kiss learning with every passing second that she had no control here. Shasa had said “I give you leave to take me, in any way you desire.” The words still thrilled her flesh with goose bumps.

Confidence flooded into her as desire flooded out, coating cunt and curls and thighs. She broke the kiss and nuzzled the creamy throat. Her fingers, first one then two quickly slid through the slickness deep into Shasa’s sheath. Slowly and carefully for she was aware that while most of the thickness and swelling was for her, some was residue from the Beast’s trammeling of the tender flesh. The same for the satin skin on Shasa’s back where her hand now smoothed slow circular caresses across a maze of diagonal stripes.

Tenderly and sensitively she felt the weight of the sailor increase on her body as a growing trust in her touch allowed the sighing woman to relax onto her.

As if understanding her concerns Shasa breathed into her ear, “You’ll not hurt me. Fuck me now, do it hard and well. It’s what I need from you,” she lightly bit the soft lobe at her lips, and repeated, “Its okay, you’ll not hurt me.”

And so Oisin cupped her bottom with a brawny forearm and hoisted her up onto her hips. Fingers still embedded in the slippery cunt now at waist height, tit tips scratching her chin, Shasa’s fingers digging through her hair to rake her scalp in expectation. She drew a tip tenderly into her mouth, despite the others words she still took care as she remembered the chewing and gorging the little buds had endured under the Beasts carnivorous lust. So she tentatively stroked the hardening peak with the breadth of her tongue, long and slow and languorous, marveling at the textural change and the sailors deepening breaths that spun around her ears. “Hard and well, little Bard, hard and well. You’ll not hurt me.”

Oisin suckled harder, drawing the swollen nipple in deeper, her tongue rolling on it like a cresting wave, the rhythm flattening it and pulling it into a pointed pinch. She dragged her teeth along the puckered tip before surging forward to swallow more of the creamy flesh into her mouth and soon found herself gorging voraciously moving from one quivering breast to the other; her own grunts and groans mixing with the rasping gasps above her. Again she reached up to claim the parted lips and plunder the soft flesh within, stroking and sucking and swallowing, demanding Shasa give her more and more.

Under the steaming surface of the spa waters her twin fingers pushed through shaven folds and drove higher and higher searching for velvet to rub and probe. Inner muscles gripped and rippled around her digits emulating the slippery tug on her tongue, and she soon fell into a pumping rhythm with both trying to fill the sailor everywhere she could reach.

Shasa’s hips rode her hand with an increasingly wild rock. Ripping the kiss apart she reared up and pushed her aching nipple back into the Bards eager mouth. Oisin eagerly shredded it with hungry teeth, the sailor’s demands whether vocal or physical pulling her into a maddening lust haze. Slowly becoming bolder and bolder with the encouraging cries and bucking hips speared on her hand Oisin thrust harder finding the secret spot and dancing across it with her fingertips, enjoying the jerks and shudders she extracted from her lover.


(Part 4 by Shasa) --

Shasa was very pleasantly surprised by the pup’s skill. Oisin had worked her up slowly and carefully, complied beautifully with her demands for more force, and was even now in the throes of the wild lust that Shasa craved. Oisin moved from a maddening slow stroking of her most sensitive parts, to a thorough ramming of her hungry cunt.

“Don’t stop!” she begged, holding tight to the crown of her young lover. Oisin’s bicep flexed as she pumped her fingers into her greedy hole. “Listen to me, you gorgeous fucking thing,” she panted, “I want all of it – your whole hand – now!” She pulled Oisin’s head back by her hair, to look fiercely into her eyes, “And don’t think I can’t take it, either.”

Shasa’s eyes closed tightly when the pain hit her, knowing that if this was how it felt to have a third and fourth finger inserted, she was in serious trouble. Damn that wonderful Beast in Rider; the slut couldn’t help but grin.

Oisin looked eager, yet nervous with this latest demand. Shasa knew she’d have to guide her movements; she began to whisper into the waiting ear. “There’s going to be resistance, but you’ll feel me open a little at a time. I’m pretty tight and sore, but that won’t stop you, now will it? No matter if I cry or pound on you, or beg you to stop, you’ll give me what I need, won’t you? You’ll fuck me good and hard. I know you will. You want me impaled on your fist, just as much as I want it, don’t you? It’s the ultimate control, Oisin. The ultimate gift I can give. Lean me back on the rock edge and fuck me.”

Oisin’s wild eyes showed the hunger of the pup was strong. Shasa’s torso was released, and the water-smoothed rocks bit lightly into her flayed back. Shasa’s eyes closed tight and she grimaced, biting back her pain as she felt the four fingers press into her. Bruised vaginal lips were the source of the intensity, and Shasa felt tears flow from her eyes.

Oisin hesitated slightly, and Shasa encouraged her lust. “Fuck me, Oisin, fuck me hard.” She cried as her body began to shake, Shasa reached for anything to hold on to. Oisin pressed on, her own cum flowing freely, and eyes wide with a deep craving and fear.

“Do it, baby, do it now.” Shasa begged, even as her pain was evident. “Fold your thumb in and push your whole hand in – push hard! oh god!” Shasa screamed in an odd mix of agony and sexual pleasure. Once again she cursed Rider for increasing the pain of this usually pleasurable act.

Oisin’s hand had magically folded in on itself upon entry, forming a fist. Wondrously, she stood transformed, staring from Shasa’s face to her own wrist. Her fist was inside the slut, obviously causing her great pleasure and great pain. She closed her eyes and felt the gift.

Many moments later, Shasa’s breathing had slowed, and her sobs had abated. “Oisin,” she whispered, “fuck me honey.”


(Part Five by Oisin) --

“Okay, cool O, just stay cool.” Oisin inwardly chanted her new mantra for the day.

“There’s going to be resistance, but you’ll feel me open a little at a time.”

Oisin heard the words even as her little finger tip made its cautious entry to join it’s three sisters, the inner walls expanding and contracting faster and stronger now gave slightly for it. She fixed her fingers into a cone and carefully increased the pressure, sometimes giving a slight little twist, all the time listening for the sailor’s harsh grunts and groans… this was painful, the Bard knew it was, but it thrilled her too.

Her flesh tingled with the power she felt at having this beautiful strong woman writhing and crying, totally under the spell of the tiniest twitch and flexing twist of her fingers. Hips rose to meet the pressure she applied, each lunge opening her centre another fraction, to accommodate the slow slide of Oisin’s hand inside her.

Shasa was her drug. Oisin felt her own blood rush, her own heart pound; she shone with her own sweat, she knew her eyes were glassy with lust. Saliva swilled in her mouth; she had never felt so hungry or alive, so ravenous, so feral.

“I’m pretty tight and sore, but that won’t stop you, now will it? No matter if I cry or pound on you, or beg you to stop…”

Part of Oisin knew she couldn’t stop; not now after she had been so thoroughly primed. She was addicted to this feeling, to filling Shasa up until she crested on her hand screaming out her name, begging for fucking release.

Finally she tucked her thumb into the heart of her palm and watched as her knuckles were swallowed up. She had no idea if she had given or been taken, she was simply swallowed and a sharp fear spiked within her chest.

…she stood transformed, staring from Shasa’s face to her own wrist. Her fist was inside the slut, obviously causing her great pleasure and great pain. She closed her eyes and felt the gift…then Shasa whispered, “fuck me honey.”

And she did; gently forming a fist her bicep began to bulge with a slick piston motion. She kept the pressure constant, driving on steadily always to the same depth, deliberate and determined, trusting in the rhythm Shasa’s hips set.

Being just tall enough, she leaned over and captured the tip of a generous breast as it slid like liquid over a straining ribcage, leaving the other free to jiggle under their grunts and thrusts. Rolling the little pearl around her lips she bit down, harder than intended. The cry from above elated her. She sucked the bruised tip into her mouth and alternately chewed then thrashed the nub with her tongue, never losing the rhythm that felt as natural to her now as her own heartbeat.

Her free hand crept up to become enmeshed in the silky hair. Grabbing a tangled fistful, she held on hard, her slick sweat stinging the sailors scratched and scored torso. “You’re mine, Shasa Jin,” she muttered into the abused nipple, “all mine.”

She rammed on, hard and firm, feeling waves of muscles rippling around her clenched hand. Coating and cradling as her lover arched beneath her, reaching for the climax that growled deep in her belly. Shasa’s legs came up to wrap around her hips, and immediately she felt heels drumming on her backside, spurring her on like a pony.

Hips and heels rode Oisin onto a faster pump. She pulled her fist out until her curled fingertips rested on the inner lips, causing wide eyed shock, before ramming back to fill the sailor’s hungry cunt to the brimful. She thrilled at the moans and cries she pulled from Shasa’s mouth.

Her hair was yanked in a tight fist, her shoulders lacerated with clawing nails as Shasa rode the overwhelming jolts. The slut increased the pace with neither word nor direction, just the rhythm of her thrashing hips, and her heady cries of pained rapture.

The Bard broke her kiss on the full breasts to stare into lust filled green eyes that glinted fiercely back. She made one last effort for the control she felt slipping away like the juices running from her sex, a word to quantify this powerful thrill coursing through her veins. Sweat dripped from her face and throat onto the sailor’s tits as she breathed,

“Mine.” Both Shasa’s hands embedded in her hair, twisting her mane painfully until she cried out, never once hesitating in her ceaseless fisting.

“Yours!” the sailor moaned back, body twisting with the overload of sensations. “Yours, baby, I’m yours!” Writhing, uncontrollably, she placed the soles of her feet on the Bards ass, splaying her legs as far as possible to underscore the total surrendering of herself. “Please make me come, Oisin!” she begged. “Please let me!”

Releasing the sailor’s tresses Oisin brought her hand down and began to roughly strum the ripe clit that glistened moistly up at her. Shasa jerked at the new harsh rubbing, that on the third stroke became the sudden catalyst her quivering body needed to freefall over the edge.

First her clitoral orgasm brought a swift shrill cry from her lips as her hips surged and bucked under the wave of sharp pleasure. Underneath that sweet sweating cum, the deeper more profound waves crested, rolling thunderously through her body down to her stuffed centre. Her back arched and she froze with a harsh guttural roar that momentarily startled Oisin with the unbridled power embedded in it.

Again another orgasmic tsunami ripped through her core. She flung herself back on the rock ledge, hips thrashing wildly as she was engulfed with raw pleasure. Oisin slowed her thrusts to a standstill, awed at the beauty flitting across Shasa’s features as she began her sated descent floating down like a feather on a warm breeze.

The intense pressure that had built up in the release now gently allowed her hand to slip away from its warm hiding place. The slut lurched in response to the loss, her entire body trembling.

Lifting her fingers to her face, Oisin breathed in the earthiness of the sailor and then tasted the sweet saltiness of Shasa’s cum, her eyes locked on every expression chasing across her lovers face. Finally the green eyes opened and tears escaped down either cheek.

Oisin heart exploded with loving care; gently she gathered the woman up still straddling her waist and cradled her. Dipping both their bodies back down into the soothing warmth of the spa waters she nuzzled Shasa’s neck with gentle little kisses, while the sailor rested her weary head on the Bards shoulder and wept.

“Thank you Shasa. You’re so beautiful when you come.” Oisin murmured in between little kisses. “So beautiful,” she sighed.


(Part 6 by Shasa) --

So profound the act is; all she could do was swoon in the haze of her internal depths. A rarely given gift from the slut, and at the time she hadn’t known why she needed to give it to this pup – this warrior bard. But now there was no capacity for thoughts such as these, now there was only this utterly encompassing vulnerability.

Shasa shook and sobbed quietly while the young warrior held her safely within her arms; the small kisses and lovingly whispered words kept her from slipping away. Gradually, her awareness began to rise, and as the fog of her emotions began to dissipate, she felt her body return to her; utterly spent.

She lifted heavy arms to clumsily stroke the face of her lover. Taking a deep hitching breath, her very soul shuddered from their coupling. Shasa lifted tired eyes to those so close to her, and was lost for a moment. When she found her voice, it was small and loving. “Please take me to bed, honey.”

Oisin wanted nothing more than to comply, but hadn’t seen anything looking like a bed in the cave. Arms draping around her neck drew her vision back. Shasa nestled back into her and continued to murmur instructions.

“There’s a bedroll and blankets in a nook by the entrance to this chamber. And if you move to the left of that, you’ll see another tight passageway.” She felt Shasa’s tummy vibrate with a surface laugh, before the melodious voice continued. “It’s only three steps to a much smaller chamber. We can start a fire.” She sounded so very tired. “Take me there, please Oisin?” Distracting lips lightly tasted her skin before falling silent.

Had she time to think, maybe Oisin would have muddled the task, but as it was, she just acted. Snippets such as “don’t leave me tonight” and “I need you to stay” were mumbled into her ear, and the young warrior felt herself driven by an unknown need to care for and protect her vulnerable lover. Tightening her hold on the sailor, she pushed through the heated water as directed. The body held in her arms felt as trusting as a child, nuzzling deeper into her for warmth and safety.

Shasa never looked up as Oisin took charge. She clung to her caretaker until she was set gingerly upon her feet, and asked to wait while the bedroll was prepared. She swayed severely when released; strong hands quickly caught her, wrapped her in a blanket and gently lowered her to the cave’s floor. “I’ll hurry, Shasa, just hang on.”

Shasa felt the darkness coming quickly for her, and she began to float away. Snaps broke through her haze, and when she managed to briefly raise the lids to her eyes, she noted a warm fire crackling. Miraculously she was snug under soft blankets, pillowed on a small firm breast, melting into strong arms.

The slut snuggled closer, moving her head to hear the steady drumming of Oisin’s heart. She smiled and closed her eyes, content, safe and sated. “Thank you, sweet one,” she murmured into warm flesh.

And as the new lovers drifted into a deep sleep, wrapped in one another’s arms, “don’t leave me tonight” was heard once again.


(Part 7 by Shasa & Oisin) --

She couldn’t help herself; she needed to thank her properly. The pup hadn’t asked for a thing for herself last night, but gave everything she had to the sailor. Shasa slid on top of the strong body that had pleased her so well.

She let their bodies meld together before moving. Softly, gently, she nuzzled Oisin. Starting with her forehead and moving slowly downward, she placed whisper soft kisses on every bit of flesh; Oisin moaned quietly below her.

Shasa smiled, closing her lips on a salty neck. Pulling back slightly, she lowered her head and let her tongue greet tight nipples. Strong hands moved to hold her hips, and she bit lightly while grinding into the hot mound under her.

“Good morning, Oisin,” the slut purred as she ministered to the hardened tits. “I’m going to express my gratitude to you, honey.” She moved her luscious lips to her chest, kissing and licking as she snaked slowly down Oisin’s torso. Pausing at taut abs, she ran her nails lightly over the surface, surprised when she discovered a ticklish warrior. “Ooo, this could be fun, Oisin, but I’m aspiring for more intense sensations.” With that, Shasa slid down between muscular thighs, nipping them lightly while running her nails down her flanks.

Gasping Oisin spread her trembling thighs. Her stomach fluttered not so much from the playful ticklishness Shasa had just discovered, as from trepidation of what was to come next. No-one had actually touched her like this since her arrival at the Lodge. In fact it had been a long time since she had simply lain back to receive; she was unsure if she could do it now without trying to interject in some way that might offend. So all in all Oisin was very tense as Shasa continued to tease her inner thighs with small nips and licks.

The faintest breeze from Shasa’s breath passing over her cunt from one thigh to the other sent her whole body into a quivering spasm. She hissed sharply. The small rasp was not missed by the sailor who out of mischievous curiosity blew again gently but directly on Oisin’s over-sensitised clitoris.

Another twitching spasm and harsh rasp brought a predatory smile to her lips. She began to blow softly up and down the entire crack lying open and vulnerable before her, pleased at not only the small jerks and whimpers from above but also the sudden increase in thick fluid that began to coat the lips before her. She smacked her own in hungry response; heady with the desire she felt building up inside her own belly.

Her arms curled under the warrior’s hips, hands pinning the thighs apart as she moved her head forward and took one long slow thick lick from ass to clit. This was to prepare her work surface, to alert her lover that all this was now on the menu, and to ready the raw materials now quivering in her arms under her intent gaze.

Oisin gave a little yip at the full flat caress, she felt another thick viscous flow pour out of her – a little alarmed that Shasa was witnessing this intimacy first hand and up close. No sooner had her discomfort registered then the sailor’s hungry tongue plunged onto her again to gorge on the fresh juices. Oisin arched with the thrill, a deep groan rumbled from her exposed throat, and the hot tongue swirled and dipped and lapped around her swollen folds, burying into every soft crevice.

And as soft and malleable as her labia were under the thrilling twisting tongue, her clitoris grew hard and painfully engorged. Oisin was panting erratically now. She strained to flex her hips and direct the torturous lapping onto her clit, but Shasa held her firmly in check as she patiently and determinedly licked every fold clean.

“Mmmm.” She stilled her lips against the ruby labia, feeling the throb that pulsed through the sensitive skin. This lasted a mere moment before she suddenly speared her tongue as far as she could inside Oisin’s sopping crack. The Bard bucked at this new sensation and Shasa had to pin her with all her strength until understanding came to the young one that this was simply the way it was going to be. She relaxed her thighs again under the sailors grasp, bruising telltales already beginning where hard fingers had held her still.

The thick tongue began to swirl inside her, melting every bone in her body with thrilling sensation. She mewled under the subtle skewering, her limbs invaded with a heavy weakness even as a ball of pure hot power began to pulse in her lower belly. Her clit felt as if it danced in rhythm with her pulse, sweat shone across her torso and pooled in the hollow of her throat.

“Oh gods, Shasa please…I’ve got to cum. Make me cum…pleeeaase.”

But Shasa was too engrossed in her own pleasures to surrender quite so quickly. She moved her lips lower and began to rim the juice soaked ass hole. This brought a grunt from Oisin, at suddenly having her cunt unceremoniously vacated as at this new intense feeling that jolted through her body. A hundred nerve-ending around her puckered opening screamed at her all at once, at this point her brain shut down completely and she became a grunting writhing animal looking for simple and immediate release. But Shasa was not prepared to give it to her…just yet.

Bringing a hand round a quivering thigh she plunged her index finger into the hole she’d been laving, Oisin roared and reared her hips with their new found freedom, this only served to allow the sailor to unceremoniously insert a second finger even deeper. She impaled the bard expertly, knowing her body’s movement’s seconds before they were preformed; with a pup like this it was easy to manipulate the direction of her fucking on such a pliant sopping crack. She knew the young buck was senseless in her lust haze now, knew the ass was stretched and screaming with surprise at her sharp impalement, knew the sodden folds were hollow and hungry with discontent at their abandonment, and best of all knew that her clitoris was standing there isolated, ramrod hard, pushing forward valiantly for just the slightest graze to allow it to explode.

Quickly Shasa scanned up the length of the heaving sweating body speared on simply two of her fingers. She heard the groans and incoherent Gaelic mutterings as the Bard pleaded now in her mother tongue. Finally she turned her attention to her own desires and relished the build up of excitement at this succulent little delicacy she had managed to create for her own appetite.

Then she plunged her lips over the bards distended clitoris and sucked the little morsel deep into her mouth. Gluing her lips around the rosy nub she pinched it at its root and suckled until her cheeks hollowed. Oisin howled, and came like a hurricane half jerking half sitting upright but the sucking didn’t cease or falter once.

The full length of tongue thrashed the captured clit even as her lips dragged it deeper, with long relishing sucks. Oisin howled again, came in a long hot rush again and fell back absolutely and suddenly spent, hitting her head and shoulders on the bedrock beneath the blankets with a hollow thump.

Shasa broke away and glanced up momentarily alarmed that the pup had concussed herself, she laid so still. Crawling up the supine body she smiled to see the utterly love dazed Bard lying exhausted and blissed out, chest heaving as she tried to bring herself back under control. Grinning she dropped a moist and cunty smelling kiss on the tip of the Bards nose.

The slut pushed herself slightly away, stretched her back with a hard arch and smiled seductively at the prone warrior bard. She licked her lips and fingers clean while she spoke, looking decidedly like a well fed panther. “You please me. Maybe some day you’ll have a bad itch for something, as I did, and I can be of service.”

Shasa kissed Oisin again hard on the lips drawing a sorrowful moan from the bard, and then slipped out of the room, calling over her shoulder, “Put everything back where you found it, Love.”


The End - 'Hot Springs' - by Shasa & Oisin

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